GoFleet Fleet Management Review 2022 | Features, Pros and Cons

(Last Updated On: July 15, 2023)


It’s never easy to manage a fleet of vehicles. There are too many things that should be kept an eye on such as schedules, driving etiquette of the drivers, and their locations on the road.

Founded in 2010, GoFleet makes managing your fleet a lot easier and smoother. It offers assistance to fleet managers in reducing the downtime their vehicle maintenance requires.

Today, GoFleet has its range of telematics technologies and fleet management in order to respond to a wider range of needs including those relating to efficiency, management and maintenance of fleets, both for software and hardware.

Although GoFleet may be considered one of the best in the fleet management industry, there is no guarantee that it is the right solution for you. With that said, we go into detail in this article to help you decide for yourself whether this solution is suitable for your fleet.


Benefits of GoFleet

The Telematics technology that is integrated into GoFleet is a combination of dash cam technology, GPS, and On-Board Diagnostics to make tracking trucks, machines, automobiles, and other assets a lot easier. The analysis of real-time fleet data such as information on activity and location can offer invaluable insights into their assets and business operations.

With GoFleet, fleet managers no longer need to sacrifice valuable time for measuring each aspect of their operation manually. Instead, they can make use of telematics solutions to easily assess the performance of their fleets at any given moment. Intervention from human operators is no longer needed for the system to detect every detail that needs to be tracked.

GoFleet can inform users of a number of real-time data such as how fast their vehicle is going, the amount of gasoline being consumed, the location of the trailers, and the condition of their vehicles, among others.

It helps keep drivers stay safe on the road. Fleet managers can check the safety scores of every vehicle such as operating conditions and number of hours driven and keep an eye on their drivers. With these metrics, any problematic driving behaviors can be quickly identified before they turn into a big issue for the company.


  • End-to-end management solutions are easy to use
  • Customers are able to gain insight into drivers’ locations as well as ETAs
  • Have positive customer reviews, mostly for its ease of use
  • Offers a useful app that helps drivers improve their efficiency
  • Software that can increase greater fleet visibility and compliance, and improve efficiency


  • Non-tech savvy users might struggle with creating and modifying reporting functionality
  • Real-time monitoring can be disrupted by cell tower locations and being able to connect with vehicles
  • Navigating every part of the software can be hard, especially with infrequent use

Features of GoFleet

GoFleet offers the following features and services:

  • Fleet telematics
  • ELD & driver apps
  • OEM and car sharing
  • Work, routing and dispatch
  • Indoor tracking
  • Cameras & AI
  • Asset monitoring and cold chain
  • Fuel and maintenance
  • Driver training

Fleet Telematics

The telematics technology of GoFleet offers secure and scalable automated fleet management solutions. With powerful web-based software, GoFleet is able to provide real-time data and visibility of your fleet that can help you reduce costs and improve fleet performance.

This easy-to-use software enables users to monitor how their assets are being utilized and analyze various trends, including the cost of ownership and cost of use. The software also has easy reporting, which helps you make data-driven decisions and properly streamline your workflows.

ELD & Driver Apps

GoFleet offers electronic logging devices or ELD that increase efficiencies and help you stay connected to your fleet. You can tailor the software according to your needs and comply with regulations set by the industry.

With ELD, you can easily streamline your workflows, allowing for digital management of the drivers’ compliance requirements and documentation. Data and digital records that can reduce the risk of violations and fines are also collected and stored. These documents are then instantly submitted and their metrics are reviewed in great detail for the fleet, even up to the driver level.

A mobile app also allows drivers to access the software, offering help in identifying and boosting driver safety and performance, as well as allowing the remote monitoring of drivers by fleet managers. The features of the app include delivery forms, messaging, performance scoring, driver video review, digital time cards, and e-learning and training.

OEM and Car Sharing

The OEM and car sharing software of GoFleet can help you with tracking assets, making purchasing decisions, and pooling resources efficiently and effectively. It allows you to monitor your electric vehicles’ performance and identify the parts that need replacing. Your telematic systems can be connected to your OEM partners to assist with purchasing. Vehicle sharing is possible through secure keyless access that is both scalable and flexible.

This software also uses the data provided in order to monitor and reduce emissions to allow you to optimize the efficiency of your vehicle, minimize trips, and use any device to monitor the performance of your electric fleet.

Work, Routing, and Dispatch

With GoFleet, you can optimize your work orders and routes, connect with your fleet and cater to customer demands by staying on top of responsibilities. GoFleet offers an end-to-end solution for work orders, enabling the optimization of dispatch routes and using instant messaging and live data to provide real-time updates.

Live vehicle locations also increase the delivery visibilities with customers. Not to mention, the software auto-generates a public map and ETA to keep customers updated on when their deliveries will arrive.

Driving time and fuel consumption are also reduced by optimizing driving routes. It also removes the need to manually plan routes. Through the mobile app, drivers can complete and submit work orders in real-time to cut down their administration.

Fuel and Maintenance

A comprehensive fuel and maintenance software that has been tailored to your needs is offered by GoFleet to help you track your assets and prevent any spontaneous downtime through proactive testing and analyzing diagnostic reports.

With this software, repairs are completed a lot faster by taking advantage of maintenance alerts and reports to allocate resources like tools and parts more efficiently.

Using this software allows you to use real-time vehicle diagnostics to spot any issues during pre and post-trip checks. Performing this type of check can help improve the health of your vehicle, extend its lifetime, and reduce any breakdowns.

user reviews

GoFleet User Reviews

“This application is fairly easy to use, even new employees don’t need much help to navigate through it. However, it can be a bit intimidating to create or modify new reports. It helps if you have experience in using Excel.” – Carl D.

“This software is perfect for the minimal needs we require at this time! It’s able to find our employees ASAP and figure out who is closest to our locations in times of emergencies. It’s also really quick and easy to email reports. The only downside is probably that there are some sections that aren’t really useful to us so I barely visit them.” – Gwen J.

“Love this software. It allows our customers to check our routes and verify their billing. It also has real-time tracking and ease of replacement. The reason we switched to GoFleet is the better coverage that it offers and we have yet to regret our decision.” Vincent P.

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