Akal and Geowiz ELD by GeoSpace Labs REVIEW (FMCSA approved)

Akal & Geowiz ELD

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  • Easy to use
  • Competitively priced
  • No monthly fees for the Geowiz ELD
  • The device can work in AOBRD or ELD mode
  • Comprehensive carrier information system


  • The app is a little slow
  • Poor Akal and geowiz eld customer service
(Last Updated On: December 14, 2023)

Geowiz ELD and Akal ELD are electronic logging devices developed by GeoSpace Labs and designed to help trucking companies and drivers meet Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) compliance requirements. These devices are intended to automatically track and record a driver’s hours of service and provide real-time data on their location, speed, and other important metrics.

geospace akal geowizGeoSpace Labs has been in the business for quite some time, and the company products comply with the ELD mandate.

Their suite of products, ranging from specialized agricultural solutions to the versatile Akal ELD and AOBRD systems, are tailored for specific operations, ensuring that every driver, whether part of a massive fleet or an owner-operator, has the tools they need.

These tools aren’t just about compliance; they’re about safety, efficiency, and peace of mind.

Understanding the Vendor: GeoSpace Labs

Before diving deep into the reviews of Akal ELD and GeoWiz ELD, it’s essential to understand the brains behind these innovations.

GeoSpace Labs boasts a diverse collection of ELD devices, each meticulously designed for unique needs.

Whether it’s for agricultural endeavors or deep-field operations exempt from standard regulations, GeoSpace has a solution.

Although some of the company solutions are aimed at businesses looking to standardize their operations, however, others have been geared at owner-operators looking for an easy solution that could also track DVIRs, state miles as well as purchased fuel.

Through all these ELD solutions provided by the company, fleets will resolve their problems with reckless driving and ELD interactions while, at the same time, enhancing driver safety. Also, the company has real-time geospatial ELD hardware and accessories for sale.

Distinguishing Akal and GeoWiz ELD

While both ELD solutions are packed with features, there are nuances that set them apart. Let’s delve into the specifics of what each offers:

What is Akal ELD?

AkalELD is an electronic logbook application that allows users to track service hours, generate DVIRs, and take photos that users can draw on and attach to the inspection.

And also, the product enables the user to Sign their Log and DVIR electronically. This GPS-enabled app enables its user to monitor the time and place at which all fleet activities take place. It also connects to the cloud and backs up a user account, and even stores all log entries. And the company also provides a plugin for older and newer engine models, so all users are prepared to meet the FMCSA mandate requirements.

Akal ELD also has a program that enhances the e-log so that users can track and route their entire fleet. As a result, it provides the fleet manager and drivers with real-time trip updates, maps, asset monitoring, customer billing, and in-app messaging.

The bar codes on documents can be scanned as well, and the user can also scan documents directly with the device camera and drop signatures electronically. Likewise, the user can attach any paperwork and have it signed by the receiver electronically and get an immediate notice from the billing department.

Electronic logging devices

Akal ELD Features

  • Get workers where fleet managers need them with mobile devices and office workstations
  • Real-time arrived and departed time tracking
  • Driver Vehicle Inspection Report (DVIR)
  • Provides access to IFTA miles reports
  • track mileage and fuel consumption
  • Six months’ storage of your log data
  • Improve Invoicing & Time Cards
  • Location Visualization
  • Intuitive Management
  • ELD compliant

The company also provides hands-on training in some chosen areas. And also, Telephone assistance is available during regular business hours and off-hours. They also offer a messaging service.

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What is GeoWiz ELD?

Geowiz streamlines both CFR 395 as well as CFR 396 with its FMCSA mandate-compliant, easy-to-use, and advanced product.

This ELD device can run as an ELD or geospace labs aobrd. It’s your choice. Like most marketable ELD solutions, GeoWiz provides an app that operates on any Android phone.

The company also has a plugin for both newer and older engine types. And they likewise provide an electronic logbook extension service, which lets the user track or route their fleet.

Also, the user can receive real-time in-app updates, maps, route times, customer bills, and drop-in schedules.

Features & Capabilities

  • Hours of Service (HOS)
  • Fuel Logging & IFTA
  • Fleet Maintenance
  • Asset Management
  • Driver Dispatch
  • Route Logging
  • GPS Tracking
  • Barcoding
  • DVIR Logs
  • Mapping

Geowiz remains on top of its competitors with the following major benefits:

In addition to all the above functionality, Geowiz ELD also provides paperless signatures. As a result, on a mobile device, the user can sign invoices and delivery note templates using its camera.

Users are capable of building several customers, each with a single customer portal. Only make sure they have your documents available. The Billing sheet is another useful element. In addition to regular billing related to the delivery, you can also build cross-billing schemes and personalized rate schedules.


  • The objective of a DVIR Report is to notify the driver if a vehicle and its equipment have any faults or defects.
  • The report sends alerts for timely maintenance so vehicles can maintain excellent operatingGPS Tracking performance. And these also provide safety for on-road vehicles as well as the public in general.
  • The digital logs are readily accessible on the mobile app, allowing drivers to check the vehicle and complete a detailed inspection.
  • And also, the fleet managers can quickly identify, group, and track vehicles that need regular or urgent maintenance once a report is submitted electronically. They can also study, print, and exchange records of inspections for each vehicle.
  • When a report indicates a maintenance requirement, DVIRs can provide notes as well as updates from a mechanic together with their signature.

Benefits of GeoWiz ELD DVIR

GEoWiz ELD DVIR Reports include fast, insightful submission of pre-and post-trip inspections for the driver.

All reports are submitted electronically, enabling fleet managers to:

  • Minimize vehicle downtime by getting automated alerts of defects in vehicles
  • Flag vehicles that have bypassed or failed inspection reports quickly
  • Get post-trip as well as pre-trip inspections in real-time
  • Easily generates electronic reports compliant with FMCSA
  • Reduce the possibility of compliance breaches

Geowiz Fleet Maintenance

Fleet vehicles are one of the most significant investments in any commercial fleet company. Managing a profitable company is essential to taking good care of the company assets.

Without a constructive vehicle maintenance strategy, the company risk undermining the safety of workers, failing FMCSA inspections as well as paying for costly emergency repairs and unplanned downtimes.

And this is why fleet vehicle health is a good general indicator of the company’s safety, as vehicle fleet management also boosts reputation alongside the industry.

The top ten violations that the FMCSA recorded included some that could have been easily avoided by routine maintenance. Therefore, it is recommended that the fleet company have vehicles serviced regularly.

And carriers are not authorized to operate the vehicle until the issues are corrected after an Out-Of-Service (OOS) violation. And this means loss of time, production, and income and the need to pay the fine.

Managing well-maintained fleet vehicles also improves CSA scores, as businesses with poor ratings resulting from violations are much less likely to be hired. And this, as a result, negatively affects their business operation beyond the resources they already lose in paying for severe repairs and unscheduled downtime.

Fleet vehicle pre-trip inspection and vehicle maintenance are also significant from the liability viewpoint. If specific equipment defects are found in an investigation following an incident, fleet businesses can be ruled against for negligence.

Logging Fuel & IFTA

The reporting and compliance with fuel taxes are highly complex, with numerous variables and data sets that often vary depending on truck size, fuel quality, geography, and fuel price.Fuel Logging

To remain compliant, precise fuel usage and mileage tracking are absolutely required. Although several new ELD and fleet management service providers simply use computer-generated data without verifying its accuracy, Geowiz ELD electronic logs run all fuel and mileage data via a comprehensive data-cleaning process to guarantee accurate results.

As a result, this comprehensive method saves money for the fleets and prevents complications of compliance.

Features of Geowiz ELD Mobile App

With the use of paper logbooks prohibited by the FMCSA ELD mandate, it is high time every fleet company moved to ELD. And this has been made easier with the GeoWiz app.

This GPS-enabled e-log application can generate DVIRs, monitor your HOS, and take photographs that can be drawn on and added to the road inspection. And just like the Akal ELD app, the Geowiz ELD app also helps you sign your DVIR and Log electronically. The software will monitor the time and any specific location where your operation is taking place.

In addition to that, the app is intended to connect to various cloud accounts. And thus saving all log entries and backups. As a result, fleet managers can keep track of fuel usage, as well as mileage for each fleet vehicle via the GeoWiz app.

The carrier could use it in either AOBRD or ELD mode once installed on the mobile device. And it enables its users to scan bar codes on their documents and attach any documents in electronic form.

And that’s not everything. Moreover, this all-inclusive ELD solution provides:

  • Invoicing
  • Visualization of the truck Location
  • Intuitive fleet management

Benefits of GeoWiz ELD

  • The Geowiz is reasonably priced as opposed to other ELD products on the market. And this solution is available at a single subscription price and therefore offered as a one-time purchase.
  • This ELD solution’s features go beyond compliance with FMCSA; it also provides signature capture, customer portals, GPS, IFTA, DVIR, routing, dispatch, logging, multi-authority tracking, geo-based analytics, and fleet carrier management.
  • The mobile application is very user-friendly. In reality, it’s all about making the switch to ELD as quickly and efficiently as possible.
  • Also, the product is developed and engineered from mobile device technology to ECU firmware and hardware as a single ELD system.
  • Geowiz delivers monthly application feature updates via Apple and Android APP stores.

Akal and Geowiz ELD Ease of Use

akal eldFrom dispatching and routing to GPS tracking, DVIR reporting, and logging, all work in sync with a geo-based analytic system.

Also, it integrates the management of ELD carrier, customer portal, and signature capture and makes everything part of a single real-time solution.

Also, the connection to the engine is made through simple hardware using a small button and an accompanying app for tablet or mobile devices.

It is responsive, simple, detailed, and easy to customize.

Truck drivers with no familiarity with the ELD should be able to use the Geowiz and Akal ELD device and master it in less than seven days.

On the other hand, dispatchers can, however, learn very quickly how to use and adapt the ELD solution to suit their business needs.

As a result, they’ll be able to operate a fleet efficiently and achieve better results with the aid of the tool.

The app design tries to emulate the old paper cycle closely to facilitate the transition from the paper logbook to e-log.

The Instructor-led online video training facilitates well-informed users and also well-coordinated rollouts.

There is also Akal eld customer service telephone support online.

FMCSA ELD Compliance Solution

eld trucking fmcsaThe Geowiz ELD innovative geospatial solution comes with a particular Carrier Information System that includes a HOS ELD-compliant solution. And as a result, vehicles get all the software and hardware needed to meet a one-time cost. No annual fees!

With GeoWiz, you can rest assured that you are FMCSA compliant as this device is licensed and certified by FMCSA. Therefore, the GeoWiz software combined with the ELD hardware makes it much easier for truck owners and drivers to satisfy the requirements of FMCSA duty status.


Both ELD devices are pretty small and without wires. Thus enabling users to install it in just minutes. Plug the ELD unit in a 6-pin or 9-pin ECU port and connect the Geowiz or Akal ELD app on your tablet or computer is everything you need to do.

Pricing of Akal and Geowiz ELD

The Akal ELD is incredibly simple and easy to understand and use. Considering the bottom line, this solution only comes at $180 for a 12 months period.

The fleet solution is $23 per driver per month, with a one-time cost of only $125 for the ELD Plugin device.

The Geowiz ELD has no upselling strategies or tiered pricing. Some hidden costs also do not exist.

Bear in mind that there are no monthly payments in the base Geowiz eld lte version. When you go for PRO apps, however, then this option does require a monthly fee.

Electronic logs for trucks

User Review

user reviewsThe company behind these products, GeoSpace Labs, LLC, scores A-plus on the better business bureau website. Although there are very few reviews of Akal and Geowiz ELD on many reputable online solutions, the products have some good reviews on google play store.

Users like the ease of use of the products and also commend the company for making the installation easier.

Some users who gave the company a negative review showed frustration because the app was slow. And clients who show dissatisfaction with the product on better business bureau get frustrated because the Geowiz eld support can’t get the problem solved.

For the Geowiz solution, there is a learning process, though, particularly for a user with mobile devices and new apps that aren’t quite as good.

Luckily, GeoWiz made plenty of online training videos and guidance to make it as simple as possible.

  • Easy to use
  • Competitively priced
  • No monthly fees for the Geowiz ELD
  • The device can work in AOBRD or ELD mode
  • Comprehensive carrier information system
  • The app is a little slow
  • Poor Akal and Geowiz eld customer service

Why Choose GeoWiz and Akal ELD?

In the vast sea of ELD solutions available today, GeoWiz and Akal ELD stand out for several reasons:

Comprehensive Solutions:

Both products offer a holistic approach to fleet management, covering everything from DVIRs to GPS tracking and customer portals.

User-Friendly Interface:

Designed with the user in mind, both ELD solutions offer intuitive interfaces that make the transition from paper logbooks to electronic logging smooth and hassle-free.


With transparent pricing and no hidden costs, businesses can ensure they’re getting value for their money.

Regular Updates:

Staying updated with the latest features and functionalities is crucial in the fast-paced world of fleet management. GeoWiz, for instance, offers monthly updates to ensure users have access to the best features.

Positive Reviews:

Both products have garnered positive feedback from users, emphasizing their ease of use and comprehensive features.

Compliance Assurance:

With FMCSA compliance being a top priority, both GeoWiz and Akal ELD ensure that businesses remain compliant with regulations, reducing the risk of penalties.

Incorporating these solutions into your fleet management strategy can significantly enhance operational efficiency, driver safety, and overall business profitability.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the FMCSA mandate?

The FMCSA mandate refers to the requirement set by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration for commercial drivers to use electronic logging devices (ELDs) to record their hours of service.

Can GeoWiz operate on Apple devices?

Yes, GeoWiz is compatible with both Android and Apple devices.

How often does GeoWiz update its app features?

GeoWiz regularly releases monthly application feature updates via the Apple and Android app stores.

Are there any hidden costs with GeoWiz ELD?

No, GeoWiz ELD is transparent with its pricing. There are no hidden costs or upselling strategies.

How does Akal ELD differ from GeoWiz ELD?

While both ELD solutions offer similar features, there might be slight variations in functionalities and user experience. It’s best to review each product’s specifications to determine which is more suitable for your needs.

Is training provided for using these ELD solutions?

Yes, GeoWiz offers online training videos and guidance to facilitate user understanding. Akal ELD also provides hands-on training in selected areas and telephone support.

How do GeoWiz and Akal ELD ensure data accuracy for fuel and mileage tracking?

GeoWiz ELD runs all fuel and mileage data through a comprehensive data-cleaning process to guarantee accurate results.


GeoWiz and Akal ELD are more than just ELD solutions; they’re comprehensive tools designed to streamline fleet operations. From DVIRs to GPS tracking and customer portals, these products offer a holistic approach to fleet management.

If you’re looking for an ELD solution tailored to your needs, GeoWiz and Akal ELD might just be what you’re looking for.

We all understand that one size does not fit all. If that is the case, kindly fill out our consultation form and see where we can assist you.






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About the author

Picture of Robert Rigman

Robert Rigman

Former independent OTR trucker that left the road to dedicate his time to research new technology for the transport industry. When the ELD Mandate was approved many questions and daily challenges came up and there was no answer to them. was born from the combination of my passion for trucking and my affinity for research and writing.

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