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FMCSA Approved ELD Devices – List & resources

ELDs (Electronic Logging Devices) have already become a major part of truck driver’s work. ELDs track their hours of service and to ensure that everything is handled as per the highest standards. However, they have to be FMCSA Approved ELD. Have you wondered which the best ones are? Let’s have a look. You can check the complete FMCSA list to make sure that your final choice is among the approved devices.

Fleet Complete by BigRoad

This is one of the most comprehensive electronic logging devices. FMCSA Approved ELD, it guarantees compliance and efficiency.

The application is configured in a manner which alerts the driver if there are any upcoming violations at certain intervals which are measured.

It also provides serious flexibility when it comes to overriding the warnings as well as the violation alerts. There are reason codes for this matter.

BigRoad DashLink

This is another Approved ELD which is simple, flexible and very affordable. DashLink is pretty much a plug and play solution which comes with apps for iOS and for Android. It is going to connect seamlessly and make it completely effortless for the driver to set up.

Also, it will sync in automatically – there is literally nothing complicated with it. There is real-time HOS follow up as well as comprehensive fleet tracking.

Dispatching Solutions DSI eLogs. This is a cloud-based operation and it is specifically designed to work as a dedicated or a BYOD solution for iOS and for Android.

It is one of the most comprehensive apps on the market for that matter and it is going to cost you between $450 and $700 based on the capabilities and the hardware that you need. That’s the initial fee and there is a $20 monthly fee.

DriverTech DT4000 Rev 7

This is another very convenient solution for your ELD situation. If you are looking for something comprehensive, this is a device which integrates awesomely and it is a very easy FMS – fleet management system. It comes with all the necessary and efficient metrics that you might be looking for and it is quite robust.

Eclips RapidLog

This is a product which is pretty much a monitor for your electronic logs. The company says that it has managed to audit more than 1 billion logs for hours of service without making a mistake. This is definitely something substantial.

ELDS HOS by ELD Solutions

ELD Solutions are a great source of ELD-based devices. These are specifically designed to ensure compliance to a full line of different features. These features include IFTA accounting, GPS tracking and telematics.

There is no upfront cost and you will get a power cord, case, tablet, ELD module, set-up procedure or a direct installation. There is, however, a direct opening monthly subscription fee.


This is another FMCSA Approved ELD and it is designed with a driver-friendly display which has splendid data-transferring capabilities which are going to facilitate the roadside enforcement as well as reduce the administrative paperwork and time.

This is an intuitive in-vehicle digital device which is going to stay in the truck or other type of vehicle and synch with the engine in order to record HOS automatically.

It has a touchscreen and it’s going to let the drivers view, add and edit notes to all of their logs. It would also allow them to easily present the status throughout the roadside inspection.

GPS Insight ELD-2000

This is a system which bundles an alerting, reporting and GPS tracking device all together. It is hardwired to an Android tablet that’s designed with a very intuitive user interface. The device is also going to provide you with messaging capabilities for the drivers and the dispatch in order to reduce the unnecessary amount of phone calls. This is a device which features a web-based management portal that’s accessible through a PC, smartphone or a tablet. The initial cost starts at $650 and there is a $34.95 ongoing monthly fee. You can also rent.

Atlas by HOS Reporter

This is a compliance solution for fleets which are smaller and usually owner-operated. The device has an ELD solution as well as a fully functional AOBRD solution. This is going to provide you with e-logs right under the necessary regulations.

E-logs are editable and this allows for less data to be sent which is quite convenient. The device is very simple to use, quickly integrated and it comes with a wide range of interesting benefits.

HOS 247

This is another compliant ELD which offers comprehensive solutions and packages for small and for large fleets. The package is very convenient and it includes logbook application, free logging devices, DVIRs, a monitoring web portal for the fleet manager, a dashboard for compliance, GPS tracking and others of the kind.
As you can see, when it comes to it, there are quite a lot of different choices of electronic logging devices. FMSCA approval is necessary for them to be compliant. All of the above have it. These are going to make your life a lot easier, regardless of you are in management or if you are the driver.

The devices and the apps ensure that the proper amount of hours are being services so that the driver doesn’t get tired and fatigued. This is something very important and it is necessary to ensure that everything is handled as per the highest regulatory standards.

In conclusion

It goes without saying that an FMCSA Approved ELD is going to bring tons of merit to your trucking company and it’s going to spare you a lot of headache. Without thinking too much, you should also be aware of the fact that they are becoming the necessary industry standard. This means that you wouldn’t have the chance to choose whether or not you want to go for it anymore.

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