How Autonomous Trucks Will Change the Cost Structure Of Trucking

(Last Updated On: November 23, 2021)

autonomous trucksWe are living in the era of technology and with each passing year, the need for advancement in that is arising. If we are talking about the technology we need to know first what it is, so basically technology is a set of skills, techniques, and processes used to acquire some goals and objectives in producing goods and services.

Autonomous trucks are one example of emerging technology trending all over the internet. You must be wondering what it is, so autonomous vehicles are equipped with sensors, cameras, and artificial intelligence. It will be a great initiative for humanity and the future that can deliver bulks in large quantities from one destination to another without being operated by human beings.

This innovative idea will bring out ease in all the supply chains and logistic sectors but till then the government and some companies like Drisks are taking autonomous safety measures like testing to make sure they will be safe on roads and cause no harm to their surroundings.

When these driverless trucks will be on roads it will affect and can cause a great impact on businesses, supply chains, and employment in terms of the cost structure. Some of the necessary information regarding these trucks is given below for a better understanding.

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No need to pay the truck drivers:

One of the most prominent effects of autonomous trucks will be that it will eliminate the need for truck drivers which is one of the highest income jobs worldwide which according to a survey by BBC is very clear that there is a great chance that human jobs will be replaced by machines and cost for shipping will be decreased.

Demand for the truck drivers will decrease but there are some researches as well that say no matter these trucks operate without human access but still, they will need humans to monitor and sometimes to control when they will be on road.

More productive:

Autonomous trucks can reduce the costs for companies by delivering items from buyer to seller on time as demand for delivering goods on time is increasing and will help businesses to make a good impression on buyers.

These trucks will be a great advantage for supply chains to deliver goods and items from one manufacturer to the retailer, supplier, customer and consumers.

Efficient use of fuel:

By implementing this autonomous driverless technology the fuel cost can be reduced. Researchers have analyzed the fuel consumption by the trucks at different speeds and conclude that autonomous trucks can cut fuel consumption by ten percent. That means these trucks can save fuel and if every state adopts this technology there is a chance of a decrease in fuel rate.

Competitive Advantage:

Those firms that will adopt this driverless technology are more likely to have a competitive advantage over other firms but if half of the firms adopt it and a half that can’t afford these driverless trucks can cause these firms a great loss as firms that do not go with the new trends can’t grow.

Autonomous Safety: 

Although these driverless trucks are not ready to be on roads still some companies are working on how to make these autonomous trucks safer. For safety, these firms are testing these trucks’ sensors and everything to make sure they won’t cause any harm on roads.

High price:

Although these trucks will make a great change in the market it will be hard for the companies to adopt this technology as these trucks will be quite expensive. Also, the companies that will purchase these trucks will have to pay a large amount to the insurance companies for these trucks.

What if sensors stop working?

autonomous trucks

If the sensors stop working because of some error or technical issue there will be huge destruction which can cause a great cost to the firm, government, and people. So testing and continuous monitoring of sensors and other major parts will require maintenance all the time that will be also of a great cost.

From the above information we come to the point that these trucks have arisen the curiosity on the internet among the people and also concluded that it is pretty obvious these trucks will be beneficial for mankind, businesses, economies and especially supply chains but it is also very clear that heavy technologies like these take lots of time to be implemented so we better should hold our breaths and wait for these trucks to bring a change to this world and our future.

GPS Tracking systems

Autonomous trucks are not yet driving around, but more GPS tracking systems are being developed and implemented in working trucks. With the disappearance of paper logs and the rise of road safety awareness, independent truckers and fleets are now searching for the best GPS tracking systems. Not only to be compliant but also to optimize their maintenance, fuel consumption, safety and management systems.

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