Rand McNally ELD Overview – 2024 Comprehensive Buyer’s Guide

Rand McNally ELD

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  • Easy to install
  • It provides trusted GPS services that drivers can rely on
  • Its implementation significantly lowers the total cost of fleet ownership
  • Comes with a single cable plug in into the truck’s diagnostic port


  • There are some reports on hardware problems and software bugs
  • It feels a bit bulky and some drivers may not find it exactly user friendly
  • The touch screen can be difficult to navigate at first

rand mcnally eldRand McNally is a leading provider of GPS, maps, and ELD logs for fleets and truck drivers. Known for its innovative approach in the industry, Rand McNally now offers a range of solutions, which makes it an ultimate favorite of fleet business owners.

These solutions include HOS ELD Compliance, GPS Mapping and tracking, Vehicle Analytics and Diagnostics, Logistics and Route Solutions, Dashcams, and more.

These comprehensive solutions cater to various needs of fleet management, highlighting Rand McNally’s commitment to enhancing driver experiences on the road

Alongside them, the region-based educational resources it provides the users are also quite impressive. Our thorough research has revealed that Rand McNally has so far launched three significant products. And below, you will find a comprehensive Rand McNally ELD review.

As a trucker, you must have heard about the famous Rand McNally GPS navigation systems.

And now, Rand McNally is the country’s most trusted source for maps, travel content, and navigation. The company entered the eld devices market by providing Rand McNally ELD.

Continue reading to check out my two cents regarding the rand McNally eld device from top to bottom and find out why it is among the leading ELD devices.

Rand Mcnally Offers Three ELD Devices

Rand McNally currently sells three electronic logging devices: DC 200, DC 200 S, and ELD 50. They are among the perfect budget ELD solutions for small and medium-sized truck fleets.

All three devices connect to Rand McNally GPS and tablets, and link to the Rand McNally DriverConnect app and the Rand McNally Driver app. These devices are part of a complete solution, including touchscreen displays, which is particularly beneficial for companies with part-time drivers or those frequently switching vehicles

Rand Mcnally ELD Solutionsrand mcnally eld

Rand McNally has continuously been able to develop trusted and innovative products, to facilitate your journey from one place to another. The company’s goal is to enhance every driver’s individual experience on the road with the vast array of Rand McNally’s ELD devices.

The portfolio of their services includes, but is not limited to:

  • Solutions for long-haul truck drivers
  • Devices for car commuters
  • Delivery businesses

To all of them, Rand McNally provides truly revolutionary automotive technology.

The company also provides an impressive variety of electronics, which keeps you connected to the internet and facilitates your communication with your colleagues and supervisors.

Rand McNally’s ELD solutions now include the DC 200, DC 200 S, and ELD 50. These devices offer comprehensive electronic logging capabilities, such as electronic driver logs, vehicle inspection reports, and fleet communication support. They are compatible with both cellular and Wi-Fi connectivity and are equipped with USB ports for additional connectivity options.

Rand McNally’s DriverConnect portal remains an integral part of their ELD solution, offering a platform for data storage, e-logs, driving hours, and technical reports. This web portal is crucial for uploading information such as Hours of Service and other truck data, depending on the selected service plan.

Whether you are on the road or having a rest at a roadside parking, you can rely on Rand Rand McNally ELD. The Rand McNally GPS for cars can fit your RV or truck, and in most cases, include rand McNally GPS backup camera plus monitoring.

Rand McNally eLog Guide

First and foremost, Rand McNally’s ELD devices, including DC 200, DC 200 S, and ELD 50, provide electronic driver logs and electronic vehicle inspection reports. It also facilitates fleet communication by supporting cellular and Wi-Fi connectivity. Because Rand McNally ELD is a genuinely versatile ELD device, it has a USB port for hooking up a keyboard or a mouse. Thus, it can issue HOS alerts and warnings to drivers.

The ELD devices integrate with Rand McNally’s fleet management solutions for comprehensive system management.eld electronic logs

However, that’s not all. Rand McNally has its web portal called DriverConnect. 

And it is mostly used to upload information such as Hours of Service, plus any other truck data depending on the rand McNally eld service plan service of your choice.

DC 200 – ELD Device

The DC 200 ELD device, part of Rand McNally’s DriverConnect product lineup, offers advanced logging and fleet management capabilities.

It allows drivers to view and certify logs, change duty status, and complete DVIRs through Rand McNally tablets or smartphones.

The device’s design is sleek and low-profile, compatible with both 6 and 9-pin ports and type 1 and type 2 ports.

It also features a built-in modem for independent data transfer and provides real-time access to HOS reports and vehicle tracking for fleet managers.

Rand McNally DC 200 Basic Featuresdc200 rand mcnally

In most general terms, the rand McNally eld dc200 is a low-profile 5-inch long device that works with both the 6 and 9-pin ports. Designed with versatility in mind, it also works with the type 1 plus type 2 ports.

The Rand McNally DriverConnect app turns the daily management of electronic logging information into an effortless task. Once uploaded into the app, the information is easily accessible through the driver’s iOS or Android-based mobile device. It is also preloaded on devices provided by Rand McNally.

The DC 200 has a built-in modem; therefore, drivers do not need to rely on their phones for data transfers. At the same time, fleet managers can access HOS reports and track multiple vehicles in real-time, and so much more! Generally speaking, the rand McNally GPS software replaces paper logs, providing a user-friendly interface where you can do pretty much whatever you want. For example, you can certify or view logs.

The system is so versatile that it can complete DVIRs for you whenever you need such a service. Last but not least, the app is also able to send and receive messages.

Advantages Of Rand McNally DC 200rand mcnally app

I was quite impressed by the amazing advantages that this software offers. For instance, when you connect to the internet, the Rand McNally DriverConnect app syncs with the web portal of Rand McNally. 

Once you are in the portal, you can view, print, and store E-Log history up to 6 months back, as required by the law in most states. But the portal’s functionality does not end with the functions mentioned earlier. 

Rand McNally’s portal also allows you to view truck location and vehicle status. However, this last function depends on the service plan of your choice.

With the DC 200, you will be able to monitor ten different diagnostic gauges simultaneously. This is possible because the device transmits engine data to the rand McNally driver connect eld 50 app. The monitored gauges are as follows:

  • Coolant temperature
  • Battery voltage
  • Average fuel economy
  • Gallons per hour
  • Oil pressure

1. Offers Customization Services

One of the best things about rand McNally GPS for trucker’s devices is that it allows the driver to customize their dashboard so that they have their preferred gauges and metrics at a glance view.

Rand McNally ELD devices provide the driver and vehicle performance monitoring, plus a substantial number of fleet navigation options. The advanced navigation options include turn-by-turn voice guidance for upcoming maneuvers and immediate automatic rand McNally maps directions in case the driver misses a turn.

The truck-specific routing is optimized for your truck’s width, height, load type, and weight.

And the system also warns you about upcoming sharp corners and speed limits.

The List goes on with a search function that helps drivers find 24/7 repair centres, dining options, overnight parking, or any other points of interest.

2. Free App

The Android app is free, thus enabling drivers to test drive the product. To do this, the driver should first download the application and then manually input their status.

When reports are ready, they can easily be turned into PDF files and exported. Rand McNally DriverConnect app can be obtained from the Google play store or the Rand McNally marketplace. And this is because it is made for Rand McNally’s Android Plus tablets.

3. Extremely Safe To Use

The system automatically sets the fleet’s configurable speed limit to encourage safe driving. It also notifies fleet managers about critical events such as hard starts, stops, or braking. It is vital to detect such incidents since they are indicators of unsafe driving practices or road accidents.

4. Easy Installation

This device is a ready-to-use solution and takes a few minutes to install, and the whole process is intuitive. All you have to do is plug it into the JBUS diagnostic port of your motor vehicle through the use of a Y cable.

With the DC 200, there are no complicated rand McNally eld installation requirements and confusing steps to follow. The whole process is a breeze!

Rand McNally DC 200 S – Advanced ELD Solution

Rand McNally’s DC 200 S is an enhanced version of the standard DC 200, offering advanced features and capabilities for fleet management and electronic logging. This device builds on the foundation of the DC 200, adding more robust functionalities and improved user experience. Here’s what sets the DC 200 S apart:

Enhanced Connectivity and Compatibility

The DC 200 S further improves upon its predecessor’s connectivity options, ensuring seamless integration with a broader range of Rand McNally’s fleet management tools and apps.
It retains compatibility with both 6 and 9-pin ports and is designed to work effectively with both type 1 and type 2 ports.

Upgraded Fleet Management Features

The device offers advanced tracking and logging capabilities, making it easier for fleet managers to monitor and manage their fleets efficiently.
It includes enhanced features for vehicle diagnostics, providing more detailed insights into vehicle performance and maintenance needs.

Superior Driver Interface

The DC 200 S comes with an upgraded driver interface, designed for ease of use and clarity. This makes it simpler for drivers to view, certify, and manage their logs and duty status.
It also improves upon the Driver Vehicle Inspection Report (DVIR) capabilities, offering a more streamlined process for drivers to complete their daily vehicle inspections.

Independent Data Transfer and Real-Time Tracking

Like the DC 200, the DC 200 S features a built-in modem, but with enhanced capabilities for independent and efficient data transfer.
Fleet managers can benefit from real-time access to Hours of Service (HOS) reports, vehicle tracking, and other critical data, which is essential for effective fleet management.

Advanced Safety and Compliance Features

The device assists in maintaining compliance with the latest ELD mandates and regulations, ensuring that fleets adhere to legal requirements.
It also incorporates additional safety features, providing alerts and reports that help in identifying and mitigating unsafe driving practices.

The Rand McNally DC 200 S stands as a testament to the company’s commitment to innovation and excellence in fleet management solutions. By offering advanced features, enhanced connectivity, and a superior user interface, the DC 200 S is well-suited for fleets looking for a more comprehensive electronic logging device. Whether for small or large fleets, the DC 200 S is designed to meet the dynamic needs of modern road logistics and fleet management.

Rand McNally ELD Subscription

The DC 200 by Rand McNally costs $399.

The ELD 50 is priced at $149.99. Subscription plans now start at $19.95 per month for the basic compliance plan, with an advanced plan beginning at $24.99 per month. These plans include additional features like IFTA fuel tax reporting and forms-based messaging in workflow management.

The company continues to offer flexible pricing plans that cater to various fleet sizes and needs. The advanced subscription options provide comprehensive fleet management features, maintaining the brand’s commitment to offering effective fleet solutions.

What Other Reviewers Say About It?

I did some deep research and dug out what the actual users of this system say about it. Most of them hailed its useful features, such as: messaging that takes place between drivers and fleet managers. They were impressed by the fuel tax reporting and forms-based messaging, plus workflow management. The cloud-based DriverConnect system was built using a scalable infrastructure, which allows easy integration with other transport management systems.

Rand McNally DC 200 can receive push software upgrades over the air, as soon as updates are released. This is so because the device has cellular connectivity. It is surely one of the most loved features of the system for the users. 

Rand McNally ELD 50: A Compact and Efficient Fleet Management Tool

Rand McNally’s ELD 50 emerges as a standout solution in the realm of Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs), offering a blend of compact design, efficiency, and compliance. This device is tailored for modern fleet management needs, providing a seamless and user-friendly experience for both drivers and fleet managers. Let’s delve into the key features and functionalities of the ELD 50 that make it an essential tool for fleet operations:

Compact and Easy-to-Use Design

The ELD 50’s compact size, measuring just 3 ¼ inches in length, ensures it can be easily installed in the truck’s diagnostic port, typically located below the dashboard. This design makes it a non-intrusive addition to the vehicle’s cabin.

Seamless Integration with Rand McNally Systems

Once installed, the ELD 50 integrates flawlessly with Rand McNally’s GPS systems and the DriverConnect app. This integration allows for efficient transmission of Hours of Service (HOS) data and access to important DVIR documents.

Advanced Monitoring Capabilities

The device is capable of transmitting crucial engine data to the DriverConnect app via Bluetooth. It monitors key gauges like coolant temperature, pressure boost, and average fuel consumption, providing drivers with real-time insights into their vehicle’s performance.

Compliance and Connectivity

With its capability to communicate over the internet and Wi-Fi, the ELD 50 ensures drivers are always in compliance with federal regulations. The device’s design and functionality are centered around meeting budgetary constraints without compromising on quality and compliance.

Purchase and Subscription Information

The ELD 50 is available at an accessible price point, making it an attractive option for fleets of all sizes. The device, along with its subscription plans, offers comprehensive features essential for efficient fleet management.

How To Get Started with ELD 50?

To start using your ELD 50, plug it into your truck’s diagnostic, port, which is located right below the dashboard. Given that it is just 3 ¼ inches long, this first step should not be complicated.

Once you install it, you can use the rand McNally GPS to send Hours of Service data to any complimentary Rand McNally DriverConnect app. Also, drivers can view DVIR documents and HOS logs through a Bluetooth connection.

Moreover, the app provides ten engine-driven gauges, based on the information obtained from the ELD 50. The monitored gauges are as follows: coolant temperature, pressure boost, and average fuel consumption. ELD 50 automatically begins communicating with Rand McNally ELD DriverConnect over the internet as soon as it is plugged into the truck’s diagnostic port.

ELD 50 can also communicate via a Wi-Fi connection, and the device is priced at just $149.99. You can buy it from any truck center, or online.Electronic logging devices options

With the ELD 50, you can rest assured that you are in full compliance with all of the federal requirements. And this all-inclusive device is a compliance solution, which is designed to meet your budget. The rand McNally eld 50 app can sync automatically with the provider’s web portal using Wi-Fi. And thus, ensure you get up-to-date reports whenever you need them.

Cost Of Getting a Rand McNally E-LOG

Rand McNally offers a range of pricing plans for its E-LOG services, catering to different fleet needs in the US market. As of 2023, the upfront fee for specific models like the ELD 50 and DC 200 S starts from $149.99 and $374.99, respectively. The company provides two main subscription plans: the Compliance Plan, starting from $19.95 per month, includes features like real-time GPS tracking, fleet management, vehicle inspection, two-way messaging, and six months of stored e-logs.

The Core Plan, starting from $24.99 per month, includes electronic logging, IFTA fuel tax reports, messaging, forms, and mileage tracking. Lease options and specific plan details may vary.

Rand McNally ELD 50 Device; Some Details You Should Know

The Rand McNally ELD device comes with many enhanced fleet communication options that significantly improve its performance. These options enable the drivers to create frequently used email templates via the form-based message builder. You can also send any PDF attachments with permits, terminal maps, or company documents from the back office.

Also, rand McNally eld 50 workflow application optimizes dispatch operations while the list of fleet visibility options is also quite impressive. It includes comprehensive fuel reporting and route geofencing that eliminates out-of-route driving.

Moreover, the system proactively addresses vehicle maintenance issues whenever vehicle fault codes pop up and provide comprehensive driver performance reporting. The list goes on with arrival and departure notifications and a satellite map view. And this mode detects nearby vehicle proximity to help maximize dispatch efficiency.

Fleet Compliance Options

Rand McNally ELD device provides many useful fleet compliance options that deserve our attention. These include any-time access to the HOS data that is stored for up to 8 weeks on the rand McNally eld 50 web portal.

The system also indicates the available driving hours and duty times and provides simple log certification and correlation. Therefore, no more paper logs because the Hours of Service reports are prepared automatically.

  • The device is very easy to install and get going
  • Rand McNallyy eld GPS is a trusted GPS service that drivers can rely on
  • Its implementation significantly lowers the total cost of fleet ownership
  • Comes with a single rand McNallyy GPS power cord plug-in into the truck’s diagnostic port
  • There are some reports on hardware problems and software bugs.
  • It feels a bit bulky, and some drivers may not find it exactly user-friendly
  • The touch screen can be difficult to navigate at first

Final Verdict On Rand McNally’s ELD Devices

ELD is mandatory for all commercial vehicle driving that operates in the US.  Our Rand McNally ELD review provides you with a look at the great features of Rand McNally ELD that can assist fleet owners, managers, or individual vehicle owners in staying on the right side of the law.

Therefore, Rand McNally E-Logs is the best option, especially for fleets that are budget-minded.

Our team of experts that reviewed it hailed its amazing features. Apart from the features that Rand McNally ELD devices provide, it does not require any preliminary rand McNally eld technical support knowledge to complete the installation process.

If you need assistance with the hardware or software, Rand McNally eld’s customer service representatives are always ready to help you. Live 24/7 customer support is available with Rand McNally’s advanced subscription plans. Basic plan users can rely on email support and online FAQ sections and forums.

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Picture of Robert Rigman

Robert Rigman

Former independent OTR trucker that left the road to dedicate his time to research new technology for the transport industry. When the ELD Mandate was approved many questions and daily challenges came up and there was no answer to them. was born from the combination of my passion for trucking and my affinity for research and writing.

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