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(Last Updated On: July 16, 2019)

fleetmatics REVEAL

Fleetmatics REVEAL Logbook is a fleet management, cloud-based solution suitable for small and average-size companies.

Users can view all drivers on a map and automatically detect vehicle misuse such as harsh braking, hard corning, quick starts, and more.

The solution notifies dispatchers and supervisors of dangerous driver behaviour via push alerts in real time.

Dispatchers can quote the arrival time to customers because the system provides a dynamic map view of drivers.

Fleetmatics REVEAL provides drivers with mobile apps for iOS and Android devices to track their own performance via smartphone.

After logging in, drivers can view nearby company vehicles and get their task.

  • Possibility to track company vehicles
  • Ease of use, easy to install
  • App is clear to see, easy to learn; the setup is relatively simple
  • Poor customer service
  • The system can be a bit slow and cumbersome,
  • especially when a stop is added and the route needs to be re-optimized.

The Today view shows them what stops are scheduled and a scorecard to indicate how they compare with other drivers using measures such as idling, the number of stops, and speeding. The mobile app provides turn-by-turn navigation through Google maps.


Is Fleetmatics Reveal The Best Solution For You?

Fleetmatics REVEAL Logbook is a good fit to companies that need their fleet on a daily basis. The company is a leading global vendor of fleet management apps for SMEs delivered as software-as-a-service (SaaS).

This company’s products help clients meet the challenges associated with managing local fleets, and improve the productivity of their mobile workforce by using actionable business intelligence from historical and real-time vehicle and driver behavioural data.

The company’s intuitive, affordable web-based apps offer fleet operators visibility into fuel usage, vehicle location, speed and mileage, and other insight into their fleet, enabling them to minimize capital and operating costs and increase profit. The company serves almost 40,000 clients and approximately 757,000 subscribed vehicles across the world.

Fleetmatics makes efforts to enable its clients to focus on their business to realize ROI that includes reduced costs, increased revenue, and ability to grow profitably.

The company’s North American headquarters are in the Boston area with added offices in Phoenix, Cleveland, Clearwater, Charlotte, and Chicago, as well as in offices in the UK, Ireland, and Australia.

Real-Time Fleet Monitoring

Fleetmatics REVEAL eld offers real-time fleet monitoring, so the client will be able to dispatch more efficiently, minimize time spent calling drivers for updates, and improve customer service.

At the same time, the company helps prevent breakdowns in many different ways. It provides maintenance alerts to inform clients when vehicles are due for proper maintenance, warding off truck breakdowns.

Alerts can be set based on engine time, calendar time, or mileage depending on the type of service needed.

Eventually, clients are able to save considerable amounts on fuel, because this fleet tracking app can help reduce costs by reducing incidences of speeding, improving routing and dispatching, and decreasing idle times.

At the same time, you get to limit unauthorized vehicle use and can find stolen vehicles quickly.

It is possible to handle unsafe driving habits before they lead to more serious issues.

Another important advantage is that by improving routing and dispatching efficiency, the fleet tracking app makes it possible to get more stops done per day.

Customer service is improved because you can reach your customers faster and report to all of their emergencies more quickly. With Fleetmatics, you can get historical proof time on location and make service calls more efficient.

Fleetmatics ELD WORK

This is the company’s field service management software, which offers a major advantage in that it streamlines management and reduces paperwork. It can be bought to take schedules, quotes, invoices, and more off the desk and onto the cloud.

Once inside the system, it is possible to control schedules, make scheduling and assigning jobs to other employees easier, no matter how many changes take place, and ultimately get more work done.

Users become more productive by organizing, simplifying, and managing day to day operations. The mobile app will make sure everything runs smoothly and fast when your technical staff can keep and send all of the key job details in the palm of their hands.

What is more, Fleetmatics integrates smoothly with major accounting packages to ensure that your accountant catches wind of all vital business info.

Fleetmatics Reveal ELD Features

  • Fleet Management
  • Fuel Management
  • Fleet Maintenance
  • Real-time location of fleet vehicles
  • Preventative maintenance information
  • The historical status of each vehicle
  • Work Order Management
  • Service History Tracking
  • Technician Management
  • Scheduling
  • Routing
  • Timesheet management
  • Job Tracking
  • Mobile Access
  • Inventory Control
  • Job Management
  • Billing & Invoicing
  • Customer Database

Fleetmatics Ranking

Fleetmatics ranks in the top 500 Project Management Software products and is 23rd on the list of field service management software. You’d be hard pressed to find any app in the latter category that is a perfect solution capable of meeting all the requirements of various business sizes, types, and industries. Specific solutions usually excel only in a really narrow group of applications or are developed with a very specific type of industry in mind.

Others might work with an intention of being simple and intuitive and as a result not offer complicated features desired by more experienced users. Still other services support a broader group of users and offer a set of complex, intuitive features, but this software usually costs a lot more. This is why it is great that you’re reading this review – you need to know what your needs are so that you pick a software that has the exact elements and aspects you are looking for.

Fleetmatics Reveal Price

Fleetmatics Reveal features a number of pricing plans, with enterprise and SMB pricing being available only upon request. Generally, the system is priced somewhere in the upper mid-range in this category. The good news is that the company does not charge anything up front.fleetmatics reveal

The estimated monthly price is $35/month for the basic Fleetmatics REVEAL logbook platform and hardware, featuring a variety of reports and tools, including GPS tracking. To add electronic logs, you need to pay an extra $10/month. There is also an estimated $15/month for a cell enabled smartphone or tablet with a data plan.

It comes to around $60 per unit per month, if you are providing the cell data plan instead of asking drivers to use their own phones.

User Satisfaction

We realize there are some pretty bad reviews of this company’s product out there. When you decide to buy Fleetmatics Field Service Management Software such as Reveal Logbook, you need to read not only expert reviews, but also those of real people and companies using the product and whether they’re satisfied with it, and to what extent if so. 

Devices Supported

  • Linux
  • Windows
  • iPhone/iPad
  • Android
  • Web-based
  • Mac
  • Windows Mobile
  • Language Support: English
  • Pricing Model: Quote-based
  • Customer Types: Small and Medium Businesses, Freelancers
  • Deployment: Cloud Hosted

Fleetmatics LogBook

Fleetmatics Logbook, the mobile app of the product, was created specifically for Fleetmatics REVEAL users and offers an easier way to manage the time-consuming paperwork and compliance documents. This saves both drivers and administrators lots of work.

The app requires a Fleetmatics REVEAL vehicle tracking system account with LogBook vehicle features and hardware enabled and a valid username and password. Contact the company’s support team if you’re not sure if you’re using REVEAL.

Also, you need to use a data plan to apply the app, either via the device itself or with a mobile hot spot combined with the device Wi-Fi features. The Fleetmatics iOS Fleet Tracking hardware needs to be installed in the vehicles for the app to work. The hardware can only be bought from Fleetmatics and is included in the monthly subscription price. 

Fleetmatics’ app ensures full compliance with FMCSA regulations for all vehicle types. Managers have visibility into HOS tracking for box trucks, tractor-trailers, buses or pick-ups with hitch trailers within their fleet.

It tracks HOS information seamlessly by getting the vehicle information through the engine right to the mobile app. Real-time HOS events unrelated to driving can be recorded in real time as well, even when the driver is away from the vehicle. Drivers log into this native iOS application and begin tracking their service hours with limited interaction.

Service Compliance Hours

Current AOBR 395.15 compliant

  • Data retained for minimum period of time required by law
  • Automatic software updates keep you compliant for future regulation changesThe app works with any type of vehicle and supports property-carrying and passenger-carrying FMCSA regulations. It also supports the exemptions “Oilfield” and “Texas Intrastate.” The solution is compatible with small, medium, and heavy duty vehicles. It makes a seamless transition to electronic logs, with an app that is easy for drivers to use and an intuitive interface for office staff.
  • Mobile App familiarity for drivers
  • Keep drivers and office staff on the same page with real-time visibility into hours of service status
  • Minimize down-time due to training and change management
  • Easy set up and roll-out for drivers’ rulesets• Mobile DVIR inspection report submission help you stay ahead of repairs no matter where your drivers are

Fleetmatics ELD

This major player in GPS fleet tracking and management, recently acquired by Verizon, is offering one of the most prolific, customizable tracking solutions on the market in the form of ELD. Below are the pluses and minuses of the Fleetmatics ELD:

  • Nice dashboards and reports
  • Good GPS fleet tracking
  • ELD device has its own 4G connection
  • Mandate-required features still in progress
  • Not focused on trucking or ELD
  • Poor driver reviews

The bulk of the business is focused on smaller local fleets such as service vehicles of the likes of cable repair or plumbing repair vans and local delivery trucks. Historically, over the road trucking is not their core market, and this fact is reflected in their ELD offering.

Reveal is the basic fleet management product, one that is superb and is utilized by fleets all over the country. It features reliable tracking, and there are some really great reports and dashboards to help you manage your mobile workforce.

The back office tools for fleet management and tracking are user-friendly and visually appealing. To help avoid tampering, you can hide the tracking hardware behind the dash. What is more, the device even has its own 4G cell connection.

This way fleet managers can still get location updates from the unit even if the display tablet/smartphone is turned off. All this makes it a very solid, stable, and robust GPS tracker. It is a great choice if tracking and fleet management are all you need.

Downsides Of Fleetmatic Reveal Logbook

Unfortunately, there are some downsides that trucking fleet owners and managers looking for an ELD should consider. The system doesn’t offer some of the features that are standard in many other systems.

For instance, there is no driver-team mode, no two-way messaging, minimal engine diagnostics, and no truck route navigation. Integration with transportation software like TMW and McLeod is limited or non-existent.

It can be relatively more time-consuming to install this solution in comparison to most other “bring your own device” ELDs. The 3-wire system must be connected to land, power, and ignition separately instead of plugging straight into the diagnostic port.

The Fleetmatics LogBook software used by drivers requires you to download a completely separate app from the LogBook app, which itself hasn’t been rated highly by all drivers in the Google Play store.

Under Construction

What may be the most important thing is that a lot of ELD-mandate-required features are currently being developed, but are not yet available. This includes Personal Conveyance and Yard Move modes. Drivers are not able to send logs via email or other wireless methods at the moment. They can edit their own logs, but there is no mandate compliant approval process to accommodate edits made by fleet managers as of yet. And on the topic of log edits, the system for making log corrections is a bit slow, and there is no quick way for fleet managers to assign driving.

The company is working on all these features actively, with the full intention of releasing them very soon. Interested fleets should be aware that some important features are not yet available, and will likely need some time to be adapted once they are released.

That aside, Fleetmatics, which became Verizon earlier this year, is a respected and reputable company with a long history as an industry leader in telematics and tracking. As a long-time Verizon subsidiary, they have the means to make serious improvements to their products, and we believe they tend to do so. For now, however, trucking fleets looking for an ELD are advised to exercise caution. This market is not the Verizon wheelhouse yet, and the ELD can feel like an add-on rather than the real thing.

User Feedback

Customers’ feedback varies very widely, from “couldn’t disagree more” to “super easy”. Some users are saying it’s easier to work with than any other system. Other people report that it’s really easy to learn the ropes and doesn’t drop service like other POS systems they’ve used in the past. Dropped service equals cash loss, so indeed, it’s unwise to invest in cheaper systems in the long run. Still others are saying they’ve had nothing but issue after issue with this system.

They mention that the support team doesn’t even return calls, much less assist clients in getting though issues. They recommend getting a third party to try to help with whatever problem you’re having. One user states he just had his first trip cross county with this company and had to file three reports. He ended up turning the system off and going back to paper logs. He adds that real-time solutions are something that is not possible with this company yet. However, this may refer to an earlier version of the system, which has since undergone many updates.

Also, Fleetmatics became Verizon since then, which has had a very positive impact on the quality of service (see section “When Fleetmatics Reveal became Verizon”) below. Like we mentioned earlier, it is important to not only read expert reviews like this one, but also real comments left by actual users in order to get the best possible grasp of what the system is really about. This is why we have included a lengthy Pros and Cons section at the end of this review, based on actual, real-life reviews by real former, present and potentially future clients.  

When Fleetmatics became Verizon

When Fleetmatics became Verizon, it became possible to gain access from anywhere with really fast web-based maps, accessible from any web-based device. Drivers and supervisors out in the field have the same view as the manager back in the office.

Detailed Maps

High-resolution maps with detail on demand and smart clustering provide a simple, yet forceful tool to view current status and almost real-time activity of all your vehicles, mobile equipment, and workers no matter where they are.

More specifically, Fleetmatics reveal logbook became Verizon on March 6, 2018. That was when Verizon Connect’s launch marked the completed integration of its existing connected vehicle division with two recently acquired mobile workforce and fleet management software companies under a single, unified brand.

Verizon Connect is the result of investments in excess of $5 billion and offers customers a one-stop approach to interlinked vehicle software solutions and services that help promote efficiency, safety, and productivity.

“One of the things we’re proudest of at Verizon Connect is the potential our current and future technologies have for massive societal impact,” said Andrés Irlando, CEO of Verizon Connect. “We’re working with customers to maintain cold chain integrity and keep perishable items safe during transport, routing customers’ vehicles more efficiently to reduce emissions, monitoring vehicle diagnostics to improve fuel efficiency, and providing a gamification app that helps customers recognize and reward their safest drivers, just to name a few.”


Verizon Connect features the connectivity and data insights to make it possible for customers to be better-informed about worker and vehicle location, safety, efficiency, productivity and compliance.

Verizon Connect users also benefit from the combined experience of thousands of dedicated professionals and decades of fleet management, telematics, and mobile workforce expertise.

Positive Reviews of Fleetmatics Reveal Logbook

The software gives me good location info. It is fairly easy to set up and once you use it for a couple of days it becomes pretty easy. Being able to keep up with our employees at all times is very helpful and saves us time. This is the easiest GPS program we have used so far.Charlie

Easy to use and monitor. Any average construction worker can install and use in order to keep the timeline up to date with truck location information. Notifications directly to phones about any issues.Benjamin

It’s great that we can track our drivers and job sites they are on in real time. Data capturing for reporting purposes and the ability to track how the fleet is functioning overall with analysis of costs and driver habits.Linda
This eases my communication efforts with my customers and team. I use it to finish & double check payroll timecards, it cuts out a lot of guesswork. I can tell exact time when truck cuts off at shop for the day.Carl
It’s great that we can track our drivers and job sites they are on in real time. Fleetmatics Reveal loogbook data capturing for reporting purposes and the ability to track how the fleet is functioning overall with analysis of costs and driver habits.Jim

I’m happy to have the ability to find my drivers in real time. I don't worry about theft anymore. I know that if someone steals my vehicle I will be able to locate it in real time.Allen

Negative Reviews of Fleetmatics Reveal Loogbook

When we first purchased this solution, we were under the impression that it could directly link with T-Sheets payroll system and automatically import drivers' time for payroll. One of the trucks stopped showing anything, but we had it parked for a while and didn't know it till we moved. But they answer quick and send a tech out quick. Maybe a warning saying truck not online anymore would have helped me know about it quicker.Linda

Sometimes it will show a vehicle running when I know it is off. This does not happen often and it really doesn't affect how I use the system.Allen

The fleetmatics reveal app fails to deliver in most areas. It is buggy, we had to reinstall it multiple times. The user interface is not intuitive and you have to wade through multiple layers to perform simple tasks that should be a point and click.Benjamin

It recently underwent an update, and we did a training for the new system about a year before it was actually released. It was a little bit of a messy transition, but once we downloaded the new apps to our phones and got over the hump of getting everyone back on the same page, it's been amazing. The upgraded graphical user interface and new features are great.Gery

Bottom Line

We are very happy with the easy-to-use dashboards and ability to review your progress towards achieving KPI easily. As we all know, the first step to improving your productivity is being able to take stock of what you have and how it's being used. With Fleetmatics Reveal Logbook this is possible.

Better fleet visibility makes it possible to improve asset utilization, allowing you to get more done with fewer resources.


 Please share your review below, so other truckers can have more information, thanks! 

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