Rearview Mirror Dash Cam – Complete Guide 2022

(Last Updated On: November 8, 2022)

What Is Rearview Mirror Dashcam?

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A Rearview mirror dashcam is a device that can be used as an alternative option for a traditional dashcam. While they both provide similar services, certain features make the rearview mirror dashcam better. 

This device comes with a built-in recorder and camera, which can be attached to the car’s rearview mirror. The installation process is relatively simple and does not take much time and effort. A rearview mirror dash cam helps assess driving skills and fleet management. It also helps make the insurance claim less complex.

With the progression of technology, the popularity and use of these devices have increased by many folds. These devices are easy to work with, and the plus point is that people can benefit from tutorials and user guides on the internet to ensure a smooth installation process. 

Main Features

You can expect the following features from your rearview mirror dash cam:

  • Touch Screen
  • Surveillance mode during parking
  • High definition video quality
  • Wifi capability
  • Front and back channels with a moderately sized viewing screen
  • GPS tracking
  • Bluetooth
  • 4G/5G connection
  • Split-screen view

The package of the rearview mirror dash cam comes with many items. The front view camera is attached to the screen mounted over the cars’ existing rearview mirror. Other accessories include

  • Automobile auxiliary power outlet with mini USB, 
  • Rubber bands to secure the device to the rearview mirror,  
  • Tools for putting wires
  • Adhesives and screws
  • Cloth to clean the screen
  • Power for the rearview and front camera. A user manual


Dashcam comparison

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General Technical Specifications

Size 11*1*4 inches
Type of Display LCD Screen (up to 9 inches)
Resolution 120-degree viewing and 180 degrees rotating wide-angle, high resolution.
Battery USB port or auxiliary power outlet
Mounting Type Magnetic or with attaching rubber bands
Voice Command Yes
Camera Yes
Lane Assistance Yes
Storage Capacity SD card with 32GB plus SD card slot
Speed Limit Indicator Yes
Traffic Service Yes

Key Benefits

Better control over fleet and drivers’ performance

Fleet managers have a better chance of surveilling the performance of the fleet and drivers with a rearview mirror dash cam constantly recording all the events.

Easy to claim insurance

The front and back camera records everything in high definition. You can use this as solid proof to claim insurance. The whole process will become less time taking and a lot simpler.

Mitigation of insurance scams

With solid proof, insurance companies will be able to recognize who is making a genuine claim and avoid fraud.

Reduction in accidents

Installation of the rearview mirror dashcam can actually help reduce road accidents. Why? Because constant surveillance makes drivers more vigilant, which prevents errors that might lead to road accidents.

Ease of use and installation

The main reason for its popularity is that it is easy to use and takes no time during installations. Despite numerous quality features, it is quite simple to operate all of them.

Here is a video demonstrating the features and installation process of the rearview mirror dashcam:

Wide Screen Size

A larger screen size provides a better view, simpler usage, and control. Screen size can be up to 9 inches. Some companies make even larger sizes. 

The Motive (formerly Keep Truckin) smart dash cam comes with many useful features. It is also quite simple to install. In addition, you can find multiple user manuals and tutorials on the company’s website.

The smart cam works with KeepTruckin Vehicle Gateway to record everything happening in the vicinity of your automobiles. In the trucking industry, accidents can pose a high financial burden, so it is essential to have solid proof to clarify the cause of such unfortunate events. 

KeepTruckin smart Dashcam provides an excellent way to control and observe truckers’ behavior while driving. It also records a high-definition video of the truck’s surrounding with both front and rearview.

How To Install: A Complete Step By Step Guide

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Step 1- Find A Power Source

It is important first to locate the power source with which the dashcam will be linked. By locating the power source, you will be able to plan ahead about adjusting the wires so they do not cause any problems in the future.

The power source will be a USB port or a 12V cigarette outlet for most vehicles. These will be located on the center console or the armrest compartment.  

Step 2- Attach Dash Cam Over Rearview Mirror

This process is quite simple. Mount the dashcam over the rearview mirror with the help of a rubber band. The screen has additional rubber clasps on the back, which help keep the dashcam secured in place.  Some brands come with magnetic attaching plates as well. 

Attach all the wires to the suitable outlets in the dashcam.

Step 3- Adjust The Wires

Now that your wires are attached to the dashcam, it is important to adjust them to prevent dangling. The most convenient way is to use car pillars. For the wires of the front camera, use the right side’s pillar A. 

Use wire attachers and adhesives provided with the dashcam to secure the wires completely.

Wires can be attached along the pillar C dashcam for rearview camera installation.

Test The Installed Device

Once the installation process is over, check if there are any unattached or dangling wires and fix them. If you have adjusted the wires correctly, they will not be noticeable. 

Now turn on the device, check the front and rearview, and see if it is recording. 

You can also observe both views simultaneously with the split-screen option.

Rearview Mirror dash Cam vs. Traditional Dash Cam

Rearview Mirror Dash Cam

Traditional Dash Cam

Screen Size
The wider screen (9 inches or larger) replaces the existing rearview mirror, which means it takes no extra space. The screen size is small. Dash cams are installed on dashboards or windscreens that might obstruct the driver’s front view.
The standard price is $130. The price is higher than traditional dashcams, which can be off-putting for many people. 

Additional features will cost more.

A traditional dash cam can cost you $60 to $175, depending on the number of features you add.
The rearview mirror dash cam is multifunctional because it simultaneously records both front and rear footage of the vehicle’s surroundings. Dashcam only records rearview video.
The installation process is simple, and the screen attaches to the rearview mirror with a rubber band or magnetic plate. Dashcam installation is also simple, but it attaches to the vehicle with suction cups or adhesives.
Storage capacity
Depending on the price and model, the storage capacity can be low to high. Dashcams usually have high storage capacity.

To Sum It All

Buying a rearview mirror dash cam is a great choice to ensure your vehicle’s safety. It comes with numerous useful features which are not available in most traditional dash cams. The price is relatively high, but it is justified with ease of use, several features, and quick installation.

Some of the main vendors for the dashcam include KeepTruckin, Samsara, and Grdian. This device will lower the risk of accidents by improving driving habits caused by constant surveillance. 

Plus, if anything does happen, the video record will help with an insurance claim, avoiding the financial burden altogether. 

Dashcam comparison

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  1. How interesting that you can use a rearview dash cam instead of a regular one. I am starting a trucking business this year and getting my equipment prepared. I will find a good dash cam service to help close by.

  2. I currently have a BOSCAM RD2 Front/rear dash cam installed in my Cadillac (2006). It works fine. The one drawback is the rear cam shows a following car far behind me when it is actually very close. I once almost had an accident by changing lanes before looking in my outside mirrors. Do you know if a different camera could show a more normal relationship? I can not seem to communicate with the BOSCAM people to ask this question. I would even consider buying a new Dash Cam if I could be sure it would show the proper relationship.

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