TrackingFox Review: Details, Pricing, & Features (prepare for 2021)

(Last Updated On: November 23, 2021)

Without the support of a top-notch fleet management company such as TrackingFox, keeping track of the fleet and company assets can be challenging. 

For years, trackingfox has been providing fleet management services to many fleet companies and owner-operators worldwide. 

This advanced GPS real-time vehicle monitoring system, and cost-effective solutions, are suitable for those in the shipping, logistics, sales, and service industries.

TrackingFox supplies the entire country with vehicle tracking as well as smart fleet management solutions.

Over the year, this GPS tracker has become one of the best tracking solutions for all company assets. 

TrackingFox is incredibly powerful and simple to use: it could be installed in less than a minute and works in any country with any vehicle.

It’s pretty simple to get started with TrackingFox: 

All you have to do is find the OBD socket underneath your car’s steering wheel, insert the TrackingFox tracker in there, and you are good to go.

Therefore, this is why TrackingFox is a perfect solution for personal cars and businesses who need to keep a close eye on their vehicles and workers.

Overview of TackingFox Service 

truckingfoxThe TrackingFox OBDII GPS tracker is perfect for personal use or business. It has powerful features, including real-time tracking, driving behavior analysis, anti-theft alerts, and more. The device easily plugs into the car’s OBD socket under the steering wheel (in any car manufactured from 1996). The TrackingFox device is small-sized and weighs only 33g. It comes with a 2-year warranty. You can switch TrackingFox from one vehicle to another.

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The tracking device from TrackinFox is an inexpensive financial commitment because, over time, it saves the business a lot of money.

The tracking system is cost-effective and inexpensive, especially compared to other vehicle tracking solutions in the market. This fleet management device transmits data via GPS monitoring technology from the vehicle to the mobile device app. 

And fleet managers with such fleet tracking software can track down and record any fleet movement, no matter where it is.

The device sends data, such as fuel management and maintenance of vehicles. And It helps to eliminate car theft as the device features mobile locking and sends an alert when suspecting car theft. 

TrackingFox tracking device enables fleet companies to gather and evaluate information about their vehicles on the road;

The device also provides accurate delivery time to enhance the customer support for the successful growth of their company.

Track Your vehicles With TrackinFox Vehicle GPS Trackers

It’s just a matter of time before someone gets to take advantage of the company vehicle or other assets.

However, with TrackingFox, you already know where every vehicle is when you are monitoring your fleet. 

And this ensures no unauthorized stops and therefore no unauthorized use of the vehicles after working hours.

As a result, you actually minimize the likelihood of people acting out by monitoring your fleet with this GPS mobile apps! 

The temptation to decide to violate the law is gone if the driver realizes they can’t get away with it.

And also, the odds of someone attempting to steal one outright are significantly decreased if all of the cars in your fleet are fitted with a TrackingFox GPS monitoring device. 

And if somebody steals your vehicle, GPS monitoring would significantly increase the chances of getting the vehicle back.

The best of the TrackingFox part? You could track much more than your vehicles and protect them. For maximum safety, any high-value company assets that you have can be fitted with this GPS tracker.

Authorize the Drivers

You may allocate your drivers directly to the vehicle they are supposed to be traveling with when running your fleet with TrackingFox deice. 

This fleet management system makes it much easier for you to track who will be on a specific job and ensures that your vehicles are driven by only the drivers that your company has qualified.

And unless you’re concerned about what the drivers are doing when driving, seeing what’s going on, you can snap photographs in real-time. 

It helps protects cars and staff from any possible wrongdoing.

Send Your Drivers A Message

Perhaps you’d like to make sure your drivers remain up to date with the office’s current memo. 

Or maybe you’d like to let the driver know about a possible threat to the road’s safety, like bad weather. 

Either way, TrackingFox offers a way for you to quickly and safely alert your drivers.

And you can confirm with TrackingFox to make absolutely sure that they’re not checking those messages as they drive down the lane!

Electronic logging devices options

TrackingFox’s Features

TrackingFox has an extensive list of key features that are suitable for personal use and businesses that would like to keep track of their vehicles or employees. 

These features are:

Real-time Tracking

TRackingFox provides real-time vehicle monitoring and history that can be accessed at any time. And this enables you to see your car’s exact location instantly and effortlessly view the driving history record.

A real-time tracking system like Trackinfox can help a business better control its fleet and, eventually, save money.

GPS real-time monitoring will help cut costs with an increase in fuel prices and the latest fuel tax eating away at businesses’ income. TrackingFox tracking devices allow the shortest route between jobs to be determined. Therefore, drivers would save on gas and avoid any unnecessary miles. 

As reported, driver actions such as speeding, idling, and braking can be tracked by this tracking device. And to enable the driver to be more effective, all of these behaviors can be corrected.

Tracking helps a fleet company at all times to understand precisely where their vehicles and staff are.

Anti-theft alerts

One of the worst aspects of stealing your company vehicleus fleet tracking alerts would be unable to get the vehicle back. And also, negotiating with the insurance providers to show that it was stolen, and so forth. 

However, with this handy little anti-theft device from TrackingFox, you can eventually start tracking your vehicle and maybe even reclaim it without the robber ever realizing you’re on your way. This GPS anti-theft works by identifying precisely where the vehicle is and where it has been. 

This device would be one of the best anti-theft devices for cars on the market right now. And it’s small enough to fit comfortably anywhere you feel convenient in your vehicle. The device is smart enough to let investigators know the exact location of the car’s whereabouts.

The device also sends Anti-theft alerts that warn you whether there was any suspicious vehicle activity when the engine starts or the system is disconnected for just about any reason.

Vehicle Location Alerts

The robust tracking tools you will need to track just about any item is TrackingFox GPS trackers.  These sophisticated modern trackers provide a wealth of information about location, time, motion, direction, speed, and more.

However, it can be challenging to process and interpret all this information in real-time. This is why the company has easy alert systems to understand precisely what is happening with your company assets. These Alerts give you a message when the vehicle exits a specified spot, such as a school, office, house, etc. And thus, the simplest form of notification clearly informs you where currently the tracker is located. 

At set intervals, TRackingFox trackers provide position updates, and your mobile application can plot them on a map so you can track activity over time. 

For close monitoring of individual movements, it is an ideal kind of alert. The vehicle’s location will update every 30 seconds as it detects vehicle activities and every 30 minutes when the vehicle is stationary.

Analysis of Driving Actions

The effect of eco-driving vs. aggressive driving on fuel consumption surpass 30 percent for most vehicles on the road today. 

Some studies have shown that even by enforcing the right driving actions, total fuel consumption in a fleet of trucks can decrease by as much as 7 percent on average. Enormous savings!

TrackingFox provides an analysis of driving conduct, where you will be able to see whether the vehicle has met the maximum speeding limits, travel distance of the vehicle, average speed, and much more.

You will now be able to decrease these costs dramatically with the aid of TrackingFox. And track how your drivers are driving your vehicles and help drivers improve driver habits.  

You would enjoy the outcome at the end of the day. With TrackingFox’s Driving behavior analysis, you can understand every step along the way your vehicles are driven. 

And this helps you to controls braking, acceleration, and vehicle idling, etc.

TrackingFOX Mobile app

trackingfox appWith TrackingFOX mobile app, at any moment in any region, you will be able to monitor the precise location of your vehicle. 

And you will receive real-time location data of your vehicle at all times.

Even right now, to see what places the vehicle was in the last three months, you can preview the vehicle’s 90-day driving history.

The mobile app will provide the following.

  • Tracking and history in real-time
  • Driving analysis of driver behavior
  • Anti-theft warnings
  • Geo-location alert

Benefits of Using TrackingFox Fleet Management System

Usually, a tracking system involves a tracking device mounted on the inside of a vehicle, with a software program, such as Frackingfox. And this software interacts with a centralized platform that allows individuals to manage their vehicles from the main office.

This tracking device, which could also be called a handheld GPS tracker, updates the position, speed, travel direction as well as location of the device to the Mobile Platform.

So, what are the benefits of mounting the TrackingFox device on your vehicle?

Reduce Fleet Running Costs

TrackingFox Vehicle tracking systems enable you, by spotting the reckless drivers who speed, to reduce running costs. 

It would not only save maintenance expenses and prices, but it can also reduce insurance premiums.

Boost Productivity and Efficiency

With the help of TrackingFox, it is possible to increase efficiency significantly. 

This tracking system offers reliable and full information about the vehicle’s location for unwanted stops and breaks—a means of checking drivers’ overtime requests.

Having a vehicle’s relevant data on a single screen allows fleet companies to respond rapidly and accurately to inquiries.

Eliminates Paperwork

The TrackingFox mobile app eliminates paperwork. 

Data from the mobile GPS tracking system is continuously available; the driver does not have to fill out forms all the time. And it also makes the precision of the record more detailed.

Make Informed Decision

You are in charge of your business when all fleet location data, vehicle speed, positions, etc., are available.

And therefore, you’ll be able to make More Informed Decision, and perhaps a sense of responsibility can be created for fleet owners.

The above explanations are an excellent summary of the benefits of using a TrackingFox vehicle tracking system for your fleet operation. 

For fleet companies and owner-operators, now is the opportunity to bring your company in the right direction, be up-to-date, improve performance & productivity.

And eventually, increase your income with the use of advanced technology of TrackingFox for smoother operations.

TrackingFOX Pricing

One of the TrackingFOX most significant advantages is that it comes at a surprisingly reasonable price.

The system is indeed a very efficient and comprehensive tracker for OBD vehicles. 

That’s because TrackingFOX is operated by a fully wire-free, highly sensitive, built-in GPS and GSM antenna.

The unit costs €99, according to the company, and comes with: a SIM card with a cellular data network, a mobile app, as well as worldwide support.

The company offers monthly subscription fees. The first month of use, however, is entirely free.


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User Reviews

user reviewsAlthough TrackingFox doesn’t have reviews with many major online tech review sites yet, users refer to the devices as one of the best available in the market. 

An integral part of the product provided by TrackingFox Fleet solution is a great customer experience.

Also, many users like the company’s customer support aspect as the company thrive at giving continuous after-sales service support to the customers.

Users also like the ease of use of the mobile app and the system’s easy installation, which requires no expert support. 

When you get this hidden GPS tracker for your fleet vehicles, you’ll find out that it’s effortless to set and use. That’s just what TrackingFOX excels at, fortunately.

Everything you have to do is mount it to the OBD 2 connector below your vehicle’s steering wheel. And the system will start to functioning smoothly.


  • Provides extremely detailed reports that allow you to track movement, parking, etc.
  • Excellent Customer Support
  • Ease of Use and Installation
  • Vehicle real-time Tracking
  • Anti-theft system


  • Currently, no negative complaints about the product
  • The company has no reviews at most of the reputable online review sites


TrackingFox Fleet monitoring systems significantly increase delivery time, reduce company spending, and promote quality human resources. 

Each vehicle’s movement is successfully monitored and analyzed as the fleet vehicle is tracked in real-time. 

The tracking system provides reliable information that helps the fleet company forecast delivery times and enhance its fleet services by analyzing information. 

There have been many ways you can take advantage of without even realizing it, from people abusing your vehicles on and off the road to simply using them without your consent.

However, you can save yourself the hassle that comes with trusting others with your company assets using the trackingfox fleet monitoring device.

The TrackingFox fleet tracking software is easy to set up and use. So, what are you waiting for?

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