In December 2017 , the ELD Mandate became a Law. In April 1st, 2018 the law became fully enforceable.


Eld Devices Facts

Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs) are often named ELD devices. Best electronic logging devices  Come in various shapes , sizes and formats. In addition, ELD devices have different features and capabilities. Many people don’t know about it but the tax code allows you to write off ELDs.

Click Bellow To Get Help with finding the right ELD for your business . In addition, find out more about the Tax write off.

Further, ELD manufactures range from small firms to industry giants. We at ELDDevices.Net are here to help you choose the right ELD Device for your business. We review the best ELD Devices Rating & ELD Reviews as well as a complete ELD Buyers Guide.

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Meet The Owner

owner of My name is Robert. I am a life time trucker. I started trucking right after graduating from college. As soon as , I learned about the up coming eld mandate.

I spent hours learning about the different eld devices. I guess you could say I am an eld devices enthusiast.

My fellow truckers (who helped me) and I strongly hope that this site would help other fellow truckers.

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