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ELD ManufacturersWhen it comes to ELD manufacturers, there are well over 100 companies that are offering a number of devices that you can choose from. However, whether or not you are able to be compliant with the FMCSA ELD mandate could depend on which device you choose and which ELD manufacturer you go with.

In this article, we’re going to focus on what type of device you need to look for, how to know if a manufacturer meets the FMCSA regulations, and give you a list of ELD manufacturers.

What Type of Device You Need

If you are simply looking for an easier way to log information, then you can choose any device that’s on the market. However, if you want to comply with the new FMCSA regulation which requires all trucks to have an ELD device in place, then you need to make sure that the device you’re looking into actually meets all their requirements.

The truth is that there are many devices out there that do not currently meet requirements, even if it’s labeled as an ELD.

Here are the three different terms that you’ll hear for devices:

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AOBRD – This stands for Automatic On-Board Recording Device

These devices were introduced in 1988 with the first set of regulations created by FMCSA regarding the use of electronics to monitor commercial vehicle activity.

If you have one of these devices, there is a chance that you can continue to use it, especially if it’s a newer model that can have its software updated to meet the new standards. However, you’ll need to check with the manufacturer about your specific device.

EOBR – This stands for Electronic On-Board Recorder

This type of device is more advanced than the original AOBRD devices and were introduced in the early 2000’s. Up until 2012, this was the preferred device that was up-to-date with the FMCSA regulations at that time.

If you have one of these devices, then it may give you more time to comply with the ELD mandate, so check to make sure that your EOBR device qualifies you to wait before needing to install an ELD.

ELD – This stands for Electronic Logging Device

This term is considered the official one and was established in 2012 with the creation of the Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century bill that Congress passed which included the ELD mandate.

These devices record more than just hours of service or even drive times. They record everything from GPS position to hard braking. ELD devices are the only ones that are compliant with current FMCSA guidelines.

How to Know if a Device is FMCSA-Compliant

In order for an ELD to be compliant with current standards, the ELD manufacturer must confirm that it complies with the technical specifications as laid out by FMCSA by going through a self-certification process.

From there, they need to register that device with FMCSA and provide proof that they have certified it themselves. FMSCA does not endorse any particular ELD provider or ELD device, and any device that is found to not match their specifications will be removed from their list.

Which ELD Providers are FMCSA-Compliant?

When you’re ready to get your fleet fitted with ELD devices so you can continue to be FMCSA-compliant, then you can get started with any one of the ELD providers on our list.

Keep in mind that every ELD provider and device is different, but they all perform the same basic functions. If there are specific optional functions that are important to you, then you’ll need to make sure that the ELD device and provider you’re looking at will suite your needs.

The other thing you will have to consider when looking at ELD manufacturers are whether they only provide the device or if they also provide services. If you are looking to work with an all-in-one company, then you have to make sure that the ELD manufacturer you choose not only offers the device, but also has monthly services that will work for you.

The List of the ELD Providers 

[ that are FMSCA-compliant (in alphabetical order) ]


- 2701545 Canada Inc.

- 3MD Solutions, LLC.

- Alert GPS Inc

- Apollo ELD

- Arion Tech Inc.

- AssetWorks

- ATS Fleet Management Solutions

- Auto Security & Monitoring Inc

- AwareGPS

- BigRoad Inc

- Blue Ink Tech

- Blue Tree Systems

- CAMS Software Corporation

- Carrus Mobile, Inc

- Cartasite

- Cartrack Inc

- Cellutrak Inc.

- Certified Tracking Solutions

- Continental

- Coretex

- Cyntrx

- Datasmart ELD

- Dispatching Solutions Inc

- DQ Technologies

- DriverTech LLC

- Earthwave Technologies

- e-Infospectrum Inc.

- ELD Solutions

- E-Log Plus


- EyeRide

- Ezlogz Inc

- Fleetmatics, a Verizon Company

- FleetSharp

- Fleet Systems USA

- FleetUp

- FlexGPS

- Focus Fleet and Fuel Management Inc

- Forward Thinking Systems LLC

- Garmin International

- Geosavi Inc.

- GeoSpace Labs

- Geotab Inc.

- GFI Systems Inc.

- Global Tracking Communications, Inc.

- Gorilla Fleet Safety, LLC

- GpsBorder

- GPS Insight

- Hawk Eye Log Global Technology Ltd.


- HOS247 LLC

- HOS-Reporter

- Hutch Business Group Inc.

- iGlobal LLC

- Intelligent Telematics Inc.

- InTouch

- ISE Fleet Services, LLC

- I.S.P.P. 9675868 Canada Inc.

- J. J. Keller & Associates, Inc.

- KeepTruckin, Inc.

- Konexial, Inc.

- LB Technology Inc.

- LiveViewGPS

- Locus GPS

- M2M In Motion

- MachineLINK

- Magellan GPS

- Mastrack

- Mobile Warrior LLC

- National Fleet Tracking

- Navistar, Inc.

- NexTraq

- Octo Telematics North America, LLC

- Omnitracs, LLC

- ONE20, Inc.

- Pedigree Technologies, LLC

- PeopleNet

- Propel GPS, LLC

- Qv21 Technologies, Inc.

- Red Dog Logistics LLC

- Rolling Trans

- Samsara

- Saucon Technologies, Inc.

- Simple Elog Inc

- SimpleTruckELD Inc.

- Smarttruckpro

- Spark Technology Labs Inc.

- Stoneridge Inc.

- Support Resources, Inc.

- Switchboard

- Teletrac Navman

- Telogis, a Verizon Company



- Trimble

- Trip Data & Safety Management Inc.

- TruckX Inc.

- TruxTrax Inc.

- TSO MOBILE by Tracking Solutions Corp

- UNIS Technology LLC

- Utech Inc.

- Vehicle Tracking Solutions

- VisTracks, Inc.

- Wireless Links


- Yusata Infotech Pvt Ltd.

- Zed Connect Inc.

- Zonar

When to Get an ELD Device

The sooner you get an ELD device installed from one of these ELD providers. The sooner you will be able to reap the benefits of having an ELD device, which includes saving your company money in several different ways.

You may have extra time to comply if you already have an AOBRD or EOBR installed. But the sooner you start looking at the ELD providers available to work with, the more time you’ll have to weigh your options carefully to choose the one that’s right for you.

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