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  • Improve Fleet Safety
  • Great online reputation
  • Ensure DVIRs are Completed
  • Help Prevent Common Violations
  • Help keep maintenance up-to-date


  • Although this might not be an issue for many businesses, bear in mind that GPS Insight does not provide short-term or monthly contracts
  • Customers report little challenging with the time zone difference



gps insightGPS Insight is a platform for fleet tracking and management that caters specifically to all fleet sizes. Therefore, it’s one of the best GPS fleet tracking for small businesses.

The solution allows them to significantly enhance their resources and expertise while reducing their operating costs as well as other business-related expenses to a minimal level.

With this solution, fleet managers can track and manage business vehicles as well as other assets in real-time.

Therefore, you’ll be able to provide your drivers with crucial information, such as the best routes to their destinations, ETAs, and much more.

Thus this fleet tracking solution helps fleet managers to keep their drivers on the job and decrease their traveling time.

The GPS insight company has assisted thousands of businesses and organizations to keep their vehicles, vans, and other assets in good condition.

As fuel consumption and travel time are reduced, and maintenance is strictly implemented; therefore, businesses can extend their assets’ service life.

The company has also become a critical factor in reducing vehicle incidents, including speeding, DUI, and automobile accidents.

Service Overview

GPS Insight provides the fleet with complete real-time visibility, such as vehicle location, operation, and historical data, which can all be accessed from any mobile device and pc.

Thus, fleet managers can rapidly detect and track key performance indicators that can have a significant effect on the company.

Since everything is transparent, this GPS solution software enables a user to track speed, idling, unauthorized usage, and more.

As a result, fleet managers can track vehicles from their present location to their estimated time of arrival to their various destinations through the fleet vehicle tracking system.

And also, it enables the fleet manager to be able to contrast and compare work hours with claimed hours.

This tracking solution software assists in scheduling vehicle maintenance. And thus, guarantees that they stay in their best shape whenever they roll out.

With this device, users can achieve considerable savings in fuel, labor, and other operating expenses.

And with the help of its GPS data and analytics, you can extend your vehicle as well as other assets’ lifecycles.

The data provided by this tracking solution will enable fleet managers to restructure their fleet and handle tasks and trips effectively.

Also, the GPS solution is intended to monitor driving habits, and thus making sure your drivers are in the right form anytime they go out in the field.

Thus, GPS Insight helped to reduce and prevent vehicle accidents, speed, and more.

GPS Insight Pricing Plan

GPS Insight provides three packages of services that suit your fleet’s size, the starting price for the GPS Insight ELD is $29.95 per month, per truck (this Includes hardware, software, and installation). As you can see this device does not belong to the fleet GPS tracking no monthly fee category, nevertheless the starting price is affordable.

The packages are:

Enterprise Plan Full Integration Suite and Driver App (add-on ELD) Custom
Standard Plan Only Manager App and Limited Integrations (add-on ELD) $19.95
You can get in touch with GPS Insight for information on its cost and pricing plans, or fill the form below to get a free consultation and quotes:

However, if you subscribe to GPS Insight services, you are likely to be on the hook for quite an extended contract of two or three years.

The pricing plan depends on your needs and varies due to installation and setup charges.

Moreover, there is also no minimum vehicle, so a small company can subscribe without worrying about getting a certain amount of vehicles.

It is also expected that some small companies with small fleets will receive secure plug-and-play devices.

And they will also get a contract arrangement that fits their company’s needs because it was evident that each contract is directly tailored to the requirements of a user.

Therefore, if you’re already considering this GPS tracking solution, chatting with them and getting a sense of what your arrangement would be like is worth it.

GPS Insight pricing on its website is not easily accessible.

However, prices for a similar product on the market have reasonable fees for essential features like dispatch and delivery management.

GPS Insight Plans

Standard plan features
  • Landmarks
  • Free APIs
  • Simple routing
  • Reporting suite
  • Custom map icons
  • Engine diagnostics
  • Maintenance module
  • Single user sign-on
  • Alerts (email & text)
  • Fuel card integration
  • 1-year historical data
  • E-Logs/Hours of Service
  • Ideal for Fleets of 1-25
  • Vehicle & landmark groups
  • Messaging to/from drivers
  • Customer/partner facing maps
  • Mobile app for iOS and Android
  • Mapping with Google Street View
  • Dispatch (Closest to/ETA/Distance)
Pro plan features
  • Data connect & data dump integration
  • PTO monitoring (switches & sensors)
  • Categories & attributes filtering
  • Unlimited historical data
  • Google Earth integration
  • Ideal for Fleets of 26+
  • All Standard features
  • Garmin integration
  • Driver scorecards
  • Custom dashboard
  • Unlimited users
  • Driver ID
Enterprise plan features
  • All-Pro features
  • Custom reporting
  • Custom hierarchies
  • Ideal for Fleets of 501+
  • GIS/Mapping overlays integration

The Software of the Tracking Solution

The company also provides email and telephone support. The GPS insight driver can log in to the GPS insight app and have access to all required tools.

The GPS tracking solution software has an average refresh time of two minutes.

And the software can also support all your criteria for compliance, including FMCSA, ELD, HoS, and DVIR.

GPS Insight also has a Channel on youtube, so without scheduling a demo, you could see how the software works.

However, most of these videos might not be completely up-to-date.

Therefore, if you are interested in having a complete picture of the software, setting up a demo is worthwhile.

Supported Devices

  • iPhone/iPad
  • Web-based
  • Windows
  • Android
  • Linux
  • Mac

Ease of Use

As said earlier, the refresh time of the software is two to three minutes, depending on your preference of plan.

This vehicle tracking system provides the location of your vehicle with breadcrumb trails.

And we found out that Google Earth and Garmin support the company’s GPS software.

However, it doesn’t clear whether GPS Insight offers traffic or weather overlay options in its map view.

Some other companies have this kind of traffic overlay backing for all offers, so chances are very high that GPS Insight also does.

GPS Insight also lets you build geofences and optimize routes. And this helps to make it a full fleet tracker.

Are you looking for a GPS fleet tracking solution?

To allow us to help you, kindly fill our consultation form, and we will help you to achieve your business needs for fleet tracking.

What is Good About GPS Insight

Users who gave a positive response to GPS Insight said it was simple to use.

Most of them also appreciated some functionality, such as the tools for regulating and tracking compliance, work scheduling, and customizable reporting.

The GPS insight tech support system is also commended.

One customer who presented positive feedback to GPS Insight at said his customizable vehicle reports offer better ideas that help in reducing vehicle over-speeding and accidents.

The users also said the user-friendly interface enables them to perform their daily tasks efficiently.

What isn’t right with GPS Insight

Customers who provided a negative evaluation of GPS Insight recommended changes to their maintenance features and mileage tracking. Users complained that it is not tracking the vehicle mileage accurately.

Other customers also complained about the application’s glitches.

Another user likewise revealed that sometimes it seems to have a discrepancy of 2,000 miles, and that affects the monitoring of the vehicle.

Features of GPS Insight tracking Solution

GPS Insight has always been a seamless fleet-based GPS tracking software. Its features typically include mileage tracking, maintenance tracking, dispatch, and routing management.

Here are the detailed features of GPS Insight.

Installation and Hardware

GPS Insight gives you the ability of intuitive hardware and plug-and-play devices.

The device’s port is OBD II, and you could install them on your own or allow GPS Insight support to get the advanced hardware solutions set up for you.

This GPS solution flexible hardware is perfect for fast-growing businesses who would like to switch devices later.

And thus, making it possible for GPS Insight to support a variety of companies.


GPS Insight provides safety capabilities that meet trucking industry expectations.

This fleet tracking solution allows fleet managers to set alerts and manage reports on safe driving habits in real-time.

GPS Insight generally updates the location of the company assets at intervals of 2 minutes every day or less frequently, depending on the preferences of the user.

Fuel usage could also be tracked, and thus ensure that you save some cash with optimized routes and smart fuel practices.

Therefore, you now have a grip on your fleet’s safety when managing vehicle health and tracking maintenance via GPS Insight.

This tracking solution software offers driver scorecards so that driver performance can always be tracked and fleet operators better coached.

Track Fuel Performance

GPS Insight provides a good look at your fleet’s fuel efficiency.

Fleet managers could use fuel cards to better monitor fuel consumption and control spending across their fleet in addition to optimizing vehicle routes for fuel efficiency.

Maintenance and Health Data Monitoring

GPS Insight offers vehicle health data monitoring and suggests preventive maintenance for clients.

And this allows fleet managers and owner-operators to get more out of their vehicles and avoid breakdowns.

The company has advanced tools for monitoring and updating the preventive maintenance needs of the vehicles.

It allows customers to generate maintenance schedules, set reminders, and automate alerts to guarantee that the maintenance demands of each truck are up-to-date.

Timely Alerts

GPS Insight fleet tracking solution provides versatile timely alerts and reports.

You can choose whether to view or schedule reports instantly, thus keeping you and your drivers updated about your fleet regularly.

Fleet managers may also set alerts for unsafe practices such as speeding or harsh braking so that good driving habits can be enforced.

And these timely alerts provide additional information capable of transforming your fleet’s management.

This data, therefore, enables many companies to be better and more effective.

If you have challenges with your current GPS tracking solution or, haven’t begun using one yet, kindly fill our consultation form, and we’ll help you find a suitable fleet tracking solution ideal for your business needs.

GPS Insight has some of the most excellent profiles of any business that we checked with the Better Business Bureau.

Since 2007, GPS Insight has been certified, and the company has an A+ score. And it also has excellent performance on other review websites.

Hour of Service

GPS insight presents one solution for total fleet management.

And backed by industry-leading customer experience, they bring to the table a Cutting-Edge Electronic Logging Device that goes beyond compliance.

The HOS features are:

  • DVIR
  • Messaging
  • Navigation
  • GPS Tracking
  • Electronic Logs (E-logs)
  • Seven days’ data Retention
  • Prompts pre/post-trip inspections
  • Automatically records of driving time
  • Dispatch audible and visual directions
  • Enable management to edit Driver mistakes
  • Allows drivers to obtain ELD records on-demand
  • Combines fleet software and E-Logs in one solution
  • Supports multiple vehicle use by drivers in a single day
  • Advance Messaging interface for Driver and Management
  • DVIR defects and equipment lists are completely customizable
  • Displays required data for authorized safety officials on demand

Add-on for Roadside Assistance

Comes at $3 for each vehicle, the comprehensive roadside assistance reduces downtime of the fleet due to roadside incidents such as dead batteries, no fuel, flat tires, and much more.

GPS Insight roadside assistance add-on will ensure that your vehicles are backed on the road in no time to keep your business achieving success.

The Roadside assistance advantages include:

  • Fuel supply
  • Towing of vehicle
  • Vehicle Winching
  • Make changes on the roadside to start a vehicle
  • Provides help when you want to use your inflated spare to change the flat tire
  • Service also provided when the ignition key is lost or accidentally locked inside the vehicle.
  • FMCSA Compliant
  • Improve Fleet Safety
  • Great online reputation
  • Ensure DVIRs are Completed
  • Help Prevent Common Violations
  • Help keep maintenance up-to-date
  • Helps in making important logistics decisions
  • Eliminate errors associated with manual logs
  • Offer flexible service plan that can meet the needs of all sizes of fleets
  • Although this might not be an issue for many businesses, bear in mind that GPS Insight does not provide short-term or monthly contracts.
  • Some GPS Insight reviews from customers report little challenges with the time zone difference

Our Final Takes on GPS Insight ELD

GPS Insight offers an excellent fleet tracking solution that comes with a flexible interface and also fits any fleet size.

However, to use this fleet tracking solution, you’ll need to enter a two or three-year contract with the company.

The company provides light and heavy-duty vehicle hardware and software solutions, as well as assets and much other non-powered equipment.

And depending on your company’s needs, you can choose plug-and-play equipment or devices that require more complex installation.

The user dashboard of the tracking solution can be fully customized to allow you to manage what you see at a glance.

And it also enables the user to build, right on the dashboard, and in reporting and driver safety information.

GPS Insight tracking software is one of the best solutions with its advanced services, although many may not accept it as the best pick due to long-term contracts.

However, a partnership with GPS Insight is an excellent choice for companies of all sizes, as it can track fleets from a single vehicle to over 500. Thus, we consider it one of the best fleet GPS tracking systems.

The business also has a robust online reputation while several other companies we reviewed have either no Better Business Bureau page or questionable business ratings.

You might want to check other GPS trackers & GPS tracking solutions such as fleet tracker Verizon, LiveViewGPS, or logistimatics GPS tracker. 

best eld devices

We are looking forward to hearing about your experience with GPS Insight, tell us about your experience, and feel free to leave your personal review and score.

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