Garmin Truck GPS In Depth Review 2022

(Last Updated On: May 30, 2023)

In theory, trucking appears to be all about getting from point A to point B as quickly as possible. It appears to be a simple and direct business that even someone who just received their license last week may accomplish.

garmin gps trucks


However, in practice, things can be a little more tricky. While consumer-grade GPS navigation systems have proven a significant improvement over traditional maps, they sometimes miss the mark in making the trip safer and more efficient.

Commercial-grade GPS, as opposed to your in-phone GPS, will provide a wide range of operational benefits. They typically include routing, alerting, and mapping tools to help truckers plan their journeys. You can’t go wrong with a Garmin Portable GPS unit.

Garmin GPS for trucks is one of the best available today. In this post, we will delve deeper into the subject, covering everything from what is Garmin Truck GPS, why you should get one, and the best models available.

The Benefits of Garmin Truck GPS

In a world where your phone GPS can provide you with the quickest route and accident notifications, buying a Garmin GPS for trucks may appear unnecessary. However, trucks are a different issue. These days truckers need much more than just the best and quickest routes.

This is where a Garmin truck GPS unit comes in handy. Garmin GPS systems can continually and accurately determine a truck’s location by using signals that bounce around across a series of 24 geosynchronous satellites.

A Garmin truck GPS unit, however, provides more than just continual triangulation. Below are some of the most essential benefits you can get from it.

1. Detailed Route Mapping


Garmin’s vehicle GPS mapping features include street name pronunciation and turn-by-turn guidance. If the driver skips a turn, these devices provide re-routing instructions.

The GPS unit also evaluates the fuel expenses for truck owners after creating a comprehensive truck route. Devices can indeed help drivers in planning multi-stop itineraries or saving details on recommended routes for each driver.

2. Choosing Appropriate Roadways

Because many roads in the United States have truck restrictions depending on load, height, weight, and other factors, Garmin truck GPS systems can use this knowledge when designing routes.

The driver only needs to enter the commercial vehicle’s exact profile, and the system will manage the rest. Trucks are less likely to come across low-hanging bridges or cruise on routes with truck restrictions this way.

3. Fuel Conserving Feature

Fuel Conserving Feature

Garmin truck GPS systems may assist fleet owners in saving money on fuel expenditures by notifying drivers and supervisors regarding reckless driving. This is done by tracking engine idling intervals and scheduled maintenance requirements.

Systems can also be used to track unneeded vehicle trips or route changes. In addition to supplying more efficient routing to drivers, fleet managers may also figure out the locations of fuel stops and the fuel rates available at each location.

4. Successful Fleet Management with Garmin Portable GPS

Managers can enhance customer experience by keeping clients updated on cargo delivery or pick-up timings by using pre-determined routes. Companies can also improve their surveillance of driver performance since analytics assist fleet owners in monitoring driving behavior and dependability.

Because trucks are costly investments, the safety features of Garmin Vehicle GPS can provide alarms when truck components show unauthorized operation, such as in the case of theft. Business owners may also be notified when trucks enter sites or receive real-time updates on moving traffic.

5. Adaptability

Garmin GPS for trucks is available in a variety of units and sizes, with different capabilities, and screens available in different resolutions. These devices can be permanently put on the truck’s dashboard, where the driver can see them.

Other types simply detach from mounted platforms and can be used in different vehicles or immediately removed for storage. Some systems additionally have discussion forums where drivers may enter traffic updates or comments on specific waypoints.

The Best Garmin Truck GPS You Can Buy

Now that you’ve learned about the Garmin GPS system and the benefits it may provide, it’s time to learn about some of its best products. Here are some of Garmin’s most acclaimed truck GPS gadgets.

Garmin dezl

1. Garmin dēzlCam 785

Garmin dēzlCam 785

The Garmin dezlCam 785, which was recently launched, was designed with the experienced large rig operator in mind. In complement with navigation capabilities, the Garmin has a built-in dashboard camera to capture and archive your trips along the go.

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Graphics that provide detailed notices and alerts spotted on major highways are among the many guiding features provided by dezlCam 785. Bridge heights, acute curves, and steep angles are all included in the much-needed statistical information.

When driving advice is required, the dezlCam 785 delivers spoken instructions via the loudspeaker systems. Despite traffic noise, the volume assures that instructions are easily heard and understood.

A truck monitoring system is also included with the dezlCam 785. This gives fleet managers and owners the ability to conveniently track vehicles and drivers.

2. Garmin dezl 780

Garmin dezl 780

This GPS navigator does what it’s supposed to do: it tells your whereabouts and what the traffic conditions are. Thankfully, it goes even further, with a slew of capabilities that are suitable for hauling numerous tons of freight.

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This GPS navigator will alert you if your route involves a roadway with weight limitations or crossings that are not large enough to give sufficient headroom clearance. Furthermore, the Garmin dezl 780 warns you of road-related elements like as sudden curves or elevation with steep slopes.

The Garmin dezl 780 also includes a free mobile phone app, the Smartphone Link. This application will deliver traffic and weather updates in real-time. It can also provide real-time information on parking slots in the neighborhood.

3. Garmin dezl 580

Garmin dezl 580

The dezl 580 GPS system is intended for professional truck drivers and includes all of the capabilities you might need. It’s comparable in size to other GPS units, measuring around six by four inches and weighing one pound, which is still rather hefty given the dimensions.

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It has a rechargeable 820 mAh lithium-ion battery that can last up to two hours. The dezl 580 also has 16 GB of physical memory and an additional slot for adding extra capacity.

It will direct you along the journey with voice instructions and colorful on-screen indicators based on real-world locations. When necessary, you can also access a bird’s eye view to see the route from above.

It also includes TripAdvisor integration, allowing you to find locations of interest and other landmarks that you might want to see. This Garmin model is also 100% compatible with a variety of secondary cameras supplied by Garmin.

What is Garmin Truck GPS?

Overview: Garmin Portable GPS

Since the early 2000s, Garmin portable GPS has dominated the market for in-car mapping devices. They have provided consumers with game-changing tools that have signaled the endgame of paper maps.

garmin truck gps

Garmin was founded in 1989 by engineers from Allied Signal, just after GPS became accessible for public use. The company did not intend to conquer mainstream markets, instead focusing from the start on specialized commodities for enthusiasts such as kayakers, aircrews, and off-roaders.

What began as a side hustle for some employees has evolved into a worldwide company over two decades later. Garmin is now an exceptional example of a business that has not only survived but prospered in battle with the tech juggernauts.

In 1991, the company launched its first product, aimed at owners of small boats and planes. The product, dubbed GPS 100, was so successful that the business was very prosperous by the end of the fiscal year.

Seven years later, Garmin launched a product that not only put the business on the map but also put interactive maps in people’s vehicles. In 2007, the company was thriving, with 40+ distinct GPS devices for cars, trucks, and motorbikes.

With decades of navigation knowledge, it is no wonder that Garmin is the preferred GPS brand for truckers. And, when it comes to product development, the company performed admirably. It is fortunate that the company developed products for highly regulated industries, notably aviation, where precision is critical.


The primary role of a GPS system is to bring you to a destination, and now almost all modern gadgets can do this. However, if you are a truck driver or owner who spends the majority of your time on the road, a Garmin truck GPS navigation solution can provide substantial efficiency benefits.

Garmin is unquestionably a reliable brand in the field of navigation systems. We hope this article has given you enough information on Garmin Truck GPS and has addressed many of your questions about the company and its navigation products.

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April Quibido

A seasoned writer with a good amount of experience writing for the trucking industry. April loves writing about all sorts of fun and interesting topics online. Besides her three-year old daughter, coffee is her best friend.

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About the author

April Quibido

April Quibido

A seasoned writer with a good amount of experience writing for the trucking industry. April loves writing about all sorts of fun and interesting topics online. Besides her three-year old daughter, coffee is her best friend.

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