About Us – Making of ELDDevices.Net

Entering The Trucking Industry

It must have been about 9 years ago when i entered the trucking industry were it all began. I graduated college (mostly because my parents wanted me to). I tried the office job but realized it was not for me. I decided to try out something else. During one of my road trips i stopped at one of those truck stops.

During my stop at the truck stop, i got to talk to a few drivers. They were raving about the kind of money they were making and the places they had seen. I decide to give this a go. Just like in any industry, the first few years were challenging. The trucking industry was no different.

I had to learn how to rush to pick up a load before the broker cut me off and gave it to someone else. In addition, I had to learn how to always be on time no matter what. If you were not on time (your fault or not) you got penalized with a hefty 30% to 50% pay cut.

The Challenges & Birth of EldDevices.Net

Another challenged i faced early on, was the detention times. Every time , you arrived at shipper or receiver you were kept waiting. At times it was 2 hours and at times it was as long as 5 hours .

Despite all of that , trucking and being an owner-operator proved to be lucrative in terms of earnings and life experiences. However, after a while the life on the road began to take a toll on me. If that wasn’t enough , it Dec 2017 the ELD mandate came into effect and that made the life of every owner operator , every trucker and any company driver , a lot more difficult.

I decided to research the matter , I was hoping to find a solution that would help me avoid the eld device mandate. I was not able to find such work around. However, in my research i came across different benefits of different devices.

I decided that it would be a good idea for me to share all that i have learned with other fellow truckers. That is how elddevices.net came to life. My name is Robert , life time trucker and eld devices enthusiast.

I strongly hope that this site would help other fellow truckers. If there is anything we can do to improve our site, feel free to share this with us.