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Magellan ELD

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  • Affordable
  • Easy to Install
  • Designed and tested by industry veterans
  • Suitable for owner-operators smaller fleets
  • Fully compliant with the latest DOT/FMCSA regulation


  • Only compatible with the Samsung device
  • It is new in the market so there is not much user feedback


Magellan has become a GPS and navigation pioneer, launching North America’s first hand-held Magellan GPS for trucks in 1986. It has now become one of the industry’s most quality brands. In this Magellan ELD review, we are going to examine the giant of GPS navigation that launched its Fleet Solutions on mobile devices.

This e log, together with Motive (formerly KeepTruckin) eld, is one of the best for owner-operators. Magellan is also included in our Top 25 Best rated ELD devices.

It is aimed to help drivers get optimal performance and increase efficiency from shorter to longer-haul trucking companies. It offers a secure, multi-purpose device for personal and commercial use.

Magellan’s fleet industry navigation and ELD HOS solutions are built and tested by industry professionals, continuing a tradition of trust in many truck models with rigorous in-vehicle testing.

Magellan ELD review

magellan eldMagellan launched its own electronic logging device solution, explicitly targeted at owner-operators seeking an inexpensive way to fulfill the eld mandate.

The solution provides automated logging tools, reports, and alerts to keep truck drivers on time and in compliance.

Truck drivers can quickly transfer their HOS logs to law enforcement directly from their mobile app with Magellan’s ELD solution GPS for trucks.

A web portal for HOS management enables optimal reporting of HOS and DVIR, on-device transfer of data, and co-driver support can end up making inspections on the road smoother and more efficient.

The ELD helps to keep on the device two weeks of logs saved and saved in the cloud for up to six months.

Magellan and Samsung’s Fleets Solutions

The Magellan Company is known to offer a wide range of fleet management facilities, including GPS displays, segregated navigation systems. They also collaborated on producing integrated systems with Samsung.

This partnership is to provide short and long-haul trucking with an ELD-compliant hours-of-service tracking solution.

Hence, the fleet eld for owner-operators solutions from Magellan could be implemented and preloaded across some types of Samsung mobile devices, necessitating minimal driver installation, and providing fleet device flexibility.

They are easily accessible on tablets from Samsung Galaxy E and Galaxy A as well as other smartphone models such as Galaxy S7. All of them compatible with Magellan GPS for trucks.

Electronic logging devices help

Features of the HoS Web Portal:

HOS Reports

In regards to any historical changes made, the HOS Reports provide additional access to detailed information on the daily driving history of a driver.

Logs Page

This page enables the fleet manager and owner-operator to view drivers’ daily driving logs and print driving logs, documentation, create, update, and delete records.

Any modifications here are synchronized for any affected driver in real-time with the Magellan HOS app. Driver Info, Resources, Logs, Carrier Info, Vehicle Info, and Status Change history populated after selecting a driver.

DVIR History

This section allows you to view all Driver-Vehicle Inspection Reports (DVIR) related to different equipment.

This section also allows the driver or fleet managers to update details of DVIR, such as the certification of routine maintenance made on faulty items.

Any modifications will be updated and synchronized with the Magellan HOS app in real-time.

Drivers Page

This page enables truck drivers, and fleet managers to easily access, manage, and view details via the web portal for the present or last recorded status, location, and hours-of-service (HOS) time.

Only drivers that logged into the app at least once are shown on the driver’s page.

IFTA reports

This section allows the driver to view, create, edit, and delete Fuel Receipts for the calculation of IFTA reports. The fleet manager can use a vehicle, type of fuel, or date range to filter fuel receipts.

Magellan Fleet Navigation

The commercial fleet navigation software provides vehicle-specific location data, including everything from full truck heights on bridges to motorways that allow hazardous containers.

That, in combination with Magellan’s market-leading routing engine, gives every truck carrier such a safety-focused navigation experience.

Multi-Purpose Use with Samsung Knox

Drivers, therefore, have a tool that is designed for high performance and reliability once on the job and features safety-grade security with Samsung Knox.

This also serves as a device that gives access to a driver’s favorite content, like feature films, books, and magazines, for downtime when on the road.

Compatible Devices and Platforms

Magellan gps for trucksThe Magellan eld for owner-operators fleet solutions could be integrated and preloaded across mobile phones and tablets from Samsung.

Thus, it reduces setup/installation time and providing flexibility and a customer-friendly experience.

This proactive approach provides a customizable and easy-to-deploy hardware/software solution of the highest quality right out of the box.

Users can access Magellan’s simplified, FMCSA-compliant ELD device review with both iOS and Android phones. It takes only five minutes for the installation to complete and to be up and running.

User can easily share their HOS logs with law enforcement directly from their mobile device with this solution.

A web portal for HOS management enables efficient reporting of HOS and DVIR, the on-device transmission of data and co-driver support enables smoother and much more efficient road inspections.


Cost $10 per month, being one of our cheap eld devices selection. Owner-operators can access Magellan’s eld for owner-operators with both iOS and Android phones.

IFTA version is also available for owner-operators running interstate business activities at an extra one-time cost of $30.

This ELD HOS solution is also an attractive option for independent truck drivers and smaller fleets that want to comply and don’t need all the complicated functionalities of other ELD solutions on the market.

This plug and play eld solution focused on cost-effectiveness, high value, and sensitivity. It was developed to help all fleet operators comply with the eld mandate, irrespective of the size or variability of the fleet.

Many eld for owner-operators solutions on the market is too costly for owner-operators and a small fleet, which means that they do not have the resources to buy a new device.

Electronic logs for trucks

Features of Magellan HoS

Magellan HOS Compliance is a trustworthy and reliable brand GPS for trucks and the most reasonably priced mobile app that gives you complete compliance with the ELD Mandate.
In this section of the Magellan eld review, we want to examine the features that this eld for owner-operators bright to the table.

Hand-On DVIR Experience

This eld for owner-operators offers your Apple device with a hands-on DVIR experience. You can personalize all DVIR checkpoints for pre-trip and post-trip.

Also, you can enjoy a one-click E-Sign function after completing the DVIR process. Also, you can send a report back to the office.

Backend Web Portal Management

  • Easily managed from the portal
  • Integration of 3rd Party app possible
  • Using consistent codes to filter log edit report
  • Easily Track fleet’s HOS and DVIR status in one place
  • OBD-II port and J1939, J1708/J1587 J-Bus port compatible
  • Send Roadside Inspection data to compliance officers via Cellular, Bluetooth, WiFi, or USB connectivity

Clean Simple User Interface

  • Access the commonly used features from the main screen in one-tap:
  • View driving logs
  • View 8-day recap
  • Change driving status
  • Change vehicle profile
  • Check driving shift and cycle etc.

Comprehensive Log Status

You can get through the driving log files, preview, and report DVIR within the same screen at once.

Violation icons simplify the identification of a problem and assure corrective actions are taken.


Multi-language support is available for federal, state, and Canadian driving regulations in English, Spanish and French.

Other Features Magellan ELD Review includes:

  • AOBRD Mode Support
  • comprehensive package for truck/fleet operations
  • Provide Automated logging tools, reports, and alerts
  • Everything needed to implement a standard and reliable, compliant logger
  • User can save two weeks of logs on the device, and up to six months in the cloud
  • Affordable
  • Easy to Install
  • Designed and tested by industry veterans
  • Suitable for owner-operators smaller fleets
  • Fully compliant with the latest DOT/FMCSA regulation
  • Only compatible with the Samsung device
  • It is new in the market and no comprehensive Magellan eld review online

Benefits of Magellan GPS for trucks

HOS rules should be complicated. Magellan ELDs take good care of this for you, helping to reduce paperwork, making life easier, and streamlining processes for recording.

  • Eliminate paperwork
  • Customizable lists
  • Eliminate costly errors
  • Avoid costly violations
  • US and Canadian rules support
  • Back-office driver log records
  • Streamline vehicle inspections
  • iOS and Android Device Support
  • Eliminate manual logbook entry
  • Faster roadside inspection/audits
  • Create Compliant, Error-Free Logs
  • Quickly and easily create driver logs
  • Supports multiple trucks and trailers
  • Improve compliance through complete audits
  • Customize reports based on your company’s needs
  • Create and submit reports of vehicle inspection in seconds etc.


In this Magellan eld review, we have examined all key features of this eld for owner-operators.

Magellan GPS for trucks solution improves overall driver’s experience.

It provides truck drivers and owner-operators with the flexibility to be more creative and productive at work and to access personal and entertainment life privately, all from the same device, without having to compromise data safety.


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