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  • TomTom and Garmin Navigation
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  • More features update is needed
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(Last Updated On: December 14, 2023)

Blue Tree Systems has almost 20 years of experience in the international telematics industry. The company focuses on larger fleets, which focus on reefer tracking.

Given the long experience, the latest versions of ELD devices and fleet management solutions at Blue Tree look new. Drivers have to use a Garmin blue tree or a TomTom with this ELD.

The system attaches to the BT500 hardware from Blue Tree via WiFi and plugs into the vehicle to record motion and engine data.

There are most of the standard features you would expect: navigation, engine codes, IFTA, logs, DVIRs, messaging, etc.

The software feels very sleek and clear, and easy to understand.

Overview of Blue Tree Systems Features

blue tree systemsOne of the top picks in many fleet management solution reviews is the Blue Tree ELD.

While this multinational player has been in the business for quite a while, however, the rate of its feature improvement has improved since ORBCOMM acquired it.

Blue Tree Systems generally concentrates on large fleets.

The software comes with a stunning design that gives a user-friendly User interface. In addition to the user-friendly interface, Blue Tree has implemented innovative features like on-board driver scoring screens for real-time problem identification and solutions, enhancing driver performance and reducing fuel usage​

The App has implemented the FMCSA required fax or email functionality. However, the daily recap of hours for the coming weeks can also be challenging to find precisely.

Still, don’t worry! The company behind the Bluetree ELD system has emphasized compliance with the ELD mandate standards and that, in the coming years will carry a plethora of features.

Therefore, let us learn much more about Blue Tree ELD without hesitation.

Blue Tree’s solutions meet the expectations of trucking companies that continuously aim to manage their company assets through a single application and facilitate seamless integration with their business systems.

The innovative truck in-cab platform from Blue Tree is built on a transparent Android architecture that provides customers with a fully managed, scalable, and verified solution that is simple to use by drivers.

The company also provides comprehensive, country-specific compliance approaches both in North America and in Europe.

The fleet management solutions meet the specifications of the Electronic Logging Device (ELD) Mandate rules, which allow businesses to replace paper log-books with electronic “Hours of Service” systems.

Users of Blue Tree solution gain significant efficiencies, improved driver health, and workplace performance improvements across the supply chain.


The sale price could be a difficult pill for several fleets to take, considering the work-in-progress feeling of many of the features.

The initial hardware costs are one of the most expensive price tags in the industry at approximately $1000. The price gets you the hardware BT500 as well as the Garmin.

Going with TomTom does, however, increase the price. Also, monthly billing is $40/month on the high side.

Financing plans are also available, and that includes both hardware as well as service on a 5-year plan for about $60/month.

And this could be funded by some larger fleet budgets; however, many smaller customers would probably consider more value for their buck elsewhere.

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ORBCOMM Acquisition of Blue Tree Systems Limited

On October 2, 2017-ORBCOMM Inc., one of the leading technology providers of Internet of Things (IoT) technologies and Machine-to-Machine (M2M), announced that it had purchased Blue Tree Systems Limited based in Galway, Ireland, along with its U.S., German and French subsidiaries.

Blue Tree offers one of the best fleet management services spanning numerous asset classes, including trucks, refrigerated vehicles, and so on.

The company serves over 300 customers throughout North America, Europe, UK, Australia, and New Zealand.

By integrating truck in-cab and refrigerated fleet vehicle technologies into ORBCOMM’s market-leading freight services, the acquisition of Blue Tree strengthens the ORBCOMM transportation portfolio.

Customers will also access an optimized offering from one source, which includes almost all fleet assets.

The global success of Blue Tree is also building momentum and distribution in key geographies like Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

With modern transportation technologies together with an integrated software application, Blue Tree is a better strategic addition to ORBCOMM’s extensive transportation portfolio. Combined with Inthinc acquisition in June 2017, the Blue Tree system enables ORBCOMM telematics to deliver the most robust transportation solution covering almost every asset class.

Features of Blue Tree ELD

Scalable ELD Platform

As part of ORBCOMM’s Android-based ELD platform, this ELD platform is both open, scalable, and free of any hardware encryption. Any 3rd party modules can be incorporated through the Android APIs.

Fast 4 G LTE

This ELD solution gives you the advantage of the highest level 4G-LTE Wireless Solutions coverage and performance.

Users can connect printers, cameras, and scanners, with the Blue Tree ELD solution using WiFi, Bluetooth, or the USB ports.

Robust System on Hardware

The Blue Tree ELD supports driver messaging, HOS, auto-departure and arrival, task management, repair management, truck, and all fleet assets location Bluetree tracking and alerts.

Additionally, Blue Tree’s telematics offerings include excellent navigation features and messaging systems with text-to-speech functionality for improved driver communication

Fleet Data Analysis and Reporting

The system is integrated with a dedicated driver collection of data & aggregation software system, which offers comprehensive analysis and reporting.

Great Solution

The Blue Tree ELD was designed for extreme operating environments where temperatures can vary from – 40 degrees Fahrenheit to +185 degrees Fahrenheit.

Why Blue Tree ELD?

If you ever ask what the benefits of the Blue Tree ELD solution are, here are a few of them.

Improves Levels of Satisfaction

For the driver’s rapid learning process of the Blue Tree ELD, fleet managers get to retain more drivers. And it also increases the truckers ‘ overall performance rates.

Compliance Cost Reduction

With the features of the Blue Tree ELD solution, you can substantially reduce the overall amount of money spent handling unsigned logs and missing miles.

Vehicle Downtime Reduction

This ELD solution enables fleet managers and drivers to access features such as vehicle malfunction recording in real-time, electronic DVIR, and reliability to optimize vehicle uptime.

Get Rid of Data Silos

By adjusting the driver’s hours available, the fleet manager can also incorporate the HOS data into the dispatch systems to improve efficiency.

Apps Integration

You may integrate all the applications with the Blue Tree Systems over an open-type of Android platform to build a single driver screen inside the fleet.

If you want a fleet management system with tracking and ELD compliance, and that is suitable for your business needs, kindly fill out our free consultation form, and we will help you out in no time.

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Blue Tree Systems go Beyond Compliance – Boost Driver Productivity and Fleet Efficiency

FMCSA Approved ELDCompliance has always been the principal reason fleets use portable devices in-cab since the implementation of ELDs.

But, with dozens of basic ELDs deployed into the market in the past years, fleets, therefore, realize the shortcomings of compliance-only ELD products and the risk of not optimizing productivity and efficiency improvements.

And this is made possible by smarter in-cab solutions such as the Samsung-powered ELD truck management system from ORBCOMM.

In-cab technologies can also be a hub of productivity for fleets by connecting drivers to the back office and even to customers.

If third-party systems and software could be integrated into a single fleet management platform, fleets can even use the computing power as well as data access of the system to shorten turnaround times.

Thus, boost customer interaction, decrease the cost of fuel, and avoid wear and tear on maintenance.

Below are some explanations for considering and upgrading your device to products like Samsung tablets powered by ORBCOMM’s ELD solution:

No Room for Locked, Proprietary Systems

driver performance

Nowadays, fleets companies have a multitude of applications, tools, and reports they expect their drivers to share instantly with them.

If any of these are third-party or in-house apps, the selection of applications can include navigation, parking, weather and DVIR apps, payroll reporting, driver bonuses, bypass weight stations, repair shop apps, training documents, etc.

The Blue Tree Systems in-cab software solution is open, un-proprietary, scalable, versatile, and flexible enough to work with much other software.

Real-time Proof of Delivery

ELD device cost

When the demands of e-commerce push shippers to adjust their way of doing business, fleet carriers need to explore more cost-effective and trackable ways of delivering goods to clients.

Barcode scanning and digital signature recording are key technologies that provide proof of delivery in real time.

And the Blue Tree Systems In-cab devices can provide fleet truck drivers with these features for use in all weather and conditions.

Drivers can scan barcodes, capture signatures, take pictures of loads, and transfer trip reports directly to the fleet company and customers.

Paperless cabs cut operating expenses, automatically allow billing as well as invoicing and will provide the fleet with many other benefits.

As the driver becomes more successful, the driving experience becomes improves. And hence, the more satisfied the driver is, the less conceivable it is that there will be driver turnover.

Data Security

ELD device safety

It comes with complications to have so much data somewhere with drivers on the road.

The first challenges are data security; phone loss, hacking, and open WiFi connections can be headaches for IT administrators responsible for ensuring the company and customer information is secure.

For possible devices, applications, and data attacks, IT professionals should be good enough to manage mobile devices from back in the office.

Device management is a must for remote locking or wiping of phones.

Automatic Application Update

ELD device feature

Maintaining hundreds or even thousands of on-field mobile phones and tablets can be a nightmare for fleet managers.

Devices must always be updated, set up with the right applications and apps, processed, and distributed to users. It is not only the device; it has to ship the right mounts and cradles, too.

And then, once out on the road, the company provides 24/7 blue tree systems support for drivers as they become familiar with their new devices.

The system updates it remotely when a new application update is released; fleet managers can access the device without having to carry it back into the office.

With this solution, in practical terms, fleets are capable of supporting one truck in-cab unit. There’s no way drivers can try to juggle two phones and tablets.

Instead of spending time downloading details from emails, social media, or mobile phones, drivers can gain access to the data on one device. Thus drivers don’t need another unit to perform all their tasks.

User Review

user reviewsAfter reviewing Blue Tree Systems ELD, I found out that the system stands out for its driver performance elements and messaging system, improving communication and driving styles.

The company doesn’t have a profile with the Better Business Bureau, and there is no review of the products on many trusted review sites.

On google play store, many users say the product had very few Blue Tree ELD reviews, and it’s tough to get insight into the real ORBCOMM customer’s experience of the product without conducting thorough research.

Some user complains that drivers cannot email or fax their reports from the tablet. Regular recap hours are not readily available for the coming week.

There is also an Android app for general-purpose, allowing the device to be used on a driver’s personal mobile device. But we believe that it has minimal functionality and therefore does not support HOS recording.

The new fleet management platform for back-office users is also partially under development by Blue Tree. The modern web-based software is also much more advanced than their older desktop version.

Not all features have already been moved into the new platform. Therefore, fleet managers are required to use the old system for performing tasks such as updating logs or assigning unlogged driving.

The older system is obsolete and clunky, and it’ll be a nice change of pace to start transitioning to the modern web-based platform.

  • TomTom and Garmin Navigation
  • Tamper-resistant device
  • Add-on features
  • More features update is needed
  • Blue Tree systems installation is time-consuming
  • Expensive

Recent Developments: Security Incident

Ransomware Attack on ORBCOMM (Parent Company of Blue Tree Systems)

In September 2023, ORBCOMM, the parent company of Blue Tree Systems, experienced a significant ransomware attack. This cyber incident led to service outages for various ORBCOMM products, including Blue Tree Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs) and FleetManager freight tracking technology.

As a result, the Federal Motor Safety Administration (FMCSA) issued a temporary waiver, allowing Blue Tree ELD users to record their hours of service on paper until the services were restored.

This event highlights the importance of cybersecurity in the telematics and fleet management industry and underlines the ongoing challenges companies face in safeguarding digital infrastructure against malicious attacks.

Looking forward, ORBCOMM and Blue Tree Systems are committed to enhancing their digital security protocols to prevent future breaches, ensuring reliable and secure fleet management solutions for their customers.

Frequently Asked Questions about Blue Tree Systems and ORBCOMM

What is Blue Tree Systems?
Blue Tree Systems is a provider of fleet management solutions, specializing in telematics for large fleets, particularly in reefer tracking.

Who owns Blue Tree Systems?
Blue Tree Systems is owned by ORBCOMM Inc., a leading provider of IoT and M2M technologies.

What happened in the recent ransomware attack on ORBCOMM?
In September 2023, ORBCOMM experienced a ransomware attack affecting its FleetManager platform and Blue Tree ELD systems. The company aimed to restore full service by September 28, 2023.

Are Blue Tree’s ELD systems compliant with FMCSA regulations?
Yes, Blue Tree’s fleet management solutions comply with the Electronic Logging Device (ELD) Mandate rules.

What unique features does Blue Tree Systems offer?
Blue Tree Systems offers features like real-time driver performance monitoring, comprehensive navigation, and robust messaging systems with text-to-speech functionality.

How did the ransomware attack impact Blue Tree ELD users?
The attack temporarily disrupted the service of Blue Tree ELD models BT500 and BT504, leading the FMCSA to issue a temporary exemption for users to maintain records on paper.


Although Blue Tree might still have improvements to do on its new core models, they now have some unique features that may make them worth the price tag for specific fleets due to the acquisition by ORBCOMM Inc.

We believe that the system can be fully mounted behind the dashboard, keeping it more secure and tamper-resistant.

However, not all other devices on the market are built to work well when concealed under dash panels, so this is an excellent benefit for fleets concerned about theft or users disabling the Bluetree e-log system.

The fact that the device runs on Garmin as well as TomTom provides built-in, truck-specific navigation for the driver. The platform also includes some useful resources, such as HOS coaching, meant to help drivers schedule their day and maximize the value of their driving and duty time.

As a long-time market leader, the company also ensures that it continues to have proven integrations with several prominent tech vendors such as TMW, McLeod, etc. And there are some exciting features to the package. Large fleets will consider them worth a close look, particularly those in the reefer business. However, much of the new fleet management software doesn’t seem fully prepared for prime time, and most fleets may be wise to wait for a while to see how the product progresses.

Once those missing parts are designed and built, Blue Tree could have a powerful and expensive product. It’s not difficult right now to make a convincing case that it’s ridiculously expensive. As the product continues to advance, check back on this page for updates.

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Picture of Robert Rigman

Robert Rigman

Former independent OTR trucker that left the road to dedicate his time to research new technology for the transport industry. When the ELD Mandate was approved many questions and daily challenges came up and there was no answer to them. was born from the combination of my passion for trucking and my affinity for research and writing.

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