Battery Powered Dash Cams – 2023 Ultimate Guide

(Last Updated On: November 8, 2023)

Which Battery Dash Cam Should You Buy? And Things to Consider

As the demand for dash cams continues to grow, more and more drivers are opting for battery-powered dash cams. A battery powered dash cam has an internal power source. It works even when the engine is turned off and there is no external power source. 

In this ultimate guide, we will explore the best battery-powered dash cams of 2023, their features, and why they stand out in the market.

Our Top 3 Recommendations

With so many dash cam models available, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one. Our top 3 recommendations for the best dashcams based on their features, reliability, and affordability. These are especially useful for truckers who want to protect themselves from false claims and accidents. Whether you are a trucker or an everyday driver, these dashcams are sure to provide you with a high-quality recording of your journey.

Best Overall

Rove R2 – 4K Dash cam

Rove R2 – 4K Dashcam

Check the price!

Best Battery-Powered

Garmin Dash cam

Best Value

Vantrue N4 3 Channel

Vantrue N4 3 Channel 4K Dash Cam

Check the price!

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What to Look for in Your Next Battery Powered Dash Cam

Opting for a battery-powered dash cam can be a smart move to enhance the safety and security of your vehicle. But with an array of options on the market, how do you choose the one that best suits your needs? 

When shopping for a suitable battery-powered dashcam for your fleet or car, remember to ask yourself what your needs are and look for the main qualities like user-friendly setup, large storage capacity, good battery life, and video quality. 

Some people may care about the large screen size, but the more discreet the dashcam in your car, the better. As long as the video quality is good, screen size will not matter too much.

Let’s delve into the key features and considerations that should guide your decision while buying a good battery-powered dash cam.

Quality of Video and Resolution

The main purpose of installing a dashcam is to narrow down the culprit behind any mishap that can happen to your vehicle. A high-quality video will allow you to achieve that purpose more conveniently. A good quality video is the strongest form of evidence.

Recording Time

You need a dashcam that comes with a long enough recording time. The recommended minimum recording time is five minutes. Moreover, some dashcams provide up to 10 minutes.


Good storage capacity is needed for the recordings you may require in the future. Look for a micro SD card because it provides an extra capacity to hold your recorded data, and you can also easily transfer your files from one device to another.

Battery Life

A strong internal battery is required to increase the recording time of the dashcam. The dashcam only uses this power source while the vehicle is parked. 

Collision Detector

Collision Detector or the G sensor is very sensitive to external temperature and pressure stress. Both of which are likely to be encountered during an accident. It is an accelerometer that determines results depending on the force exerted on the vehicle during a collision.

A G sensor is a useful feature that should be preferred in dashcams. This matters even more while the car is parked. As the engine is not moving, the recording of the impact during this time is important.

Discreet Design

Some brands of dash cams also ensure a discreet, low-profile design to avoid theft. As dashcams are quite valuable and expensive their theft is common. This might not be a main feature but its presence is a useful addition.

Simple Setup

The process of setting up a dashcam should be easy enough for everyone. Most dash cams come with a manual book and online tutorial links that help in installing them.  

More Details About Our Top 3 Picks Plus Other Picks

Best Overall – Rove R2 – 4K Dash cam

Tech Specs

Video Resolution 4k resolution up to 2160p
Device Size 2.99 by 2.01 by 0.98 inches
Type of Display  2.4 inches LCD
Battery Capacity 250mAh: Lithium Ion
Mounting Material Suction Cup
Voice Activation  Not available
Camera Front
Field of View 150°
Storage Support MicroSD cards up to 512GB
Lane Assistance No
Speed Limit Alert No
Traffic Services No

Ultra High Definition Recording

The Rove R2 4k dashcam can record footage in 2160p resolution. The clarity and quality of the video are unprecedented.

Night View

The Rove R2 4k dashcam also features an excellent night view mode. It works in low-lit dim cabins efficiently. This feature is essential for drivers who work late at night and journey across the country for several hours.

A Year-Long Warranty

This dashcam comes with state-of-the-art technology and a year-long warranty. The customer service team responds quickly if you ask a question or show concern. There is also a thirty-day refund policy if the dashcam does not function properly. 

Customer Reviews

Our research into the Rove R2-4K Dash Cam indicates a predominant appreciation among customers for its crisp 4K video quality, ensuring that vital details, like license plate numbers, are always clear and visible, even in various lighting conditions.

Moreover, users love the dash cam’s user-friendly interface and easy installation process, alongside the ‘parking mode’ and accurate speed tracking, as standout features enhancing their overall driving and safety experience.

However, a few users noted hiccups with the Wi-Fi connectivity and smartphone app integration, finding that the sync could sometimes be erratic and disrupt the smooth operation.


You can purchase Rove R2 – 4K dashcam at just $119.99. Keep looking for promotions or sales, the price may lower even more.

Get Rove R2 – 4K Dashcam

Best Battery-Powered Dashcam – Garmin Dashcam

Tech Specs

Camera Dual
Size of Device 8.4 x 3.6 x 52 cm
Video Quality  720p
Mount Type  Magnetic
Weight 65.4 gm
Night Mode  Yes
Battery Type Rechargeable Lithium Ion
Battery Limit Up to half an hour
GPS Available Yes
Voice Control Available
Collision Detection Yes

High Resolution

The Garmin dual dash cam comes in a discreet size but still provides a 360-degree view of the driver. The front and back camera video resolutions are 1440p and 720p, respectively. 

Night View

With its unique NightGlo technology, the night vision is surprisingly clear. In addition, this dash cam has two USB ports and comes with an SD card already in the box. So you can power your phone with USB ports easily while driving.

GPS Tracking

Built-in GPS, Wi-Fi connection, and voice control are some of the additional features of the Garmin dashcam. If the storage runs out, you can share the recording easily with the Head office or upload it to the cloud.

Collision Detector

The G sensor or collision detector is a must-have. It supports parking mode and records videos when the engine is turned off. Mostly culprits get away with causing collisions in parking lanes. But you can avoid this easily with a Garmin dashcam G sensor.

Customer Reviews

Drawing from the user experiences and reviews, Garmin’s dash cams emerge as highly regarded devices among a range of consumers, predominantly due to their compact design, reliability, and quality of recording.

Users appreciate the brand’s credibility, the dash cams’ inconspicuous installation, and clear recording, despite slight hesitations about the precision in capturing license plate details under various conditions.

While the ability to connect to apps for additional functionality is praised, some users have experienced minor setbacks in connectivity and data transfer, highlighting areas for potential improvement in future models or software updates.

Therefore, while Garmin dash cams deliver largely in terms of performance and reliability, a few tweaks could elevate user experience and data reliability further.

Affordable Price

As of 2023, Garmin dashcams cost from $125 to $150 depending on model type or features. The addition of extra features may increase the price up to $260. Simple dashcams without screen displays are cheaper.

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Best Value – Vantrue N4 3 Channel 4K Dash Cam

Tech Specs

Camera Dual
Image Sensor Back: IMX323

Front: OV4689

Image File Type Jpeg


Audio Recording Built-in speaker and mic
Video Quality  4k resolution
Size of Screen 1.5 inches
Battery 250 mAh
Shutter Type Electronic
USB Port Mini 2.0 USB
Functional Temperature – 20 to 70° C
Temperature for Storage – 30 to 60° C
Video playback Dashcam, TV, Windows/Apple PC
External Memory 256 GB max
Front Lens Six layer glass lens (170°)

Discreet Design

This dash cam provides a low-profile and discreet design that will not be visible to anyone while driving or when the vehicle is parked. Vantrue N4 dash cam supports a high endurance SD card memory of up to 256 GB.

Dashcam theft is quite common but not with the discreet design of the Vantrue N4 dashcam. It is specially made to ensure this.

High Video Resolution

The video is recorded in high resolution, with 7 layered glass lenses. The clarity of the video is not deterred by fast speed. The Wifi connection enables you to upload any video to the cloud instead of saving it on local memory. You can send the clip anywhere.


Mostly if memory is full, previous videos are deleted to make room for new ones. However, the G-sensor of Vantrue N4 will lock the important videos to avoid deletion. If the G-sensor detects a harsh event, especially during parking, the video will automatically be saved and locked.

Parking Mode

The function of parking mode is to make sure that 30-second footage is recorded, in case of collision or any other harsh vibration in the parking space. Sturdy components of dashcams can withstand the extreme stress of pressure and temperatures of collision.

Customer Reviews

The Vantrue Dash Cam is appreciated by users for its 3-channel recording, ensuring comprehensive coverage of front, cabin, and rear views with admirable low-light performance, thanks to its wide aperture and reliable Sony chip.

However, users have noted that the installation process, involving the cabling of camera wires, was time-consuming and complex. While the Vantrue N4 Dash Cam offers substantial coverage and features, there’s notable room for improvements in future models or updates, especially concerning the functionality and user-friendly design aspects.

Affordable Price

You can purchase Vantrue N4 Dash Cam for less than $300. The price is more than justified with all the unique features it offers like discreet design, HD video quality, LCD, wifi connection, app control, parking mode, and more. 

Keep looking for sales and promotions to buy Vantrue N4 Dashcam at lower prices.

Get Vantrue N4 3 Channel 4K Dash Cam


Other Available Options With Good Quality

Here are some other popular battery-powered dashcams available in the market:

Kingslim D2 Dashcam

Tech Specs

Device Size 5.87 by 5.87 by 4.69 inches
Video Resolution Front: 2560 x 1440p, Rear: Full HD 1080p, 30 fps
Display Type 3 inches IPS
Mounting Material Suction Cup
Voice Activation  No
Battery Type Lithium Ion
Camera Front and back
Field of View Front: 170°, Back: 150°
Storage Supports MicroSD cards (from 32 to 128 GB)
Lane Assistance No
Speed Limit Indicator Not available
Traffic Service No

Dual Camera

Kingslim D2 dashcam comes with a dual-camera configuration with both rear and front cameras having unique fields of view. KingSlim D2 Dash Cam package contains the main dash cam device, wires, mounting material, and GPS. Mounting material includes a suction cup.

Video Resolution

KingSlim D2 Dash Cam has front and back cameras. Cameras capture videos clearly in 720p to 1080p HD resolution. The videos are automatically saved on the memory card (an SD card is not included in the packaging). 

Collision Detector

The internal battery of the dashcam works 24 hours, and the high-quality G-sensor of Kingslim can record any suspicious activity around the car or a collision even when the engines are turned off. This video will let you have solid proof of the real culprit.  

The G sensor ensures the recording of all kinds of footage 24/7. This will benefit the owner in court and with insurance claims which can get complicated if a road accident occurs.

GPS Tracking and Route Management

With the Kingslim dash cam, you do not have to buy a separate GPS as it is already included in the box. Real-time GPS will let you manage your route, and you can also observe the speed in mph. 

Route management is a useful feature that informs the driver about shorter and faster routes to avoid delays and rugged paths. This not only saves time but also reduces fuel consumption.

Night View

The night mode quality is very helpful during long journeys. This special camera feature works in dim light and in different intensities. 


Kingslim is popular for its very affordable price. All these components and multiple features come at a surprisingly low price of $99 to $109.99. 

Get Kingslim D2 Dashcam


Rexing R1 Ultra Dashcam

Tech Specs

Company REXING
Device Size (inches) 3.5 by 2.25 by 1.5 
Type of Display 2.4 inches LCD
Color Black
Chargable Yes
Control with App Yes
Type of Mount Adhesive Tape
Standard Supported  MOV
Camera View Front
Video Resolution 1080p
Voice Activation Not available
Field of View 170°
Traffic Service No
Lane Assistance No
Battery Super-capacitor

HD Video and Wi-Fi

The video is recorded in high resolution, even if the car moves at high speed. Whereas, a Wifi connection is also available, so you can upload any video to the cloud instead of saving it on local memory. The camera is optimized to work in different intensities of light.

Collision detector

If the device’s local memory is complete, there is a chance that the previous video will be overwritten. But with the special G-sensor of Rexing R1, important videos are locked and prevented from getting deleted. If the G-sensor detects a harsh event like a collision it will automatically lock this video interval.  


Rexing V1 dash cam supports a high endurance SD card with a memory of up to 256 GB. Additionally, this dash cam provides a low-profile and discreet design that will not be visible to anyone while driving or when the vehicle is parked. 

Parking Mode

Parking mode will make sure that while the car is parked, a 20 to 30-second video is recorded in case of collision or any other harsh vibration. Supercapacitors can withstand extreme temperatures without getting affected.


It is one of the most highly rated dash cams and combines several valuable features such as HD video quality, discreet design, LCD, wifi connection, app control, and many more. The price is relatively low considering all of its high-quality functional features. You can buy Rexing V1 Dash Cam starting at $99. 

Get Rexing R1 Ultra Dashcam


Motive Dashcam

Tech Specs

Size 2560 x 1440
Video Resolution 1080p
Type of Display 2 inches
Mounting Material Adhesive Tape
Battery Grade Industrial Grade battery
Voice Activation  No
Camera Dual
Field of View 150°
Storage Support MicroSD cards
Lane Assistance No
Traffic Services Yes
Speed Limit Indicator Yes

High Definition Video

The Motive Smart AI Dashcam is a road-facing camera with a driver’s view, and it offers a resolution of 1920 x 1080p. The rechargeable dashcam films at a rate of 15 frames per second and have a field view of an angle of 150°. It also features a driver-facing camera having a resolution of 1280 x 720. 

Dual Camera

Motive  (formerly KeepTruckin) dashcam comes with a dual-facing dash camera and a road camera to provide safety from every direction. Both camera views have unique functions. The road camera captures what is on the road. While the dual-face cam films the rear and the driver in the vehicle.  

Driver Safety Alert

The AI smart camera is sensitive to unfavorable conditions. If it detects the driver’s distraction or another vehicle in proximity, it will trigger the alerts. This feature is not only a guarantee for the driver’s safety but the vehicle’s as well. A fleet owner has to invest in a feature like this to avoid road accidents.

Industrial Grade High Power Battery

Motive dashcams come with industrial-grade batteries to ensure longer recording time. The dash cam will continuously work on this battery even when the engine is off e.g. when the vehicle is parked or in case of an accident.


KeepTruckin’s (Now Motive) fleet management system offers a monthly subscription for $30 to $40. The upfront price of the dashcam hardware starts from $300 to $400. With all the super-quality features and tech specs, this price is quite affordable.

Get your Motive Dashcam and/or other Motive services here:

Get Motive Dash Cam

Even More Info About Battery Dash Cams

How Does A Battery-Powered Dash Cam Work?

The battery-powered dash cam will work both on internal and external power sources. When the dashcam is installed, it is connected to the vehicle’s power source, which works while the engine is on. 

This dash cam will function on its attached internal battery when your car or truck is parked because the external power source is cut off. The battery works for some 5 to 6 minutes which is enough to record the cause of an accident or any other turbulence.

It also effectively detects if a driver is lagging or using the phone, speeding, or close chasing and notifies the fleet manager to take viable action. In this way, the manager can easily pinpoint irresponsible truckers.

Here’s a video showing the difference between solar and battery powered dash cams: 

Why Invest In A Battery-Powered Dash cam?

The question is always raised as to why buy a battery-powered dashcam instead of the regular one. Both don’t look much different, and the battery-powered dash cam comes with a slightly extra price. 

Here is why:

Longer Running Time

Unlike other dashcams, which stop working when the vehicle’s power system is turned off, a battery-powered dashcam will rely on a backup battery source. With this dash cam, you can monitor your car/truck even when parked. 

Parking Mode

Many accidents happen when a car is parked, and without a running engine, there is no way to determine the cause of the accident. But with a battery-powered dashcam real-time evidence, the insurance claim becomes simpler. 

You can check out the best trucker dashcam options for 2023 here.

Avoid Theft

Your vehicle’s safety is the first and foremost concern. With a battery-powered dashcam, you can make sure your vehicle is safe even when you are not around. Most of the thefts happen in parking spaces. But how will you avoid this with a battery-powered dash cam?

Because the dashcam is powered by a battery, it will stay active in parking mode. Driver and road view cameras will record clear, high-definition video for you to identify and chase down the culprit. 

Real-Time Alerts for Enhanced Safety

Enhancing your fleet management, battery-powered dashcams offer the advantage of real-time alerts. Imagine the peace of mind, knowing that these smart devices are your extra eyes on each vehicle, continuously monitoring and immediately alerting fleet managers to any erratic driving behaviors, such as harsh braking, swerving, or unexpected stops. This is not only about recording incidents but proactively preventing potential mishaps. It ensures both the safety of the driver and the security of the vehicle’s cargo.

Additionally, it empowers fleet managers to take immediate corrective actions, which could be pivotal in safeguarding the company’s reputation and minimizing potential liabilities. Having a real-time alert system doesn’t just protect you in the aftermath of an incident but can also serve as a preventative measure.

Solid Evidence

Battery-powered dashcams might become your one and only way to get out of difficult situations. Imagine, your vehicle suffers an accident and the situation is quite complicated. It becomes difficult to decide who the real culprit is.

As a driver, you need to prove your innocence or you’ll have to pay for the damage to the vehicle and assets you were delivering. In this scenario, footage recorded by a battery-powered dashcam will become your sole evidence against the real culprit.

Save On Insurance

As dashcams are becoming mandatory for truckers, they may save you money on insurance. Many insurance companies offer discounts on premiums if you invest in dash cams. Another way to benefit from insurance is by providing clear-cut evidence in case of theft or accident. The insurance company may not cover your loss if you cannot prove the cause of the accident.

So, with a battery-powered dashcam, you have clear video of the road, driver’s cabin, and rear view which will show that the accident didn’t happen due to the driver’s negligence.

Minimizing Idle Time and Boosting Fuel Efficiency

Did you know that reducing vehicle idle times can significantly enhance fuel efficiency and contribute to cost savings? Battery-powered dashcams provide an incredible tool in this respect. By monitoring and reporting vehicle idle times, they enable fleet managers to identify and address any unnecessary fuel expenditure. This ensures that every gallon is optimally utilized.

Moreover, insights derived from dash cam data can be useful in optimizing routes, ensuring that drivers are utilizing the most fuel-efficient pathways available, and avoiding routes that may historically incur excessive idle times.

Reduced Fuel Consumption

It is more of an indirect benefit of a battery-powered dash cam but still an important one. You can use route and traffic reports to manage the truck’s path beforehand. This feature is provided by many ELDs as well but it is a useful feature to have in dashcams as well.

If the route is managed before the journey, the driver will be aware of which routes to avoid and which routes are short and easy. This will result in less fuel consumption.

Ensuring Compliance and Navigating Legalities with Ease

Compliance with regulatory standards is crucial in the trucking industry. The addition of a battery-powered dash cam can play a pivotal role in ensuring that your fleet adheres to legal requirements, by meticulously recording driving hours and providing irrefutable evidence of compliance.

Moreover, in scenarios where legal disputes arise pertaining to on-road incidents, having access to clear, timestamped, and geotagged footage from your dashcam can be the deciding factor in substantiating your case, protecting your drivers, and safeguarding your business against unjust claims.

Optimised Driver Safety

The in-cabin view of the dashcam will record the driver the whole time keeping fleet owners in the loop. If the driver is distracted or showing any careless behavior you can alert them or issue a warning.

If this behavior is consistent then these drivers can be singled out for extra coaching and training sessions. This will not only ensure the safety of the driver but your vehicle and business as well. 


The normal price of a battery-powered dash cam ranges from $100 to $300. Prices may fluctuate depending on the model type, fleet size, unique features, and requirements of the fleet. 

For instance, some battery-powered dash cams do not come with extra storage, whereas others lack a back camera. The addition of these features costs extra. 

Motive (formerly KeepTruckin) and Samsara dash cams are popular in the market. Motive dash cams come with a number of features like front and rear cameras, good storage, clear display, light indicators, and many more.

Battery-Powered Dash cams – The Future of Convenience, Efficiency, and Performance

The best way to decide which battery-powered dash cam to buy is by asking the questions to yourself,  like what features do you want to have in it? Some of the main features that we recommend that should be in a dashcam are the good quality of the video, extended recording time, battery life, and large storage capacity.

Whatever your purpose is in buying a battery-powered dash cam, it is an excellent investment to ensure the safety of your vehicle. Because when a driver is under surveillance, they will improve their driving habits, and accidents can be avoided altogether.

And in case something does happen, video evidence of dash cam will fairly decide who was responsible.

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Laraib Shah

Laraib Shah

With a keen interest in the trucking industry, Laraib has dedicated years to understanding and writing about fleet management solutions. As a freelance writer, her insights are backed by hands-on experiences and meticulous industry research. She loves sharing her knowledge with the readers of When she's not writing about trucking, she enjoys connecting with her fellow fleet managers and truckers.

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About the author

Laraib Shah

Laraib Shah

With a keen interest in the trucking industry, Laraib has dedicated years to understanding and writing about fleet management solutions. As a freelance writer, her insights are backed by hands-on experiences and meticulous industry research. She loves sharing her knowledge with the readers of When she's not writing about trucking, she enjoys connecting with her fellow fleet managers and truckers.

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