Modern Fleet Telematics and its Advantages

(Last Updated On: December 14, 2023)

Advantages of Utilizing Modern Fleet Telematics

With the implementation of these fleet telematics innovations, the advantages listed below were observed consistently.

ELD Compliance Made Easy

Through the use of modern fleet management software, it is easy to provide compliance with federal regulations.

ELD, with its functionalities, prevents violation occurrences, generates driver performance insights and ratings that are more reliable, low-cost, and easily generated versions. These are essential information needed in any real-time log auditing.

Fuel Efficiency

Telematics data also provide managers and operators with the field activities of drivers. This ensures that only authorized activities, approved routes, and permitted breaks are conducted, thus preventing fuel wastage.

Fleet telematics services also provide scorecards for drivers indicating their behavior, performance, and interpretations of the value they brought to the company, like savings in fuels. These are objective and credible bases for management, retention, and rewarding of your company’s human resources.

Reduce Insurance Premium

Most car insurance in the different continents offers a lowered premium to drivers and cars with installed telematic devices. Telematic data allows insurers to take hold of a deeper and more detailed assessment of accident scenarios, allowing them to rate any claims forwarded to them accurately. This also encourages good driving behavior, thus reducing occurrences of accidents and claims.

Mobility Safety

The real-time feed and AI application of modern telematics prevent occurrences of accidents even before they happen. It provides reminders and suggestions to drivers of any inappropriate driving activity.

These reminders will also be included in the daily driving insights of drivers, which will greatly affect their professional rating. Modern fleet telematics promotes safety for the driver, the fleet vehicle, people on the road, and the company’s business.

Ensure the Safety of the Fleet Asset

Trucks and vehicles of the fleet company can easily be tracked and located. Nowadays, many telematics service providers also provide high-quality real-time video with optimal sound to track down assets. Any unauthorized operation of the asset is detected, employing quick mitigation and tracking to begin. This assures security and deters theft of any vehicle in the fleet. Also, the implementation of federally mandated Electronic Logging Device (ELD) in countries around the world is becoming commonplace. A few years ago, the US hopped on the bandwagon, and this year so will Canada.

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Features of the Modern Fleet Telematics

Here are some activities that could be done seamlessly using innovative fleet management software:

Control of the Entire Fleet

What makes every company owner and fleet manager love their work is the opportunity to easily and impressively accomplish their tasks more comfortably and simply.

Modern telematics companies provide the ease and real-time intelligent tracking of fleet management at a lower cost. Two of the most credible Telematic today are Keep Truckin and ERoad. They have provided state-of-the-art fleet management software for several satisfied clients. They have revolutionized fleet management systems, bringing greater opportunities and growth for businesses and companies.

Optimization of Routing

Through modern fleet management, drivers and fleet managers can work together to provide exceptional services to their clients. This feature will help them plan, generate, and look over the best transaction route.

It helps them to strategically plan and immediately combat any obstacle that may impede the delivery of their goods and services. This feature in fleet telematics, which uses fleet management software, also gives fleet managers an optimal perspective on the most accurate fuel allocation, delivery time, probable stops, and the efficiency of the delivery as a whole.

Geofencing Features

This is an advancement in-vehicle tracking devices that sets boundaries for your vehicle. It is feasible through modern fleet management technology. Fleet managers can set up limitations on their software, indicating the allowable areas and locations that their specific fleet is allowed to progress.

Venturing beyond these physical limits will immediately produce alerts and prompts regarding the assets crossing the invisible boundary. This allows immediate notice to be given to drivers to comply with set parameters and can prompt the driver for an additional directive.

Vehicle tracking for the entire fleet is brought to a new level through a modern fleet telematics system. Different companies offer different levels of support, service and technology. Fleet managers can easily track their trucks and their drivers anywhere. Telematic fleet software can pinpoint exact addresses and provide real-time videos to generate ETAs for clients.

AI Dashcam Solution

A dashcam is a valuable tool for every fleet vehicle as a camera records video and sound while driving. Modern fleet telematics has bought a simple dashcam to a new level with the utilization of artificial intelligence (AI). Through telematics data systems, stand-out features have been incorporated into dashcams, which becomes a valuable solution for Fleet management.

An innovative AI dashcam is now able to function in:

Detecting Unsafe Driving

AI dash cam detects if there is overspeeding, hard breaks, sharp curving, and being too close to another vehicle. Through this state-of-the-art capability, the driver gets a real-time reminder on the dashcam of any driving action that is inappropriate.

Sending Alerts for Peculiarities

Any untoward happening along the road, like accidents or even drivers’ unbecoming behavior, are also recorded and sent in real-time data to fleet managers to help correct drivers’ behavior.

Real-time Coaching

Through the real-time feed given by this AI Dashcam to both the driver and the fleet manager, real-time coaching may then be carried out to ensure the company’s safety and exceptional service.

Longer Data Storage

A basic dashcam which is composed of a 16GB Micro SD, can hold up to two hours of recording before it will overwrite. Still, with the employment of modern fleet telematics, it will take 66 hours to 104 hours to record data before it overwrites. This provides ample time to document the driving condition of the vehicle of your fleet.

Live Streaming

Through the digital connection embedded in the AI dashcams, the live streaming of the driving condition of your fleet is possible.

Location sharing between fleet managers, drivers, and even your customers is possible. Should clients inquire of their commodity’s present status, the fleet managers can easily share the real-time video of their delivery with them. It will indicate some of the pertinent data that will surely build trust and integrity in the company’s performance.

Most AI dashcams can give you the perspective from both the driver’s seat and from the view on the road. This dashcam can also be accessed remotely.

Intelligent Maintenance of Assets Health

Through AI-powered fleet management technology, fleet owners can increase vehicle performance. At the same time, they can reduce the cost of repairs by creating a proactive maintenance plan generated through the real-time vehicle health system monitors.

This feature can simplify the maintenance of assets by coming up with maintenance schedules that are intelligently based on time-lapse, distance traveled, or the engine hours of the specific vehicles.

This saves the company money because only vehicles requiring real repairs and maintenance checks will undergo the process

Modern fleet telematics is possible through the combination of both telematics and fleet management. It leverages the GPS, the internet, the IoT system, telematics data, and modern telematics equipment developed by some of the world´s leading companies.

Application of Modern Fleet Telematics

The application of innovative fleet telematics has given an edge to and is continually making life easier for fleet managers, drivers, business owners, and customers that use both products and services that fleet management services offer.

We can find a wide array and varied use of modern fleet telematics today in different industries like the government, public safety, trucking and logistics, heavy equipment fleets, agriculture, recreational vehicles, oil/gas, and executive fleet equipment maintenance.

All of these industries gained advantages with the advancement that modern fleet telematics has introduced in the market. It brought forth efficiency and effectiveness in the task they needed to deliver, bringing about an improved life.


Telematics was introduced in 1960, even earlier than the internet and personal computers. It was initially used for tracking down the locations of vehicles.

It has served its purpose well since then and has evolved over the years. There are a dozen innovative ideas that make modern fleet telematics and its advantages more beneficial to logistics compliance and tracking.

Modern Fleet telematics has become an integral part of many industries. It has brought about higher performance, better revenues, credible human sourcing, smart fleet management, and exceptional servicing to valued clients.

Modern fleet telematics has a bright future, giving room for greater development and efficiencies in the fleet management industry.

There are a lot of telematics providers around the globe but partnering with the best of class is key and helps guarantee that you can stay on top in your industry.

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About the author

Picture of April Quibido

April Quibido

A seasoned writer with a good amount of experience writing for the trucking industry. April loves writing about all sorts of fun and interesting topics online. Besides her three-year old daughter, coffee is her best friend.

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