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(Last Updated On: September 23, 2022)

 Motive Card Fleets (Keep Truckin)The growing inflation and rising fuel costs have made it challenging for everyone to manage finances. This is especially true for those with huge vehicles, whose maintenance cost has skyrocketed.

The need of the time is to look for innovative solutions to traditional problems. One great idea is through which you can manage your vehicle’s fuel and management business’s expenses. With the help of a proper spending management solution, keeping track of the costs regarding fuels, management receipts, and related payments for your fleet business is possible. 

Many such tools aid in making operations productive, one of them is Motive (formerly Keep Truckin). What sets it apart from others is that it’s integrated with the fleet dashboard. Using this feature, you can easily manage your day-to-day operations efficiently. 

A business has hundreds of tasks going along simultaneously, especially when it’s getting massive orders. This is when this management tool aids in saving money, keeping things aligned, and offering operational efficiency. 

Motive Card; Is It Merely A Fuel Card?

Being in the fleet business for quite some time, you must be well aware of the fuel cards and their usage. They are one of the most widely used tools to manage fluctuating fuel prices and maintain multiple bills.


Fuel expenses and billings are tough to manage, especially when a business’s fleet volume is massive. However, with the help of a fuel card, regular maintenance of the amount of fuel being popped into each car and the regular management of accounts becomes possible. 

Security is the most significant benefit that comes with a fuel card. Your drivers no longer need to carry cash around but can use the card to refill the fuel tank whenever needed. Alongside this, the card helps track fuel usage and the overall expense that it leads to for each route. It saves from the hassle of unauthorized spending on fuel, tracking the transactions, and analyzing the gas performance periodically. 

However, the motive (formerly Keep Truckin) card is much more than a fuel card. They help fleet business owners keep track of almost everything related to their daily activities. You can read more about that in this article. But, before that, fill out our questionnaire to learn more about your business! 

Saves Business Operations From Redundant Activities

In today’s time, businesses are all about operation efficiency and automation. As a result, no one has the time to do things manually, which tends to slow down the processes. Alongside this, it can lead to stupid mistakes, which can prove disastrous even if they are minor. 

The motive card helps automate things by filtering out all the cardholders’ transactions. Furthermore, it separates them from the existing data in the fleet dashboard. Hence, you don’t need an entire team to do this manually!

Automated Fuel Reports With Vehicle Location Information

Another way the Motive (formerly Keep Truckin) card adds to the efficiency of the business is by reducing the burden on the administrative team. For example, it automatically generates reports related to fuel purchases and connects them with the locations. With this, it gets easier for the business teams to manage IFTA filings.

Saves The Business From Financial Frauds

In the past, fleet businesses, as well as fuel stations, have been significantly robbed by frauds by con artists. Or, an employee of either of these businesses could engage in nefarious activities, leading to huge losses. However, with the motive cards, enterprises get a shield against such frauds and cons. 

For each vehicle, the used fuel is tracked efficiently by the fuel hub. The details of the person purchasing it and the card with which it has been purchased help document and verify the activities. Drivers are assigned to each card, protecting the fleet owners and fuel providers. 

Real-time spending information is undoubtedly a game changer for fleet business owners. Now, they get the entire data regarding who got the fuel purchased in their name, at what time, and for how much. Alongside this, it makes it easier for the management to pinpoint the top spenders and analyze which routes cost them the most money! 

Gets Massive Discounts To Business Owners

In the fleet business, the fuel cost definitely plays a massive role in keeping the company afloat or drowning it in the sea of losses! If a company can manage the fuel cost-efficiently, it surely can sail through the hurdles and become profitable. Fuel cost is an operational cost that requires orderly management. 

Motive cards provide business owners with an opportunity through which they can reduce their overall fuel expenses to some extent. By using these cards, they get discounts. What’s even better? The drivers can use them anywhere and would still be eligible for these discounts.

For instance, if the driver pops up a gallon of diesel in the vehicle from a designated fuel supplier using this card, he is eligible for a discount of around $0.05. As most of the fuel providers accept the motive cards, the place of filing up doesn’t really matter. 

The cost reduction through the motive (formerly Keep Truckin) card is not limited to fuel only. The drivers can use it wherever service providers accept a Mastercard. Hence, it doubles up as a master card and makes purchasing easier! Many repair shops and outlets also align with this plan and provide massive discounts to those who pay through this card. 

Another great way through which a fleet business can do some cost-cutting by using this card comes from the fact that there is no transaction cost associated with it. You won’t have to pay any amount instead of activation charges if you apply for it. As a result, your drivers can make as many transactions as they want in a day, and no extra fee will be charged! 

IFTA Reporting Gets Easier

The international fuel tax agreement reporting is surely the most complicated task a fleet business management team has to perform. However, with motive cards, this also becomes a lot easier! 

As a fleet business owner, you must present your fuel tax report around four times a year! However, with the records of fuel taxes paid at each location, detailed reports of purchase durations, and mileage of each fleet, compiling the lengthy reports becomes very uncomplicated. 

Motive Card Fleets dashboard (Keep Truckin)The Problem With Motive Cards!

For new businesses, using motive (formerly Keep Truckin) cards could be synonymous with digging their own graves if they are not efficient and careful enough! It is, after all, plastic money, which you eventually have to clear up. If debts build up to a level that your company can’t bear them anymore, you may end up going towards bankruptcy.

Hence, using these cards with the utmost care and precaution is necessary!

Final Review Remarks

The Motive card makes quick fuel purchases convenient and efficient. It is an all-encompassing card, which ensures it not only helps reduce the overall fuel and maintenance cost for the fleet company but also streamlines things for easier administration.

However, using these cards still requires precaution and utmost care for them to work for the benefit of the business and not lead to long-term bankruptcy! 

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