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(Last Updated On: February 17, 2024)

All stakeholders in the trucking business can benefit from Ezlogz, a distinctive fully – featured logistical solution. With the help of EZLOGZ’s creative technical truck tracking platform, you can properly handle your properties, cut expenses, and improve speedy operations.

Tons of cargo chances from the biggest transport agent organizations are available on the innovative, accessible loading platform, along with shipping for any and all sorts of machinery. And, to meet all of your transportation and logistics demands, EZLOGZ has created an absolute Electronic Logging Device (ELD), service monitoring, and disposal of property platform.

Review of Ezlogz

It’s not necessary for fleet and delivery management to be nerve-wracking. With a variety of possible resources, you can keep an eye on your operation, eliminate laborious procedures, and make modifications as they occur.

All of these can be done easily with Ezlogs. The company is aware that users would require a variety of amenities in order to compete with the competition due to the increasing need for ELD trucking.

To help you understand Ezlog, we will now go over the features that transport companies and drivers have come to rely on from this platform.

Ezlogz’s Features

Ezlogz is a complete fleet monitoring solution that includes an electronic logging device. Carriers and transportation companies may manage HoS, adherence, ELD IFA predictions, and vehicle tracking.

There are several settings available, such as a time grid that highlights essential locations along the route, such as filling stations, inspection depots, and numerous landmarks.

Besides factors outside your control, the effective shipping procedure is simplified by the addition of the Trucking Search Feature, which assists carriers in pre-planning their route.

Frequently Asked Questions about Ezlogz

Given the variety of ELD devices available, it is critical to be familiar with the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) to ensure you are choosing the suitable item based on your requirements.

The following are the most frequently asked Ezlogz-related questions.

  • How to install the Ezlogz ELD?

The EzLogz app must initially be downloaded from the Google Play Store or the iTunes Store. Then find your cord, cable ties, and Ezlogz ELD gadget.

Find the OBD connector on your vehicle and make sure the wiring layout is properly connected. Run the motor of your car after connecting the Wireless adaptor to the outlet.

Locate “Bluetooth” in the settings of your device. The OBD monitor should now be on the search. Connect the devices as soon as they appear on your mobile phone. After that, fleet registration through the Ezlogz app can be done.

  • Can I connect Ezlogz ELD to mobile phones?

Yes. Both Android and iPhones can connect to the EZLogz ELD.

  • What are the features of the Ezlogz app?

A completely functional rider’s log is available inside the app, complete with digital certificates, fully automated streaming content, breach notifications, police verification mode, data scanners, HOS synopsis assessment, interesting locations, fuel economy countertops, actual Global Positioning System (GPS), as well as the capacity to send log information and verifications.

  • Is it in line with all the guidelines?

Yes, Ezlogz ELD is in full compliance with Canadian Council of Motor Transport Administrators (CCMTA) norms and standards.

  • What are the FMCSA regulations and technical standards?

By creating stringent security Regulatory guidelines, establishing technical standards, educating consumers about the existing regulations, and boosting public understanding, their actions contribute positively to sustaining the security of cars.

Additionally, FMCSA actively promotes engagement with local, state, and federal authorities as well as collaborative efforts with the roadway transportation sector to reduce the potential incidents of crashes and support electronic logbook technology.

  • What to take into account while selecting a dashboard camera?

You need to be aware of your app’s primary function, which goes beyond serving as an accurate record of every road collision. Reversing cameras can be used to observe driving patterns if you manage an automobile fleet.

The inter-dash camera is recommended if you want to guarantee the highest possible level of pedestrian security because it gives you a visual of your car from all angles and lets you prevent blind zones.

Use a video recorder that keeps information on the cloud so that you can always have a backup to dashboard camera recordings. Give importance to dashboard cameras with excellent video quality and excellent resolution to avoid missing information.

Get a dashboard camera with artificial intelligence (AI) if you would like to make driving even safer. It will detect reckless driving and submit the information to management for assessment.

Select versions that are appropriate for all sorts of automobiles and thus are calibrated to save effort on the installation and setup process. Keep in mind that a dashboard camera for truck drivers is a crucial part of increasing traffic security.

  • What are the benefits of Ezlogz ELD?

Ezlogz is a reliable ELD alternative if you’re currently looking for one. To provide the finest board for its riders, companies are actively developing and upgrading.

The fact that they offer 24-hour customer service and fix defects as soon as they appear shows how thoroughly they regard their technology. They go over and over with functionalities like anti-tampering data, record scans, and an on-the-go mapping system.

Ezlogz also allows records to be transferred to document tracking via emails or telematic web services. It additionally allows Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports (DVIRs), has 2-way messaging, provides reliable motor monitoring, contains information on problems, assists with docent recording, and uses distributed ledger so that information is impenetrable.

Overall, it makes your life as an operator and manager easier by swiping your fingertips across the display to obtain an electronic signature and aids in the improvement of driving habits.

Driver Travel Scheduler

You can effectively plan your delivery trip with this tool. After taking into account the driver’s working hours of operation and outside variables like weather and vehicular congestion, you can also know the arrival time. Also, it will give you crucial travel information to help with other decision-making needs.

The system will take into account information like the log hours of the driver, local road rules, rest pauses, gas stations, as well as other records when determining the estimated arrival time. This allows you to arrive on schedule, stay in compliance and secure during the entire journey, and make plans in any circumstance using the app’s many capabilities, saving you both time and money.

The Ezlogz displays location information during the travel, regardless of whether the connectivity fails, thanks to its GPS data capture and Geofencing features. All you need to do is set your device down on the dashboard. The technology makes it easier for logistics companies and car enthusiasts to monitor the actual position of their vehicle fleet and enhances drivers’ driving habits.

Use Ezlogz in Your Fleet

Ezlogz offers an excellent deal for your money because of its dynamic social networking site, records hub, trucker directions, and locations. You will discover that this technology is much less distracting and comparably simple to utilize despite providing so many cutting-edge features and alternatives.

If you have the Ezlogz mobile app loaded on your device of choice, you can access the system attached to your vehicle via the On-Board Diagnostic port to track automobile maintenance and regulation. Furthermore, the system keeps your information organized and accessible at all times.

The Takeaway

More devices have entered the market in recent years. While the capabilities and usefulness of these new gadgets have increased, it can be difficult to go through the possibilities to find which best meets your needs.

It is clear that Ezlogz’s technology has a number of functions that are specifically intended to match your needs, making it far more comprehensive than other standard ELD devices.

You’ve previously discovered in this Ezlogz article why so many shippers have switched to this specific option. So, what are you holding out for? Install now and make Ezlogz part of your cargo operations.

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Share what you learned!

About the author

Picture of April Quibido

April Quibido

A seasoned writer with a good amount of experience writing for the trucking industry. April loves writing about all sorts of fun and interesting topics online. Besides her three-year old daughter, coffee is her best friend.

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