Battery Powered Dash Cam – Complete Guide 2022

(Last Updated On: November 8, 2022)

What Is Battery Powered Dashcam?

A battery-powered dashcam is different from other dashcams because of having an internal power source. It works even when the engine is turned off and there is no external power source. 

This device comes with wifi, Bluetooth, and an emergency calling facility in case of an accident. Most battery-powered dash cams offer a simple user interface with good resolution and video display. There is a built-in front camera, but you can also install a rear camera.

The camera will start operating when triggered by any sudden motion or impact. It is designed to activate even if it detects the slightest vibration to keep track of every incident. So, whether you are in your vehicle or not, the battery-powered dash cam will work all day and night to protect it. 

How Does It Work?

The battery-powered dash cam will work both on internal and external power sources. When the dashcam is installed, it is connected to the vehicle’s power source, which works while the engine is on. 

This dashcam will function on its attached internal battery when your car or truck is parked because the external power source is cut off. The battery works for some 5 to 6 minutes which is enough to record the cause of an accident or any other turbulence.

It also effectively detects if a driver is lagging or using the phone, speeding, or close chasing and notifies the fleet manager to take viable action. In this way, the manager can easily pinpoint irresponsible truckers.

Dashcam comparison

Why Invest In A Battery-Powered Dashcam?

The question is always raised as to why buy a battery-powered dashcam instead of the regular one. Both don’t look much different, and the battery-powered dash cam comes with a slightly extra price. But the cost is justified because of the additional benefit it provides.

Unlike other dashcams, which stop working when the vehicle’s power system is turned off, a battery-powered dashcam will rely on a backup battery source. With this dash cam, you can monitor your car even when parked. 

Many accidents happen when a car is parked, and without a running engine, there is no way to determine the cause of the accident. But with a battery-powered dashcam real-time evidence, the insurance claim becomes simpler. 

You can check out the best trucker dashcam options for 2022 here.

Pros and Cons


  • Front and back camera
  • Sharp resolution HD video
  • Properly sized screen
  • In-cab audio alerts and light bar warning system
  • Built-in instant capture button
  • Touch screen capability 
  • Built-in wifi
  • Discounts in insurance


  • The night view of the video is not clear.
  • Unable to track the status
  • No voice activation


The price ranges from $100 to $300, depending on the additional features. For instance, some battery-powered dash cams do not come with extra storage, whereas others lack a back camera. The addition of these features costs extra.

Motive (formerly KeepTruckin) and Samsara dash cams are popular in the market. Motive dash cams come with a number of features like front and rear cameras, good storage, clear display, light indicators, and many more.

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Qualities to Look For

When shopping for a suitable battery-powered dashcam for your fleet or car, you will find many options. Remember to ask yourself what your needs are and look for the main qualities like user-friendly setup, large storage capacity, good battery life, and video quality. 

Some people may care about the large screen size, but the more discreet the dashcam in your car, the better. As long as the video quality is good, screen size will not matter too much.

Simple Setup

The process of setting up a dashcam should be easy enough for everyone. Most dash cams come with a manual book and online tutorial links that help in installing them.  

Here is a video showing the installation of a dashcam in a vehicle.

Quality of Video and Resolution

The main purpose of installing a dashcam is to narrow down the culprit behind any mishap that can happen to your vehicle. A high-quality video will allow you to achieve that purpose more conveniently. A good quality video is the strongest form of evidence.

Recording Time

You need a dashcam that comes with a long enough recording time. The recommended minimum recording time is five minutes. Moreover, some dashcams provide up to 10 minutes.


Good storage capacity is needed for the recordings you may require in the future. Look for a micro SD card because it provides an extra capacity to hold your recorded data, and you can also easily transfer your files from one device to another.

Battery Life

A strong internal battery is required to increase the recording time of the dashcam. The dashcam only uses this power source while the vehicle is parked.

Light Indicators

It is essential to understand the light bar on the battery-powered dashcam. Every color signifies a specific message or warning.

Blue Light

A blinking blue light in the center of the light bar means the camera is currently recording.

Red Light

A completely red bar warns about either speeding or a close chase.

Yellow Light

The yellow light bar gives a warning about the violence of hours of service (HOS)  compliance.

White Light

A completely white bar means the device is updating.

Violet Light

A complete violet light bar means dysfunctional camera or lens problems.

Putting It All Together

The best way to decide which battery-powered dash cam to buy is by asking the questions to yourself,  like what features do you want to have in it? Some of the main features that we recommend that should be in a dashcam are the good quality of the video, extended recording time, battery life, and large storage capacity.

Whatever your purpose is in buying a battery-powered dash cam, it is an excellent investment to ensure the safety of your vehicle. Because when a driver is under surveillance, they will improve their driving habits, and accidents can be avoided altogether.

And in case something does happen, video evidence of dash cam will fairly decide who was responsible.

Dashcam comparison

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