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(Last Updated On: September 22, 2019)

Electronic logging devices are being mandated by federal law by year end. ELDs are no longer an option – they are a requirement. Unless you fall within one of the statutory ELD Device exemptions. If you qualify for an exemption, you may still want to install such device.

The Federal government handed down the ELD Mandate. Now what? Trucking companies must install Electronic Logging Device in their trucks. You can check our article about the best e logs for owner operators here.

The next question is which Electronic Logging Device should one Buy? There are many ELD Devices. Granted, the large selection of ELD Devices is confusing. Furthermore, this article will review all of ELD devices available. We will provide our top 4 choices of Electronic Logging Devices.

Our Top Choice for ELD Devices: Omnitracs IVG

omnitracs e log

First off, Omnitracs IVG is the most popular and well known player in the Electronic Logging Device Market.  IVG is abbreviation for Intelligent Vehicle Gateway.

The somewhat funny name shows that the company has been in the market long time. The company had the first E-Log Devices.

Those device predate Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs). Back in early 2016, the company announced the first product which eventually became part of the telematics product line.

All of the standard capabilities of a leading ELD are currently available in the IVG version. Some of the ELD capabilities in the IVG are messaging, logs, navigation, DVIR, and engine diagnostics. In addition,  there are many more advanced capabilities which are also available in the IVG model.

Those advance capabilities include dash cams, pressure monitors and others of the kind.

Our Second Choice: Keep Truckin ELD

The top ELD choice provides years of product experience and test. The second choice provide ease of use and easy installation.The main benefit of the Keep Trucking ELD is the easy installation.

In addition, It has the most contemporary, slick and user-friendly applications.  Many drivers take advantage of user friendly application. The application can be easily downloaded into your phone. Once downloaded, navigating the application is very easy.

The next step is to pair the app with the ELD Device. The ELD Device is conveniently connected to the vehicle using the data port. When the ELD Device is paired with the phone application. The trucker can enjoy the most affordable and easiest ELD system currently available on the market.

best electronic logging devicesThe application itself is available at both the App Store and Google Play Store. The application can be downloaded free of charge by any user.

Keep Truckin as an industry leader

The user’s reviews are quite good. In order to make it into a regulatory compliant ELD, you would have to have the device which is designed to plug in the diagnostic port of the vehicle.

The device does not have an upfront cost. There is no installation cost involved. KeepTruckin offers a a subscription service. This option is is quite convenient. In addition, this option is great for small businesses. The basic plan starts at $20/month.

Just like the first choice for Electronic Logging Devices, there are many capabilities.The price point attract many truck drivers. However, the company is working hard to make sure once that huge crowds come in–the network can support that traffic.

Our Third choice: EROAD Ehubo

best electronic logging devicesNow, the EROAD is one of the most reliable system out . Further ,the EROAD ELD is  very accurate and durable. Just like the other ELDs it is very easy to use. Similarly, this ELD device is also affordable. The device was tested independently. Upon sucessful test, the product  got the ELD mandate compliance seal.

The manufacture of this ELD device  is the reputable PIT Group Research Firm. Unlike other ELD devices, this electronic logging device is 100% ELD Mandate Compliant.

Independent tested ELD device

This full compliance sets the device apart from the rest of the devices. It is very important. Any vendor is capable of self-certifying that and be added to the list. However, this doesn’t really mean that their system is up to the highest industry standards.

Currently, this device is the only device which has actually gone through independent testing.  The device received all the necessary verification. This is undoubtedly one of the benefits that one should account for.

Our Final choice: PeopleNet Display.4

peoplenet electronic logEver since 1994, this company has been doing comprehensive trucking telematics. PeopleNet Display.4 is popular among truck drivers.

The ELD hardware which is offered by the company offers different varieties. This includes several android tablet options which are consumer-grade.

However, their flagship model is the Display.4 proprietary tablet. It is one of the most comprehensive devices which are currently available on the market.

Upon comparing this devices to others,we found out that the touchscreen is far easier to use. In addition, the menus are particularly simple to understand. Finally, the device has a particularly low failure ratio. Hence, this ELD device made the top 4 devices.

Which are PeopleNet best features?

Most importantly, PeopleNet supports the most advanced, 4G LTE cellular communication. This is something particularly important and it is definitely one of the main perks of the product.

Now, as you can see, there are quite a few different options in front of you. The truth is that these are just a few of the tremendously abundant market when it comes to ELDs. This is something that you should keep in mind.

The results of product testing are impressive. The products established themselves as  the leading ELD solutions on the market.Further, they bring a tremendous level of credibility. This is definitely something that you should keep in mind.

In Conclusion

This article discussed the advantages and disadvantages of each of the ELD Devices. In addition, one should read the user reviews under each page. Product reviews are important in deciding on which product to buy.

Reading the reviews about your choice of Electronic Logging Device. This is especially true if you have no serious experience and knowledge in the field. Failing to read reviews  and doing proper research about Electronic logging device would definitely make your job a lot harder.

If you are not sure which is the most adequate device for you needs, you can fill the form below, we offer a free consultation to help you choose the best ELD for your company.

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