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Samsara ELD

$99 + $33 monthly fee

Customer Support


Ease of Use




Suitable for fleets


Features & Technology



  • Comparatively easy to use
  • A modern and intuitive design
  • “Plug and Play” hardware
  • Easy to install
  • 24/7 U.S.-based phone support service


  • When being used on a tablet, the driver app sometimes freezes
  • The durability of the actual hardware leaves something to be desired
  • Some users have claimed that it drops its data connection
  • Lose connection may result in loss of data entries


Samsara ELD Device Review

Samsara ELD device is a new entrant into the ELD market when compared with Garmin and Rand Mcnally ELDs. In this Samsara ELD device review, we are going to talk about Samsara ELD cost, app, and features.

According to drivers, owner-operators, and some large commercial fleet companies, Samara ELD Device is one of the best Electronic Logging Devices available today.

This affordable ELD device is incredibly functional, and it does just about everything but the dinner dishes.

The device is user-friendly and comes with the help of technology that is superbly efficient, knowledgeable, and friendly, and is also only a phone call away almost all the time.

I must say that the buzz surrounding the Samsara ELD device seems to be both well-deserved and completely understandable. 

In this article, we will explore all the pros of Samsara ELD and the very few cons of samsara electronic logging devices.

Why Samsara ELD Device?

The Samsara Electronic Logging Device is a reasonably new, hour of Service mandate compliance device in the world of professional transportation companies, particularly those with larger fleets of vehicles.

This ELD device is considered one of the most versatile electronic logging devices available on the market right now.

Basically, the Samsara ELD is the ultra-cool new kid who just moved into the corner and has all the latest cool stuff that all the other neighborhood kids want.

General Features

Samsara ELD is a cloud-based fleet management solution and also supremely reliable.

It is user-friendly, a snap to adapt to despite its plethora of useful and practical features.

With just about five years in operation, Samsara ELD may be the new kid on the block, but it has become one of the best fleet management solution providers.

I mean, let’s face it: if you are an intelligent, well-informed fleet manager or driver here in the grand old country of the U.S.A., you need to find yourself a cloud-based ELD.

And I want to tell you, one of the best options is Samsara ELD. The company has got it going on, for real.

The product is a stick of dynamite in a tiny package, like all the best and funniest small ones always are.

Allow me to touch just a few of Samsara ELD’s many outstanding qualities, and I think you will find yourself agreeing with me in no time at all.

A Bit of History

Samsara ELD appSamsara ELD was founded in 2015, and almost immediately, Samsara began helping trucking companies to advance at an astounding rate by enhancing the efficiency and company safety issues inherent in their inner function and practices.

In short, Samsara has been innovating and improving in the ELD technology industry for 5 years.

All this while, they have built up a stellar reputation for quality services and fine-tuned their technological goals as a company.

Samsara ELD Tools and Technology 

The modern Samsara ELD devices are packed with tools and capabilities that focus solely on enhancing the safety and efficiency of the fleet’s vehicle.

And despite the challenges inherent in the meeting of those goals, Samsara still manages to save the client money on costs.

So let us get realistic. From transportation and logistics firms to food production and transportation businesses, and construction companies, ELD systems are a must.

The Samsara ELD will not only save you money, in comparison to its many competitors, but it will still manage to provide access to the very best sensor data possible for your vehicle fleet.

Between the ELD hardware and the office tools, what you will be receiving is a proven solution for increased efficiency within your company.

Electronic logging devices


What would a product review be without a comprehensive list of pros vs. cons? Entirely one-sided, that is what it would be.

So we will start with a list of positives feedbacks associated with the Samsara ELD.

  • Comparatively easy to use
  • A modern and intuitive design
  • “Plug and Play” hardware
  • Easy to install
  • 24/7 U.S.-based phone support service
  • No need to install complex software, ever
  • Cloud-based
  • Sealable and secure
  • For fleets numbering up to 10,000 vehicles
  • Custom hierarchies
  • Goes far beyond basic, simple logging
  • Makes everyday management tasks easier
  • Makes planning for your fleet a snap
  • Comprehensive hardware portfolio
  • Many, many other features to explore


In the interest of fairness and full disclosure, here is a list of cons, or drawbacks, that are commonly reported among the company’s customers.

Some of them seem to contradict certain aspects of the Pros list directly, but this is a samsara eld review, and we are in pursuit of objectivity, after all.

Here are some of the problems users experienced with Samsara.

  • When being used on a tablet, the samsara eld driver app sometimes freezes.
  • The durability of the actual hardware leaves something to be desired. Although Samara is excellent about replacing defective units, or units that have ceased to function, some clients report that this is far too frequent an occurrence.
  • While Samsara claims that their ELD system is designed never to lose its connection, some users have claimed that it does drop its data connection, and frequently.
  • Lose connection may result in loss of data entries, random and “odd” data changes to existing entries and even the spontaneous creation of entirely new data entries that never existed at all before the connection dropped.
  • Samsara’s contract is reported to be inflexible and heavily bent in favor of the company as opposed to the client.
  • Finally, clients have reported a plethora of issues surrounding video retrieval. These issues range from extremely time-consuming processes for identifying and retrieving video for specific periods and locations, to the fact that only one minute of video can be downloaded at a time, resulting in a waiting period of several hours for complete videos to be ready for viewing by the client.
  • GPS tracking reports have been found to lack insignificant detail.

Notable Features of Samsara ELD

The Samsara ELD comes with many unique features that put it on top of the competitors. The following are the features.

ELD Compliance

The Samsara ELD is certified by FMCSA (The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) to meet all requirements. I don’t know about you, but to me, that seems somewhat essential.

However, Samsara goes beyond standard compliance, the device offered features that surpass simple e-log to provide data that helps to streamline the fleet’s business operations.

Mainly, Samsara designed their ELD device to offer compliance with FMCSA regulations, at about half the cost of other standards products in the ELD market.

This fleet management solution is also packed with more features than could have previously been imagined.

Samsara ELD reviews

Dispatch and Routing Features

With the Samsara ELD, fleet routing and dispatching is an absolute breeze.

Samsara is superb with fleet management, and there is no need to call drivers to find out their exact locations.

The Samsara gives real-time locations on all vehicles at any given time. Similarly, fleet managers will be able to share their “live tracking” with their drivers, when and if needed.

However, some clients have reported issues surrounding these features, which we covered pretty extensively in the ‘Cons’ section of this review.

Wi-Fi Hotspots

SAMSARA WIFIA unique feature of the Samsara ELD is that, unlike its leading competitors, it actually provides in-cab Wi-Fi hotspots for drivers who have the Samsara ELD unit attached to their vehicles.

The device comes with 500Mb of data per month, per individual vehicle.

And this wildly convenient feature serves multiple purposes, one of which is improving the productivity of drivers by encouraging them to use mobile productivity apps, such as CRM, Work Order, HD video, and messaging and email apps specific to their company.

These Wi-Fi hotspots are handy, but some clients have had issues with lost and dropped connections.


They’re an ELD tool and an advanced safety feature of the Samsara product.

Dashcams are equivalent to having “computer vision” or even “artificial intelligence” aboard each one of your vehicles.

Samsara hardware includes dual-facing HD dash cams and also features a front-facing HD dashcam.

These samsara eld cameras are capable of catching every nuance of any possible incident of interest or concern and upload it directly (and automatically) to the cloud storage.

Thus making these cams extremely important, for several reasons.

Samsara ELD reviews

One reason is that the Samsara dash cams can capture essential incident footage.

And therefore, it helps in eliminating the problems of hazy human memories, he-said-she-said debates, and suspicious-sounding stories involving accidents or other occurrences in question involving employees and company assets.

The Function of the DashCams

The cams allow owner-operators and fleet managers to review footage involving near-misses, suspected dangerous driving behavior, and to track collations if and when it may become necessary.

The dash cams can even automatically detect and tag signs of distracted driver behavior, all of which ultimately go a long way toward a dramatic reduction in the frequency of accidents.

However, life is random, at times, shocking, and accidents are bound to occur from time to time.

And when they do, Samsara’s HD dual dash cams are extremely useful tools throughout the accident investigation process.

The cams help to identify the responsible party so they can be held accountable.

Just be prepared for the process to take some time, as there have been reports of extremely long download times for this type of video footage.

Of course, it would be better if no accident ever occurred in the first place, which is why Samsara’s ELD HD dual cameras are also great for identifying risky driving behavior before it has a chance to cause a problem.

The identified truck drivers are then given further education and samsara eld instructions on how to remain safe and behave appropriately when back on the road.

Electronic logs for trucks

Elements of Routing and Dispatch

A lot of Samsara ELD’s numerous, innovative features involve dispatch and routing.

The Samsara is a superstar at fleet management, making fleet routing and dispatching an absolute breeze.

Due to Samsara’s ability to provide real-time information on the location and status of any vehicle in your fleet, at any time, there is never a need to call your drivers to check in on their location.

It does not get any more convenient, efficient, or simple than that process.

However, some clients find that the location function leaves something to be desired in terms of precision of the exact location.

And, many clients have reported outstanding capabilities where this function is concerned.

Sharing and Capturing Documents

What Samsara has done to improve your company’s ability to handle, share, and Samsara ELD appcapture documentation may surprise you.

These are features that have been proven to go above and beyond. And also enhance customer service capabilities for your trucking business.

The features show the status of the Samsara ELD as head and shoulders above the competition in the world of professional transportation management and, specifically, the world of electronic logging devices in general.

Automatic System

The Samsara ELD has an innovative, built-in capability that allows you to eliminate the need to scan, sort, and file certain documents manually.

The device allows you to upload and access these documents from a central location.

It even makes it possible for your drivers to use their smartphones or tablets to document their receipts and bills.

And also, making them available to you within seconds of the drivers’ documentation, no matter where their current location.

Some clients have had issues with this driver app function repeatedly freezing, though.

This system also automatically uploads important documentation to the cloud.

And this allows fleet managers and other executives to view them from their Dashboards.

Also, this feature is useful for processing relevant payroll documents, and it makes customers invoicing a snap, too.

GPS Tracking

The Samsara ELD features some of the highest quality and efficient GPS sensors available in the industry.

And there is absolutely no question that access to the very best GPS sensors out there provides a serious upward boost to your business.

These GPS sensors provide you with real-time information on vehicle uses and fuel consumption.

The GPS also provides a close look at route performance and even driver behavior. And thus allowing you to monitor vehicle locations in real-time.

In a nutshell, these highly efficient Samsara ELD GPS sensors provide all kinds of vital information about drivers and their vehicles.

Aerial viewpoint

Samsara even provides an aerial view option, in real-time, of the actual vehicle or current location – That is some next-level GPS monitoring.

The benefits offered to fleet management by these innovative features are absolutely fantastic.

Reefer Monitoring

The importance of cost-effective monitoring, control, and compliance for transportation companies that handle refrigerated assets cannot possibly be overstated.

Visibility and control are incredibly essential when it comes to reefer monitoring.

Samsara reviews

Luckily, the Samsara ELD has all your reefer tracking needs covered, in spades. These are unique features, unlikely to be found in any competitors’ ELD products.

The Reefer Monitoring feature is a perfect example of Samsara ELD’s status as a superior ELD product.

Take the absolute need for visibility and control over your reefer operations.

For instance, Samsara offers a powerful combination of two-way reefer control, wireless sensors, and instant alerts to provide essential visibility and control over the efficiency of your entire operation.

Why is it Convenient?

This system features instant alerts and wireless sensors, which provide enhanced visibility and control over your fleet.

The company provides an FMCSA samsara eld compliant solution and thus eliminating the need for manual record-keeping and providing temperature records on-demand.

The sensor devices even enable you to provide temperature data on Proof of Delivery documents, which is an excellent enhancement for every companies’ customer service capabilities.

The constant temperature monitoring data records will also allow you to show proof to your clients of how well you cared for their goods.

Another benefit of the Samsara ELD’s sensors when monitoring reefers is that, if the temperature in a reefer deviates from the pre-set range, you will be notified instantly, which can prevent all sorts of problems and damage to loads that are heat sensitive.

Samsaras’s affordable reefer management solution even controlled temperatures in-transit, preventing product spoilage and rejected deliveries of temperature-sensitive cargo.

New Features os Samsara

This fleet management provider continues to add many useful features with its ELD fleet management solution. And recently, they announce additional features.

Ford Vehicles’s Integrated Fleet Management Solution

fleet managementThis new Integrated Fleet Management Solution was built together with Ford and rooted in the user’s feedback.

As a result, data from Ford’s factory-installed telematics systems can be migrated seamlessly through Samsara’s fleet management software.

It’s equipped with built-in connectivity devices for qualifying Ford commercial vehicles, starting the model year 2018 or newer.

And this allows fleets to manage their Ford vehicles effectively, whether they have been connected through built-in telematics or aftermarket gateways.

And it helps you to carry rich, Ford-specific data into the single, centralized system of Samsara to control all of your assets in one environment.

This successful innovation helps in bringing fully-managed integration between Samsara and Ford Data services.

Thus helping to share customer’s actionable data gather from the broad spectrum of Ford vehicles, and make the data available for viewing on the Samsara platform.

Fleet Electrification Report

The fleet electrification report provides a consolidated assessment of your fleet’s light-duty vehicles, which are the best possible option to be replaced with EVs.

And this consolidated analysis report gives vehicle data insight and therefore enabling the fleet company to gather the right data and evidence.

And this data and evidence will be used to convince your investors that an electric vehicle would get the job done even more than a traditional vehicle.

Samsara utilizes six significant factors to decide whether or not a vehicle is the right choice for electrification:

  • Annual emissions saved
  • Annual fuel savings
  • fuel efficiency
  • Average daily range
  • Vehicle age
  • Max range

Driver Coaching Tools

Driver Coaching Tools samsaraOne of the newly added features to the Samsara ELD is the new driver coaching tools that make the identification of coachable driving moments even more effortless.

This new feature also provides drivers with relevant feedback that improves performance.

As a result, it allows the user to easily track their impact over time with dynamic charts showing harsh events, crashes, as well as speeding trends.

As a result, the fleet manager can flag events needing coaching and delegate them for review to a particular safety manager, and thus, simplifying how you share responsibility and enhance accountability.

Samsara additionally aggregates coachable driver events and provides suggested scripts to optimize feedback.

New Documents fields

The company designed its Documents feature to make it even more comfortable as possible for fleet drivers to capture data on the go using the Driver App.

Therefore, information such as fuel receipts, as well as proof of delivery, can be easily captured.

While using the Driver App’s Documents feature, fleet vehicle drivers can forward information back to the fleet managers or the back office.

A document may contain photos as well as text that the truck drivers may enter in their app for some different reasons.

As a result, it allows drivers to capture two new pieces of important information using Documents: dates and times.

Also, the company enabled the fleet manager to create required fields or even created a new type of field (multiple choice).

Samsara also introduces Document Submission Alerts so that notifications can be received when necessary forms are submitted, and this further improves the effectiveness of the fleet’s back offices.

Camera ID for Assigning Driver

Samsara introduced Camera ID, one of the best new features that use face detection as well as advanced algorithms to recognize and add drivers to vehicles, trips, and event video, to streamline driver assignments.

Wake On Motion for Unpowered Assets

Fleet owners might have already known that they can set a custom check-in rate for their unpowered asset gateway.

However, though this new update AG pings the location of the assets regularly than the default 12 hours.

And, if you’ve got AG45s on assets that are theft targets, this new release feature is for you. With wake-up on motion, fleet managers or owners can set up an alert that triggers when an asset appears to have already been stolen.

For instance, whenever the asset is detected from outside geofence, you can make adjustments automatically to the device to check in every five minutes instead of every 12 hours.

Wake On Motion for Unpowered Assets

Higher check-ins assist in tracking assets effectively quickly.

And with this new feature, the company dropped the potential time for assets recovery from a max of 24 hours to nearly real-time on a stolen asset.

Planned vs. Actual Report

The Planned vs. Actual Report is another powerful tool that the Samsara fleet management solution provider brought to the table.

And this new feature can be used to maximize performance on the route. In the report, you can compare to the route plan, the time as well as the distance it truly has taken to complete a route.

With route or customer stop-level insights, fleet managers can recognize which fleet vehicle drivers take much more time at a specific route stop.

They will also be able to know the stops that appear to be taking longer than anticipated, and sometimes even evaluate on-time performance trends for specific customers.

Text to Speech (TTS)

Many commercial fleets adopt the Samsara Two-way Messaging feature to try to keep their truck drivers updated and safe.

However, this year, the Samsara fleet management solution added a new feature that can help keep fleet drivers up-to-date while at the same time focusing their eyes on the roads.

The new TTS features enable Incoming messages to be played out loud with Text to Speech (TTS)—providing a safe, distraction-free, and safe way for drivers to receive updates on any phone or tablet.

Messages may be sent to individual vehicle drivers or sent to groups.

Rolling Stop Detection

Using the safety feature of Samsara’s AI Rolling Stop Detection, the CM31, as well as CM32 dashcam models, will assess when a truck driver fails to come to a full stop at a stop sign and also add such occurrences to the Safety Inbox.

When a fleet vehicle driver rolls through a stop, Samsara can immediately track and also upload footage for review as well as coaching into the Safety Inbox.

You could even configure the speed sensitivity within your dashboard to detect rolling stops via the Camera & Safety settings.

Rolling Stop Detection

Vehicle’s DVIR Templates

With this new feature, fleet managers can create custom defects, DVIR templates and also assign them to individual vehicles or trucks.

And these lists of defects will reflect the vehicle or truck they are associated with the Samsara Driver App.

Also, this new feature makes it much easier to customize the DVIRs of the fleet to suit any individual needs.

Thus enabling you to create custom lists of defects, so drivers know what to check for, such as levels of fluid, ladders, mirrors, mufflers, and much more.

Asset Scheduling

Asset SchedulingThrough the new asset scheduling tool, fleet managers can manage all their jobs as well as asset assignments effectively in their dashboard.

Thus giving all teams visibility on the relevant information they need to have in one centralized location.

And therefore, fleet managers can see at a glance which assets are engaged in a job as well as how long they will need to get the job done.

This feature help fleet management plan for the future and also reduce the complexity of booking.

The new Asset scheduling feature helps to keep track of the location of the assets as well as the job they are allocated to if you own and lease equipment.

To know more about all the 87 new features that Samsara added this year, the company launch a new webinar series called “Samsara Quarterly Update,”

Live Sharing

Meeting the expectations of customers at present is no easy process – particularly as it relates to delivering accurate ETAs.

Samsara has revamped the: Live Sharing features that will make it easier to satisfy your customers.

With a modern look, fleet managers can interact with drivers in real-time and also get details for vehicles or the company’s assets.

Also, you can create a personalized Live Sharing link to any truck or route in just two clicks.

Customer Support

eld technical supportYou will consider the quality of customer service when deciding on an ELD provider.

And this means you can fix any issues efficiently and have operations running smoothly.

In this way, samsara eld customer service sets itself apart by providing one of the most responsive and effective customer service teams out there.

Customers can reach the samsara eld phone number 24/7. The professional samsara eld support teams are always prepared to answer any questions and help resolve any problems.

Customers will have access to online services offered by the company, and the samsara eld manual.

Likewise, there are plenty of samsara eld training videos, educational materials as well as tips that teach customers how to make more effective use of Samsara’s products.


As described above, all fleet management systems from Samsara are built around the unique requirements of the company, and therefore, all quotes are unique to individual needs.

What you will note is that there is an upfront samsara eld price to bear the expenses of setup and subscription payment to cover the hosting.

The Upfront Cost and samsara eld pricing are as follows.

Initial investment costs for Samsara ELD are much lower than average. Users are expected to pay $99 per unit upfront.

The monthly expense is where it gets even pricier. Customers pay an average of around $33 per month for each device.

However, Samsara requests that its customers sign a 3-year contract.

The average cost per unit for three years amounts to about $1,287. And this includes all the monthly expenses as well as the upfront investment of $99.

User Review

user reviewsWe research a lot of review sites to see what real users think about Samsara’s ELD solution and to get the full picture of what the product’s users’ experience looks like.

Many customers gave the company a favorable assessment of how effectively their fleet operates due to the ELD solution.

And also, some customers said they like the Simple, easy, real-time GPS Helicopter View, which makes Samsara ELD’s mobile app extremely simple and enjoyable.

Some Samsara customers, however, have experienced some glitches.

Few users gave samsara eld complaints that, Although the ELD system has been easy to install and set up, there are few bugs there. Without prompt, it continually switches the duty status of the drivers.

And also, other customers argue that the device does not recognize the exemption when working under an AG Exemption.’

Another user shows dissatisfaction because their three literally sitting trucks are still on a locked lot, but somehow samsara ELD shows them driving for two to three hours.

All of that said, these issues have not proved universal. And it could be due to user error.

Final Take for Samsara ELD

After thoroughly reviewing and examining the:

  • Capabilities
  • Features
  • Functions

and overall value of the Samsara ELD system, there are only a few logical conclusions at which to arrive.

I want to mention a few of them here, although…

Of course, the final decision is always for the consumers to make.

There are, of course, other affordable ELD system options available on the market in direct competition with the Samsara ELD app.

However, these options are not outclassed when it comes to the myriad of features and functions that are included as standard to the versatile and capable Samsara ELD.


Even when taking into account the list of ‘Cons’ contained in this review;

it is important to remember that a minimal number of Samsara clients report those problems and issues.

The majority of users report entirely positive experiences with the Samsara ELD app and system.

Competitors’ ELD products, which are priced similarly to the Samsara ELD.

Simply cannot compete with the quality, function, user-friendliness, and high standard of client satisfaction of the Samsara ELD.

Samsara has produced an exceptionally high-quality product in the world of electronic logging devices and the transportation industry.

After careful consideration of both the benefits and drawbacks reported by a broad cross-section of clients, we recommend Samsara ELD.  The product is worth its price tag.

 Please share your review below, so other truckers can have more information, thanks! 
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Robert Rigman

Robert Rigman

Former independent OTR trucker that left the road to dedicate his time to research new technology for the transport industry. When the ELD Mandate was approved many questions and daily challenges came up and there was no answer to them. was born from the combination of my passion for trucking and my affinity for research and writing.

2 Responses

  1. We took 3 devices last year. Sales man never told about 3 years contract. We tried to cancel the services and we were told that we are in 3 year contract. We haven’t used 1 device and we paid for it for 8 months. Worst customer service and worst company to ever deal with. I will recomend my friends not to use your services. I asked your finance team to call me back(414-269-5460). No one called back.

  2. Customer Support


    Ease of Use




    Suitable for fleets


    Features & Technology


    This company and their management team are what I would call crooks. I was and am still using three different ELDs for three transportation companies I have. As we all know, due to the COVID-19, transportation/travel industry companies are either out of business or trying to survive the pandemic without any source of income. I’m cutting down all of my operational costs including electricity and water.

    The two other companies I work with are Teletrac Navman and KeepTruckin. While the two companies are offering temporary suspension in this unprecedented time, Samsara is forcing me to pay for everything. I did try to cancel their sneaky “3-YEAR CONTRACT” but they said I was a day late for free trial and forced me into the contract that I cannot afford (due to COVID-19). I literally begged them, explaining the situation I am in, how I have no business whatsoever, however, regardless of my terrible situation, they forced me to pay every penny.

    If you are reading this review, please do not get Samsara. They are serious crooks.

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