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  • Provide one of the best stellar safety features
  • Transparent about its offering and features
  • Driver coaching features
  • Comparative driver analysis


  • Poor customer support - problems don't get resolved promptly
  • Some negative reviews on its Better Business Bureau page
  • Unexpected fees and slow resolutions
  • Speed limit is not always correct


nextraqNexTraq is a Michelin group company with headquarters in Atlanta, GA.

The primary objective of this fleet management company is to provide the GPS vehicle and fleet monitoring industry with an easy-to-use, robust, and effective solution.

In this NexTraq reviews, we are going to look at the services that the company provides and how it helps fleet company to manage their entire fleet effectively.

NexTraq is a cloud-based platform – a fleet management service provider that supports companies in sectors such as transport, construction, manufacturing, agriculture and heavy equipment, food and beverage, utilities and more.

Key features include: vehicle trackings’ work scheduling board, automated driver task allocation, routing and real-time notifications.

The ‘Geofencing and Mapping’ feature of nextraq fleet tracking system enables users to make virtual boundaries across job sites.

And also, this solution allows users to monitor the departure and arrival times of trucks, track stolen equipment, and handle payroll schedules by creating a virtual time card that tracks the time spent on the job.

The system also enables a business to track and evaluate its fleet’s commercial fuel consumption.

Likewise, NexTraq features compliance with ‘Electronic Logging Devices,’ a custom reporting engine, and a fleet maintenance module.

It also features numerous hardware components such as power take-off and temperature, a NexTraq integration accelerometer, and driver ID sensors.

For iOS and Android apps users, nextraq mobile apps are also available. And, NexTraq customer service support is available via nextraq customer service phone number, email, nextraq online FAQs and product videos.

Service Overview

nextraq app softwareNexTraq Fleet Software allows businesses to manage all their fleet tracking requirements by providing multiple features to simplify each operation.

Reports and functions for real-time alerts display all of this data in real-time, helping you to allocate each resource to maximum efficiency.

It is possible to tailor the program to provide the type of service that each business needs.

Also, businesses can optimize their resources with this Fleet Tracking software, and thus, reduce fuel costs, provide time-sensitive reports and boost business income.

The nextraq tracking gps service can be used by fleet companies ranging from 2 to over 2,000 vehicles.

With its robust platform and nextraq app, the company has become a leading innovative provider in the telematics sector since its inception.

As a result, it has gained the respect of more than 7,500 users globally within 15 years. And over the past couple of years, the business has grown rapidly.

The service is available to businesses entities of all types.

With far more than 7,500 subscribers and 15 years of experience in the industry, NextTraq is indeed a pioneer in the telematics sector. And 95% of its users are eager to refer the company to their friends.


The US-based operations of NextTraq include broad customer support, in-house development of software, sales, support, and nextraq tutorial, as well as a nationwide network of installers.

Big tech companies like Landscape Concept Management, Pittsburgh Glass Works, Critical Power Solutions Inc., and Acres Group use NexTraq.

NexTraq Service includes:

  • Maintenance Scheduling
  • Work Order Management
  • Dispatch Management
  • Driver Management
  • Mileage Tracking
  • Vehicle Tracking
  • Fuel Management
  • Routing

NexTraq ELD Solution

eld trucking fmcsaThe Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) approved NexTraq’s electronic logging system (ELD) system, and this ELD solution is among ELD listed on the FMCSA website.

NexTraq ELD offers an integrated driver tracking system that allows fleet managers and owner-operators to easily track driver hours (HOS) compliance, DVIR inspections and also enables businesses to boost their fleet performance.

Because of the potential connectivity, reliability, and safety issues associated with Wireless-based solutions, the company made the decision to go with a hard-wired, robust tablet solution.

Through delivering a reliable, all-inclusive solution, the company removes the difficulty customers face in buying smartphones, tablets and data plans.

The key features of nextraq eld solution include:

  • User-friendly dashboard
  • odometer readings from ECM
  • Real-time HOS updates to manager and driver
  • Integrated nextraq fleet management solution
  • Supports all required U.S. and Canada driver types
  • Automated Tracking of speed, location, and movement
  • Easily record inspection data with integrated electronic DVIR

Electronic logging devices

Features and Services of NexTraq fleet management solution

Free Hardware installation

NexTraq offers the opportunity to install the hardware free of charge. In companies that may not have the resources or knowledge to install this kind of equipment, this is indeed a great feature.

Such function is likely to apply to more advanced hardware, as it is easy to install OBD II devices.

As the NexTraq hardware does not require a professional nextraq installation fee, the solution thus saves you time and resources. However, you will pay a cancelation fee if you decide to cancel the service early.

The fleet management device is hidden the drivers so you wouldn’t have to think about your systems being manipulated by drivers.


NexTraq offers resources for tracking harsh braking, speed, and total idling time.

And this may well help fleet managers to maximize the fuel efficiency of their fleet, thus keep your driver as well as your community safe.

On the per-driver basis, you could analyze performance and also evaluate driver performance, allowing you to start honest conversations about staying safe on the road.

NexTraq offers servicing information in addition to the safety feature for your driver. You may monitor when each truck required maintenance, guaranteeing that your fleet is safe and fit for the job.

Fuel performance

With the NexTraq fleet management solution, you can optimize the fuel efficiency routes of your fleet. To track, control, and evaluate your fuel consumption, it provides nextraq fuel card.

It also helps you to know how drivers fuel, and thus reducing inefficiencies. Through monitoring the harsh braking, idling, and speed of your drivers, you could train them about how to drive to save more fuel.


maintenance fleet safety

NexTraq offers a maintenance portal and vehicle diagnostic data to help the fleet manager to quickly learn what would be wrong with their vehicles and immediately start work on maintenance.

Fleet managers can, however, set up alerts to notify them of the need for preventive maintenance. These can ensure you boost your fleet’s life and stop breakdowns.


Extensive alerts and notifications are available from nextraq software. You can choose from more than 30 alerts that you can get in real time and help ensure the safety of your vehicle.

Alerts could be scheduled to appear via text or email messages. And this includes alerts for things such as rpm, idling time, departure or arrival from the destination, and mechanical problems.

You may also arrange more than Forty reports to fully understand idling time, vehicle status, fuel economy, and overall operation.

GPS Tracking Feature

The GPS vehicle tracking service from NexTraq can monitor the routes your drivers are taking and the stops they are making, and you could see detailed routes and stops.

Through this GPS tracking feature of NexTraq, fleet managers can monitor safety information such as harsh braking and speed.

Users may set up this fleet tracking solution to obtain information about repairs, such as when a tire replacement or oil change is due.

And this can make a difference by helping you to save money on repairing your vehicles because you can take good care of your fleet vehicles proactively.

Help and Support

You can use your phone, live chat, or email to contact service and support. Also, their website has a FAQ page that offers solutions to popular questions.

Ease of Use

nextraq easy of useGoogle Maps supports NexTraq’s platform that also means all you want to do on Google Maps can be done using nextraq maintenance software as well.

As a result, you’ll be able to track data, routing information, while using the street view app.

The app refreshes each minute (though this can be changed to 30 seconds), so fleet managers get real-time alerts at any time about where the vehicles are.

And this fleet tracking solution also supports the capacity to geofence various areas.

Therefore, when a vehicle reaches or leaves a specific area, fleet managers can draw a virtual boundary around an area to receive alerts.

And this feature is particularly beneficial when you need to monitor the arrival of a vehicle at a work site or airport.

Benefits of Using NextTracq

Detailed Reporting Data

Data provided by NextTraq contain easy-to-read graphs and charts, and hence the reporting material is comprehensive and easily understandable.

You can also configure the reports to guarantee that you only get the details you need.

The map view of the fleet management provider is highly interactive and enables you to monitor even the weather near your vehicle’s location because when there is a storm, you can ensure your drivers re safe.

However, if a service or delivery delayed due to the poor climate condition, you’ll be able to notify your customers.

The advantage is that if a driver approaches the geofenced area, you can set up geofences by zip code on the map and you will receive an alert.

Another advantage of the NexTraq fleet tracking solution is that, unlike most of the nextraq competitors, it keeps the history of your vehicles for 90 days.

This detailed history can be used to track and train trends in driver behaviors to perform at their best.

Also, in the event of a major safety hazard, you could set live alerts to receive an email or text message.

You can, however, schedule updates on your fleet to effectively manage fuel use, understand the history of your vehicle and assess the overall condition of your fleet.

Variety of Safety Measures

NexTraq offers a variety of safety measures for small and medium-sized businesses to keep them on top of the success of their drivers.

And thus, offering accurate information on the protection of your fleet so that you can reduce dangerous driving and also save fuel consumption.

You can also review driver safety scorecards that recognize dangerous driving habits and increase the visibility of workers.

Such factors make NexTraq an excellent solution to ensuring the safety of drivers and society for small businesses.

DriveGuard add-on

nextraq fleet mobile app solution prevents drivers from using their mobile devices for communicating, writing, emailing, and surfing the web while driving.

And this technological advances for fleet managers helps to keep drivers focused on the road rather than their mobile devices. To ensure overall safety, this is a fantastic add-on feature.

Driver Education nextraq platform

NexTraq also has an online educational platform for companies that you can use to reduce your business ‘ liability and risk.

It helps to implement strategies to deal with unsafe driving habits and make absolutely sure that your drivers are up-to-date about the essential, safe driving behaviors.


NexTraq records events related to safety, typically involving speed, extreme acceleration or braking, unnecessary idling, and crashes.

With this feature, you have a clearer understanding of how the fleet works by monitoring driver behavior.

You will also see if driver education needs to be prioritized and strategies developed to boost the performance of your fleet.

Nextraq pricing

Fleet companies that are looking forward to starting using NexTraq are required to sign a three-year contract agreement that would be on par with the industry.

The arrangement of the contract includes upfront payment for vehicle equipment and a monthly subscription charge for the use of the software.

NexTraq has no minimum requirement for vehicles, which means it serves fleets of all sizes.

Concerning NexTraq cost, however, the company does not provide NexTraq pricing on its site, unlike many other fleet management solution providers that we reviewed.

Price for NexTraq goes from $34.95 monthly fee per truck plus $179 for the software. In case you desire to know what the price for your company would look like, you would have to communicate directly with NexTraq.

One benefit NexTraq offers is free NexTraq GPS installation – the company will send an expert to help you mount your hardware.

It even offers a warranty on its hardware, and if you have a problem, you can get new NexTraq devices directly from NexTraq.

You could also use the nextraq connect app on smartphones or tablets to keep you updated even when you’re out of the office.

If your company needs it, it can offer compliance help, whether it’s for ELDs, FMCSA, HoS, or DVIR.

fleet management systems

NexTraq customer reviews

user reviewsWe understand that when you decide to purchase Fleet Management Solutions, it’s necessary to know how professionals rate it in their review articles.

However, to also figure out whether the real businesses and individuals that purchase it are delighted with the software, you’ll need to visit many review sites where you’ll be able to read real customer reviews of the product.

There is no glowing nextraq customer reviews online despite its excellent services.

Although, the company is also a certified company with the Better Business Bureau and has received an A+ with the rating agency, however, it has many poor customer reviews on the web.

Though NexTraq has a YouTube channel, there were no nextraq demo of the product on it. To set up a demo, you will have to work directly with NexTraq if you would like a hands-on experience of the software.

Customers who gave NexTraq positive review commends the safety feature and how it has helped their business.

They also like the ability to track their vehicle location in real-time, and Very customizable & feature rich software.

Those who gave the company negative reviews complain about nextraq customer support who don’t get the problem solved on time.

Some users also show their dissatisfaction over, incorrect speed limits, Unexpected fees and slow resolutions of the product.

On the Better Business Bureau website, NexTraq does indeed have a pretty good reputation. However, the business had few ratings on many consumer reviews sites on the web. And we could not even find more reviews for NexTraq on many reputable review sites.

For some, this might be a deal-breaker, although it does not mean that the fleet management solution provider is not providing excellent services.

Moreover, finding a suitable fleet management and ELD solution for your business needs can be time consuming. Kindly fill our free consultation form and will help you in no time.

Advantages and Disadvantages of NexTraq

  • Provide one of the best stellar safety features
  • Comparative driver analysis
  • Driver coaching features
  • Transparent about its offering and features
  • Poor customer support – problems don’t get resolved promptly
  • Some negative reviews on its Better Business Bureau page.
  • Unexpected fees and slow resolutions
  • speed limit is not always correct

best eld devices


NexTraq delivers robust fleet tracking solutions for the GPS fleet tracking industry in a standard agreement structure. Moreover, where NexTraq shines has always been its safety features.

Many fleet management solution providers offer safety functions such as driver scorecards and preventive fleet maintenance, but NexTraq goes beyond such requirements.

Driver performance needs a comprehensive approach, revealing where your best performers are among the drivers in your fleet. And this can lead to giving top performers additional incentives.

The use of the NexTraq telematics system which features reasonable safety measures, can, however, help with the cost of insurance based on your provider in addition to general liability for injuries and other problems on the road.

Besides its outstanding services, free hardware setup as well as a lifetime warranty, NexTraq provides above-average products, making it one of our choices for the best safety GPS fleet management solution.

And this is due to its comprehensive safety tools in conjunction with its overall product offering and plan structure.

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