Amazon Relay & Amazon Freight: The Future of Freight Transportation

(Last Updated On: July 18, 2023)

The Amazon Relay Load Board: Connecting Carriers and Loads

Amazon Relay, a groundbreaking digital platform launched in 2016, empowers carriers by connecting them directly to Amazon freight loads.

amazon relay loadboardThe Amazon Relay load board is available to carriers of all sizes, from owner-operators to large fleets. It provides real-time access to freight opportunities, load status, and essential information via its mobile app and web portal.

The Amazon Relay application has significantly reduced Amazon’s freight costs and improved shipping speed, offering contracts, auctions, and spot loads. Moreover, it provides carriers 24/7 support, addressing any questions or problems they may have promptly. The benefits of using Amazon Relay include access to a large volume of freight, predictable revenue, ease of use, and round-the-clock support.

Its impact has been so substantial that it is considered a game-changer in the freight transportation industry.

All truck drivers using Amazon Relay are required to use an electronic logging device (ELD), like the custom-made Amazon relay load board, to track routes, loads, and hours of service in compliance with FMCSA regulations. Other popular ELDs among trucking companies include Motive (formerly Keep Truckin) and EROAD.

Amazon Freight: Reinventing Freight Transportation

Amazon Freight, a full-service freight transportation company, provides Amazon with an efficient and reliable way to move its goods. It offers a variety of services including less-than-truckload (LTL) shipping, full-truckload (FTL) shipping, and intermodal shipping. Despite being a relatively new player, Amazon Freight has expanded rapidly, establishing a network of over 10,000 carriers and operating in more than 20 countries.

Amazon Freight’s commitment to sustainability is demonstrated through its use of fuel-efficient vehicles and investments in renewable energy. Amazon’s focus on sustainability is especially important considering the impact that freight transportation can have on the environment.

Amazon frieght

Moreover, Amazon has been planning on increasing the number of its freight trucks by two times. This will be beneficial for the company because they are going to invest in small trucking agencies. This is how all those small trucking businesses will be answerable to one larger trucking industry -by partnering with Amazon Freight.

When the plan was in its rudimentary state, an experimental group of truck drivers was hired who would not be able to choose their rates. After running this experimental phase, Amazon launched its fleet in many states. Recently, Amazon fleet trucks are operating in 12 different states. Alabama, Arizona, and California are the main ones.

A set of rules is also established for the trucking companies that will be joining the Amazon freight partner program. Mainly the drivers will only be able to transport Amazon goods and have a set salary.

Amazon Freight Partner Program: Uniting Small Trucking Agencies

Amazon has introduced a freight partner program, with set rules for trucking companies joining the initiative. Participating drivers primarily transport Amazon goods, and they need to show proof of liquid assets of 30,000 or else they can apply for a loan.

Amazon used to deliver its goods through UPS but now with the emergence of this program, they have built a large network of delivery trucks over the whole country.

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Amazon’s Forward-Thinking Approach

Amazon Freight and Amazon Relay are revolutionizing the freight transportation industry. Their combined efforts create a more efficient, sustainable, and safe freight transportation system. They’re not just hiring drivers – they’re providing professional training and loans to cover the costs of trucks or commercial trailers.

Amazon’s unique and innovative approach sets it apart in the freight transportation sector. The company has taken an industry traditionally dominated by numerous small players and centralized it, creating a streamlined process that benefits all involved.

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Responsibilities and Benefits of Amazon Freight Partners

Amazon freight partners play a pivotal role in the freight transportation landscape by maintaining their truck fleet and ensuring the efficient movement of Amazon’s goods. There are certain duties and responsibilities that these partners are required to fulfill and numerous benefits of becoming a partner of Amazon Freight.

Duties of Amazon Freight Partners

The question is what do Amazon freight partners do? Their duties are quite straightforward, Amazon freight partners are responsible for maintaining their truck fleet. In Amazon’s freight partner program, the main duties include:

Appointing New Drivers

The main responsibility of Amazon freight partners is to appoint a professional commercial truck driver who ideally has experience as well as qualifications. 

Most Amazon freight partners tend to hire those truck drivers who own a Class A commercial driving license. This is because usually, Amazon semi-trucks haul material higher than the GVWR or gross combination weight rating of 26,001.

Managing and Monitoring Drivers

The drivers hired by Amazon freight partners travel from 300 to 400 miles in order to deliver loads to different locations. It is one of the crucial responsibilities of Amazon freight partners to make sure that the truck drivers are on schedule, and that they deliver the freight at the right location at right time. This is necessary to maintain the quality of the Amazon freight partner program.

All the other tasks related to drivers such as hours of service, number of shifts, and duties schedule are also managed by Amazon freight partners.


Benefits of Becoming a Partner of Amazon Freight

Amazon Freight BuildingApart from job security, there are certain benefits of working with Amazon as their freight partner.

Professional Training:

Once a driver has been selected as one of the drivers in the Amazon freight partner program, he will be given the best hands-on training of business and carrier truck operations with professional business trainers.

Minimum Initial Costs and Loan Benefit:

It is very difficult to start a new business with only 30 to 40K. But this freight program enables the drivers to start with only 30,000 dollars. Even with this low amount, those who cannot manage to pay the initial amount are provided with loan options.

Increased Employability:

Many new jobs will be provided locally as Amazon has launched this program in several different ways. This indirectly benefits the environment too because drivers will not have to drive long distances consuming fossil fuels and emitting harmful fumes. And because the drivers are delivering in a local location they will get to go home more often.  Check out Amazon freight partner program Gender Inclusivity here:

Medical Bill Coverage:

Most of the driver’s medical bills will be paid, especially vision tests and their costs. In most states, eye treatment is quite expensive, and companies do not cover the medical bills of their employees. This is a plus point of working with Amazon.

Long-Term Business Growth:

With the support of Amazon, freight companies and drivers have the liberty to make a competent team and grow their business in the right direction along with all the other benefits.

The Amazon Relay Application

Amazon relay

Amazon Relay, a mobile application designed especially for carriers, helps them grow their transportation business. It allows owner-operators and truck drivers to access notifications and schedules, providing a hassle-free payment method and facilitating the search for safer routes.

Truck Driver’s Pay

Amazon’s payment structure for truck drivers primarily depends on their duties and work location. Instead of mileage-based payment, Amazon pays its drivers according to hours worked.

Single or regional solo drivers can earn up to $240 per day or $30 per hour, and they also receive paid vacation and semi-annual pay raises after completing 12 months with Amazon. These drivers also have access to medical insurance covering dental and eye treatment.

Team drivers, given the more demanding nature of their work, earn a higher income of up to $90,000 per year ($38 to $43.25 per hour). In addition to their base pay, team drivers also receive benefits like bonuses, paid vacation, pay raises, and medical bill coverage.

Local route drivers, particularly those based out of Troutdale, Oregon, generally earn more than their counterparts, along with additional benefits such as referral programs and pay raises every six months after completing a year with Amazon.

Amazon is committed to rewarding its drivers fairly and competitively, recognizing their crucial role in the company’s logistics and supply chain success. It’s this comprehensive approach to employee satisfaction and welfare that sets Amazon Freight apart from other freight transportation companies.

Challenges of the Amazon Freight Partner Program

Although there are many benefits to joining the Amazon Freight Partner program, some challenges and criticisms have been voiced by participants.

Hourly Pay:

The shift from mileage-based to hourly pay has sparked skepticism among some drivers. This change in the payment method, being unfamiliar in the industry, has led to difficulties for some participants.

Lower Than Average Rates:

A number of trucking companies have reported earning approximately 18% less than average rates for similar work upon joining the Amazon Freight Partner program. As the payment is not mileage-based, the disparity can be more pronounced when the distance traveled is greater.

Recruitment Process:

Some drivers argue that the recruitment process is complex and costly, posing a barrier to entering the program.

In response to these concerns, Amazon has reassured drivers that it is committed to addressing these issues and providing added benefits exclusive to the Amazon Freight Partner program.

Process of Joining

The process of joining as an Amazon freight partner is relatively simple. The steps are briefly explained as follows:

Join amazon relay

  1. The freight company contacts Amazon to request information on vacancies, areas where trucks are required, and more.
  2. The next step is to join a series of online seminars and sign up for the online application.
  3. This is followed by interviews and background checks to ensure the candidate’s ability to work.
  4. Now successful candidates will receive an offer and their professional training will begin.
  5. After getting appropriately trained the work as an Amazon freight partner will start.

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Market Competition

Walmart, among other companies, is gearing up to compete with Amazon’s delivery network. Although not as extensive as Amazon’s network, Walmart is investing significantly in its delivery system, which handles different types of loads.

In addition to Walmart, Uber Freight has experienced substantial growth, particularly during the Covid-19 crisis due to the delivery of essential goods and increased online shopping. Last year, Uber Freight partnered with KeepTruckin ELD to provide discounts to its carriers, enhancing its visibility and load-tracking capabilities.

amazon truck

The Future of Amazon Freight Network

According to a report published in 2020, the whole network of truck drivers of Amazon comprised up to 13000 drivers.

According to Business Insider, Amazon has big plans for the future where the company plans to have complete autonomy of delivery freight along with stronger logistics systems. This is due to the sudden increase in online purchases made by customers which call for fast and frequent delivery services.

They expect to own their planes, ships, and more trucks so goods can be delivered conveniently at every mile. The purpose is to create a vast network of trucks over the country and even worldwide to provide deliveries for customers immediately.

The network of trucks is quite large over the country but to increase the worldwide deliveries they still plan to improve their system and acquire more vehicles.

Putting It All Together

By launching Amazon Freight and Amazon Relay, Amazon has revolutionized the freight transportation industry. Their combined efforts have resulted in a more efficient, sustainable, and safe freight transportation system.

They’re not merely recruiting drivers – they’re providing professional training and loans to cover the costs of trucks or commercial trailers.

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Laraib Shah

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About the author

Laraib Shah

Laraib Shah

Laraib is a freelance writer and a proud cat mom. She is passionate about the trucking industry and loves to share her experiences through writing. When she is not writing, she spends most of her time traveling. She is a lover of cookies, ice cream, and coffee.

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