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  • EVIR system for vehicle inspections
  • Tamper-resistant and automated
  • User-friendly driver interface
  • Sturdy display hardware
  • Sleek and modern design


  • Confusing
  • Driver workflow still working out some kinks  
  • The awkward Log correction process
  • Customer support needs improvement
(Last Updated On: December 27, 2023)

Zonar ELD Systems is the fleet management company that has transformed our way to maintain vehicles. Zonar ELD Systems has changed the way we manage our fleet by providing us with an easy to use software that’s been successfully tested in most countries across the world.

It is a complete software solution that helps you manage your fleet, improve work processes, enhance safety and security and reduce operating costs. With all its innovative Electronic Vehicle Inspection Reporting (EVIR) system, Zonar introduces unmatched accountability to daily driver vehicle inspections.

With its telematics solutions, the company has served thousands of clients.

Why Zonar ELD solution?

Zonar Logs is a verified FMCSA solution that enables drivers and back-office managers to track driving time. And also record service hours (HOS) and ensure compliance with ELD. Thus this E-log system brings the driving experience to a whole new level.

And this is done by merging the Zonar ELD Connect tablet and Zonar telematics hardware. However, this solution’s advantages go much further than compliance with ELD and Service Hours.

Zonar provides a broad range of tech solutions that allow businesses to do the following:

  • Improve Accuracy in Logging and Reporting
  • Improve Safety
  • Reduce The Uptime of Trucks And 
  • Reduce Fuel Expenses

Therefore, this ultimately leads to a more significant investment return (ROI).

Zonar ELD Tracking Technology Overview

In tracking technology, data collection, and processing, Zonal hold over 100 patents. This telematics company’s tracking technology utilizes engine-generated data. And also on-board sources such as GPS systems.

However, Zonar is a relative newcomer when it comes to electronic logging systems and service hours. Moreover, electronic logs from Zonar are validated and tested to satisfy all criteria from FMCSA.

With over 450,000 tracking units installed in trucks throughout the U.S., they help customers to implement, and transition. And also provide coaching strategies to switch from paper to electronic logs.

However, here are some of the telematics systems and platforms essential to remember.

  • The Zonar V4 control unit
  • Ground traffic control
  • ZTrak asset tracking
  • Zonar V3R
  • ZFuel

For electronic logging devices and mobile platforms, Zonar 2022 Tablet is one of the most common solutions.

Zonar ELD Features

  • HOS records
  • Driving time
  • GPS Tracking
  • Roadside view
  • Preemptive alerts
  • Duty status updates
  • In-cab video coaching
  • An electronic logbook
  • Electronic Verified Inspection Reporting (EVIR)

Moreover, if you need help in choosing the best ELD solution for your fleet, we are here to help you. Kindly fill out the free consultation form, and we will get back to you in no time.

Electronic logging devices options

Zonar ELD Mandate Compliance

zonar eld approved

The days of paper records are gone. The ELD Mandate states that all trucks and business vehicles must equip with electronic logging systems. And without an ELD certified by FMCSA, you risk being instantly penalized.

However, the non-compliance charges are enormous, and they are increasing. But there’s no worry at all since the Zonar ELD helps to eliminate just about every likelihood of violation.

Besides being self-certified by FMCSA, it is also tested by third parties. And this solution fully completed the FMCSA test. Therefore, you can take comfort in knowing you are compliant with Zonar ELD.

What’s more, this solution can be updated with future regulation improvements. The ELD Transition Services Package announced by Zonar is tailored for individuals. And best for a company looking for a great all-in-one ELD solution that enables updates as the rules of the ELD change.

ZTrak®: Enhanced Asset Tracking from Zonar

In 2022, Zonar introduced an enhanced version of ZTrak®, an advanced asset tracker. This robust device, designed for use in challenging environments, boasts upgraded features such as GPS, cellular, and Wi-Fi technologies.

It’s notably compact, facilitating discreet installation on high-value assets. Integrated with Zonar’s Ground Traffic Control, ZTrak® offers comprehensive tracking and security, including a Theft Recovery Mode for heightened asset protection.

This new generation ZTrak® represents a significant upgrade in asset tracking technology.

Zonar 2022 tablet Roadside View

  • With the Zonar 2022 tablet, you will also make use of this distinctive feature. Therefore, Driver logs are clearly and easily displayed with the help of the Zonar 2022 tablet.
  • In regards to drivers, during a commercial vehicle inspection, the Roadside View makes it simpler for law enforcement to verify HOS data.
  • The interface of the Zonar 2022 tablet is user-friendly, quick, and simple to read. So you can see almost at a glance all the details you need. The touchscreen is also precise and responsive.
  • In addition, all data is safely stored on the tablet.

Driving Time

Zonar ELD is intended to track driving time automatically. This enables fleet managers to view the logs of drivers by month, week, and day. It also makes it possible to track driving time and rest periods for each vehicle driver.

Like many other ELDs, this fully compliant solution allows driver hours to be viewed in real-time. Thus without much trouble, drivers can handle driving time. And if needed by law enforcement, you can, however, quickly email, fax, or print information.

Electronic Verified Inspection Report (EVIR)

EVIR is a famous Zonar functionality that attracts many users ‘ interest despite not being directly linked to e-logs. EVIR is an electronic Driver Vehicle Inspection Report (DVIR) that includes RFID tags that can be scanned.

Such tags are put at various inspection places on both the vehicle and the truck. And when inspecting the vehicle, a driver should scan every RFID tag with a Zonar ELD device.

However, this solution is available as an add-on to Zonar 2022 or as a stand-alone autonomous device. Not only will the EVIR facilitate the vehicle inspection process. It also guarantees drivers are going through each segment of that process.

Therefore, this feature is best for fleet managers and owner-operators. And, also seeking smarter post-and pre-trip inspections. This makes it a precious feature.

  Timely Alert


Inside ground traffic control, this functionality is available. It alerts drivers of any pending breach. This feature can assist you to prevent expensive driving violations. Once you reach your HOS limits, alerts are triggered five minutes before the breach.

When it’s more comfortable for you, you can also obtain an email or text alerts on your smartphone. Personalized alerts and instant messaging means that your drivers are always up to speed and in contact.

easy  Ease of Use

The Zonar Connect tablet makes it possible for drivers to update duty status readily. And also view available hours, and send HOS documents electronically. You will also automatically monitor drive time and other metrics.

This help in eliminating paper records and changing to an electronic logbook. Thus, for fleets, it makes stuff a lot simpler.

Help desk  Customer Support

Uplifting things, but does this feeling really promote Zonar’s customer service? Well, you can only know the reason Zonar has a higher customer retention rate after talking to their customer service personnel.

Zonar’s customer support team is pleased to assist, even if you are worried about installing the hardware. And they can also offer help if you would like to have help training your staff.

Fortunately, the onboarding process requires Zonar support so profoundly that not much could go wrong. Therefore, professionally trained teams are responsible for installing equipment for you on-site.

And each component is checked by a team of quality assurance consultants to ensure everything goes smoothly. There’s no end to “customer care”. You also get 24/7 email and mobile support as long as you’re with Zonar.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Zonar ELD Systems


Cost-Saving: Zonar ELD Systems help save money over the long term. They reduce the need for paper forms and minimize fuel wastage and idling, leading to significant cost savings.

Increased Safety: With features like dynamic route management and fault monitoring, Zonar ELDs contribute to improved safety on the road.

Efficiency and Compliance: The systems ensure compliance with FMCSA regulations, offering straightforward logging, reporting, and fleet management.


Driver Workflow Confusion: Some users find the driver workflow within Zonar systems confusing, potentially leading to operational inefficiencies.

Customer Support Issues: There have been reports of challenges in receiving timely and effective customer support.

Technical Glitches: Occasional technical glitches or system freezes have been noted, though they are not predominant.

Who Can use Zonar?

Make no mistake, for every type of fleet, Zonar does indeed have a solution. Though not the only product of Zonar’s fleet management, EVIR is part of an advanced suite.

Therefore, in brief, the fleet tracking solutions from Zonar can help you to:

  • Improve driver safety
  • Reduce unsafe driving behavior
  • Meet FMCSA hours-of-service (HOS) requirements
  • Send vehicle inspection data to your repair team
  • Track fleet’s activities from anywhere in real-time
  • Cut down on payroll data capture and reporting expense
  • Comply with Health Administration (OSHA), Occupational Safety and Department of Transportation (DOT), and reporting standards

Whether you are an owner-operator, fleet manager, or safety manager. This solution will assist you in handling your fleet more effectively.

In reality, the solution is ideally suited for fleet companies that want to improve maintenance. And, also, Zonar is designed to provide a more excellent customer experience while focusing on the ELD mandate.

Zonar ELD Installation

As far as setup is concerned, it’s also a relatively involved process. Zonar ELD is intended as a fully wired device to be plugged into the ECM connector instead of the vehicle’s diagnostic port.

In this way, Fleets that constantly modify their trucks ‘ lineup will find it challenging to install the equipment.

Zonar Ground Traffic Control

The web-based ground traffic control system from Zonar allows fleet management to do their job efficiently. Consequently, the on-screen map illustrates the coverage region of your fleet. And, also the movement of the second-to-second vehicle.

Moreover, wading through sewage sounds a lot better to you than sifting compliance spreadsheets through fleet management. Here is where ground traffic management can help sort you out.

As a result, It’s never been faster to turn big data into digestible dashboards and reports. Also, what is excellent is how you can connect easily from any desktop, tablet, or smartphone. This is done with an online connection to Ground Traffic Control.

Ground traffic control benefits

  • Reduce operating expenses, increase efficiency for businesses and increase client satisfaction
  • Quickly locate where fuel wastage occurs and adjust your strategies accordingly
  • Integrate your current company apps with advanced reporting and analytics
  • Track your fleet for prompt and efficient decision-making in actual time
  • Automate tasks that become overwhelming for your staff
  • Discuss business insights with stakeholders
  • Plan supply routes quicker

Zonar V3 & V4

Your engine control unit (ECU) interfaced with Zonar’s V3 HD-GPS vehicle tracking system (VTS). However, the V3 is a small tool that the engine of any vehicle you want to track is hardwired.

You can also start and stop reports with it and maintain tabs on engine idling. It’s, therefore, an excellent way to get even more detailed insights into the fuel consumption of your fleet.

And also, if one of your trucks is ever robbed, you can automatically stop and start reporting. This is done to figure out the vehicle’s last known parked location.

Zonar V3 & V4 Benefits

  • Track the location of the vehicle, fuel use, and distance traveled
  • Remotely Diagnose engine problems
  • Perform driver safety monitoring
  • Designed for all your vehicles
  • Integrates with your systems
  • Secure data transmission
  • Stay Connected

Zonar 2022

At the core of Zonar’s innovative EVIR scheme is this GPS-enabled Android tablet. It, however, utilizes an RFID scanner to check when drivers have the vehicle’s part physically inspected. Therefore, reporting issues back to fleet HQ is as easy as snapping an image with the built-in camera.

Zonar 2022 comes pre-installed with software from Zonar Logs. And thus turning it into an electronic logging device (ELD) certified by FMCSA.

Zonar 2022 Benefits

  • Ensure that the real working hours of drivers are within safe limits
  • Comply with FMCSA (and prevent non-compliance penalties)
  • Verify completion of inspections of driver vehicles
  • Turn-by-turn GPS route mapping

Benefits of Zonar ELD

There is now a tasty variety of advantages beyond compliance associated with the Zonar ELD solution.

Several of the significant advantages are as follows:

Saves Business Running Costs

In the long run, this Zonar ELD solution will save a lot of cash. Also, fleets can, however, save cash and time by eliminating the expenses of paper forms. And also help in lowering fuel consumption.

And by eliminating unnecessary idling, you will save hundreds of bucks every month. However, in terms of insurance expenses, there are also several potential reductions. And, also, the excellent news is that upfront expenses do not exist.

Increase Your Earning Potential

Zonar will assist you in improving the effectiveness of your business and boost your earnings through:

    • Advanced driver management 
    • Automated IFTA calculation
    • Idle-time monitoring, and 
    • Reduced administrative task

Thus, fleet managers and owner-operators can, however, cut operating costs significantly. And this will ultimately increase their earnings.

Vehicle real-time visibility

This system allows fleet managers to continually monitor their cars via GPS tracking. They can effortlessly determine each vehicle’s location at any moment. Therefore, calling drivers is pointless since routes update will be received. Thus, minimizing distractions and enhancing productivity in addition to offering real-time visibility.

Automated calculation of IFTA

With several resources, you are likely to make a mistake when doing the calculations of the IFTA yourself. Therefore, Zonar ELD helps to simplify the process of calculation. As a result, automated, non-incoherent reports, and flaws also help to minimize audit risk.

Improved safety

Generally speaking, vehicle drivers are safer on the highway with the Zonar ELD device. Thus, it encourages accident prevention with dynamic route management, enhanced tracking, and fault tracking.


In its in-cab cradle, the tablet recharges and integrates with the company’s ground traffic control. And this happens to facilitate better visibility of assets on the highway for fleets. 

And, also, Unit and continuing service prices vary depending on the size of the fleet, the service plan, and the selected options.

  • Up Front Cost – $0
  • Monthly Cost – $70
  • 3-year Total Cost – $2520
    • EVIR system for vehicle inspections
    • Tamper-resistant and automated
    • User-friendly driver interface
    • Sturdy display hardware
    • Sleek and modern design
    • Best user experience
    • Good value for money
  • Confusing Driver workflow
  • still working out some kinks
  • The awkward Log correction process
  • Customer support needs improvement

What’s the Verdict?

Zonar Systems has earned an excellent reputation for solving fleet operational challenges for years. However, the EVIR has always been the smartest fleet management system. And the ground traffic control is intuitive, and on-board tech works smoothly.

Taken together, the fleet solution from Zonar is the finest all-around. And they offer:

      • Fuel Management 
      • All-In-One Fleet Tracking 
      • Asset Protection Solution

Please remember that Zonar tailors its solution for fleet management to individuals and companies. However, prices differ depending on your fleet’s size, place, and coverage region, among other things, though this is a bit vague.

The issue is that most fleet management providers give only detailed quotes over the phone. Luckily, we can assist you in getting the lowdown freely from the horse’s mouth. 

Kindly fill out our free consultation form for quotes from top vendors themselves.

Eld Help

Our Final Thought on Zonar ELD Device

Zonar ELD is an excellent fleet solution if you prefer a comprehensive ELD solution.  It facilitates compliance with the ELD mandate, HOS reporting, automates logs, and prevents errors.

Furthermore, this solution also helps reduce the likelihood of manipulation and helps avoid expensive violations through preventive alerts. Thus, you gain value beyond compliance with a plethora of telematics and mobile platforms.

Although Zonar ELD is already a successful product, an excellent potential for improvement still exists. We hope that within the years to come, the manufacturer will continue to update its products and develop innovative, top-notch solutions.

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Robert Rigman

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  1. Customer Support


    Ease of Use




    Suitable for fleets


    Features & Technology


    Good eld for fleets.

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About the author

Picture of Robert Rigman

Robert Rigman

Former independent OTR trucker that left the road to dedicate his time to research new technology for the transport industry. When the ELD Mandate was approved many questions and daily challenges came up and there was no answer to them. was born from the combination of my passion for trucking and my affinity for research and writing.

One Response

  1. Customer Support


    Ease of Use




    Suitable for fleets


    Features & Technology


    Good eld for fleets.

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