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rand mcnally elogWhen it comes to Rand McNally, it is a country’s most trusted source for maps, travel content plus navigation. There services and products are; Intel Route truck routing software, OverdryveTM connected-car device, HD 100 E-Log, TNDTM truck GPS.

Plus, the leading geography-based educational resources. Now Rand McNally elog system is here. Below is a complete review. Rand McNally has so far launched the ELD 50 for professional drivers, DC 200 which is designed to be able to meet the compliance plus budget of small and medium size fleets.

Rand McNally has continuously been able to develop trusted and innovative products, so as to enrich your journey from place to place. Their mission is to enhance every individual experience on the road with Rand McNally device. Their services range from long-haul truck drivers to car commuters by providing revolutionary automotive technology.

Also electronics, which keeps you connected whether you are on the road or not. The electronics can be RV, car or truck electronics and cameras plus monitoring.


The Rand’s web portal is the area where you are able to store your data. Rand McNally has two different web portals, the portals are not connected therefore, data cannot be mined or synchronized together.

Rand has its own web portal called the DriverConnect,  which is used to upload the Hours of Service plus any other truck data dependent on the service plan of your choice. The Rand McNally ELD devices include; the ELD 50, DC 200 among others we will look at them in details.

eld compliance

DC 200 - ELD Device 

The DC 200 allows drivers to be able to view and certify logs, change duty status and complete DVIRs with their own tablet, a smartphone or iOS phone.  It comes in champagne gold and matte silver colors. It has light on its top which changes color thus indicating different functions.

When it's green, this shows that it’s connected to the app. To show that an over the air software update is happening the color changes to blue. In the event that it’s booting up, it will flash red and green colors.

DC 200 delivers electronic logging plus fleet management through a low-profile and sleek design. It has an easy installation, as it plugs into the JBUS diagnostic port of a vehicle through the use of a Y cable. With the DC 200, there’re no complicated installation processes.

Rand McNally DC 200 Features

Electronic Logging Devices ComparisionThe DC 200 which is a low-profile 5-inch long device that works with both the 6 and 9 pin ports, it also work with the type 1 plus type 2 ports. The Rand McNally DriverConnect app has electronic logging information sent to it. The information is available for iOS and android devices. It is also preloaded on devices of the newer Rand McNally.

It has a built-in modem; therefore, drivers do not need to rely on their phones’ data; fleet managers are able to access HOS reports plus track multiple vehicles in real time and so much more. The Rand McNally DriverConnect App which is available for iOS and Android, it is also preinstalled on the newer Rand McNally devices. The App replaces paper logs, providing a user-friendly interface where:

  • You are able to certify or view logs
  • It can complete DVIRs
  • Is able to send and receive messages

Rand McNally DC 200 Advantages

When you connect to the internet, the Rand McNally DriverConnect App syncs the web portal of Rand McNally. In the portal, you are able to view, print plus store E-Log history that is up to 6 months as required by the law. The portal also allows you to view truck location and vehicle status; this is dependent on the service plan of your choice.

With the DC 200 you will be able to view ten different diagnostic gauges. This is because; it transmits engine data to the DriverConnect app. The gauges include:

  • Coolant temperature
  • Battery voltage
  • Average fuel economy
  • Gallons per hour
  • Oil pressure
  • Boost pressure

You are able to customize your dashboard to have your preferred gauges at a glance view. The DC 200 costs $399.99; note that it will be available later this year. Its subscriptions run from$24.99 and $29.99 in a month, this is dependent on its feature.

Final Words On DC 200 ELD Device

It is important to note that the DC 200 also offers features such as: messaging that is between drivers and the fleet managers, IFTA fuel-tax reporting plus forms-based messaging in workflow management. Cloud-based DriverConnect system was built using a scalable infrastructure, which allows integration with other transport management systems.

Rand McNally can be able to send push software upgrades over the air to the device, for it has cellular connectivity. The Android app is free thus enabling drivers to test drive the product. This is done by downloading the application then inputting their status manually. The reports are able to be turned into PDF and exported.

Rand McNally DriverConnect app can be obtained on Google play store, or the Rand McNally market place. This is because, it supports Rand McNally Android plus tablets.

ELD 50 - Rand Mcnally eLOG System 

eld 50 reviewThe ELD 50 is the first electronic logging device which:

  • Allows drivers to use Android devices so as to view logs
  • Provides access to Hours of Service and Driver Vehicle Inspection Report (DVIR) logs through the Rand McNally DriverConnect web portal
  • Installs in seconds under the dash

Using ELD 50 is the way for professional drivers who are looking to meet up with the ELD mandate. The ELD 50 plugs into the truck’s diagnostic port which is below the dash. It is 3 ¼ inches long not to forget, it is also sleek. The device is able to send Hours of Service data to complimentary Rand McNally DriverConnect app, (drivers are able to view DVIR documents and HOS logs) through a Bluetooth connection.

In addition, the app provides ten engine-driven gauges powered by information obtained from the ELD 50, which includes; coolant temperatures boost pressure and average fuel economy. The ELD 50 are priced at $149.99, it is available at travel centers and online.

The ELD 50 can conveniently plug into the diagnostic port of a truck then communicating with the Rand McNally DriverConnect portal through the internet. ELD 50 communicates via the Wi-Fi connection thus it does not offer the same convenience as the DC 200 offers.

With the ELD 50, you are sure to meet the federal requirements as it creates a secure compliance solution plus meeting the driver’s budget. The app is able to sync automatically the web portal using Wi-Fi thus providing an up-to-date report.


Rand McNally is one of the most affordable options there is. It has an upfront cost for the unit to be $550, this does not include navigation. There are fleets that can do without GPS navigation. This being so, it is important that you note that it is a great feature for drivers which many fleets want.

The price of the unit will come up to $650 to $700 as the upfront cost, when navigation is added. For the monthly service cost, it varies depending on the features that you will want. There are Electronic Logs which does not have a lot of features, its barebones and it goes for $20 per month. An E-log with a basic plan which includes messaging services is $ 30 per month.

There is also an enterprise plan which is for $ 40 per month, here there are advanced features for instance; critical event reporting and scorecards among others. Rand also offers lease option, here you do not pay the upfront price, and instead you pay $52 to $62 per month. This is for a bundle which entails the device plus the service plan.


  1. Has an electronic driver log
  2. Has an Electronic Vehicle Inspection Reporting
  3. Fleet communication with cellular and Wi-Fi connectivity
  4. Has a USB port for hooking up a keyboard or a mouse
  5. HOS alerts plus warnings for drivers
  6. Driver and vehicle  performance monitoring
  7. Has fleet navigation which includes;
  • Turn by turn voice guidance for the upcoming maneuvers
  • Immediate automatic re-routing for missed turns
  • Search in order to help drivers find overnight repair centers, dining options, overnight parking or any other points of interest.
  • Truck specific routing optimized for truck width, height, load type and weight
  • Upcoming sharp curves and speed limit change warning alerts.

ELD 50 ELD Device - Additional Details

  1. Fleet communications, this entails the following;
  • Creating frequently used email templates via form-based message builder
  • Sending of PDF attachments with permits, terminal maps or company documents from the back office
  • Rand McNally workflow application optimizes dispatch operations
  1. Fleet visibility it includes:
  • Comprehensive fuel reporting
  • Route geofencing to eliminate out of route driving
  • Proactively addressing vehicle maintenance issues when vehicle fault codes are shown
  • Comprehensive driver performance reporting
  • Arrival plus departure notification
  • Set fleet configurable speed limit so as to encourage safe driving
  • Notifying managers with alerts of critical events such as; hard starts, stops or braking. This is because; they are indicators of unsafe driving practices or possible road accidents.
  • Satellite map view and searches of nearby vehicle proximity in order to help maximize dispatch efficiency.
  1. Fleet compliance for instance:
  • Anytime access to the HOS data, stored up to 8 weeks on the Rand McNally connect web portal
  • Available driving hours and duty times
  • No more paper logs with Hours of service done automatically
  • Simple log certification plus correlation


  1. Very easy to install
  2. Respected GPS device that is familiar to drivers
  3. Low total cost of ownership
  4. It has a single cable plug in into the truck’s diagnostic port.


  1. There are some reports on hardware problems plus software bugs.
  2. It feels a bit dated as it is not the most user friendly
  3. The touch screen can be difficult sometimes

With the ELD rule of vehicles having E-Logs, as a fleet owner, manager or an individual car owner you require an E-Log so as to be on the right side of the law. Therefore, Rand McNally E-Logs are the best options especially for fleets which are budget minded, as they require an easy installation or removal process.

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