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Looking for ELD Devices For Sale ?

eld devices for sale

The federal mandate became a final ruling in 2017. Hard Enforcement began in 2018. Truck drivers are now looking for ELD Devices for sale.

ELD devices are come in various shapes , sizes and formats. The devices have different features and capabilities. The device manufactures range from small firms to industry giants.

Lets try to make sense of the enormous amount of information.

Types of ELD Devices For Sale At This Time

Originally, many high tech companies promoted ELD devices under the term E-LOGS. Those were On-Board Electronic Recorders(AOBRDS) that uses outdated technology. According to the FMCSA, AOBRDS and ELDS have different  technical specifications.

The primary issue with the outdated electronic loggers is the lack of connection with the engine’s computer. Further, those units depend on the driver to manually enter duty modes, and locations. In addition, those units cannot send the information via current technology such as wireless networks and Bluetooth.

Those devices will be phased out by December 2019. The market is flooded with ELD Devices for sale. However, only certain devices meet the Federal Motor Carrier’s strict guidelines.

There are few elements that are vital. The first and most important element is the ability of the ELD device to connect to the vehicle’s computer.

Second, the device must be able to send the stored data via new technology(wireless/Bluetooth).  Finally, the device must display the data in graphic format. In order to determine which ELD devices are currently compliant, a checklist must be used.

The larger ELD manufacturers are Garmin, Keep Truckin’ , JJ Keller, Linxup, Omnitracts. There many new comers entering the ELD market every day. A complete list of approved ELD Manufactures can be found on the Federal Motor Carrier Agency’s website.

eld compliance

Top 3 ELD Devices For 2018

J.J. KELLER Encompass ELog Electronic Logging Device

First, lets provide some background info about J.J Keller. The company have been providing truck drivers with E-Logs before the ELD mandate came into effect. Hence, the transition to ELD compliant status is going to be seamless.

Furthermore, according to J.J Keller's site , the electronic logbook solution will only require minor software updates.

Most importantly, J.J Keller being a veteran in the industry is bringing top notch knowledge to the bargaining table. Further, the devices made by J.J Keller already been tested and improved.

On the other hand, new ELD manufactures will have to go through the trail and error phase. Therefore, out of all the eld devices for sale we ranked J.J keller as the number one eld device.

Granted, the J. J. Keller ELD collects engine and driver data for compliance and operational reporting. It's easy to install (taking less than ten minutes), and is compatible with all vehicle classes.

In addition, it's Bluetooth®-enabled to communicate with most smart devices on the market. With the J. J. Keller ELD, you can choose your own device. Get your J.J Keller ELD today and start preparing now for the ELD mandate.

Second Best ELD Device: ONE20 F-ELD Electronic Logging Device

  • ELD Truck Adapter
  • 9-pin Y cable for vehicles with J1939 vehicle port and 6-pin adapter
  • Fastener for dash mounting
  • Free access to the robust F-ELD app

How Does F-ELD Work?

Since, we figured that many people might be confused about how exactly to go about getting compliant. There are so many eld devices for sale. Therefore, we included the brief how to guide. This is how the F-ELD works and what you need to order.

  • Read the instructions that comes with the device
  • Download the matching application from the app store
  • match the F-ELD truck adapter with your device via Bluetooth Just like  you would any other Bluetooth device
  • Mouth the ELD Unit to the dash so it stays there around the dangerous turns
  • Use the App to pull any data you need for truck inspections

Order the F-ELD Mandate

Third Choice: Linxup LELDVAS1 Electronic Logging Device

Given that ,the ELD Mandate have increased roadside inspections. Therefore you must have a device that provides detailed reports. Those detailed reports will reduce the time you spend on roadside inspections.

In addition, it will reduce your CSA score. Finally, it will provide protection from the FMSCA (also known as DOT) audits.eld devices for sale

Following are some of the benefits of Linxup ELD Solutions:

  • Auto Driver Status - The device automatically changes the driver status. Contrary to other devices , where the driver is required to manually change the driver duty status.
  • Detailed Reports - The device generates comprehensive reports. The reports are generated on the fly. The quicker you can generate a report the quicker you can leave the truck inspection site.
  • Advanced Warnings - The eld solution provides warnings of serious violations before those actually occur.
  • Compliance - with this eld solution you will achive an absolute compliance by the mandated
  • No More Paper - The electronic device will eliminate the many pages of handwritten paperwork and logs.

Linxup ELD: Pricing Options

Most important , the pricing of the eld solution. Further, the device is normally sold for $149 and the tablet is sold for $99.  However, since most people don't like the up front cost.

Therefore, the manufacture provides an option to get the device at no charge if you sign up for a 3 year contract. The monthly cost ranges from $29.99 to $ 49.99.

The ELD only is $29.99 . The ELD and GPS solution is $39.99. Finally, the ultimate package is the ELD solution, GPS solution, and IFTA solution All for $49.99. Get your Linxup Today.

Those are all of the eld devices for sale we would recommend thus far. If any new devices would become available we would be glad to review them as well.

Comments (11)

  • I’m interested in the Linxup LELDVAS1,I like the detailed reports it offers

    Roger Olson
  • I liked your review on Linxup LELDVAS1. A colleague had told me about it as well and the pricing seems reasonable. However I still haven’t decided if the best option would be to purchase the device or to sign the contract. Perhaps you could enlighten me? Thanks

    Joey Morello
  • I have the linxup eld and for its price, I think it’s worth it. It’s truly very convenient to use

    Thomas Ryder
  • If I’m going to choose, ONE20 F-ELD Electronic Logging Device is OK for me. I like it even if it’s just second best.

  • I agree that J.J. KELLER Encompass ELog Electronic Logging Device is the best. The manufacturer is very reliable.

  • I love sale, because who doesn’t right? What I like is the ONE20 F-ELD Electronic Logging Device I think this would be user friendly.

  • I think J.J. KELLER is the most advanced among the three because of its compatibility and it connects will all Bluetooth devices. I hope the price will not be the most expensive as well.

    Angela Rose
  • ONE20 F-ELD Electronic Logging Device looks reasonable for me. Linxup LELDVAS1 is also promising. Both eLog device can help but still depends on the budget.

  • Linxup is one of the bigger manufacturers, yes. But would you recommend their products? Most reviews I have received aren’t that good.

    Kevin Jonson
  • A friend of mine recommends the JJ Keller Encompass Elog Electronic Logging Device. Thought maybe it’s okay but I just want to be sure. Looking for better alternatives, but this just seems to validate his claims.

  • i like the linxup with gps. Everything you need for 40$. fits easy, looks good. and cheap.

    joseph richards

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