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  • Ease of live reporting
  • Asset live track via computer or smart phones even when not in the office
  • Able to predict and pin point deliveries
  • Idle time Alert


  • Occasional lag in updates
  • At times, it shows that the vehicle is on for the next half hour even when the vehicle is turned off

liveviewgps fleet management

LiveViewGPS is an ambitious company that has been serving its customers since 2007, providing them with the best GPS tracking solutions and services. LiveViewGPS has earned a good reputation among fleet operators due to its good quality tracking solutions. They also promise to provide their customers with the best service without any problem. In comparison with other FMCSA-approved ELD solutions such as Verizon, this device doesn’t fall behind.

LiveViewGPS is one of the companies which have made headlines with its Smartphone Locate service that tracks mobile telephones without the use of any installed applications. It has become a very popular tool among people in recent years.

The company supplies GPS tracking solutions and services to consumers like police departments, corporations, and individuals. They also offer their services to businesses like transportation companies, construction firms, financial institutions, real estate firms, and many others. As a trusted provider, LiveViewGPS GPS ensures top-notch solutions for all your tracking needs.

The company has established itself in 2007 in Valencia, California, and it is a small yet established business. And they also promise that you can “Track Anyone or Anything” E.g. Vehicle, People, or Assets, everywhere in the World.”

Services Overview

With the LiveViewGPS Tracking solution, business assets are managed and tracked effectively. Thus, the company offers customers state-of-the-art GPS trackers and technologies. They offer tracking services and also use some of the most sophisticated techniques for GPS tracking.

This tracking solution also has components such as a web management interface, image mapping with high resolution, real-time vehicles location updates, and much more. Since 2007, the company has been offering user-friendly, incredibly reliable, cost-effective GPS tracking solutions and systems to numerous companies, government agencies, and customers. Therefore, business vehicles and assets are managed and tracked effectively.

GPS Tracking Solutions

The company has a wide variety of GPS monitoring equipment to track trucks, assets, and individuals. And, therefore taking the complex and making it easy. The web-based systems are simple to use and packed with features. And, also provides unbeatable price points for advanced GPS tracking.

The company promised a 100% satisfaction guarantee of no risk on each purchased LiveViewGPS GPS tracking device. And also when you need help, you can get in touch with their customer support anytime.

Moreover, you can contact us by filling out our consultation form if you need help in choosing the best ELD solution for your business.

The Three Matrix Platforms

Three unique GPS tracking matrix platforms are available from LiveViewGPS. And each Matrix Platform provides individuals and businesses with distinctive advantages. The matrices platforms include:

  1. Live Trac – For personal and company GPS tracking needs
  2. Fleet Trac – For commercial GPS tracking applications
  3. Flash Trac – For industry and individual applications

The company provides, in addition to the platform matrices, a range of products that run on their systems. And you have thus presented exceptional flexibility in how you use the platform to satisfy your GPS tracking requirements.

Overview of Fleet Trac matrix platforms

fleet trac liveviewgps

The Fleet Trac platform is mainly used to provide real-time GPS tracking for business solutions and also provides vehicle location updates every one or two minutes. Most of the advantages of taking into account the Fleet Trac platform include: 

  • Hours of service
  • Engine diagnostics
  • Real-time GPS monitoring
  • Fast mobile device and pc viewing and management
  • Detailed reporting methods (reduction of paperwork and paper management expenses)

Moreover, there are many other features and advantages to consider depending on which device you choose. 

For a fleet manager running a fleet of commercial vehicles, e.g. delivery trucks, taxi cabs, or large transportation vehicles, the Fleet Trac Platform is the best option. Therefore, the capacity to identify the location of your teams, truck, and drivers can be crucial in ensuring safety, securing your inventory, and preventing unnecessary loss. However, by giving accurate coordinates for emergency management teams, it is critical to save time when accidents happen.

Therefore, this platform can benefit any company that runs a fleet, big or small. If you’re running a big fleet or you’re planning toward becoming a big fleet one day, the LiveViewGPS Fleet Track platform can assist you in managing expenses. And likewise, enable you to achieve your productivity and profit in short and long-term objectives.

Overview of Live Trac matrix platforms

live trac

The Live Trac Platform is robust enough to accommodate a wide variety of company and personal apps. The platform provides the most versatility to consider among the available platforms, as well as many vital advantages for both business and individual users.

With vehicle and assets location updates, and email and text alerts functions, you don’t even need to trouble yourself about your assets or property again. In addition to exceptional tracking features, Live Trac provides a complete wide range of services including:

  • Ignition alerts
  • Unlimited geofencing
  • Route deviation alerts
  • Full reporting suite
  • Up to 90 days’ data retention 
  • High definition historical playback
  • Speed gauge integration and alerts
  • Advanced vehicle maintenance modules
  • Share tracking results with others using Public map view

With the mobile LiveViewGPS platform, you can effortlessly monitor the location of your truck and assets using both mobile devices and desktop computers. This advanced tracking system allows you to stay informed about the movements, stops, and arrivals of your trucks, equipment, supplies, and more.

If you’re planning to track people or your company environment, this is an excellent tool for keeping you on top of things. And whatever your issue with tracking might be, this is the platform that can help you address those issues and help your business thrive by making things a lot easier.

Moreover, we are here to help you find the right ELD solution and tracking devices for the best possible price to help you achieve all your personal and business goals. Kindly fill out our consultation form and we will get back to you in no time.

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Overview of Flash Trac matrix platforms

The Flash Trac is available at the lowest price point, and also provides an impressive range of features. This platform is best for companies and customers who think they need the benefits of GPS tracking to cut expenses, track products, and protect their assets.

And the best choice for all those who are attempting to test the waters.

LiveViewGPS alertsBelow are the benefits of this platform.

  • Speed alerts
  • Detailed operation reports
  • Flash reviews of the vehicle history
  • Alerts sent by email or text message in real-time

The LiveViewGPS GPS solution is about keeping you in charge of your trucks even if your drivers are not in the vehicle. And this platform is an inexpensive solution compared to other matrix platforms, offering fewer functions but being quite robust on its own. And this option also comes at a reduced monthly price with no contracts.

LiveViewGPS Trackers Pricing

For varying spending plan and application needs, LiveViewGPS offers four trackers.

  • With applications available on both android and ios, the G5 Live GPS Vehicle Tracker is – $239.00, and comes with monthly plans of $29.95/month.
  • RTV5 Live GPS Vehicle Tracker – $239.00, and comes with monthly plans of $29.95/month.
  • The VLS 300 Real-time GPS Tracker – $239.00, and plans starting at $19.95/month..
  • RTV20 Garmi Capable – $249.00, comes with various monthly plans. 

Apps and Hardware

liveviewgps app

LiveViewGPS places great emphasis on the user-friendliness of its hardware, particularly when it comes to its mobile LiveViewGPS software. This cloud-based solution boasts an impressive uptime rate of nearly 99.9%. Moreover, LiveViewGPS provides dedicated applications compatible with iPhone, Android, iPad, Blackberry, Kindle operating systems, and various other mobile devices. Additionally, their system integrates seamlessly with SpeedGauge, enabling fleet managers to generate violation reports based on posted speed limits.

Back office Reporting

Back office reporting is powerful and feature-rich, providing reports that would save you some money. And this is done by completely removing hidden costs, tracking vehicle operation, and leveraging driver behavior information.

Also, LiveViewGPS offers Powered Asset Tracking, which helps to give insight into engine hours, PTO activity, inappropriate usage, and theft restoration as well as an Asset Tracker Trailer.

Feature-Rich and an Intuitive Integrated GPS Tracking Platform

LiveViewGPS offers an intuitive advanced GPS tracking platform used to track the company’s assets. And, designed with a user-friendly interface, this GPS tracking solution allows companies to obtain vehicle-related data. And thus, enabling the company to measure and assess driving behavior, boost productivity, and enhance profitability.

LiveViewGPS platforms allow users to see where their assets are and where they’ve been from any Internet-connected computer or smartphone. And Fleet managers would also get real-time alerts for hard turns, speed, and hard braking. The platform, therefore, allows all vehicle-related data to be stored and forwarded for reporting purposes.

Features of LiveViewGPS

  • Ease of use
  • Vehicle History
  • Fuel Management
  • Intuitive Web Portal
  • Hardwired GPS Tracking Device
  • Real-time vehicle location Updates
  • Routing
  • Comprehensive activity Reporting
  • Tire Management
  • Alerts for Speed, Harsh Braking, And Harsh Turns
  • Incident Reporting
  • Track business assets from Any Web-Connected Device

LiveViewGPS Tracking Utility

The Tracking utility is designed to function with any LiveViewGPS LiveTrac device. Additionally, you can conveniently track your company assets in real-time using the LiveViewGPS mobile app on your Android device.

However, to use this utility, you should have bought and enabled a LiveViewGPS Live Trac device. With this solution, you can Track your phones live on a Google Map, and watch them down the road as they move.

One of the key functionalities of the app is its ability to provide accurate and up-to-date location information. Users can conveniently log in to the app using their LiveViewGPS login credentials, gaining access to their personalized dashboard. From there, they can view the precise location of their vehicles or assets on a map, ensuring they are aware of their whereabouts at all times. The LiveViewGPS login provides a secure and personalized experience, ensuring that only authorized users have access to the sensitive tracking data.

And when you are tracking a device powered by a battery, such as the PT-10 GPS tracker, the battery life can also be seen. You will also be allowed to see the ignition status for vehicles with hardwired hardware.


LiveViewGPS improves profitability and reduces fuel costs by enabling owners-operators and fleet managers to track excessive idle times, moonlighting, and unsafe routing. Speed and inappropriate driving reporting make drivers safer while reporting on timesheets keeps drivers honest.

Asset monitoring reduces the risk of theft and liability, lowering the cost of insurance. This enables Companies to lower known and hidden expenses, enhance customer service, and retain the integrity of employees.

With a monthly subscription fee and no long-term agreements, you can enjoy the following benefits offered by LiveViewGPS at

  • Device History View
  • Unlimited Geo-Fences
  • 2 Input Notifications
  • Lifetime Technical Support
  • Maintenance Management
  • Mileage Tracking
  • Unlimited Email and Cellphone Alerts
  • One Minute Real-Time Position Updates
  • Google Hi-Resolution Satellite Mapping
  • Low Battery and Power Disconnect Alerts

Flash Trac HW2

The Flash Trac has a hardware unit called Flash Trac HW2, a GPS tracking module that could be mounted or inserted into any 12 or 24-volt vehicle. And it helps fleet managers and owner-operators to track their vehicles in real-time. Also, this unit comes with a 3D accelerometer and an internal backup battery.

What’s fantastic about it is the capacity of the 3D accelerometer to detect a driver’s unsafe driving behavior. And It can, therefore, track over-speed, hard cornering, and hard braking. Furthermore, the internal backup battery of Flash Trac HW2 sends alerts when the battery of the truck is low, or the power is disconnected. 

Track Assets from The Web

liveviewgps map

Upon installation of the GPS tracking device on trucks, it is simple and easy to track vehicles using the platform. The Flash Trac has a web-based monitoring portal that enables customers to monitor their vehicles from any device that has access to the Internet.

Therefore, the user can log in to the web portal to collect information about their trucks without any need to install any software. The web portal does have a control panel built with an advanced user interface. And they are thus making it simple for customers to delve deeper into the vehicle activity data.

Real-Time Updates

Information is provided in real-time in LiveViewGPS Platforms. Therefore, when trucks drive from one highway to another, you could see when they turn east or west and also see where they stop. You can, however, gain insight into how quickly they move and how long they remain idle.

Vehicle History

One of the LiveViewGPS Platforms’ important features is vehicle history. And this feature allows users to check all the routes their vehicles are traveling. At a certain point in time, drivers would be able to return to check the duration of the trip, traveled miles, as well as other details.

High-Resolution Google Map Views

The LiveViewGPS tracking platform allows access to the highest-resolution views of Google maps. And this would include views of the street, territory, satellite, and hybrid.

Therefore, users are enabled to view live coverage for road traffic situations by using these map views. Map functions include setting map type (road, auto, aerial, and bird’s eye) plus options and controls for navigation. 

Settings enable users to select the refresh rate of the map, set geofencing (areas), find addresses, and view aerial or road maps. 

Fleet owners want a bird’s eye approach to monitor and reroute all vehicles when necessary to prevent traffic congestion and accidents or to send directions if drivers are lost. And this can be accomplished from anywhere with the LiveViewGPS solution. And it also boosts performance and productivity.

  • Ease of live reporting
  • Asset live track via computer or smart phones even when not in the office
  • Able to predict and pin point deliveries
  • Idle time Alert
  • Occasional lag in updates
  • At times, it shows that the vehicle is on for the next half hour even when the vehicle is turned off

Our Final Takes of LiveViewGPS

We have thoroughly reviewed LiveViewGPS, and we are impressed with the comprehensive features it offers. With LiveViewGPS, users can receive alerts via text or email regarding various aspects such as locations, engine hours, power loss, ignition, mileage, movement, speed limit, and driving activity.

It also has an alert editor that allows the user to configure when and how alerts are received. LiveViewGPS has offered GPS services to law enforcement agencies, businesses, and individuals alike. 

And the company has witnessed rapid growth by usually living up to its commitment to enable its users to monitor nearly anything anywhere. The company offers a range of application-specific trackers and software systems suitable for all needs.

We all understand that one size does not fit all. If that is the case, kindly fill out our consultation form and see where we can assist you.

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Robert Rigman

Robert Rigman

Former independent OTR trucker that left the road to dedicate his time to research new technology for the transport industry. When the ELD Mandate was approved many questions and daily challenges came up and there was no answer to them. was born from the combination of my passion for trucking and my affinity for research and writing.

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Share what you learned!

About the author

Robert Rigman

Robert Rigman

Former independent OTR trucker that left the road to dedicate his time to research new technology for the transport industry. When the ELD Mandate was approved many questions and daily challenges came up and there was no answer to them. was born from the combination of my passion for trucking and my affinity for research and writing.

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