Real Time GPS Fleet Tracking – which are the best systems?

(Last Updated On: May 27, 2022)

real time gps fleet tracking

As we all know, using real-time GPS fleet tracking – which is the best software/system is very important.

If you want to monitor fleet vehicles and the company drivers’ driving actions, a Real-Time GPS fleet tracking system and software are required.

A fleet tracking solution is a fleet management software that tracks the operation of fleet company assets such as trucks, facilities, and workers using GPS.

Fleet tracking solution systems are the leading technologies used in commercial operations.

To pick the best Real-Time GPS tracking solutions in 2021 for your fleet, we’ve reviewed top providers.

You can now view our top services for GPS fleets tracking below, but first, you may check out our top pick fleet tracking system.

GPS tracking systems (telematics) help trucking businesses to know in real-time where their products and equipment are.

And also, these systems provide essential information such as driver and vehicle performance and fleet data.

Therefore, a GPS tracking solution can help minimize fleet companies’ costs, manage vehicle repairs, track mobile employees, and ensure safety and enforcement for drivers.

What Are the Benefits of Monitoring Software for GPS Fleets?

GPS fleet tracking solutions have some benefits, such as increased driver safety, equipment maintenance, and fuel consumption management.

It helps companies improve fleet efficiency and save resources by analyzing the vehicle driver’s performance, route trends, and fuel usage.

Are There Any Drawbacks of GPS Fleet Tracking Solution?

GPS fleet monitoring tools have two possible drawbacks: low workers’ morale and high upfront costs.

The company’s employees could become uncomfortable with the tracking system and perceive it as a lack of confidence/trust. Therefore, it is recommended to be upfront with the employees on how and why you track them. As a result, this will enable them to focus on the software’s advantages.

Technology for GPS fleet management can sometimes be pricey, which might be a drawback for some small businesses.

However, the long-term advantages of route optimization and cutting fuel consumption often ultimately outweigh the software’s initial upfront cost.

What are The Features to Look for In GPS Fleet Tracking Solution?

Although, certain features depend on the unique needs of the fleet company.

However, standard GPS fleet management tracking solutions should include driver and vehicle safety, tracking, navigation and communication options, integration of fuel cards, dashboards with trendy vital metrics, and ongoing customer service.

What Are the Costs of GPS Fleet Tracking Software?

It depends on many important factors; the overall cost of your GPS fleet monitoring service might vary. Precisely, the type of hardware you need, how many devices you required, and what functionality your fleet business required.

For each hardware unit, costs usually include an initial charge and then a recurring subscription fee for the monitoring service features.

Pricing starts at about $100 for device hardware and $15 to $25 for subscription services.

However, some plans require you to rent the equipment and apply the expense to your subscription charge.

The sales contract varies from 12 to 36 months on average. Just a few firms offer monthly packages. And this allows customers to cancel at any time.

When you only need GPS fleet monitoring for a limited time, this flexibility would be something to consider.

Few companies often offer free trials or money-back guarantees, encouraging companies to test the risk-free monitoring scheme.

Real-Time Gps Fleet Tracking – Which Are the Best Softwares/Systems?

First, you need to review and evaluate hundreds of GPS fleet tracking solutions to help you identify the best GPS fleet monitoring services.

Then, compile the best GPS fleet tracking services selections that you’ve found.

#1 Search for the Best GPS Fleet Tracking Service

Your assessment process includes placing yourself in a small business owner’s perspective and generates details that will be readily accessible to prospective business clients.

Do your due diligence by visiting business portals, contacting sales representatives, and considering clients’ public feedback.

#2 Find the Best Service

You need to start by evaluating, for example, over 30 fleet management solution providers to identify the best GPS fleet monitoring services.

After that, you’ll focus on prominent market players, consider personal review requests, research credible review platforms, and check for GPS fleet monitoring agencies, that we reviewed this list. Through evaluating the service, including the company’s credibility.

Consider how long the company has been in operation, the scope of monitoring functionality of the solution provided. And also, consider if the service was aimed at all fleet sizes or just for small businesses.

#3 Research Each Service

In the next round of action, analyze the monitoring and safety capabilities of the service.

Also, look at the dashboard user interface, the price and contract structure, or whether the company had recently offered a trial.

#4 Choose the Right One for Your Fleet

Depending on the best feature in each company, look for the best picks from the list.

And also dived further into different areas of operation, such as:

  • Maintenance charges and configuration
  • Minimum vehicle specifications
  • Refresh time of software
  • Accessibility of software
  • Contract length

#5 Customer Service

You need to performed sales calls and product presentations after deciding the final best choices.

Review the cancellation procedures, support options, and overall customer experience of the finalists.

Analyzed video explanations of the solution you find online if the company did not provide demos.


For organizations of all types, Azuga Fleet is a cloud-based fleet software application.

It has different fields, including shipping, pest control, commercial safety, specialist contractors, construction, leasing of equipment, manufacturing, and much more.


Fleet monitoring, electronic records, maintenance control, equipment tracking, roadside assistance, safety management, and reporting are key functions.

Within a suite, Azuga Fleet provides management telematics, insurance telematics, as well as data science modules.

Governance telematics offers features for road-use charges, toll collections, and emissions.

The insurance telematics module provides price and cost assessment, premium monitoring, and order management for commercial vehicles.

The data science module provides users with data analytics to understand different trends, such as battery performance, driver behavior, fleet maintenance, etc.

Azuga Fleet is available at the price of a monthly subscription. Windows, Mac, and Linux are compliant with the System.

Mobile apps for Android and iOS are also available. Support is accessible via email and telephone.

Teletrac Navman

teletrac navmanNavman offers comprehensive fleet monitoring services for small and medium-sized businesses.

Overall, in areas such as software accessibility, safety functionality, monitoring options, and overall ease of use, it provides excellent services.

You can watch the actions of drivers, increase fuel economy and optimize routes.

Some support advantages, such as free delivery of electronics, are also included in the enterprise.


Part of what distinguishes Teletrac Navman from its rivals is its scalability.

Its low minimum requirements for vehicles ensure that it works with fleets of all sizes.

The company offers 36-month business contracts and ensures compliance with ELDs, IFTA, and DVIR.

Also, their software interface is one of the best we have tested;

The interface is useful to inform small businesses of traffic and poor weather; it has an intuitive interface and information overlays.

In November 2020, Teletrac Navman launched the Electric Vehicle Readiness Tool to support organizations’ transition to electronic fleets.

The tool combines with the integrated suite of fleet management and monitoring platforms.

The System analyzes telematics data and provides suggestions on how to implement electric vehicles into your fleet cost-effectively.

It also provides valuable fleet data such as cost analyses etc.


Quartix provides a broader array of scheduled reports as well as real-time updates.

In order to save money and boost performance, more data and detail about your fleet lets you build more proactive strategies through this solution.

For instance, to assist you with fuel efficiency, Quartix offers mileage and gas reports, speeding and safety report, as well as route mapping.

For real-time analytics, on the device dashboard, you can display live report information.

Quartix says that each month, it adds more than 150 new fleet customers, with over 350,000 support facilities done so far.

For professional fleet reporting, it’s an effective solution; however, there are many more factors that also make this service a decent match for business owners:

Quartix explicitly publishes on its website its price and plan.

And through live chat, you can also communicate with sales representatives. And thus, a perfect feature for a small fleet company looking for a GPS fleet monitoring solution.

Quartix can also give you a demo so that you could have hands-on time with the solution.

Verizon Connect

verizon fleet managementVerizon Connect thrives by offering highly flexible service.

Verizon phased out three big GPS fleet tracking firms (Telogis, Fleetmatics, and Verizon Network fleet) under one service package.

And this helps the company in delivering numerous fleet tracking solutions to businesses everywhere.

Verizon provides international telematics systems and good GPS technologies back the software.

When midsize fleets are bigger and require more features and functions than a small business fleet;

Verizon Connect offers the tools available to fleet operators to control all aspects of their fleet.

More trucks mean more drivers, which means more information pouring through a dispatcher.

The company has become one of the world’s leading telecom providers, so the offerings are supported by a big corporation’s credibility.

It also means you will be able to set up packages that are perfect for your company.

Verizon Pricing

Verizon Connect does not publish its prices online, like many businesses we have tested in this field.

Although it most likely seems to have its simple service contracts, more wiggle room is also likely to provide the specific resources you need for your business.

Adding to Verizon Connect networks’ scope, this functionality makes it suitable for organizations with medium-sized fleets.

In August 2020, Verizon Connect introduced Integrated Video for Fleet;

And this is an evolution of its Integrated Video for Reveal service to helping businesses reduce risk and optimize driver safety.

This module implements AI and machine-learning to record driving incidents and video reviews in near real-time.

It is extremely useful for medium-sized fleets to track and defend their larger fleets.

Motive (formerly KeepTruckin)

keep trucking eld motiveMotive (formerly KeepTruckin) is a real time GPS fleet tracking – which is the best software/system.

For GPS fleet management systems, operational efficiency, safety, and compliance are the key features.

Over 55,000 fleets of all sizes, from field services to trucking, use Motive (formerly KeepTruckin) fleet management due to these key features.


You can: Track drivers, trucks, and all company assets as well as devices from a single dashboard with Motive (formerly KeepTruckin) GPS tracking solution.

The System streamlines the coordination and dispatch of drivers using two-way signaling and workflow.

Ease compliance with ELD, IFTA, and DVIR.

The System uses actionable performance measures to reduce fuel use, maintenance expenses, and more.

It also helps to Safeguard the fleet with unsafe driving warnings and built-in dashcams that are adjustable.

You can also Link pre-built integrations and 4G LTE WiFi to your fleet.

The new way to effectively manage a mobile workforce and run a more efficient, safe, smart, and reliable organization is Motive (formerly KeepTruckin).

Motive (formerly KeepTruckin) provides vehicle and asset monitoring as well as an electronic logging system (ELD) solution.

Location GPS Tracking

Motive (formerly KeepTruckin) allows a fleet of all sizes to optimize fleet operation through GPS tracking and geofencing.

The system updates every 1-30 seconds, and as a result, you always know the trucks’ location.

GPS tracking is included with the standard $20 a month Starter subscription.

And This starter plan provides real-time truck monitoring and geo-fenced region notifications.

The software also records information on vehicle uses, use of fuel, idle time, location, and much more.

The Motive (formerly KeepTruckin) ELD device tracks trucks.

And To facilitate best practices in fleet management, the system provides e-logs for trailer type and vehicle data.

Whenever the vehicle is going at more than 5 miles per hour, the truck logs as ‘underway.’

And the Stationary and off-time are logged by Motive (formerly KeepTruckin) depending on vehicle speed and location.

Every 1-30 seconds, the ELD captures GPS data when the vehicle is moving.

In offline mode, when the system connects to WIFI, data is uploaded. All these details will be uploaded to the Motive (formerly KeepTruckin) Dashboard.

As a result, the system provides useful data on fleet maintenance, ETA, actual vehicle location, idle time, mpg, distance, and track health.

Dispatch and Workflow

Facilitates better fleet management, Motive (formerly KeepTruckin) implements automatic driver workflows.

Motive (formerly KeepTruckin) auto-selects trucks using HOS data, location, type of trailer, availability of vehicles, or suitability.

The software provides the driver with real-time dispatch detail.

And this information contains descriptions of freight, address, pick-up windows, etc.

Conclusion – What to Consider for the year 2021?

This year (2021), we foresee artificial intelligence beginning its convergence with GPS fleet monitoring tools, just like many other tracking systems.

One important thing we hope to see would be technological advances like virtual reality.

An immersive perception of the real-world situation will quickly join the fleet tracking field, with computer-generated sensory input such as video or haptic feedback.

As a result, using windshields as screen displays for traffic warnings or mapping fleet routes may become a possibility in the coming years.

Also, we do expect software for GPS fleet monitoring to become much more affordable in 2021.

In the transport industry, GPS technology is standard and becomes less costly, opening up its usage to organizations of all sizes.

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    With computer-generated sensory input such as video or haptic feedback, an immersive perception of the real-world scenario will swiftly join the fleet tracking field. As a result, in the next years, deploying windshields as screen displays for traffic alerts or charting fleet routes could become a reality. GPS technology is now ubiquitous in the transportation industry and is becoming less expensive, making it accessible to businesses of all sizes.

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