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Vehicle Inspection Reports (DVIR) for Trucks – FMCSA Rules

What is Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports (DVIR)? If you are driving a fleet company commercial truck, you are mandated by law to fill in a daily formal driver safety Vehicle inspection reports to ensure that the vehicle is safe to be on the road. To ensure that your vehicle is in appropriate condition, it is important…

Complete Guide: Fuel Cards for Trucks and Fleets (2020)

You've probably heard much stuff from people in the transportation industry about fuel cards for trucking companies and fleets. Studies have found that 95.2% is spent on operating expenses for every dollar earned by the average American trucking company. That means leaving only 4.8 cents of profit. With fuel cards for small trucking companies, trucking companies…

Electronic Logging Devices Reviews – 6 Devices Reviews

Electronic Logging Device Reviews If you’re getting your fleet geared up to meet the requirements of the ELD mandate, then you’ll need to start by looking at electronic logging device reviews. We’ve reviewed what are considered to be some of the best ELD manufacturers that will help you make the decision as who which ELD provider…

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