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The Canadian Trucking Alliance (CTA) (source) expects the Canada ELD mandate for electronic logging devices (ELD) to be finished and published this summer 2019. The new rules will be published along with a timeline and requirements. The trucking alliance has been working closely with ELD companies on the technicalities.  And as reported by vice-president of policy Geoff Wood, ¨no roadblocks¨ are expected in getting the standard finalized.

The first draft of ELD rules has already been published by Transport Canada and will apply to federally regulated carriers first before being applied to the remaining carriers.

Contrary to the self-certification done in the US by ELD manufacturers, Canada´s federal focus has been on 3rd party certification of ELD devices. This would allow an independent unbiased organization to oversee product compliance in respect to safety and performance.

Innovation and Technology in the Transport Industry

Unfortunately, the trucking industry has been slow with innovation and technological breakthrough. For a long time, the Canadian transportation industry was hooked onto the manual pencil and paper logging of driving hours as required by the government.


However, this manual way of tracking did not help reduce fatigue related accidents as much as it was supposed to. This led to the creation of the ELD mandate. An electronic logging device, also known as the ELD, is a gadget used to collect and process a driver’s hours of service (HOS) automatically by connecting it directly to the car’s engine control module (ECM).

The Canada ELD mandate is said to be very similar to the US regulation, which was carried out on December 7, 2018.

What Is the New ELD Mandate? 

The new electronic logging device mandate in Canada will be a significantly updated law that concerns onboard recording devices and their use. Accordingly to Ontario Trucking Association “A Canadian regulation mandating the use of electronic logging devices (ELDs) can’t come “soon enough,” according to prominent trucking representatives.”

Even though some fleets, can and do, receive benefits from their current automatic onboard recording devices, the new government mandate takes it to a higher level.

In its most basic form, the ELD is a device used to electronically and automatically collect data. This data is needed for hours of service compliance. The Canada ELD mandate clarifies how to provide the collected data in a standardized format. It will also show how to transmit information to law enforcement, and how a record of duty status must be graphically displayed on an ELD.

Electronic logging devices


Why Is It Implemented?

First and foremost, the mandate is supposed to make the trucking and transportation industry safer. The ELD mandate will force drivers to get enough rest each day. More rested drivers are more alert drivers. Because the ELD does all of the tracking and logging, the driver will also have more personal free time while not driving.

CANADA ELD MANDATEThis means no more trying to stay awake to fill out your logbook. The consequence of this is less drive time. Depending on the driver, this could hurt the pocketbook. 

Another reason for the ELD mandate is for inspections. The ELD will show an extensive record of duty status. This information will be accurately and quickly conveyed to a roadside or two-way scale inspection. This will prove to save more time for both carriers and drivers.

In theory, a logistics transportation company, a fleet of trucks, or even individual drivers will benefit greatly from the ELD mandate.

Main reasons

The ELD´s allows for clear and thorough record-keeping for safety, technical and security specifications. Besides all that, the Canada ELD mandate will continually update shipping and transportation regulations in regard to new emerging technology to help the transportation industry. As an effect, businesses will get seamless future investments in onboard technology.

Anyone required to keep records of duty status of a big/small fleet or individual operators will be required to comply.

When Will the Mandate Take Effect?

The Canada ELD mandate will take effect in the first quarter of 2019. The exact date has still not been mentioned. However, based on the US compliance date, we will know from there henceforth.

Fleets that still comply with existing exemptions such as short-haul, will not require to have an ELD. Nevertheless, the earlier your company adapts the ELD, the sooner one will be expected to reap from investment (ROI), reduce driver paperwork time, and increase safety and security for the fleet.

How Does It Affect Canada?

The Canada ELD mandate is expected to impact an estimated 3 million drivers. The implementation of the ELD already went into effect on December 18, 2017, and enforcement authorities will render Commercial Motor Vehicles (CMVs) out of service if they do not comply with ELD.

The Canadian ELD has undergone development and is being introduced in phases just like in the US. This will ensure that there is a smooth transition in ensuring cross-border regulations and enforcement are kept consistent. 


Statistically, there are 30,000 trucks traveling between Canada and USA per day and over $650 billion in goods cross the US-Canada border yearly.

This milestone will impact the truck market in Canada positively, and sustain a steady and smooth flow of productivity between the US and Canada.

It is also important to know that for Canada, the ELD will be effective for trucks manufactured in 1995 or later, while the USA rucks will be 2000 or newer.

What Are The Benefits Of Implementing the ELD Mandate in Canada?

From the horse’s mouth, the Canadian Transport Minister, Marc Garneau, stated that the mandate will make Canadian roads safer.

He also acknowledged that the Canadian Trucking Alliance had been pointing to research about an ELD mandate that would have a direct impact on reducing behaviors linked with high crash rates, such as driving over prescribed limits of service which potentially causes fatigue.

Which Are the Best ELD Suppliers In Canada?

1. KeepTruckin ELD Device

Forbes named KeepTruckin ELD among the top 100 Cloud Companies in 2018 for top-notch driving innovation. You can rely on products made by this company as they are FMCSA certified.

Their cheap ELD devices provide you with the simplest, most affordable way to become compliant with state laws.

Device Overview

The KeepTruckin electronic logging device provides monthly pricing, which is similar to most ELD units on the market.

It features fuel monitoring and geofencing to allow you to remain safe on the road.

There is no upfront cost, this cheap ELD devices offer you monthly instalments of just $35 which you must pay to them over a contracted period of 3 years.

2. Omnitracs ELD

Available for $799, or if you prefer paying for it through monthly installments then $30 per month.

omnitracs elogs appsOmnitracs IVG, which stands for Intelligent Vehicle Gateway, is the leading ELD device in the market so far. 

It’s super easy to install; there isn’t any hassle of having to connect a million cables to a million more.

It’s simple and yet gets the job done the best. Just a one device and one cable solution, that’s all there is to it.More pros of the product are listed below.

3. Geotab ELD Device

The GO9 allows you to lead your fleet into the future with expanded capacity for further native vehicle support, improved fuel usage support, electric vehicles and global expansion.

Geotab has everything you need to meet regulations for electronic logging devices (ELDs) and more. Get all the facts and see how our Geotab Drive solution can help your fleet stay ahead of the curve.

4. Isaac Instruments ELD

When selecting an activity such as loading or DVIR, the electronic logbook displays the corresponding hours of service status. A reliable, hassle-free solution for your drivers.

During roadside inspections, drivers can immediately display information from the last 8/14 days on the tablet. And because it is wireless, the tablet can be used outside the truck to show authorities reports, which keeps roadside inspections simple and hassle-free.

5. Samsara

Samsara ELD device is a new entrant into the ELD market when compared with Garmin and Rand Mcnally ELDs. Samsara ELD Device Review

However, According to drivers and owner operators , Samara ELD Device review is by far one of the best ELD (Electronic Logging Device) out there.

Device Overview

This ELD device is considered one of the most versatile electronic logging devices available on the market right now.

Basically, it is the ultra-cool new kid who just moved in on the corner, and he has all the latest cool stuff that all the other neighborhood kids want.

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