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(Last Updated On: January 1, 2019)

.ELD Mandate News – Full Enforcement Effective April 1st 2018

The ELD Mandate enacted on December 18, 2017,  came into effect requiring that nearly all CMV’s be required to use electronic logging devices (ELD’s). Every vehicle affected by this new mandate must have their ELD’s installed by April 1st 2018, or else face a fine. With the final deadline less than a week away, we have compiled a list of information regarding everything you need to know about ELD Mandate News and ELD compliance.ELD Mandate news

Why is it important to be up to date with the ELD mandate News ?

During the period of Dec 31st to April 1st , also called soft enforcement period, the FMCSA did not issue any out of service orders. During this period the driver and the company were mostly spared from receiving hefty tickets. In addition, the violation of the ELD mandate did not count against the carrier’s safety score. However, all of that is going away effective April 1st 2018.

Fines and Penalties For non-compliance with ELD Mandate

  • Points and Safety Score reduction  – Hours-of-services(HOS) violation count against your safety score. A lower safety score will lead to higher insurance premiums.
  • Hefty Fines  –  It is estimated that during the soft enforcement period , FMCSA issued close to $64 million tickets and fines.
  • Out-of-Service  – If the driver is in violation of hours-of-service violation, he/she will be put out-of-service. Being out of service means being stuck in the truck inspection station for 10 hours. The detention of 10 hours is required since the officer is assuming you been driving all day. Hence, you need to rest 10 days to achieve your daily reset.  In addition, you may be required to rest more if you close to reaching your weekly limit of 60 hours.
  • Court Appearances  – If the hours-of-service violation happens more than one. The driver may be forced to appear in court for reckless driving or endangerment.
  • CDL Driver License Suspension – A driver that is repeatedly caught with Hours-of-service violation will risky loosing his/her CDL driver license.

ELD Mandate Potential fines

Since the ELD mandate went into effect as of December 18, 2017, any nonexempt vehicle must be equipped with ELD’s or risk fines and citations. The severity of the fine will vary under the discretion of the inspector or issuer, and repeat citations can only harm your business. Enough citations can even attract the attention of federal investigators, so there’s no reason to delay installing you ELD.

The official out-of-service date is April 1st, 2018. It’s not a prank—don’t confuse this with the effective date of the mandate. In some cases, a citation or fine can be just as severe or worse for business than a vehicle or driver out-of-service. The out-of-service deadline was extended to April 1, to help business and drivers to get used to the new mandate and become more familiar with their ELD devices. Because the ELD devices essentially replace logbooks, any driver without an ELD would face the same penalty they would have if they didn’t have a logbook with hours of service (HOS), which is out of service.


For those who have not experienced out-of-service situations, it can have a severe negative impact. After the initial citation, a vehicle is labeled out-of-service until the LED is installed and all of the necessary paperwork has been processed. Both the driver and carrier must file extra paperwork, during which time the driver will not be allowed to drive and the vehicle cannot be driven.

This type of situation would place a severe strain on resources and can negatively impact reputation. Out-of-service situations also add extra administrative hours for processing paperwork and handing procedures, wasting both the carrier and driver time and money. Previous years had shown that one of the top reasons for driver compliance violations involved poor bookkeeping and drivers forgetting or losing HOS records. By automating this process, so long as your driver has a certified and function ELD device, you should never have to face HOS compliance related violations again.

Impact of ELD Mandate on Trucking & The Economy

Despite what many drivers , owner operators and industry experts believed , the ELD mandate is not going to be cancelled by the Trump Administration. Further, Republicans normally believe in less regulation. Moreover, republicans believe that less regulation means bigger and more profitable business. This is specially true in the trucking industry. However, in the trucking industry unlike the steel industry, there is a lot more at stake.  The trucking industry supplies all of the other industries. The trucking industry is the back bone of the economy. Any regulation in that industry would hurt the economy.  The ELD Mandate is bad news. It is on track to hurt the trucking industry and soon after the economy.

Should ELD Mandate be reversed ?

Despite having Anti-Regulation Government, the ELD Mandate was not stopped. Many people are attributing this to the lazy nature of governments.  On the other hand, one can understand that the ELD Mandate was planned and pushed back for over 10 years now. Now its finally here and no government official is trying to fight it. In addition, the roads are becoming seriously dangerous.

Further, drivers were forced to drive long hours in order to make a decent living. On the other hand, freight brokers were getting rich on top of the hard working drivers. The ELD mandate is attempting to better the driver’s work conditions. However, in reality the burden is currently failing on the shoulders of the drivers. The drivers cannot make more miles due to the ELD restriction.  Therefore, less miles driven per week means less money for the driver and/or the owner operator.

The only way to stop this is to form a coalition. Further, drivers , owner operators and other trucking companies will demand higher rates per mile due to the ELD restriction .
In that case, the ELD mandate was a successful ruling.


ELD Mandate New Overview

the new ELD mandate is accomplishing a variety of goals. Primary among these goals include: reducing manual labor for both drivers and administration, increasing safety and transparency, and improving cost-effectiveness.<
Complying with the new ELD mandate means that you will be investing in new technology and services that reduce the manual labor hours for everybody in your fleet. The ELD devices are designed to help plan and completely record a driver’s schedule, including breaks, rest hours, driving hours, hours of service (HOS) separate from driving hours, and all driver-related credentials and regulatory information.

Paper VS. Electronic Logs

Before, drivers needed to manually fill out HOS and driving forms to make sure they were in compliance. Aside from adding extra working hours for manual labor and increasing the overall expenditures for companies, these old forms were also difficult to regulate and monitor. Paper forms are convenient. However, drivers are changing the paper log as they see fit. Also, drivers are losing the paper logs. All of those are not a problem with the electronic logging devices.

ELD systems require that all recorded information is tamper proof, particularly where driver-hours are concerned. The ELD mandate also provides provisions that make it harder for carriers to harass drivers. Besides making it impossible for a carrier to tamper with a drivers hours, it also means drivers will have greater access to uninterrupted rest time. According to the ELD mandate, ELD devices  are available with a mute function. This function is there to prevent driver interruption or harassment during rest hours and breaks (though certain ELD’s allow volume to assist drivers by reminding them to take breaks or when a break/rest period is finished). In other words, ELD’s are helpful when you need them to be, and will never be disruptive.


Where can you get an ELD? What type should I get?

The first place you can consider looking for an ELD is the FMSCA website, which has a complete list of all certified and registered ELD provide. While you might recognize a few names on the list, this list doesn’t tell you much about the ELD’s. It also doesn’t provide much information about the  services they provide. Nor does it clarify the quality and costs of these services. To understand more, research and consultations is paramount. Here’s a little information about how to find the type of ELD that fits your business best.


When looking for an ELD devices, you will come across two basic categories: BYOD (bring your own device) ELDs, and devices with an integrated touchscreen GPS system. BYOD systems typically rely on the carrier or driver supplying a smartphone or tablet. Either one of those is essential  to work along with the device. While, integrated systems supply the GPS or touchscreen interface.

ELD Systems

If your fleet works with a fleet management system, service provider or GPS provider, chances are these same companies now also provide ELD systems. Most well-established fleet resource companies supply high-quality ELD systems and fleet management services (FMS). Those systems, which typically includes back office software that works and communicates directly with each vehicle and ELD in your fleet. While this is not a requirement, it is an added bonus to the new ELD mandate.  Most of the services are automatic nowadays. Furthermore, those automatic services will save valuable money and time with each delivery.


Whe first thing to consider is the needs of your individual drivers and the needs of your. Large, Highly structured and organized fleets may need an ELD that provides not only GPS. It requires a system that FMS, GPS tracking, customer support for devices, integrated systems, and other supplementary services. For a small fleet with few independent contractors and administrators, you could look for smaller systems. Those would require less investment and maintenance. As ong as the ELD system is following the ELD ruling law you will be fine. However, many carriers like taking advantage of the extra benefits ELDs offer. One of those benefits are GPS Fleet Tracking.




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