The Fuelman Fuel Card: A Key to Efficient Fleet Management

(Last Updated On: July 6, 2023)

Managing a fleet business, especially when it includes a massive set of vehicles, is tough. Software that offers fleet management solutions is a true blessing for a fleet manager. As a business starts to grow, it becomes necessary to opt for fuel cards that will streamline the functioning of the operations.

fuelman card

These fuel cards come loaded with various features and primarily work great for trucking companies and delivery services. One of these cards is the Fuelman fuel card, which aids the fleet managers in gaining good control over fuel expenses and managing the drivers’ behavior.

What makes the Fuelman fuel card such a sought-after facility amongst fleet managers is the fact that it enables vehicle drivers to have easy access to fueling stations. The purchase process is highly flexible and convenient, whether they have to buy gas or diesel fuel.

The Fuelman fuel card offers benefits in terms of fuel purchases and provides numerous other features. For instance, it offers customization in spending limits, reporting on fuel consumption, and analysis of the expenses incurred on the vehicle. All these features make it possible for the business to track fleet efficiency and manage administrative processes easily and accurately.

Features Of Fuelman

This fleet management company is loaded with exceptional features. Some of them are as follows:

A Massive Fuel Network

One of the biggest and most lucrative features of Fuelman is that it offers a massive fuel network to the users. Almost all the fuel and gas brands are connected with it, allowing vehicles to get a quick refill from almost all the brands. This makes it possible for the business to cover most of its locations across the country.

The Fuelman card makes the fueling process convenient for drivers. Regardless of their locations, they can easily find a gas station that would refill the empty tankers without asking for cash. Also, the routes of these drivers don’t matter in this regard.

This card is super convenient for vehicle drivers because the application has a particular store locator feature. Hence, whenever a driver feels like he is running short of fuel, he may check out the closest location where the fuel station is available and get the refill. The application offers extensive information, including the type of fuel that would be provided at each fuel station, the exact location, and the hours of operation.

Fuelman continually seeks expansion and regularly adds several stations to its network through a massive partnership spree. Hence, it provides a broad network to the users.

Monitoring Of Fuel Expenses

Another prominent feature of the Fuelman fleet card is that it aids fleet managers in monitoring fuel expenses accurately. It gives extensive details regarding fuel usage and provides accurate reports created using analytical tools. This way, it is possible for the fleet manager to maintain insight into the proper patterns of fuel usage and then make the needed decisions to optimize the level of fuel consumption by the fleet vehicles.

Detailed Transaction Reports

fuelman card report

As a part of these reports, Fuelman offers transaction reports in detail. Each and every purchase made by the driver for the vehicle is reported through alerts.

In terms of the details, they include everything from the date and time of the transaction to the location at which the transaction was made and the amount of fuel purchased with each transaction. Hence, in case there are any irregularities with fuel consumption, they are automatically detected on time.

Customizable Reporting for Improved Efficiency

Each fleet manager can customize the reports as per their requirements. This means he can choose what needs to be reported according to his preferences and needs. This customization can include the reporting format and the format in which information should be categorized on the report.

Fleet managers choose the formats that make their daily activities actionable and filled with efficiency. They can also categorize the fuel expenses according to the criteria they deem fit. For instance, they can choose categorization in terms of the department, vehicle ID, and driver. What sets Fuelman apart is its adaptability to the unique needs of each fleet, offering customization that aligns with individual operational strategies.

Proactive Management with Real-time Monitoring

fuelman location

Fuelman further provides proactive monitoring and alerts regarding fuel usage, thus facilitating preventative measures and immediate corrective actions. This way, potential issues can be identified and dealt with before they escalate, ensuring smooth operations and keeping costs under control.

Moreover, Fuelman’s system offers a more in-depth understanding of each vehicle’s performance, allowing for better maintenance scheduling and preventive measures. It provides insights into each vehicle’s fuel efficiency, which can help identify any anomalies or sudden changes that might indicate potential problems.

Not only does this lead to cost savings, but it also enhances vehicle longevity, reduces downtime, and fosters a more sustainable business operation.

Fuelman stands out by providing an all-encompassing solution that addresses fuel management needs while also adding a layer of data-driven decision-making that pushes businesses to new heights of efficiency and cost-effectiveness. By enabling fleet managers to have a granular understanding of their fleet’s fuel consumption and expenses, it paves the way for improvements across the board.

Customization In Controls

A great feature of Fuelman is that its software offers impressive control customization. The manager can easily authorize the controls to specific accounts. Hence, this augments the security level associated with the application. This improves the security as well as the safety of the fleet business.

These strict access controls are indeed of great help as they ensure no unauthorized person can get into the system. The chances of thefts and frauds, hence, reduce to a greater level!

Once the fleet manager gets his Fuelman login, he can customize his information as much as he wants. For instance, he has the ability to customize and manage the fuel dispensing and its flow rate. He can adjust the flow rate by matching the specific requirements of a particular project or even the vehicle.

This ensures that there is no overconsumption or wastage of the fuel. This doesn’t only help the business maintain efficiency but aids in maintaining environmental sustainability as well.

Vehicle Maintenance Tracking System

fuelman Vehicle Maintenance Tracking System

The vehicle maintenance tracking system of Fuelman makes it a sought-after fleet management system available to business owners. This system offers extensive reporting benefits to the users and gives them a deep insight into the cost, efficiency, and overall consumption of fuel.

This way, the vehicle maintenance tracking system ensures that the fleet manager doesn’t only create routes by optimizing them to the maximum but also comes up with certain strategies that reduce the overall fuel expenses.

By integrating fuel efficiency with the vehicle maintenance tracking system, the software can detect whenever there is a potential leakage or drainage in the vehicle. Hence, it enables timely repairs.

Alongside this, it gives timely alerts whenever there are any scheduled repairs. This way, it gets easier for the driver and the fleet manager to remember when a particular vehicle must be taken to the service station or the repair shop! As a result, the lifespan of these vehicles is significantly extended, and the fleet operates more efficiently.

Online Account Management Tools

Fuelman makes life easier not only for the fleet managers but also for the drivers and other parties associated with the business. Each member involved in the business has a separate account on the application, and information is saved on the account in great detail. It’s quite easy for the users to view and then update them as per their requirements. This information includes everything from the billing address to the contact details, as well as the data related to the cardholders.

These online account management tools also make it easy for the card users to perform a variety of functions without having to reach out to the company itself. By using the software, they can efficiently order any new or additional cards as needed and can even cancel cards that have been lost or stolen. Alongside these, the application comes in handy when it comes to activating new cards.

The biggest benefit that these fuel cards offer to users is the ability for drivers to get the vehicles refueled, without them having to pay anything in return. With the help of online account management tools, fleet managers and account officers can easily manage their fuel card payments. They can view the invoices as soon as a change occurs. Also, it’s possible for them to set up automatic payment methods.

Efficient Customer Support

Efficient Customer Support

Fleet businesses that have just started working with a fleet management software system might find it tough to manage. What sets Fuelman apart from others is the fact that it comes with an efficient customer support system. It doesn’t only address inquiries made by the users but responds to them promptly.

Alongside this, whenever there is a technical issue with the software’s functionality, the customer support system provides assistance to businesses swiftly. This assistance certainly facilitates the fleet managers as well as the drivers in using the fuel card and reaping its benefits.

Works Great With Pilot Cars

Pilot cars are lead vehicles capable of accompanying hefty loads. These oversized vehicles ensure the safe movement of large cargo that could pose a risk to the general public on the roads. In addition to this, they serve as guides to the truck drivers responsible for transporting large loads. By alerting other motorists on the roads, they aim to minimize all potential risks associated with the movement of extensive cargo.

Benefits Of Fuelman

It’s true that the number of options available to fleet and trucking businesses when it comes to choosing a fuel card are plentiful. Then, what is the reason they should consider Fuelman services? Here are some benefits that distinguish it from others in the market:

1. Top-notch Security

Owners of large fleet businesses are genuinely concerned about the security associated with it. Hence, they look for a fuel card system that offers them the highest possible safety and security. Fuelman provides security to users against any unauthorized use. Moreover, whenever a card is lost or stolen, the user can easily deactivate it, thereby mitigating any associated risks.

2. Acceptability

If you are wondering where the Fuelman card is accepted, the answer is nearly everywhere in the United States of America.

One of the best advantages of Fuelman is its wide acceptance across the United States of America. Hence, regardless of a vehicle’s route, the driver will most likely find a fuel station to meet his needs whenever he requires. The refueling options are available at various locations across a single route, greatly reducing downtime. The number of Fuelman locations is truly extensive and impressive.

3. Impressive Analytical Abilities

Fuelman boasts extensive and impressive analytical capabilities that enhance the efficiency and accuracy of business operations. Fuelman provides detailed reports regarding fuel consumption and expenses, facilitating quick and informed decision-making by fleet managers. There’s no doubt that businesses that opt for Fuelman have an advantage over those that don’t, as they are equipped to make the right decisions at the right time!

4. Fuel Expense Control

The primary concern of all businesses is to reduce the costs incurred in the operation and increase work efficiency. With the help of Fuelman, this becomes achievable for fleet businesses. By monitoring fuel usage and expense, it allows fleet managers to make decisions that help control fuel expenses. It offers fuel rebates, further helping fleet managers cut the overall cost of fuel expenses.

Pilot cars often find it challenging to find the right fuel facility due to their massive size. However, Fuelman cards offer refueling convenience to pilot car drivers at numerous locations across their routes.

5. GPS Tracking

Regardless of the size of a fleet, the manager won’t have trouble tracking all the vehicles in real-time if they use Fuelman. This is because Fuelman offers GPS tracking, providing information about the location of the vehicles and sending alerts to managers. This feature enhances the level of security and safety for the vehicles while tracking drivers’ activities with great accuracy.



Fuelman offers different packages to users, and the amount to be paid is contingent on the chosen package. Apart from that, additional charges may include Extended Network Pricing, High Credit Risk Account, Finance Charges, Non-Standard Billing Frequency, and Returned Payment.

The price associated with transactions also varies according to Merchant Retail-Based pricing, Fuelman Cost-Based pricing, Merchant National Account-Based pricing, and even Universal Pricing. Compared to other fuel cards, Fuelman provides greater details regarding every charge incurred by a business.

Final Thought

Fuelman is one of the most sought-after fuel cards, loaded with remarkable features and benefits. Along with motive cards, it’s a reliable option for fleet businesses that manage a large volume of vehicles and plan to expand further.

Regardless of how many routes a business covers or the number of drivers working under a fleet manager, the management system streamlines operations seamlessly. A robust mobile application, maintenance features, and nonexistent fuel frauds set it apart from other options.

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Laraib Shah

Laraib Shah

Laraib is a freelance writer and a proud cat mom. She is passionate about the trucking industry and loves to share her experiences through writing. When she is not writing, she spends most of her time traveling. She is a lover of cookies, ice cream, and coffee.

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About the author

Laraib Shah

Laraib Shah

Laraib is a freelance writer and a proud cat mom. She is passionate about the trucking industry and loves to share her experiences through writing. When she is not writing, she spends most of her time traveling. She is a lover of cookies, ice cream, and coffee.

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