3MD ELD Review – Affordable? Yes! but is this newbie also Reliable?



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  • Great for beginners
  • Multi-lingual
  • Intuitive Interface
  • Fuel management
  • Certified compliance


  • Fleet owners cannot go for the basic plan
  • The upfront payment on the basic plan is quite expensive for owner-operators
  • The premium package is too expensive The app does not work properly on some phones


3md eld

Trucking is a tough job. You must deal with strict regulations and deadlines, always on the move from one destination to another, carrying valuable cargo — all of which require you to have a great electronic logging device taking care of your truck’s engine control module to ensure that everything works properly.

Are you looking for an ELD device that is simple to use, reliable and can sync easily with your system? Then the 3MD ELD is the FMCSA-mandated gadget for you.

The 3MD ELD is an electronic logging device. It has the capacity to make your life a whole lot easier. This review will cover the most important information this device has to offer, and hopefully help you in deciding if it’s a good fit for your trucking business.

The Mandate

If you’ve landed on this page then you probably know all there is about the Hours of Service (HOS) Rules. The HOS Mandate helps drivers keep proper track of the work hours they put in. This makes payment and expense calculations easy for both fleet owners and owner-operators.

Furthermore, the HOS Mandate consists of a strict set of rules and regulations created for the safety of commercial drivers on our roads. These rules revolve around their work hours, rest hours, and other statuses. As with every other rule, these regulations come with their exemptions, which you should be aware of before you proceed to buy an ELD. 

While adhering to this complex set of rules put forward by the FMCSA is quite difficult if handled with paper logs, ELDs make the task considerably easy. Besides that, you can produce your documents promptly during investigations and reporting to provide proper evidence of your work hours.

Do I Need The 3MD ELD? 

If you’ve gone through the details of the mandate, then you probably know that you’ll need an electronic logging device to manage your fleet or your vehicle.  The 3MD ELD is a high-quality device complete with FMCSA and IFTA compliance. Also, the device is easy to use, and has great features such as communication, backend operation, and reasonable pricing.

3MD ELD Review

Still not convinced? Read through this detailed 3MD ELD Review to look further into its features and details before you conclude. So let’s get started!

3MD ELD – About the Brand

To trust the product, you need to know where it comes from. The reliability of the company you choose to invest in for your electronic logging needs is essential, as you’ll be in contact with them throughout your trucking career. 3MD is a reputable and innovative company based in the US, aiming to serve its customers with the most accessible ELD services at the best rates. 

Founded only recently, this company makes the FMCSA compliance list. This is the main attribute you should look for in your ELD service provider. While most claim to be fully compliant, there are few certified ones that the FMCSA itself approves as well. 

Moreover, the company has impeccable fleet management software, along with an easy-to-use device which you can install in your vehicle. So, if you’re a fleet owner who is constantly hustling with the documentation and logs, the company provides the best solution to your everyday hassle. 

Besides that, it has a list of great features which will end your search for a reliable and affordable ELD. Let’s check out what the 3MD ELD has got for you. 

Electronic logging devices


When it comes to choosing functionality over affordability, most customers tend to get confused. Luckily, the 3DM ELD offers both. It has a versatile set of functions that let you operate your fleet without any extra external charges. The software combined with the easy-to-use device is a great option for those of you who want a hassle-free ELD. 

HOS Compliance

HOS rulesThe 3MD ELD is completely FMCSA compliant. Unlike the other self-acclaimed brands which boast to be compliant but are not, the 3MD ELD is certified and proven according to FMCSA standards. 

The device has gone through rigorous third-party testing as well. This means, in the situation of an investigation or reporting, your logs will be properly compiled according to the federal regulations. 

Similarly, the compliance makes sure there’s no confusion while making payments and calculating expenditure. That’s because of all the statuses and exemptions are logged in according to the federal law. 

Safety Features

The 3MD ELD notifies you immediately if a driver has faced an accident or is unable to proceed further. The efficient monitoring system keeps track of your vehicles and drivers, which ensures their safety along the road.

Besides that, these notifications help you schedule other drivers or dispatch further information about any mishap at once. You can make prompt and calculated decisions according to the situation. 

Real-Time Tracking

Besides, this electronic logging device tracks all your vehicles for you in real-time. If you’re a fleet owner, then you can keep an eye on all your trucks from the backend. This way, even if the driver is unable to alert the main office in case of a mishap, you can be informed before the situation gets serious. 

Besides that, you can track if a driver steps out of line, or shows any signs of misbehavior. Also, you can keep your customers informed about the whereabouts of your vehicle. This will, in turn, increase the overall effectiveness and productivity of your fleet.

Accessible Data Collection

The most important function of each electronic logging device is to collect data in an organized and simplified manner. Without a doubt, the 3MD ELD does a great job at collecting and presenting your data when you need it. 

Furthermore, the device has a cloud-based infrastructure. This means, that once you’ve saved your data onto the software, you can do anything from anywhere. This includes your BOLs, statuses, and fuel receipts as well. 

This feature comes in handy during on-road investigations. You can pull out an on-screen copy of any document you need without having to rummage through a pile of paperwork. If you’re operating a whole fleet, the impeccable data organization on the software makes your management and reporting tasks easier. 

IFTA Reporting

Along with the FMCSA regulations, the International Fuel Tax Agreement or IFTA is another organization your vehicle will have to answer to. The IFTA fuel taxations require reports four times a year. The system is created to ease the paperwork in every state, so the fuel taxation system is different for each state. 

Besides that, it doesn’t matter if your vehicle has been dormant most of the time in that particular period, the report has to be turned in. That’s where the 3MD ELD comes in. It has a versatile system to generate the IFTA reports according to their regulations, on a timely basis. It records fuel consumption regardless of the vehicle’s status, which means the report will be on point and ready for submission. 

Moreover, the fuel records help you keep track of the overall consumption in your fleet. This way, you can monitor the annual or monthly expenditure for fuel. It also helps you take a step toward sustainable fuel usage in your fleet, so you can do your part for the environment.  

Fleet Management

3md eld fleet managersAs we mentioned before, the 3MD ELD is best suited for owners who manage large fleets with multiple vehicles and their drivers. Keeping track of a huge fleet manually is impossible. Therefore, along with flawless backend monitoring, this electronic logging device offers automatic alerts. 

These automatically generated notifications alert the main office in case a vehicle breaks down along the road or requires immediate repair. You can easily replace the vehicle or call for help at once. This diminishes the chances of extra expenses and mishaps to ensure your fleet runs smoothly. 

Besides that, the drivers can stay in constant touch with the main office, through the device. They can send alerts to the office or the maintenance department themselves in case the alerts don’t reach them for prompt vehicle repairs. This means the device ensures that there’s minimal disturbance throughout your fleet. 

Local Support

We know that for most truck drivers, operating an electronic logging device is quite a task. That’s why it is important that the ELD service you go for has a responsive support system, in case your drivers get stuck in a mishap. 

Luckily, the people here at the 3MD Inc. customer service are reachable at any hour. Whether you’re an owner-operator or a fleet owner operating lots of data on the software, these experts have the solutions to all your problems. 

Besides that, they are helpful and friendly so you can put your concerns forward, and they’ll be glad to help. You can also open up a ticket through the website and submit any feedback or queries, and their dedicated team will surely give you satisfactory responses.  

Electronic logging devices options

Multiple Languages

Another good news for fleet owners. If you have the 3MD electronic logging device, you don’t have to worry about the social background or ethnicity of any driver you hire. The device interface can be operated in multiple languages, including Spanish and Serbian as well. 

The drivers can switch the operating system of the devices in their respective vehicles to their native language, and enter their logs accordingly. Similarly, when it’s time to present the logs during an investigation or reporting, the driver can easily switch the language according to the investigator’s comfort. 

The multilingual interface lets you access your data in multiple languages.  Also, you can monitor the logs recorded in various languages through the backend in one common, native language, which is easier to manage for one person. 

Fuel Efficiency

The 3MD electronic devices run on 4G LTE connection systems. This provides a flawless connection so you can keep in track of lots of vehicles at once. This impeccable tracking system has lots of advantages when it comes to operating a fleet. Most importantly, it promotes fuel efficiency throughout your fleet. 

You can track the speed and working hours of each vehicle. Thus, you can work on the unproductivity and inefficiency of your fleet drivers easily. Also, you can point out idle times and regulate the loading and dispatch routes as well. 

Consequently, by keeping an eye on all these important pieces of information, you can regulate the speeds, and reroute inefficient routes to make your fleet more productive. Also, the tracking system helps you optimize the fuel your drivers use on an everyday basis, increasing fuel efficiency. 

Now that you have gone through everything the 3MD ELD has to offer, it is time to talk business. Let’s check how the pricing works for this ELD system. 


The 3MD ELD is quite affordable as compared to the high-quality, compliant ELDs of its league. You can choose from three different plans offered by the company according to your needs and affordability. 

  • Basic Plan. This plan requires an upfront payment of USD 175. After that, you’ll have to pay only USD 30 per month. The basic plan includes all the basic features of an electronic logging device only. This means you won’t get the fancy fleet management features such as GPS tracking, 4G data package, and prompt customer support. Apart from that, the package is good for you if you’re an owner-operator. 
  • Standard Plan. This plan doesn’t require any upfront payment, but the monthly payment is USD 50. You’ll get almost all the features with this package except for the 3MD TMS system. This plan is great and affordable for a fleet owner with basic needs. 
  • Premium Plan. The most expensive plan costs USD 75 monthly. This plan includes complete customer support, GPS tracking, 4G data, Samsung tablet, and 3MD TMS as well. This is for the fleet owners who need a complete solution for their electronic logging needs but is quite heavy on the pocket. 

Let’s take an overall look at the advantages and disadvantages of the product to give you fair representation. 


  • Great for beginners
  • Multi-lingual
  • Intuitive Interface
  • Fuel management
  • Certified compliance
  • Automatic alert system
  • Driver-to-driver communication
  • Reasonable price


  • Fleet owners cannot go for the basic plan
  • The upfront payment on the basic plan is quite expensive for owner-operators
  • The premium package is too expensive
  • The app does not work properly on some phones

Final Words

Concluding our 3MD ELD review, we’d say that this is a product worth your consideration. Most ELDs available these days are total rip-offs, this one provides compliance and a great set of features as well. It is versatile enough to work for fleets of all sizes, and even lone drivers.

It doesn’t only help you maintain your logs, but in turn, helps increase your fleet productivity as well. All you need to do is point out your needs as a fleet owner, and choose the ELD that has it all.

We all understand that one size does not fit all. If that is the case, kindly fill out our consultation form and see where we can assist you.

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    Suitable for fleets


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