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mix telematicsMiX Telematics is one of the leading cloud-based telematics solutions providing mobile assets as well as a fleet management solution for a fleet of all sizes.

MiX Telematics, established in 1995, has expanded its operations globally, with a notable presence in the U.S., U.K., South Africa, and other regions. As of 2023, the company serves customers in over 120 countries, emphasizing its broad reach in the fleet management sector.

MiX Telematics has surpassed one million active subscribers, marking a significant growth in its customer base. The company is listed on the New York and Johannesburg Stock Exchanges, showcasing its robust market presence​

MiX Telematics provides SaaS solutions for commercial fleet companies, small fleets as well as consumers, with the ability to track commercial vehicles, vans, cars, motorcycles, trailers, and much more.

In this mix telematics review, you will know how the company employs a fully integrated telematics fleet management solution, providing reliable information to solve complicated truck and driver-related issues – it’s not just about Mix Telematics GPS tracking.

Product Features Overview

The main MiX Telematics products are The MiX Fleet Manager Premium and MiX Fleet Manager Essential. This Mix telematics car tracker solution provider has a significant presence in the American technology market.

And its software products are often used by many top construction companies, public transportation systems, rental fleets, security, emergency services, fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) oil and gas, utility industries, government fleets, and mining.

Benefits of the solution include:

  • Improve driver behavior and safety
  • Reduce fuel usage by up to 15%
  • Live and historical tracking
  • Vital tracking functionality
  • Flexible hardware options
  • Powerful reporting suite
  • Live information streams
  • Event notification
  • Vehicle tracking
  • Fuel management

MiX Vision

mix telematics mix visionThe MiX Vision is a dual video image recording system and uses driver-facing and road-facing cameras. MiX Vision aims pretty firmly in the commercial sector and is at the forefront of where the telematics business sector is moving.

Located within the vehicle, the MiX Vision device can be set to trigger a variety of events. Upon system activation, it captures high-quality images of both the driver inside the vehicle and the road ahead.

Also, at night, the system would work, with the driver-facing camera having the ability to record infrared light.

MiX 3D

The growing demand for advanced technologies from insurance companies and legislators to help increase safety leads to an increase in telematics take-up to better shield the driver as well as his or her employers.

A perfect example of this is the company’s MiX 3D which allows a fleet manager to access vehicle tachograph data. It is a legal responsibility to perform routine and then safely store data.

The MiX 3D is a wireless digital data downloading service for the tachographs of a business that not only promotes compliance with the law by the client; however, it also offers a simple solution to what could have been a laborious and time-consuming task.

The MiX 3D system is offered as an add-on to MiX Telematics Fleet Manager service, and the system is installed permanently in a vehicle, and also authenticating remote tachograph cards.

One of the MiX 3D system’s real attractions is that a commercial fleet manager can see driver’s hours in an interactive timeline that allows them to plan schedules more appropriately.

My MiX

My MiX is a simple concept that could help engage fleet vehicle drivers in understanding the importance of having a tracker in their trucks.

  • My MiX enables truck drivers to view their vehicle data and fully understand their driving performance via a particularly unique portal and afterward analyze the data against critical statistics as well as the average performances of many other drivers in the fleet.
  • These data can be analyzed by vehicles with drivers accessing it through desktop computers, mix telematics mobile apps, and tablets over some periods.
  • Early feedback clearly demonstrates that drivers using My MiX feel engaged with using the system and also have input into business process improvement.

MiX Telematics GPS Solutions

MiX Telematics GPS systems stand out in the telematics industry for their precision and reliability. These GPS solutions offer real-time tracking, enabling fleet managers to monitor vehicles accurately for improved route planning and vehicle utilization.

The GPS technology is integral to ensuring efficiency in operations, aiding in fuel management, and enhancing overall safety. With MiX Telematics GPS, companies can also ensure compliance with regulatory standards, making these systems a valuable asset for fleets of all sizes.

This technology not only streamlines fleet management but also contributes significantly to cost savings and operational excellence.


Unlike some of the other fleet management systems, MiX Telematics doesn’t offer a free trial or demo of the product.

The bottom line is, however, that its price, as well as contract structure, is reasonably straightforward. MiX Telematics offers some plans, and both plans are payable on a monthly or yearly basis.

The company charges an extra $29.95 per order for the shipping and handling of hardware for both plans.

fleet management systems

Standard Plan

This tier starts at a $35 monthly subscription for a single truck, and you’ll get another 10 percent discount with the annual plan costing $378 per vehicle per year.

The fleet tracking equipment that comes with a limited warranty is provided to fleet companies opting for this DIY plan; however, does not provide Mix telematics installation assistance.

The devices are plug-and-play devices, and therefore can be transferred among vehicles. Standard features are as follows

  • Service and licensing reminders
  • A 30-second software refresh
  • Web or mobile phone access
  • Street and satellite maps
  • Fuel and cost reporting
  • Live tracking
  • Geo-fencing

Professional Plan

As the names imply, this is the top-quality service of the two plans and is obtainable on an annual basis at $39.50 per vehicle per month or $426 per year.

Under this pricing plan, MiX Telematics offers a certified hardware installation without extra charges.

That being said, the devices can’t be transferred to other vehicles once they’ve been installed.

Advanced Features

MiX Telematics provides easy-to-use cloud-based software that helps optimize costs, improve efficiency, ensure customer satisfaction, and much more, while also ensuring consistency with laws and regulations.

Likewise, the MiX Telematics fleet management solution helps fleet managers to organize their fleet and allows them to use a single control center to manage the entire fleet, making all the information they need easy to access.

In short, it helps to ensure the smooth running of the fleet deployment with no hiccups. And it is ideal for fleet sizes of small, medium, and large sizes. It helps to effectively manage vehicles, optimize fuel consumption, track fraudulent use of company assets, manage payrolls, and much more.

Incredibly simple live mix telematics vehicle tracking implies you don’t really have the stress of manual process tracing vehicles, and it also lets fleet managers move on to more important and critical work.

The MiX Telematics tracking hardware gathers vital information about the vehicle and sends them to the control center in near real-time. And the data will be processed, and unique reports are prepared, which help fleet managers with exact details about the fleet as well as drivers.

The following is an overview of MiX Telematics key features:

Vehicle tracking

ELD device feature

Although tracking of vehicles is one of the most basic functions of any fleet management software, however, the MiX Telematics system provides a real-time vehicle update report, whether the vehicle is on the road, dele very location, or in the fuel station.

The system even continues to keep the driver informed with vital details such as driving violations, historical trips, driving speed, the route, and much more.

Information Live streams

ELD device feature

  • This Mix telematics fleet management system is a set of solutions for tracking vehicles tied to a particular task or event.
  • A user-defined Livestream to track a particular delivery helps to keep the delivery in focus.
  • And thus, allowing the fleet manager to remain in contact with the connected drivers’/company assets while continuing to keep the messages flowing.


MiX Telematics comes with a robust and comprehensive reporting platform that provides fleet managers to be aware of the different aspects of the fleet, such as the movement of vehicles, location, trip and usage reports, etc.

Reports such as driver scoring, mix telematics fuel management, breach event, and cost management report not only help in evaluating revenue and profits, it can also provide insights into driver performance that could be further used to coach or reward drivers.

Electronic Logging Device (ELD)

FMCSA approved elds

ELD devices are tailored to manage the fleet and comply with various governmental policies such as Hours of Service (HOS) through electronic tracking of the Record of Duty Status (RoDS) – an acceptable replacement for the outdated paper logbook.

MiX Fleet Manager Essential

An inexpensive and compact fleet platform not needing a full-fledged fleet management system with Google Maps integration for trip replay since navigation is a huge advantage for drivers.

The MiX Locate, one of MiX Fleet Manager Essential modules, allows fleet managers to respond to arrival/departure alert system, geofencing, unsafe acceleration or braking, vehicle speed as well as maintenance problems in real-time.

MiX Fleet Manager Premium

The MiX Fleet Manager Premium is a customized fleet management module that provides fleet managers with advanced technology and comprehensive performance metrics about drivers and vehicles.

The Premium Fleet Manager platform hosts an advanced onboard device that collects and transmits data about drivers and vehicles. And Users can access such data online or via a mobile mix telematics app (iOS or Android).

As a result, the Premium Fleet Manager allows the commercial fleet company to optimize customer service, increase efficiency, boost safe operation, and save fuel.

Advantages of MiX Telematics

gps fleet trackingThe telematics and fleet management solution software offered by MiX Telematics presents the following best key advantages.


Major commercial fleet companies use the applications of MiX Telematics to improve their fleet operation. They use the applications of MiX Telematics to empower companies and improve efficiency.

Safety and Security

Statistics show that about 94% of road accidents are attributed to human error. The identification and corrective action of bad driving habits are, therefore, essential to increase road safety and avoid potential risks.

MiX Telematics offers proven safety fleet management solutions along with added devices like RIBAS Display and MiX Rovi – sophisticated apps for risk reduction.

MiX Telematics fleet management platforms are aimed at protecting the companies’ assets as well as drivers in various industries and organizations.

Truck tracking, theft recovery, as well as historical and real-time tracking solutions intended to optimize personal protection and reliability and also the safety of heavy commercial vehicles, is among the leading security offerings.


Every great nation and industry would have its regulations relating to health, safety, and environmental protection (HSE). MiX Telematics provides flexible resources to keep high standards of compliance and safety. The software includes solutions for managing US IFTA regulations and Hours of Service (HOS), Australia’s electronic work diaries, and DTCO.

Onboard Camera Wit Image and Sound Capability

MiX Vision modules also include a sound recording camera, which can provide commercial truck owners with a unique, accurate record of indoor and vehicle conditions when an accident occurs.

Companies with loads of trucks in their fleet, as well as insurers, are continually turning to this form of technique to enable them to beat dishonest claims for insurance.

Every time the device is activated, MiX Vision captures the eight seconds of footage before an accident and seven seconds after. These files are then transferred to the company’s servers immediately.

Upon request, the truck owner or fleet manager could then view low-res footage and high-res video images – the aim is to reduce the cost and time of transmitting data.

Also, there is a valuable ability for a fleet management team to access a 2.5-minute-long, high-res video from any time in the prior 72 hours.

The list of MiX Vision applications is tremendous, which will eventually save money for several fleet operators as insurers are certainly looking to install such video recording technologies.

Improve Fleet Manager Performance

Generally, the MiX’s advanced package will help improve the efficiency of fleet managers as they will be allowed to do their job in greater depth. As a result, they will be able to continue making efficiencies and improve economies for the business simultaneously.

The new model sits inside the software package of the company’s Fleet Manager and enables a variety of reports to be produced and also, the software is intuitive and simple to use. This telematics offering, along with several other similar offers, also provides the fleet manager with an alert system as well as reports around the clock.

Unlike some of the other rival companies, MiX Telematics also provides a way of improving the driving standards as well as styles for a fleet manager.

Improve Driver Standards

  • Driver standard improvement is achieved using a dashboard-mounted display unit that would then have a set of status lights-green, amber, and red.
  • The lights will alert the driver of their current driving habits as well as whether they drive correctly.
  • With different parameters, the device can be pre-programmed to assist and support the driver to stay safe.
  • Parameters that could be configured include those for harsh acceleration, excessive idling, harsh braking, overspeeding and overdriving.

MiX Telematics Customer Support

The official website of MiX Telematics has a generic contact address of Mix telematics technical support as well as a basic query form for subscribers to reach out if a question arises. However, the company does not have any specific Mix Telematics contact number details of the sales team.

  • The company is on the most prominent social media platforms.
  • MiX Telematics regularly updates its Facebook and Twitter pages, but its YouTube page sees only occasional video uploads.
  • The website does have a support mix telematics contact details phone number and a form for submitting a query for Mix telematics customers.
  • Also, going through the company’s Facebook page shows that the company does host webinars; however, the website lacks information about these webinars.

User Reviews

user reviews

MiX Telematics is listed on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) website, and while the company is not BBB accredited, it has a rating of A+.

MiX Telematics user reviews, including feedback on MiX Telematics GPS services, show mixed experiences. One notable MiX Telematics review mentions challenges with the billing department, indicating experiences of irregular billing and a lack of consistency in charges, which have led to some frustration for this particular user. The review also references a high turnover within the company, leading to some confusion and customer service difficulties.

However, it’s important to note that such reviews represent individual experiences and may not reflect the experience of all customers.

MiX Telematics has a strong presence in many countries and is known for providing comprehensive solutions with installation assistance, emphasizing compliance with ELD and HOS regulations.

  • Presence in many countries
  • Installation assistance
  • Comprehensive solution
  • ELD and HOS Compliance
  • Only a few user feedbacks available online
  • No free trials or demo

Leadership and Future Prospects

MiX Telematics is undergoing a transformative business combination with Powerfleet, Inc., aiming to become one of the largest mobile asset IoT SaaS providers globally. The merger between MiX Telematics and Powerfleet is slated to close in the first quarter of 2024.

The imminent merger of MiX Telematics and Powerfleet is poised to generate significant cross-sell and upsell opportunities for Powerfleet’s Unity Platform, Modular Software, and AI-Driven Data Solutions across a combined base of 7,500 enterprise customers. This merger is expected to drive substantial annual growth.


MiX Telematics has an impressive array of goods and services, including professional system implementation. Its cloud-based solution fits a variety of fleet sizes, although it is always generally a good idea to assess whether the offers match your needs.

MiX Telematics, a major player in the telematics industry, operates across 120 countries. The company’s devices are actively used for tracking trucks, vans, buses, and cars worldwide. The tracking and telematics provided by MiX Telematics are hard to beat for those that want a comprehensive reporting fleet management software package.

And thus, making the solution simple to use, however, in an increasingly competitive market there would be much less expensive alternatives. MiX Telematics reviews are also mostly positive. . Moreover, its onboard camera tracking system is a significant breakthrough, and MiX Telematics is among the first company to enter the market, with an outstanding all-round and reliable system that standout.

Do you have any difficulty in choosing fleet management for your business? Get in touch with us today, and, in time, we will help you in choosing the best suitable fleet management system for your business need.

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About the author

Picture of Robert Rigman

Robert Rigman

Former independent OTR trucker that left the road to dedicate his time to research new technology for the transport industry. When the ELD Mandate was approved many questions and daily challenges came up and there was no answer to them. was born from the combination of my passion for trucking and my affinity for research and writing.

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