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  • Reliable connection
  • Convenient and expandable
  • Trustworthy mandate compliance
  • On-device interactive training
  • A wide range of extra features


  • A little pricey for those seeking bare minimum ELD compliance
  • The app takes some training to get used to
  • A few valuable features are still pending


pedigree technologies eld

Pedigree technologies eld may well not be a big star even among ELDs. However, they’ve brought to the table one of the most powerful e-log and fleet management solutions on the market.

They have a thorough knowledge of the ELD mandate as well as the real-world applications of the hour of service. The company was prompted to produce some quite helpful log tools that we’ve never seen in some other eld solution.

This ELD solution might not be the easiest or the least expensive on the market. However, Pedigree Technologies ELD solution and the OneView platform offer functions that you actually won’t find elsewhere. That’s why is among our list of Best ELD Devices.

About Pedigree Technologies

Pedigree Technologies (formerly AOBRDs) is a web-based software development firm based in Fargo, North Dakota. They also work with mobile workers and businesses to help them diagnose and track their assets.

However, their grasp of the challenges of HOS and the ELD mandate enabled them to produce useful e-log tools.  Therefore, knowing that Pedigree Technologies is not a newbie in the trucking industry is crucial to you. That makes it more likely that with their products and services, you won’t have any problems.

Since 2004, this award-winning company has been around. And, since then, they’ve been offering web-based services and products to boost business performance. Consequently, Pedigree Technologies has developed many of the most innovative and compatible eld solutions. And this solution is on the market with almost 15 years of experience in the ELD industry.

As a result, the company boasts a significantly growing customer base. And this customer base is made up of small, medium-sized, and big nationally recognized customers.

More About Pedigree Technologies

Pedigree technologies eld provides stickers to its customers, showing that its trucks have an e-Log solution. Usually, these stickers say “E-Log in Use”, “Electronic Logs on Board” or something like that.

As some drivers may understand, the use of ELD systems is now mandated for commercial motor vehicles. And this involves both commercial buses and trucks. Therefore, if you’re a commercial driver, you would have to install an ELD solution.

And must be a solution compliant with FMCSA and have records prepared for HOS (hours of service). Thus, in other words, the HOS rules introduced by the FMCSA must be followed.

And you can choose from a broad range of electronic logging solutions. ELD Chrome is only one of those solutions provided by Pedigree Technologies.

Now, let’s consider what distinguishes pedigree technologies eld from other solutions in the market.

Overview of Pedigree Technologies ELD Chrome Cab-Mate

Note that this review concentrates on the latest device solution. However, the “Cab-Mate One” ELD Chrome and numerous other hardware packages are also available.

Pedigree Technologies ELD Chrome

The Cab-Mate One is interesting because the ELD recording unit is installed straight in the cradle where the display screen is located. And this makes it so much easier for an inspecting officer to remove the screen while the cradle of Cab-Mate One continues to record information from the engine.

Fleet managers may also consider this arrangement helpful as the ELD cradle can always stay in the vehicle. It also provides tracking and diagnostics. Clients requiring an ELD can be supplied with the tablet to snap in.

Also offered by Pedigree is the “Cab-Mate Connect”. This is a rugged tablet integrated through an internal engine recording device.

Similarly, “Cab-Mate Connect” provides some improved capabilities for sensors. Finally, the “Cab-Mate Open” is a Bring your own device (BYOD) solution. And it can be used by clients through Bluetooth on their smartphones or tablet.

Moreover, identifying the right ELD with proper functionalities for your fleet may be difficult. Kindly fill out our consultation form, and we will help you achieve this in no time.

Electronic logging devices options

ELD Chrome software 

ELD Chrome software is an excellent solution overall.  However, the different hardware configurations can also provide advantages for some customer needs.

To sum up, Pedigree Chrome is now an all-in-one ELD tool. And it operates in sync with the Pedigree OneView platform.

  • This intuitive solution provides personal customer service.
  • And, also, driver e-log instruments in addition to compliance with the ELD mandate.
  • It allows fleet managers to track vehicles, monitor their assets, and comply with the ELD mandate.

pedigree eld chrome pricePricing

Pedigree technologies eld provide custom quotes to give their customers the most accurate information possible.

  • Up Front Cost – $499
  • Monthly Cost – $25
  • 3-year Total Cost – $1399

More Than Just ELD

The ELD Chrome is intended as an expandable device that is scalable. Therefore, with this solution, you can remain dominant in your industry. And this is possible with the OneView platform by tracking and monitoring your precious assets.

The platform, as mentioned above, is built for growth. And, therefore, this expandable solution provides efficiency for enterprise, safety, and compliance.

With pedigree technologies eld you get:

  • Dispatching
  • Work Orders
  • Asset Tracking
  • Driver Scorecards
  • Fleet Management
  • FMCSA-Compliant ELDs
  • Breadcrumb navigation
  • Equipment Management
  • Maintenance Management

Features of Pedigree Technologies ELD

The pedigree technologies eld has a range of many other fleet management functionalities. And these features enabled it to go beyond Hours of Service tools. Therefore, there are all typical functions such as DVIR, IFTA monitoring, engine diagnostics, and safety alerts.

In addition to the basics, OneView as well supports a wide variety of optional internal sensors. As a result, these are useful to track everything, including tire pressure to reefer temperature to tanker volume.

Pedigree technologies eld back-office interface has a wide selection of configurable reports, dashboards, and alerts. However, these are intended to assist fleet managers in keeping up with their fleet in detail.

Fleet managers and owner-operators will discover plenty to like here. And, also, something useful to bring their analytics and visibility to the next level.

Other Features

This ELD is packed with a nice variety of features.  And the solution can also suit distinct requirements at once with practical characteristics and reliable support. 

Here are the main features:

  • pedigree technologies eld featuresAutomated Alarms
  • Two-Way Messaging
  • Real-Time Dashboards
  • Document Image Capture
  • Fuel Purchases tracking
  • Fully-Compliant Hardware
  • Robust HOS Management Tools
  • Automated Fuel Tax Reporting (IFTA)
  • Driver Vehicle Inspection Report (DVIR)

Simplified ELD, DVIR, and HOS Management

  • Feasible and streamlined management of ELD, DVIR, and HOS saves time for fleet managers.
  • It also increases precision and simultaneously decreases mistakes.
  • Pedigree technologies eld solution is designed for ease of use. And it is also among the most intuitive E-Log solutions on the market.
  • Therefore, it enables paper-based processes to be maintained continuously. And without the use of any expert help, drivers can handle logs.
  • For example, you have to click on your grid or click and hold to modify the log entries and add a new status. The ELD solution will automatically fill in the time and location whenever you want to. 
  • And also add a previous status change, thereby significantly reducing tiresome data entry.

App and Installation

Pedigree Technologies installationKeep in mind that the app can take some training to master it. Although the system has plenty of excellent functions, at first, it appears a bit complex.

However, truck drivers who have just begun using e-logs are likely to find the app difficult. But with a little practice, they’ll master it rapidly.

In addition, pedigree technologies eld solution provides drivers with an interactive training program. And this training can be accessed directly from Cab-Mate tablets.

You can install and connect the unit in just 10 minutes. Particularly, in comparison with other telematics systems, the in-cab system is simple to install.

Who Can Use pedigree technologies eld?

If you are in dire need of a new ELD solution compliant with FMCSA, Pedigree Technologies ELD is the right solution to your needs and involves practical device options and reliable support. This solution will probably fit your requirements.

  • Built on the OneView platform, this solution provides several features to satisfy almost any kind of fleet’s requirements.
  • Therefore, this useful and compliant ELD solution is intended for fleet managers and Owner-operators.
  • Drivers will particularly enjoy the superior assistance and ease of use.
  • In addition, OneView platform makes it easy to import log data from many other systems using standard log files. Thus useful for those fleets that combine several different log systems.

Benefits of pedigree technologies eld

There are plenty of lovely reasons to go for Pedigree Technologies ELD. Now, let’s break it down.

Manage Assets from Anywhere

This ELD solution enables fleet managers from anywhere to manage drivers, equipment, and vehicles. Therefore, it allows businesses to have absolute control over their assets.

And, it also allows them to manage their entire operation, and make the appropriate company choices.

IFTA reportingIFTA Automated Reporting

In electronic forms such as those that involve DTCs (DISA Transportation Compliance), you will be capable of handling IFTA automated reporting.

All data is electronically captured. Therefore, you’ll no longer need to bother with paper records and inspections. And, thus decreasing manual paperwork significantly.

Wide Spectrum of Additional Applications

One of the many other benefits of Pedigree Technologies ELD is that it could extend beyond ELD. Therefore, you get access to additional OneView apps apart from compliance.

Consequently, you have access to a broad range of extra apps such as:

  • Electronic Work Orders
  • Fleet Management
  • Maintenance 
  • Equipment
  • Dispatching
  • Navigation

All this is achieved on one platform.

Full visibility

  • The Pedigree Technologies ELD records all data electronically. Customers can always, conveniently, have full visibility of your sensitive data.
  • This corresponds to data including state mileage, receipts of gas, records of vehicle inspection, and driving hours. This solution makes a big difference for fleets.
  • All data is collected and presented using the internet platform of the ELD Chrome device and OneView. Therefore, this implies that clients can obtain a thorough understanding of their fleet’s operations.
  • And they can get everything on a single screen and in actual time.

Portable Multipurpose Devices

  • Another advantage of this device is that it can be changed as required from cab to cab.
  • Continuing to work with these multi-purpose portable devices, allows members of the team to communicate more effectively and accomplish stuff quicker.
  • Therefore, fleet managers can understand at any time what happens to their assets and employees.

Drawbacks of Pedigree Technologies ELD Platform

ELD Chrome and OneView platform has such a wealth of excellent functionalities. Although many of these features are exceptional, some potential drawbacks are also present.

  • While the Cab-Mate One is quite inexpensive compared to many comparable solutions, it may be somewhat expensive for all those who are looking for a bare-minimum ELD.
  • The ELD solution also has a lot of excellent capacities, but at first, it can feel a little confusing.
  • But with a little practice, however, we observed that Pedigree Technologies ELD solution is quite simple to use.

Some Expected Improvements

The ELD Chrome has an interactive driver training program that can be accessed from the Cab-Mate tablet. However, some necessary functions are also in the works for safety managers. These functionalities are not yet fully operational, for example:

  • The pedigree technologies eld does not look helpful in assigning unidentified driving records
  • It does not show the vehicle’s previous and next driver
  • Currently, the changes will not be visually presented on the grid when making suggested edits to a driver’s log. The manager must, therefore, be careful to ensure that the changes they intend to make are intentional.
  • Currently, drivers with unidentified driving records on their unit are unable to dismiss the records as of others, so they keep receiving alerts about them.

However, the platforms are still under development to effortlessly track the approval status of recommended edits. And, also, to transfer log activity between team drivers. Furthermore, almost all of these challenges are relatively minor complaints. However, soon, the pending functionalities should be released.

Is Pedigree Technologies ELD Compliance with the ELD mandate?

The purpose of this FMCSA-compliant solution is to reliably comply with ELD regulations. And, it also, provides complete visibility of the operation.

Concerning compliance, there are also many options that fit the specific requirements of today’s fleets. Therefore, the good news is that pedigree technologies eld is FMCSA’s fully compliant and licensed solution.

But compliance isn’t the end of its possibilities. Pedigree Technologies eld developed as a solution that allows the fleets to do so much more.

This solution can, therefore, handle the uncomfortable situations that the new ELD mandate laws induce. For instance, if necessary, it allows drivers to reclassify driving time as “Yard Move” or “Personal Use”. However, it still complies with the regulations and restrictions of the mandate.

What Else You Need to Know About pedigree technologies eld?

There is no way to change the driving time once automatically recorded. However, this is also in compliance with the guidelines of the ELD mandate.

Someone can accidentally leave logged in. Unfortunately, there’s just no way that accidental recording can be removed or changed from the log. However, you can update the HOS clocks. And, for carriers and drivers, this is a useful option.

  • Reliable connection
  • Convenient and expandable
  • Trustworthy mandate compliance
  • On-device interactive training
  • A wide range of extra features
  • Excellent, unique Hours of Service tools
  • Incomparable dedication to mandate compliance and customer service
  • Pre-built integrations with major TMS providers like McLeod and TMW
  • A little pricey for those seeking bare minimum ELD compliance
  • The app takes some training to get used to
  • A few valuable features are still pending

Our Final Takes on Pedigree Technologies ELD Solution

eld devices solutionPedigree technologies eld is a versatile, fully-functional e-log device with advanced HOS tools.

It is, thus, designed to facilitate the recording of driving hours for commercial vehicles, i.e., carriers and drivers.

It works with the OneView platform that enables fleet managers and owner-operators to work effortlessly. And, also, expand their decisions and make the most of their recordings.

Compliance with the ELD mandate and distinctive features make the cash worthwhile. And it’s the best choice for anyone wanting a solution beyond simple compliance.

Moreover, we are here to help you in choosing the right ELD solution for your fleet, kindly fill out our consultation form to get a quote.

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About the author

Picture of Robert Rigman

Robert Rigman

Former independent OTR trucker that left the road to dedicate his time to research new technology for the transport industry. When the ELD Mandate was approved many questions and daily challenges came up and there was no answer to them. was born from the combination of my passion for trucking and my affinity for research and writing.

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