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(Last Updated On: February 28, 2024)

US Fleet TrackingUS Fleet Tracking llc (USFT), based in Oklahoma City is a service provider of live vehicle tracking systems. The company was originally established in 2005.

The US fleet tracking owner and Chief Executive Officer of the company, Jerry Hunter, has been guiding this successful business through many years of almost continuous growth.

The company product portfolio encompasses the first system for real-time GPS tracking, vehicle location systems, as well as asset and vehicle tracking.

The granular monitoring of the company is designed to track vehicles in real-time with a few models at one-second intervals.  Thus a justifiable pride points and increase US fleet tracking revenue.

The products of USFT are reasonably priced, with a strong focus on ease of use. Also, the product appears to have significantly helped contribute to the manufacturer’s success among those seeking fleet monitoring.

The USFT product has eased logistical problems in every Super Bowl since the 2010 Summer Olympic Games, the Oklahoma City Memorial, and the 2012 Republican National Convention.

Overview of the Service

Before we continue with the US fleet tracking detailed analysis, first, let’s run through the overview of the company services.

US Fleet Tracking has become one of the fastest-growing GPS providers with services that are being used around the world in more than 150 developed nations.

US fleet tracking mobile app provides a variety of live GPS systems for tracking, dispatch, and several other applications. The devices can even be self-sufficient, or they can function together with some Garmin GPS systems.

These would either be powered by battery or hard-wired into the engine, with a couple of models having additional us fleet tracking extended battery backup; however, this is based entirely on the device size.

The business also provides accessories and peripherals such as the following;

  • wall chargers
  • interface cables
  • wiring harnesses
  • USF replacement antennas
  • USB cigarette lighter adapters etc.

Main Features

  • Every product model can send the driver email and text notifications.
  • And in addition to routing updates, all units can send alerts for speed, dangerous driving behavior, and geofencing warnings.
  • Many units will, therefore, send idling notifications and include a panic feature.
  • All their product features also include a Group Vehicle Feature, one-way messaging, map search, unlimited address markers, 90-day history playback, live traffic and weather overlays, multiple map views, as well as full reporting capability.
  • Many models incorporate portability, maintenance and repair modules, dispatch, integration with ERP, and battery backups to this already robust feature set.
  • The US fleet tracking cost varies from $149 for the OBD-V4 GPS Tracker entry-level to $299 for the PT-V4 Pro portable, which is battery-backup capable.
  • The live 5 – and 10 – second vehicle tracking solution ensures that you will never make any mistakes.
  • And this comes with live fleet updates every 5 or 10 seconds based on the subscription package you have chosen.

What’s excluded?

In this incredibly broad market, US Fleet Tracking is one of the world’s oldest companies. GPS trackers are not the same as fleet management solutions: limited models are offered. However, the products of U.S. Fleet Tracking do not include inspection, parts, or tire management features. Some fleet maintenance features are absent.

Moreover, many of the most common FMS features, such as scheduling and dispatch, and also fuel management, are allowed by the GPS trackers. U.S. Fleet Tracking is likely to find a matchup for fleets in need of a simple and straightforward fleet tracking solution.

Alternatively, fleets that need a much more robust FMS can turn to us by filling out our free consultation form for custom quotes from FMS industry leaders.

Although, US Fleet Tracking continues to offer a collection of nine different trackers apart from other accessories. However, this range of devices offers a wide range of core functions described in the next section of this post.

Simple and comprehensive Tracking Solution

us fleet trackingUS Fleet Tracking is a GPS services provider instead of a full-fledged FMS. However, using their products for your fleet will yield almost all the same benefits.

The company makes and sells a range of live GPS systems for trucks used everywhere, such as contracting and constructing fleets, law enforcement, heavy equipment, and small business owners such as welding, and landscaping.

The company sells both device-tracking hardware and a paid subscription service plan allowing the hardware to be used by fleets.

The GPS tracking solution supports a fleet of any size: small, medium, and large. And also, the prices are on average for the FMS industry. Service coverage covers more than 150 nations around the United States, the Middle East, Australia, Canada, Europe, and Africa.

Core Features

GPS  Location Transmissions

Sending a Wireless GPS signal is perhaps the absolute minimum, which every GPS tracker needs to do to identify the location; however, the functionality is important to mention.

Even though the location signals are so constant, however, through this solution, fleet managers may create a full record of the movements of a vehicle at all times. And not just seeing where it is at a few moments throughout a working day.

Customer Service Excellence  Historical Playback

The historical playback feature, which is available on all devices of the company, enables fleet managers to track their vehicles ‘ positions for up to 90 days from the date they were recorded

If there is a personnel concern, fleet managers can collect the precise history record to confirm a claim.

Up-to-the-minute data provides enormous benefits; however, it can be quite helpful to be able to pull it back up three months later.

  Fleet Manager-to-Driver Communications

The devices significantly help driver-to-fleet manager interactions, as the position updates allow a fleet manager to recognize the location of a driver without asking.

The US fleet tracking mobile also enables the fleet manager to send one-way messages to the driver to fill in on their progress.

alerts  Driving Alerts

Also, this fleet tracking solution can deliver email or text alerts once the vehicle reaches a set speed.

Fleet managers, equipped with this US fleet tracking app, can monitor and fix harsh driving incidents as they actually take place rather than after the event.

Some other driving alerts cover long periods of idling and notification of ignition.

  Alerts for Geofencing and Routing

Likewise, if a truck makes a wrong turn much further than its assigned route or outside a designated area. Instantly, the hardware will track geographic parameters, triggering a text or email alert.

Electronic logging devices

Compliance with the ELD Mandate

Not all GPS tracking technologies comply with the mandate from the ELD law, so don’t assume this to be a key feature. In fact, this device is not on the FMCSA official list.

US fleet tracking device, however, provides two tools specifically intended to comply with the ELD requirements of the government:

The OBD-J9, which effortlessly plugs into commercial trucks, as well as the ECM-Link ELD Unit, a unit intended for fleets that already have a tracking system that only needs to include compliance with ELDs.

GPS Tracker OBD-V3

Army Truck GPS

The capabilities of the OBD-V4 GPS Tracker include geofencing and speed warnings.

The device also has a fuel monitoring functionality that helps fleet managers to understand how many fuel percentage points are left in the tank of a truck.

Fuel monitoring is one of several fleets’ main money-saving strategies, making this tracker an excellent choice.

However, setup through a standard OBD-II port takes a couple of seconds, and the OBD-V4 is the cheapest available US Fleet Tracking hardware device at its lower price of $149.99.

Fuel Card

fuelman card

The fuel card of ExxonMobil Fleet Affinity is configured into the US fleet tracking software system. They are thus allowing you to have the ability to monitor when and where your fleet vehicles are using the fuel card.

Consequently, reduce the fuel charges associated with non-business if the location and timing of fueling do not match. Run the report, and then you get to your disposal all of the fueling locations.

Benefits of the US Fleet Tracking Fuel Card include:

  • Request for filing and billing tax-exempt
  • Use on-site driver ID verification to improve safety
  • Reduction of monthly fuel use with the capabilities of automatic pump shut-off
  • set payment limits, update information about your vehicle and driver, pay your invoice, and much more
  • In case a last-minute transaction is required, it helps to avoid late charges with pay-by-phone services
  • Track the driving and spending patterns of the driver with downloadable reports which may cost you money
  • Potentially lower excessive spending by establishing purchasing restrictions and the ability to track all driver places, transactions, and efficiencies of vehicles

Installation and Customer Support

US fleet tracking customer service provides full technical help for its services in addition to its extensive distribution network.

  • Fleet managers can easily set up the GPS Tracking devices by attaching them to a regular OBD-II port or using a couple of screws or zip-ties to mount them.
  • You may also need to connect a wire to the source of the ignition of your truck to allow updates for the in-motion engine activity of your vehicle.
  • The company has opted for far more online documentation and helpful video guides for their users via their preferred product installation.
  • Fleet administrators who experience an installation problem can visit US fleet and press the “Support” button in the top menu bar for us fleet tracking instructions tour via the support and training options.
  • The company provides live service support in the U.S. and extends to product guides, live and archived video training as well as a web-based FAQ portal.
  • Users can also get in touch via US fleet tracking contact on their website. And Support is also available via the US fleet tracking phone number.

WaterTrac data Integration

us fleet tracking appThe GS tracking company can point to many exemplars of its commodity simplifying business operations by eliminating burdensome paperwork while maintaining compliance with regulations.

One instance was the company’s work with WaterTrac, an oil industry regulatory reporting company.

US Fleet Tracking’s live monitoring system for vehicles is implemented with proprietary WaterTrac data reducing enforcement paperwork by approximately 40 to 50 hours per well site.

Less spending time on paperwork means more time spent serving customers.

US Fleet Tracking pricing and Plans

Potential customers ought to be mindful that not every device can accept all the supported plans. It should also be noted that all plans follow the same monthly pricing structure on all devices without any contracts involved.

US Fleet Tracking charges a fixed sum per tracker per month for its service. The base package provides ten-second updates and also costs $29.95 per month per tracker, even though the 5-second update version is $39.95.

Regarding the monthly subscription plan, fleets would have to obtain the trackers’ devices themselves, which could be costly: the inexpensive unit – the OBD-V4 GPS Tracker, is now being sold at $149, and the most pricey – us fleet tracking pt-v4 Pro GPS Tracker, cost $299.

Costs for the battery-powered versions of these trackers are going to run you $10 a month per tracker. These are reasonable prices considering the robust features of US Fleet Tracking devices.

Check the details!

  • However, fleet managers should be careful not to purchase a system with far more features or quicker updates than they would like.
  • The company bills on a monthly basis, and this comes without a year-long contract fee. And On request, free demos are also readily accessible.
  • Ensure that the products you would like to buy are going to continue to support your business’s future advancement, as not all devices can do this.
  • Therefore, through our online consultation form, you can quickly get in touch with us if you need help in deciding which GPS Fleet tracking solution is suitable for your business need.

User Experiences

  • user reviewsU.S. Fleet Tracking is a reputable company and they’ve been in business since 2005. And the company received an A+ rating from Better Business Bureau.
  • The user who gave the company a positive rating on AppGrooves commends the ease of use of the ELD Hours of Service function of the product.
  • Another user on the Google play store praised the Driver Vehicle Inspection Report (DVIR) features, which make it simple to become compliant.
  • So far, the company has no negative user feedback on many reputable online comparison sites. However, there are few positive highlights of the services and products of the company available online.
  • Moreover, the company’s GPS tracking solution does lack some fleet maintenance features such as parts and tire management features, etc.
  • Smart real-time update rate
  • User-friendly interface
  • Helpful support staff
  • Maintenance Management
  • Pricey

US Fleet Tracking FAQs

What is US Fleet Tracking?
US Fleet Tracking is a leading provider of live GPS tracking solutions, specializing in real-time vehicle and asset tracking systems designed to enhance operational efficiency and ensure security for businesses of all sizes.

How does US Fleet Tracking’s GPS system work?
US Fleet Tracking’s GPS system uses satellite technology to provide real-time location data and tracking information for vehicles and assets. This enables businesses to monitor their fleet’s movements, behavior, and status through a web-based interface or mobile application.

What industries can benefit from US Fleet Tracking services?
US Fleet Tracking serves a wide range of industries, including transportation and logistics, construction, law enforcement, rental car agencies, and any business that requires fleet management and asset tracking for operational efficiency and security.

Can US Fleet Tracking help reduce operational costs?
Yes, US Fleet Tracking can significantly reduce operational costs by optimizing routes, reducing idle times, preventing unauthorized use, and enhancing fuel efficiency. These improvements can lead to substantial savings for businesses.

Is US Fleet Tracking’s system easy to install and use?
Yes, US Fleet Tracking offers easy-to-install devices and a user-friendly platform that does not require extensive technical knowledge. Customers can start tracking their assets quickly with minimal setup time.

Does US Fleet Tracking offer real-time tracking?
Yes, one of the key features of US Fleet Tracking’s service is its ability to provide real-time tracking information, allowing businesses to make immediate decisions based on the most current data available.

Can US Fleet Tracking improve vehicle and driver safety?
Absolutely. US Fleet Tracking’s system includes features like speed alerts, geofencing, and detailed reporting, which can help improve driver behavior, reduce accidents, and ensure compliance with safety regulations.

What kind of customer support does US Fleet Tracking offer?
US Fleet Tracking provides comprehensive customer support, including phone support, email, and a knowledge base. They are committed to ensuring that their clients receive the assistance they need to effectively use their tracking system.


US Fleet Tracking is proud of an innovative tradition that is not weighed down by contractual obligations.

As a result, it enables their customers to realign their efforts on other mission-critical aspects of their business. And thus, transforming a small short-term investment into substantial long-term savings.

To accommodate many other fleet operators, US Fleet Tracking has enough products and subscription levels. Some products also include handy benefits, specifically fuel tracking.

Fleets are well-supported due to the strong-quality online technical manuals and training videos from the agency. The product and services plan Prices are not the cheapest, and they’re not unreasonably high, making an excellent all-around choice for US Fleet Tracking.

The product is a match-up for fleets in need of a simple and straightforward fleet-tracking solution. We all understand that one size does not fit all. If that is the case, kindly fill out our consultation form and see where we can assist you.

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About the author

Picture of Robert Rigman

Robert Rigman

Former independent OTR trucker that left the road to dedicate his time to research new technology for the transport industry. When the ELD Mandate was approved many questions and daily challenges came up and there was no answer to them. was born from the combination of my passion for trucking and my affinity for research and writing.

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