What is Fleet Maintenance? – 5 Best Software Programs for 2021

(Last Updated On: November 23, 2021)

fleet maintenanceWhatever commercial truck’s job demands, there is no rest — it’s back on the road. Thus following an effective fleet maintenance plan is critical to ensuring that trucks stay functional.

Without a doubt, well-kept trucks are required to undergo inspections by federal agencies such as the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).

Likewise, fleet maintenance goals are to also enable the truck drivers to trust in their vehicles for whatever the job requires.

The contrast is an unsafe fleet that always disappoints customers, costs you thousands in maintenance, and discourages workers.

You wouldn’t want that, well here’s a couple of fleet maintenance tips to keep trucks on the road.

How to Implement Fleet Maintenance and Management

To minimize downtime and know how to reduce fleet maintenance costs., an active fleet maintenance schedule is essential.

And to achieve this, proper fleet maintenance GPS tracking systems will help ensure that the truck has provided the necessary service whenever a driver takes a truck out.

A standard plan of fleet operations, for instance, will include services numbers 1, 2, and 3.

The number ‘1’ service is perhaps the most common type of service that covers most of the critical components. That implies tires, gears, windows, brakes, etc.

The 2 and 3 services create other components, while the “2” service usually includes new grease for the running gear, and the “3” service includes axle inspection. Within a given mileage, each of these services will be executed.

A standard schedule of service might indicate ‘1’ service every 1,000 miles, a ‘2’ service every 4,000 miles, and a ‘3’ service as needed.

Throughout every 12,000 miles, suspension parts should always be tested; however, some trucks vary, and therefore it is essential to check the manual.

And Based on what the manual says, it enables you to decide the class of service.

Therefore, trucks should be routinely cleaned and also be subject to a compulsory pre-trip checklist and service whenever they want to leave the door.

Pre-Trip Fleet Maintenance Checklist

fleet maintenance checklistTo ensure drivers depart with a safe vehicle, the pre-trip checklist is crucial.

Before the driver gets up to speed, tire pressure and wheel nuts should always be tested and checked every morning.

When taking off, the driver ought to be able to identify a knock and listen to the truck engine.

Tire tread ought to be intact, even on all tires, so running a balancing agent on your wheels is a good idea to optimize fuel consumption and tire life.

During the daily walk-around of the driver, all of the hoses on the truck ought to be intact and inspected. And brakes should also be checked on initial departure for functionality.

Fleet Maintenance Log Data

Fleet management and GPS tracking systems will simplify the task of fleet maintenance of your fleet.

The onboard device will track data and even immediately submit it to the management system rather than relying on drivers to record mileage and operating hours manually.

Automatically monitoring these sets of fleet maintenance data means that you wouldn’t miss a maintenance time, which reduces the chances of something going wrong.

Fleet maintenance is a task which, if properly implemented, would pay for itself, but you’ll have to commit to it.

One careless mistake may result in an accident or, worse, an unsuccessful inspection.

The purpose FMCSA, DOT, and NHTSA are so strict when it comes to regulating trucks are the severe miles that these vehicles travel, and drivers spend long days on the road.

The duty of a fleet maintenance manager jobs would be to keep drivers safe, and therefore everyone protected. Everyone can have more reliable journeys with proper maintenance.

Importance of fleet Maintenance and Management

Whether you’re running a transport company, a cab company, or managing a fleet of public transportation, you should not ignore preventative maintenance of your fleet.

Fleet maintenance is the task of maintaining the vehicles in good working conditions so that vehicle breakdown is prevented.

It is a strategic approach to the management of preventive vehicles, including planning scheduling, evaluation, and execution.

Fleets and businesses have to embrace technology to distinguish themselves in a highly competitive market and improve operations.

Therefore, fleet managers have to integrate a growing variety of fleet management and GPS tracking systems, software, third-party integrations, and other resources.

Fleet companies have to deal with the growing market and tightening capacity in addition to other market problems such as driver shortages, rising fuel prices, and industry regulations.

It would be important in keeping companies running seamlessly and sustainably while maintaining a safe, positive environment for drivers.

And this will, in turn, allow the fleet manager to be capable of managing a fleet in its entirety, from both day-to-day operations and the big picture.

For each business, safety has always been a priority, and fleet management and GPS tracking systems are an integral part of building a safety-first business.

Fleet management and GPS tracking systems help vehicle and fleet managers to track individually across the fleet for risky behaviors.

Data generated by GPS tracking systems can also be used to create driver safety programs.

And then, by integrating dashcam and safety analysis innovations, relevant training for safe behavior patterns can be created to bring about a better fleet.

Below are the benefits of putting in place a good fleet maintenance solution.

Driver safety

maintenance fleet safetyThe safety of the driver is really a vital part of any service. Management will take the appropriate measures to ensure a reduction in the risk of preventable accidents on the road.

Most of the major causes of accidents include damaged tires and blowouts, faulty brakes, and issues with steering, all of this could be resolved by proper vehicle maintenance.

Based on your operating requirements, preventive vehicle maintenance may be time-based (once a year) or after a specified mileage per vehicle has been achieved.

Reduces Cost of Operation

Especially in comparison to reactive repairs, routine Preventive fleet maintenance and repairs costs are much lower.

Having to pay for the implications of bad fleet maintenance costs is more than the cost of preventive maintenance.

“Road accidents cost businesses $60 billion for annual medical services, related legal costs, damage to property, and loss of productivity,” according to OSHA.

Fleet managers should conduct safety inspections to pinpoint repair and maintenance chances before they became a serious issue.

And this will help to prevent downtime and work on improving your compliance to operating schedules.

Enhance Productivity

Business unscheduled downtime can trigger a domino effect leaving your operation reeling.

Trying to compensate for a delayed delivery because of the breakdown of your fleet truck can postpone the fulfillment of continual obligations in the future.

Whether you fail to deliver a particular product as planned to an expectant customer, your credibility and reputation in the brand will suffer.

Using fleet maintenance and tracking software solution can help you avoid fleet maintenance delays.

And also, it’ll increase your profitability by maintaining your fleet in good working condition throughout the year.

As a business owner, you can’t steer a lot of business variables in your favor. Routine maintenance of the fleet is not one of these.

Software for fleet maintenance reduces the possibility of vehicle breakdown caused by accidents and ensures drivers’ safety.

Once they transform into bigger ones, all of this saves you money by fixing the “small issues.”

Undoubtedly, with regular fleet maintenance, your company becomes even more efficient and productive when you use fleet maintenance software from a reputable company.

A vehicle maintenance log will allow you to monitor a specific vehicle’s condition and repair work.

It can also help you deal with plans for routine maintenance, identify specific vehicles and issues which need to be fixed immediately.

How ELD Devices Affect Fleet Maintenance

An accurate fleet management and GPS tracking systems approach give full transparency to fleet managers and owner-operators in one unified platform to improve productivity.

It, therefore, includes individual-level visibility-from a driver to a single vehicle or piece of equipment-to a high-level view of the whole fleet, including a fleet with hundreds of vehicles.

The monitoring of vehicle safety is an essential feature of fleet management technology.

Safety analytics approaches are technologies that contain telematics. And also, use GPS data tracking with dash camera, driver scorecards, and fleet safety quantification analytics.

Safety analytics track inappropriate events such as speed, harsh braking, or cornering at their simplest.

Such fleet maintenance service incorporates cameras at their most advanced levels.

And thus will enable managers to have security camera footage to monitor the situation play-by-play and access data on a unified platform.

What Qualities to look for in Fleet Management Solutions?

The first and most crucial component of a fleet maintenance management solution is to find a dynamic solution that provides a full 360-degree view of fleet activities.

And also, the fleet maintenance program should able to shows the fleet maintenance logbook to help fleet managers make critical business decisions.

While evaluating device manufacturers, fleet managers, and owners, along with some other decision-makers, will assess the capabilities of a fleet maintenance management software in the following areas:


A good fleet management system speeds up the process of safety and compliance, reduces hours of paperwork, and prevents expensive penalties and fines for IFTA, ELD, and DVIR compliance.


Fleet decision-makers should select a fleet management system that will allow a robust preventive maintenance program to manage and maintain vehicles and assets on the road effectively.

Fleet visibility

The ability of fleet maintenance solutions to track a fleet of vehicles in real-time from anywhere.

The fleet maintenance coordinator will search for a fleet maintenance tracking software that will make it easy to track driver location. And also enable them to track fuel consumption as well as accessible HOS records.

Vehicle tracking

Fleet maintenance administrators ought to find a fleet maintenance tracker that enables fleet managers to track vehicles and other company assets 24/7 to ensure safety and track operation.

Such features can enable fleet managers and owners to evaluate productive capacity and implementation procedures.

Fleet safety

Fleet managers and owner-operators will search for fleet maintenance systems that provide a broad spectrum of safety-specific solutions to ensure a safe workplace for drivers and also save money on insurance premiums.

Best features comprise driver scorecards, in-vehicle alerts, safety notifications, event viewers, and in-cab cameras.

Analytics and Reporting

These include using dynamic dashboards, documents, and real-time alerts to obtain information remotely and automatically.

Fleet administrators will strive for fleet management and GPS tracking systems that provide flexibility and usability while monitoring and tracking the most critical key performance indicator (KPIs).

5 Best Software for Fleet Maintenance

Any business which uses a fleet of vehicles should have a form of qualified fleet management.

Fleet maintenance best practices enable commercial truck regulation while decreasing associated risk, improving productivity and efficiency, and guaranteeing compliance with laws.

Thus, with various challenges – procurement of vehicles, fuel management, repair of equipment, safety and health, and compliance – fleet management should depend on an effective fleet maintenance solution.

And this will help to achieve its objectives and reduce complications connected with everyday challenges.

So, here are some best five lists of fleet tracking software without further ado.

1. GeoTab

Geotab Drive

Upfront Cost + Monthly Fee

Customer Support


Ease of Use




Suitable for fleets


Features & Technology



  • Geotab services support almost any fleet
  • Stellar online reputation
  • The driver can use any smart device to log in to the Geotab app
  • The reporting is pretty powerful and most importantly spot on accurate


  • Geotab isn't transparent about its pricing and requires going through the full sales process to understand the cost
  • Time-consuming login procedures

GeoTab helps you to manage, from one platform, all driver log reports and safety inspection details of the vehicle.

The product also features a simple setup, and you don’t have to call a fleet maintenance technician to install it.

This fleet maintenance and management solution aim to track driver service hours so you can make sure you comply with HOS regulations, reducing accidents, injuries, and loss of life.

This fleet maintenance facility would also monitor diagnostic troubleshooting codes and mechanical failures.

And also, you’ll get instant readings of odometers (synced at midnight every day), and report fuel theft.

Geotab is proud of its “Safety First Principle,” providing end-to-end security through;

  • Encryption
  • authentication
  • non-static security keys
  • digitally signed firmware
  • verification of message authenticity
  • independent third-party expert validation
  • individualized devices with unique Identification

We should say they have the experience to back up their fleet management technology because they have been in the business since 1996.

Geotab can also be incorporated with Garmin, and features truck routing, driver e-logs, camera stop warnings, recorded duty status changes, road speed change alerts, advanced sharp turn alerts, adverse weather support, drive and duty time audits, and messaging.

If you need more information about Geotab, click here to read our full review of the company

2. Onfleet

Onfleet is a fleet maintenance organization that uses simple software to manage and evaluate local deliveries. In reality, they refer to and see themselves as a “delightful last-minute delivery service.”

This fleet management and GPS tracking systems services enable the management of last-mile deliveries, efficient routing, real-time tracking, shipping, analytics, and so much more.

Features include are;

  • accurate ETAs
  • real-time alerts
  • route optimization
  • color-coded status
  • international support
  • key metric monitoring
  • A fast and easy robust fleet maintenance dashboard
  • instantly delivery of customer text messages
  • And variety of many integrated apps for fleet maintenance

Truck drivers can use it effectively, with simple means of contacting delivery recipients and gather proof of delivery.

3. Telematics by TomTom

TomTom’s fleet maintenance and management system provides real-time vehicle tracking with automatic instant alerts, fleet optimization, dynamic communication among mobile workforce and offices, encouraging green and safe driving, and integration of business software.

TomTom’s Saas Service ensures you can access data from whatever web browser, anytime, without downloading it.

These fleet maintenance and GPS tracking systems include WebFleet (the fleet maintenance log app for online fleet management), vehicle tracking devices, and driver terminals.

The company is specialized in the operation and maintenance, passenger transport sectors, towing and recovery, delivery, and logistics. So if you are in one of such divisions, you’re all set up!

Look no further than TomTom if you are searching for a recognizable name to trust.

For further information about which fleet maintenance and fleet management solution are ideal for your business needs, kindly fill our free consultation form.

4. Fleet Manager by GPSTrackIt

ELD Fleet

$23.95 monthly

Customer Support


Ease of Use




Suitable for fleets


Features & Technology



  • No long-term contract requirements
  • FMCSA & DOT Compliant Solution
  • GPS Trackit is a low-cost, reliable solution
  • Outstanding tracking capabilities and a good track record
  • Fuel tracking included


  • ELD compliance costs extra

Features of Fleet Manager by GPSTrackIt include:

  • fleet tracking
  • geofence alerts
  • mobile solutions
  • multi-map views
  • quality hardware
  • easy time logging
  • vehicle diagnostics
  • automated reporting
  • indefinitely stored data
  • scheduling and dispatch
  • open API and data pump
  • driver reports monitoring
  • vehicle maintenance reminders
  • maintenance alerts and reports
  • extensive coverage and communication

The company offers a 30-day warranty for its fleet maintenance management services. You will, therefore, appreciate all the features GPSTrackIt has to give for $23.95 a month and no contract. Here is our complete review of the GPSTrackIt solution.

5. GPS Insight Fleet Tracking Solution

GPS Insight

from $29.95

Customer Support


Ease of Use




Suitable for fleets


Features & Technology



  • Improve Fleet Safety
  • Great online reputation
  • Ensure DVIRs are Completed
  • Help Prevent Common Violations
  • Help keep maintenance up-to-date


  • Although this might not be an issue for many businesses, bear in mind that GPS Insight does not provide short-term or monthly contracts
  • Customers report little challenging with the time zone difference

GPS Insight Fleet Tracking Solution is designed for a company with fleets of one to 25 trucks.

The company provides fleet maintenance, fleet management, and GPS tracking systems, and it includes the following features:

  • free APIs
  • Dispatch
  • service hours
  • simple routing
  • a reporting suite
  • driver messaging
  • custom map icons
  • email and text alerts
  • maintenance module
  • one-year historical data
  • integration of fuel cards
  • vehicle and landmark groups
  • Google Street View mapping
  • customer/partner-facing maps, etc.

In its Pro plan, the company provides a personalized dashboard, integration with Google Earth, Garmin integration, integration of data connection and data dump, unlimited historical data, driver ID, PRO tracking, driver scorecards, limitless users, and attributes filtering.

The Enterprise plan provides custom hierarchies, incorporation of GIS/mapping overlays, as well as custom reporting for fleets of more than 500.

Check our full review of GPS Insight Fleet Tracking Solution here


With regular detailed information about the vehicle-specific location and job progress from fleet maintenance and management solution, fleet managers have access to the data and keen insight to optimize processes in one centralized location.

Likewise, various data points provided from fleet maintenance solutions to fleet managers enable them to leverage key metrics. For example, the use of vehicles, driver behavior and idle times, finding answers to profitability questions.

Throughout the working day and in real-time, fleet managers are, therefore, able to make changes and boost operations processes.

A much more functional fleet would be a more cost-effective fleet that uses a fleet maintenance management solution.

Thus as fleet managers can detect and address inefficiencies from driver behavior to unnecessary idling or over-average fuel usage.

fleet management systems

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