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Uber Powerloop: all you need to know (REDUCE DETENTION TIME)

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Uber Inc. launched another company named Uber Powerloop, an affiliate of Uber Freight, in 2018. And this revolutionary trailer pool model aims at leasing trailers to carriers. Also, allowing them to take part in a re-envisioned trailer pool model. In this uber Powerloop review, we will discuss the uber freight Powerloop's prospects and how it benefits…

TrackingFox Review: Details, Pricing, & Features (prepare for 2021)

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Without the support of a top-notch fleet management company such as TrackingFox, keeping track of the fleet and company assets can be challenging.  For years, trackingfox has been providing fleet management services to many fleet companies and owner-operators worldwide.  This advanced GPS real-time vehicle monitoring system, and cost-effective solutions, are suitable for those in the shipping,…

Fleet One & WEX – Complete Guide 2020

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Fleet One Factoring is a Nashville, Tennessee based freight factor. As a veteran in the industry, Fleet One has been in the business since 1988. And they have spent more than three decades in the industry. With names such as OTR Capital, Triumph Business Capital, Apex Factoring, and Saint John Capital, Fleet One falls into the group…

Rhino Fleet Tracking (Complete Review): Features, user reviews, pricing

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In 2007 Rhino Fleet Tracking started to provide fleet managers and owner-operators with an incredibly simple-to-use but fully-featured GPS fleet management solution for their businesses. While the fleet management solution providers have advanced, no GPS tracking system is as user friendly as Rhino. The company uses Google Maps, which many fleet operators are already using in…

Uber Freight Vehicle Requirements > How to meet them?

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Uber, the user-driven taxi service, swept into the transport industry by storm a few years back. Now, the freight company is revolutionizing the freight transport industry. Truck drivers using the Uber Freight application, installed into a smartphone, can find loads to transport whenever they want to work. And this helps them to take the guesswork out…

GPSWOX Review – Best Fleet Management Solutions (2020)

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    GPSWOX system is a cloud-based fleet management solution that enables the company to manage and track fleet as well as field service workers in real-time. Not only will its dashboard allow fleet managers to see the path of the trucks, but it also allows them to monitor vehicle speed, travel history, and gas mileage…

PeopleNet Fleet Manager (Review 2020) – Features & Pricing Analysis

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What Is PeopleNet Fleet Manager? PeopleNet Fleet Manager is a fully-featured platform for fleet management and it’s intended to serve small to medium-size fleet companies and large fleet businesses. The PeopleNet fleet manager app provides end-to-end solutions designed for the Web App. And it also provides one-place fuel management, dispatch control, routing, workforce management, as well…

IFTA Tax Rates & Reporting – Complete Guide 2020

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Every company wants to stay in compliance with the latest standards and regulations and also ensure that their IFTA tax rates are not overpaid or underpaid. Therefore, any individuals or companies, running commercial vehicles or trucks across many Canadian provinces or US states have to be mindful of the International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA). Understanding the…

Top 10 GPS Tracking Software – for Trucks and Fleets (Review 2020)

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GPS Tracking Software is used by fleet managers for Fleet management to handle all information relating to the fleet and assets from acquisition to disposal. As a result, it allows businesses to keep costs down, improve performance, and ensure compliance throughout the entire fleet operation. No matter how large your fleet is, using a GPS Tracking…

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