Omnitracs ELD Device Review 2022 – Cost & User Experiences


Omnitracs IVG

$600 + $55 monthly fee

Customer Support


Ease of Use




Suitable for fleets


Features & Technology



  • Offers web browsing and Wi-Fi
  • A 1024 x 600 Touch display
  • Intelligent Voice Interface
  • Bluetooth connectivity Supported
  • Intuitive Message Notification


  • Higher up-front cost than the older MCP50
  • Too expensive for some users
  • Users report that device is slow

Omnitracs. A name that has been a staple in the trucking industry for over three decades. The company began in 1987 when Qualcomm, a tech leader, developed an ELD called OmniTRACS that would go on to set the standard for ELD technology for many years to come.

Fast forward to today and you’ll find an Omnitracs that is more than capable of providing fleets with nearly every need they could have. With more than 15 years of experience in developing ELDs, Omnitracs offers something for everyone from owner-operators to multinational fleet managers.

It’s hard to beat Omnitracs as a complete fleet management package. As a testament to this, they currently have more than 12,000 customers running more than one million rigs in over 70 countries!

In this post we’ll touch on:

What Are Omnitracs?


Omnitracs is one of the world’s best providers of telematics which can support ALL sizes of vehicle fleets. It has robust software tools for simple, intuitive use with a modern interface and is entirely customizable, so no one size fits all solutions here.

Omnitracs provides nearly unlimited, customizable solutions for SaaS fleet management, which the Omnitracs One platform can manage. In turn, Omnitracs One integrates various in-house devices, services, platforms, and information into one platform to help decipher all of your data, allowing you to determine how to dynamically address your needs.

Its customizable software is impressive, and you can start building a dashboard that best fits your business. It has many critical and useful features that make it ideal for various companies. 

It manages every tool that Omnitracs has in its arsenal, including the followings: 

Strategic Planner: Reporting, Predictive Driver Retention Analytics, Integrated Telematics, Proof of Delivery

HOS: Weigh Station Bypass, Driver Workflow, Safety Monitoring, In Cab Document Management

DVIR, ELD’s: Accurate Vehicle and Trailer Inspection Reports, XRS, IVG RDC

Tax Manager: Maximize IFTA and Fuel-tax Deductions

Route Optimization: Drive, GPS, Navigation, Trailer Tracking

Maintenance: Critical Event Reporting & Video, Diagnostics, Cummins Engine Updates, Inspection Reporting

Plus, a truckload of tools/features/services that we don’t mention in this article. Omnitracs is the real deal. They have solutions for fleet management. We are only scratching the surface. Contact Omnitracs directly and have an in-depth discussion about your needs.

Omnitracs Core Features and Services


Trucks in many industries such as foodservice and plumbing will benefit from the route optimization solution, which helps plot the most time-efficient route to please most customers.

With the innovative, flexible routing management software of RDC, fleet managers and owner-operators can quickly and easily schedule the routes for the day.


The trip management software of RDC helps fleet managers to monitor their fleet in real-time, enabling them to make adjustments and course-correct for unexpected changes and also prepare morning routes.

The RDC’s up-to-the-minute tracking benefits fleet managers: this also helps drivers see all their destinations through their preferred mobile device app. Vehicle drivers will also be able to record a message, client information such as signatures for proof of delivery, and other workflow operations.


eld trucking fmcsa

Recording hours of service (HOS) is essential for any advanced fleet management solution, given the decree issued by the US government that all commercial truck drivers in the country must record their HOS through Omnitracs ELD devices.

Omnitracs RDC complies with ELD. And also, driver vehicle inspection reports can be captured by RDC. As a result, drivers can access them from their smartphone or Omnitracs ELD tablet, meaning drivers can pass a roadside inspection with ease.

Other Features are;

  • Exact Fuel Integration
  • Navigation Integration
  • Critical Event Reporting
  • Tire Pressure Monitoring
  • Trailer Tracking Information Alert

What are the Core Features of Omnitracs RDC?

Omnitracs Routing, Dispatching, and Compliance is a big service load that provides the core features necessary to run a fleet. Only one mobile device per driver generates all data into a single back-end dashboard for a fleet manager.

You can also check our post for the best eld devices for owner-operators here. More fully cutting-edge features are in selecting features available in the package. And, in a compact interface, it’s a no-frills FMS. And the company provides more than enough additional features to add extra value to the service. This Omnitracs ELD Device review will show you the advantages and disadvantages of the fleet management solution.

Tactical Routing Management Software

omnitracs eld

Trucks in any business service industry, from plumbing to food service, can significantly benefit. Planning the most time-efficient route can satisfy most customers. With the dynamic, tactical routing management software (RDC), fleet managers can quickly and easily design the day’s courses.

View Fleet in Real-Time with RDC’s Trip Management Software

This helpful location tracking not only helps managers: it also enables drivers to see all the destinations through an app of their choice on their mobile device. Drivers can, however, record customer information as well as signatures for proof of delivery, and other workflow activities and messaging operators.

Omnitracs ELD Device RDC is ELD-compliant

Recording service hours (HOS) is crucial for any modern FMS, given the decree of the U.S. government that all commercial truck drivers in the country must track their hours of service through an electronic logging device. Omnitracs RDC is ELD-compliant.

DVIRs can also be recorded through RDC, and drivers can easily access them through their smartphone or tablet, making sure drivers can easily pass a roadside safety inspection. Lastly, keeping tabs on the IFTA fuel tax is also an RDC cinch that logs traveled distances and receipts of fuel, sorting everything by jurisdiction.

eld options

Enjoy Mobile Management with Omnitracs XRS

This mobile management platform requires each vehicle to have a palm-sized plug-and-play device. Then the XRS app will allow drivers to communicate and fleet operators to remain aware of the movement of their fleet.

Auto-recorded data includes HOS, IFTA, and DVIR, complying with all industry requirements for Omnitracs new ELD users. Advanced features range from fuel monitoring to wheel pressure alerts, but a fleet-specific package through Omnitracs will need to be purchased.

Omnitracs Intelligent Vehicle Gateway (IVG)

Compliance is the focus of the Intelligent Vehicle Gateway (IVG) platform. This device should be wired into a vehicle to get the most reliable results. It can log engine data that would otherwise be impossible to record. It’s a direct connection. The device enables drivers to quickly and efficiently track their compliance and location on the go through its real-time navigation display.

omnitracs eld reviews

Each driver can log in, set an “active” status, and get fully prepared for their daily work. The Intelligent Vehicle Getaway might have been a new product, but it creates state-of-the-art fleet management technology and complies with FMCSA.

This Intelligent Vehicle Getaway will be superior compared to a range of many other brands on the market. Omnitracs offers you full access to many useful features through the integrated Omnitracs ELD app and fleet management system.

The device offers, for example, unique wireless connectivity, hands-free voice commands, and a relatively larger display. Omnitracs provide all the necessary back-office tools to significantly boost your fleet’s efficiency, productivity, and safety. The IVG is intended to provide truck drivers and fleet managers with a unified platform to help deliver safe, efficient, and fast mobile apps.

In this respect, the IVG connects truck assets to the home office and drivers. As a result, you gain access to a range of ELD cool features and some of the industry’s best third-party apps today.

Benefits of the Omnitracs IVG ELD

The Omnitracs IVG ELD device provides you with an innovative, single-mobile service delivery system with an incredible range of core functions and features. The IVG device has many advantages in offering fleet managers and drivers alike, most of which are listed below:

Continues to provide a robust single-platform application platform, so no upgrades will be needed as time goes by.

  • Allows drivers to improve and continue to maintain a good CSA score significantly
  • A tested and proven ELD real solution to help you avoid penalties and fines
  • Uses existing integration hooks, thus requiring low IT investment
  • Lowers service costs and significantly improves fleet efficiency
  • Responsive and easy to reach customer support
  • Removes paperwork in your business
  • Enhances fleet safety and efficacy

Just like with any other company these days, in the trucking business, you need a competitive advantage and an efficient and effective way to contain costs. As you must have already discovered, it could be a challenge to run a profitable and compliant trucking business. You will undoubtedly have a faster and more relaxed time growing and running your trucking business with this product installed in your trucks.

eld electronic logs

Features of Omnitracs IVG

omnitracs eld

It is usually a good idea to go for an electronic logging device that offers the best value for money, whether you are a driver or a fleet manager. You need to regularly check what your preferred product can do to ascertain this.

Some of the critical aspects which help make the IVG a realistic solution for businesses are custom development, superior integration, evaluation, programming, predictive modeling, and business intelligence.

This product offers many more features beyond logging, Omnitracs ELD Device features include:

Vehicle Inspection Reporting

With this feature, it becomes easier for drivers in your fleet to complete full vehicle inspection reports accurately. Also, the ELD allows, at any given time, both the fleet manager and the drivers to gain access to the stored VIR reports.

You will also receive timely notifications with this product on any DVIRs, which may have unresolved defects in your fleet for any vehicle. Such a key feature will streamline your fleet’s defect resolution process, thus enhancing fleet compliance and safety.

Logging Hours of Service (HOS)

Inaccurate HOS logs in your fleet will continue to expose the business to various risks, including breaches of compliance, higher operating costs, reduced operating productivity, and efficiency. You will never experience such problems in your business with the omnitracs IVG installed in your vehicles.

Preventive Maintenance Through Fault Monitoring

Many trucking companies have already faced difficulties getting their vehicles ready for preventive maintenance. Likewise, roadside assistance can also conclusively prove to be an expensive undertaking for your business. The IVG continues to offer a fault monitoring feature with real-time alerts and detailed diagnostic information to help fleet managers reduce maintenance costs.

Best-In-Class Truck Routing Systems

The in-cab navigation system of Omnitracs is famous for its unique, customizable maps. You would also appreciate that a user-friendly user interface is available in the application. In this regard, the IVG provides both verbal and visual directions of the path.

You will then be able to receive real-time speed alerts with this device installed in your truck. This application will also provide you with high-speed apps and regular Omnitracs, ELD updates to ensure it is highly responsive and always up-to-date.

Critical Event Reporting

The IVG features an application for critical event reporting to alert you of your driver’s unsafe driving habits. The app will track and inform you of major critical events such as hard braking, turns, and acceleration by any of your fleet’s drivers.

With this application, you can quickly identify the dangerous habit of your vehicle drivers and take the appropriate action. And this, in turn, will help improve your business ‘ safety and efficiency.

The application makes you much more favorable for insurance providers by continuing to improve the CSA score. As such, insurance companies will be able to give you more affordable insurance premiums.

Drivewyze’s Weigh Station Bypass integrated IVG

omnitracs eld reviews

The Drivewyze ® PreClear weigh station bypass system offered by Omnitracs IVG appears to support more than 700 sites in the U.S. and Canada, as such, your truck would have the chance to bypass more weighing stations than they would with any other weight bypass solution on the market.

This real solution enables your drivers to bypass up to 98 percent of all the country’s weight stations. And this has a significant advantage to offer your business, Omnitracs ELD Device review, including:

  • Works for both mobile inspection sites and fixed scales
  • Improved recruitment and retention of drivers
  • Offers Business Intelligence reports
  • Allows for faster load delivery
  • Mitigate weigh station hassles
  • Improves vehicle safety
  • Saves money and time

Omnitracs ELD Media Manager

The Omnitracs ELD provider’s media manager is a creative and innovative measure to help fleet managers provide their drivers remotely with relevant information such as video, audio, and PDF files. You’ll find this to be one of your fleet’s cost-effective ways of communicating with drivers.

Omnitracs ELD Intelligent Gateway

You will also love its truck Tracking software and the other attractive features of the Omnitracs IVG solution discussed above. While the GPS’s unique feature will always tell you where the vehicle is, there are many different sensors in the product as well.

These sensors help you know if or when the trailer doors are opened or closed and allow you to know at any time about the absence or presence of cargo in the vehicle. You can significantly improve customer satisfaction in your business if you have this software at your disposal.

You can significantly improve customer satisfaction in your business if you have this software at your disposal.

Over the years, this device has proven to provide fleet managers with a variety of benefits, including:

  • Omnitracs Driver Workflow integration
  • Excellent real-time asset visibility
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction
  • Exceptional ease of use
  • Enhanced cargo safety
  • Improved production
  • IVG platform Driver Workflow

The Driver workflow is designed for integration with dispatch systems on the IVG platform. This full integration enables a driver-dispatcher communication system to be automated and streamlined.

With the help of this application, any driver in your fleet can now be sent the right data in real-time. Such a practical solution has been shown to strengthen driver-dispatcher relationships as well as fleet efficiency.

Installation Guidelines Omnitracs IVG

Here are the Omnitracs ELD installation guidelines:

  1. Activate the IVG online for at least one day before installation
  2. Install the I/O power cable and then check the IVG display
  3. With the truck’s ignition off, gently remove and push back the truck diagnostic connector; then, check the connector to make sure that it has no debris and no bent pins are present.
  4. Connect the power I/O cable mating connector to the diagnostic connector of the truck and verify that the outer ring twists and clicks in place so that the ends are not mistakenly disconnected.
  5. Place the unused power I/O cable end in the dash panel where the diagnostic connector of the truck is located.
  6. Route the power cable to the location of the IVG display.
  7. Remove the Torx 10 screws from the back of the IVG display panel and connect the power cable to the IVG display.
  8. Make sure the cable latches are solid with the connector’s ridge side facing outward.
  9. Replace the door panel and use tie-wraps to secure any excess cable
  10. Run system verification

Users Reviews

user reviews

Omnitracs scores A on Better Business Bureau site, although it is not an accredited company. The business had very few negative comments on its page when writing this review, which is impressive.

Some users give a favorable review of the company comment that the company makes it easy to edit logs if a mistake is made. Others also like its three core features of fleet tracking, electronic logging, and route planning, making it more reliable and useful for managing their business. They also praise the ease of use of the Reporting Mobile view. However, users that gave negative Omnitracs ELD reviews on Capterra complain about the Maps out of date Learning curve to get the best out of the software.

One User also said that the User interface is not intuitive, which makes things hard for him to get used to the software. Even though there are some excellent reviews of Omnitracs, we have not seen any reviews of the company on major online review sites.


  • Offers terrestrial web browsing and Wi-Fi
  • A 1024 x 600 Touch display
  • Intelligent Voice Interface
  • Bluetooth connectivity Supported
  • Intuitive Message Notification
  • Easy to install and operate
  • Industry-grade processor
  • Improves your CSA score
  • New tech features like voice commands and smartphone pairing
  • Lower overall cost than the Omnitracs MCP


The company requires at least five vehicles for services, which is not an issue for large businesses but actually prevents many small businesses from using the service.

  • Higher up-front cost than the older MCP50
  • Too expensive for some users

For a consultation, fill out the form below to get in touch with us and we’ll help you find the right ELD devices that fit your needs.

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Omnitracs ELD Device Review: Contracts & Pricing

The length and Omnitracs ELD cost of the contract will probably vary depending on the needs of your business. Omnitracs Plans vary based on your preferred Omnitracs platform (RDC, XRS, or IVG) and which advanced features you need for your fleet.

If you want to buy Omnitracs ELD the most effective way of finding a price is to request a custom quote by getting in touch with the company directly or using our one-minute consultation form. According to the company Application Bundles and DataPlans Brochure EOBR Plan, the Omnitracs ELD pricing plan is as follows.


The EOBR plan starts from $24/month, and it is suitable for Carriers and owner-operators, whose primary objective is on compliance with the ELD Mandate. In addition to having an Omnitracs ELD system that complies with FMCSA, you will also get access to the XRS host website to track driver hours, and view GPS tracking.

Compliance Plan

This plan starts from $27 a month and comes with the inclusion of DVIRs and a smart form (POD functionality). The compliance plan includes the very same features as the EOBR plan.

Performance Plan

In compliance with the hours of service is not a necessity for your fleet. The Performance Plan could be suitable for your business needs. This plan starts from $27/month and gives you access to the driver messaging, GPS tracking, and performance reporting on the XRS host website! Performance reports measure driver behavior and metrics of critical events.

Premium Plan

The premium package is for fleet carriers that are thinking about taking full advantage of the Omnitracs XRS system! This package starts from $35 a month, and it includes all the features of the above three plans.

The premium plan also comes with trip management. It, therefore, enables fleet managers to assign routes and stops to their drivers. Also, it provides distance reports to allow IFTA to process automation.

You can ask the company if a trial period or money-back guarantee is offered. The company requires its customers to have at least five vehicles to meet the criteria for service, which is one of the considerably higher minimums we’ve come across.

The Omnitracs software solution has a refreshing time of six seconds, one of the quickest software we’ve been reviewing. It can also support all your requirements for compliance, including DVIR, HoS, IFTA, and ELDs.

Omnitracs ELD Customer Support

The Omnitracs software allows you to manage fuel consumption, driver safety, and route optimization. Its key features, are mainly equivalent to regulatory standards and are topped off with robust customer support and super-high usability of the software.

The company offers easy setup and no installation fees for their plug-and-play devices. Omnitracs ELD customer service support avenues include support via live chat, telephone, and email.


The 30-year legacy of Omnitracs ‘ high-quality FMS and fleet tracking solutions is still leading the pack, and their ELDs satisfy the mandate requirements on their own. But the Omnitracs One fleet management system and the entire family services that Omnitracs offers are TOP NOTCH and should be considered for the ultimate fleet management experience.

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About the author

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Robert Rigman

Former independent OTR trucker that left the road to dedicate his time to research new technology for the transport industry. When the ELD Mandate was approved many questions and daily challenges came up and there was no answer to them. was born from the combination of my passion for trucking and my affinity for research and writing.

7 Responses

  1. Customer Support


    Ease of Use




    Suitable for fleets


    Features & Technology


    Omnitracs is HORRIBLE!!! Updates all the time and then the updates need updates because they have issues.
    The split sleeper will cause you to be in violation because it allows you to use it when you take two periods off-duty and never
    show using the sleeper. It won’t show a violation on your log but when an officer or auditor checks it you will be in violation.
    Customer service is almost non-existent.
    It is not real-time and causes headaches for dispatch. Most of the time it is off by hours not just minutes.
    Would not recommend it to anyone!
    If you are looking for a great product, try Samsara!!! It is awesome!!!

  2. Terrible customer service, and terrible product. Absolutely no follow up. Absolutely no knowledge of customer service. I wouldn’t recommend this to my worst enemy, it’s that bad.

  3. Must have 5 vehicles???.. ok.. then which eld is approved for o/o’s with only 1 truck?.. that is AGAIN.. FMSCA APPROVED????…

    1. Hi Ronald,
      yes, inconveniently, Omnitracs have those requirements. However, many other ELD brands do not have a minimum of vehicles as a requirement. Check our page:
      there you can find more information about other brands. Maybe Keep Truckin or BridgeHaul would be better for you. But it depends on your needs. If you need some help to decide and want to get some quotes, you might want to fill the questionnaire here:
      Please let me know if you have any questions.

  4. Customer Support


    Ease of Use




    Suitable for fleets


    Features & Technology


    I wouldnt have omnitracs if i was buying it…not after the crap ive gone thru since i got one.
    Long amount of time off it goes thru a cycle of shutting down and sometimes it does it going down the road.
    Today it flat kicked me off twice and hasnt worked since 930am….its now310 pm…still not working.
    Im trying to get my company too give up omnitracs for the Rand Mcnally eld. Never had a problem with it…soft keys..gps included without crashing the system like omnitracs does.

    1. Hi Jeff, thanks for sharing your experience and your review with us. You can also leave your review of Rand McNally if you wish. Have you considered any other brand a part of Rand McNally and Omnitracs? There are many ELDs in the market right now… you can find further information in our page: best ELD devices.

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