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Are you looking for a complete eld system ? If so you have found it because Teletrac Navman is not only an eld device. teletrac navman eld

The Teletrac Navman is a fleet management software system that allows company owners, managers, and directors to monitor, track, and review their drivers.

This software is for those that have an interest in further understanding how their employees travel. In this review,

Some History

The system is the result of the merger between the Teletrac and Navman Wireless companies, meaning that Teletrac Navman brings double the experience and expertise than any other fleet management system.

This software is most useful for trucking companies. However, it can successfully manage private fleets, delivery businesses, as well as construction, mining, and civil engineering companies.

It gives managers the invaluable resource of checking in on their drivers. Thus, the back office always knows what exactly is going on when they send their fleet out on business.

Basic System Functionality

More specifically, the system is able to collect and store fuel efficiency data, do score-carding, and even carry out rudimentary business intelligence.

The list of functions goes on with engine diagnostics, and GPS asset location data, all carried out through a single and easy to use web-based platform.

Teletrac Navman’s software has received an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, proving the product’s supreme quality.

As with all technology, there are a few drawbacks to Teletrac Navman, but overall, it is a useful asset that anyone in the trucking, transportation, or construction industry should purchase for their company.

This is a centralized fleet management system. Most of the functions of Teletrac Navman are carried out through its DIRECTOR interface, which comes in a variety of levels of ability and price.

Teletrac Navman ELD Plans

The first, and least expensive, option is DIRECTOR Essential. While it is the most basic form of the company’s software, it is designed to work in smaller business, such as local and national transportation services providers.

The other upgrade options are DIRECTOR Professional and DIRECTOR Enterprise. It is a bit pricier and far more suitable for big, internationally operating fleets. More info about the latter ELD plans is coming shortly.

 Director Essential For The Builder

This ELD plan is also especially helpful for those working in the construction industry.

In an attempt to tackle the spreading workforce shortage in the sector, more and more construction companies recur to GPS tracking and big data analytics.

As many as 85% of the builders in the USA either currently use GPS fleet tracking or plan to do it in the immediate future.

Most of the construction bosses use Teletrac Navman’s solutions for equipment tracking, but many also avail of their ELDS to monitor their fleets’ speed and drivers’ HOS.

Top safety benefits realized by using GPS tracking include speeding prevention (37%) and improved driver behavior (34%).

Moreover, 55 percent have seen their fuel costs falling drastically since implementing telematics, with 21 percent reporting cost cuts by 11 percent or more.

Statistical data also reveals that 21 percent of the building companies in the USare applying big data analytics to business operations.

Last but not least, 37 percent expect big data analytics to be the technology that will most greatly impact business in the future, over autonomous vehicles and smart cities alike.

DIRECTOR Essential General Features

This plan includes a real time tracking option, which tells fleet managers where their drivers are at all times. It also includes simple data management, which makes it much easier to interpret all of the data that the system is collecting.

DIRECTOR Essential also provides a platform for drivers and managers to communicate without risking the safety of the driver. Essential also creates vehicle and trip reports that track vehicle usage and driver time sheets.

DIRECTOR Professional – The Next Step

As its very name suggests, DIRECTOR Professional is a step above Essential, and so it includes all of Essential’s features plus a few additional perks.

This interface is designed for larger companies and allows them to create customization alerts that best suit the customer’s needs.

The list of features also includes a Dynamic Dashboard, which breaks down the data Teletrac Navman collects into an easy-to-understand format.

This is especially useful, if your drivers are not very tech savvy.

DIRECTOR Professional is also very important for your fleet’s safety. This is so, because The program takes note and meticulously records all behavioral patterns of your drivers.

Thus, the management can easily find out who of the drivers abide by the rule and who need to be reminded that they should do so at all times.

Professional also creates an individual scorecard for each driver. But that’s not all, because this plan is also capable of generatings maintenance and fuel efficiency reports.

This plan can also record vehicle events, which is very useful for the mechanics that perform the regular truck maintenance.  The better a truck is services the farther it will go.

This plan can also map streets using Google Street View, and reports even more data than Essential does, such as CO2 emissions. Every driver knows that an increase of these emission is a clear indicator of engine problems.

Get Unlimited Functionality With DIRECTOR Enterprise

The highest level of Teletrac Navman DIRECTOR is DIRECTOR Enterprise. Enterprise is Teletrac Navman’s most comprehensive system, as it includes all of the company’s available features and functionalities.

One of the most noteworthy ones is Advanced Replay, which allows users to watch traffic incidents that the driver is involved in from multiple angles.

These video recordings can be particularly useful, if you need to file insurance claims. No fleet manager wants his vehicles to ever be involved in a road accident, but the simple fact is that such accidents happen every day.

This plan also offers user permission controls that allow company leadership to restrict certain data to certain viewers.

API Support is yet another outstanding feature of Enterprise, which allows companies to integrate the Teletrac Navman system with other business software they own, thus streamlining productivity in the workplace.

Last but not least, Enterprise also includes enhanced geo-search. This option helps managers to better analyze their fleet’s driving patterns over the past 24 months and establish the safest, most efficient routes based on real data.

Why Choosing Teletract Navman ELD?

The major advantage of this software is rooted in the way it monitors your drivers. The monitoring is implemented through a dashboard camera.

In addition to providings data to the company leadership, the dashboard camera can also help them to keep drivers on schedule.

It can also reduce costs by maximizing route effectiveness, and more easily put employees to work on the road on a daily basis.

The camera communicates with the company leadership through their DIRECTOR software. This software is installed on the fleet leader’s computer and allows them to access all of the the available capabilities.

eld compliance

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A Versatile And User Friendly Solution

DIRECTOR, at any level, gives each fleet owner the ability to manage their vehciles and mobile workforce using one simple platform. Additionally, the software is easy to install and run.

The best thing is that Teletrac provides free installation services, if companies would rather have a professional do the initial setup for them.

The technology that Teletrac Navman uses is sleek and easy to use. It boasts a one minute refresh time, making sure that company management is updated every minute about the whereabouts and safety of their drivers.

The software is also adaptable to the size of the transportation company that it is installed for, making it even more useful to those whose job it is to oversee and control drivers.

Minimum Three Trucks

Please note that the system does require that the company have at least three trucks or vehicles in their fleet, so the smallest hauliers and one-man businesses cannot partner with Teletrac Navman, for the time being at least.

The dashboard is also customizable for each business, allowing management to choose exactly what info they want to see on the display and when they want to see it.

Makes Manager’s Life Easier!

Essentially, Teletrac Navman is built to make the work of management at any company much easier. It helps managers and fleet leaders clear up their schedules, so as to address some more important aspects of the business.

DIRECTOR allows overseers to watch their fleet in real time as they move about town or on the highway. More importantly, it also enables users to monitor weather and traffic reports and adjust the routes of their drivers accordingly.

Last but not least, the DIRECTOR interface creates a direct and safe line of communication between managers and drivers, making deliveries happen more quickly and more efficiently.

Teletract Navman’s Wide Portfolio Of Solutions

Along with Elogs and GPS tracking servies, Teletrac Navman also offers a variety of workflow solutions. The company’s wide portfolio includes a job dispatch platform, which facilitates easy communication between drivers and management.

One of the greatest things about the system is that it enables the company leadership to check for proof of delivery as well as for driver compliance.

Needless to say, fleet compliance is one of the biggest advantages of the Teletrac Navman system.

Because compliance goes hand-in-hand with safety, Teletrac Navman helps to prevent traffic violations through theier accountability system that the DIRECTOR dashboard automatically launches.

The company also provides its clients with a clear real time view of their fleet. This is so, because each vehicle on the display is color coded, allowing management to easily differentiate between drivers and view specific data on each truck.

As already mentioned, the system uses the information that it collects to automatically report driver safety issues and creates customized scorecards for each driver.

Build Your Own Incentive System

With Teletrac Navman, company leaders can even build their own incentive system. Thus, they will most certainly motivate their drivers to travel more safely.

The Teletrac Navman’s ability to monitor drivers for safety and productivity makes businesses that use it far more competitive and profitable.

Teletrac Navman also assists in making sure equipment is safe to use. It streamlines the inspection process and makes maintenance needs more obvious to management.

Safety First

The system allows the drivers to report vehicle issues and maintenance requests in real time. This function further streamlines communication between fleet drivers and company management.

This feature also eliminates a ton of paperwork, allowing both drivers and company leadership to focus on the more important and profitable aspects of their jobs.

For example, if a driver gets into an accident on the road, Teletrac Navman allows leaders to go back and watch the incident as it occurred, which ensures that responsibility is shouldered correctly.

Identifying the exact causes of a traffic accident that occurred between one your company’s trucks and another vehicle or vehicles can save you a lot of money, particularly if your driver is not the one at fault.

In addition, driver behavior is reported by the system regularly, so even if drivers aren’t involved in traffic incidents, their safe and unsafe driving habits can still be easily noticed and timely addressed.

Specifically, the system tracks harsh braking, cornering, and excessive acceleration. It allows DIRECTOR users to visualize trends, strengths, and weaknesses of all of their drivers.

Navman Teaches Safe Driving

Another huge and undisputed advantage of Teletrac Navman is that it actually teaches company drivers to be more tolerant and patient on the road. Along with the dashboard cameras, the system provides in-cab training guides for drivers.

These guides encourage their positive driving habits with some useful tips to drive more safely, slow down, or stop on time.

Having a system like Teletrac Navman means that all drivers in a fleet will be on the same page in terms of safety regulations. Thiss ensures that every customer receives the same, safe transportation service.

A Truly Cost-Effective Solution

Teletrac Navman also has many direct numerical benefits to company management. It has been proven to increase revenue and reduce costs, mainly due to its ability to route drivers more efficiently.

The choice of the most appropriate route is always based on the current traffic and weather conditions. In addition, the system can calculate fuel efficiency and give tips on how to further maximize it.

Teletrac Navman also has the ability to directly contact customers regarding their deliveries. It provides real-time updates on whether they will be early, on time, or late. This useful function drastically increases customer satisfaction.

Telectrac Navman’s Areas Of Improvement

While Teletrac Navman can be highly beneficial to any company in the trucking or construction industries, some consumers have reported certail issues with their system.

Tech Support Hard To Reach

The biggest concern that most users have with Teletrac Navman is their customer service.

The company seems to be overwhelmed with the number of customers they have, and so they are not able to adequately respond to customer service inquiries most of the time.

For instance, one reviewer reports that they have experienced multiple technical issues with their device.

The more concerning fact is that when this user called the company for help, the tech support seemed to have misunderstood the problem and were thus unable to fix it, even after multiple calls.

What made this situation worse was that the system was under full warranty at the time, so the issue should have been fixed right away.

Surprisingly, even after multiple failed attempts to help the customer, Teletrac Navman would not release them from responsibility under their service contract.

In terms of customer service, most users have reported that once they have entered into a three-year contract with the company, they have not been able to get adequate help or response to none of their customer service inquiries.

Customers complain about going around and around with their account managers for months, trying to fix a technical issue.

Connectivity Issues

Other users have reported some technical issues as well. For instance, one user successfully used the program with five units for several months, and so decided to add two more units to his fleet.

However, these two new units would simply not connect to the system that was already in use. Even after multiple customer service calls, this issue is still not resolved.

Multiple Teletrac Navman customers have reported issues with adding new units to their system, so it seems that the best way to avoid this issue is to make sure you are ordering all of the units you anticipate needing at once.

GPS Tracking Problems

Other users have reported that the GPS tracking of their devices, which is essential to their functionality, has deteriorated over time. This is surprising for a provider, who boasts GPS tracking as one of their top services.

Sudden GPS failures cause drivers to have to take their eyes off the road at nearly every stoplight in order to deal with the navigation flaws of the system and adjust their route.

They have also reported that their drivers are often warned against speeding by the software when they have not actually been speeding, which is frustrating for both drivers and management.

Watch Out For Automatic Renewal

Other customers have also complained about the company's use of automatic renewal, which makes it much more difficult to cancel the service.

To avoid being locked in automatic contract renewal, we advise you to regularly check the most recent updates to the terms and conditions of your User Agreement with Teletrac Navman

Customers also complain that once they are under contract with Teletrac Navman, the company becomes much less responsive.

Even after some customers have cancelled the service, they have still been billed until they actually blocked the company from their credit card.

Final Words On Teletrac Navman’s Devices

While Teletrac Navman users have reported a variety of customer service issues, these seem to be due to the growing pains of the Teletrac Navman merger.

There is certainly light at the end of the tunnel, as more and more issues are being resolved with growing speed every day as the company gains its footing.

Despite the flaws mentioned above, the system has received rave reviews from almost all expert reviewing sites.

You can read tons of positive reviews about the company on,, and even the Better Business Bureau!

These numerous positive expert opinions prove that the Teletrac Navman system has great potential to revolutionize the fleet management industry, once all of the customer service issues are ironed out.

Overall, Teletrac Navman is the preferred choice of  companies looking for a fleet management solution that allows them to track drivers for productivity and safety.

With it, they can also communicate with them effectively, and streamline the whole delivery and transportation process.

To sum up, Teletrac Navman provides an excellent software solution that will only continue to get better as time passes and their technology improves.




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