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Gorilla Safety ELD Review

Gorilla Safety ELD review Fleet Management is one of the most popular devices in the fleet management and Electronic Logging Device (ELD) industry.
It is included in our Best ELD devices selection.

Gorilla Safety was founded in 2013 as a risk management and fleet safety company. It took advantage of the establishment of ELD legal requirements to get ahead of the competition by producing superior eld device.

Gorilla Safety successfully integrates full fleet management solutions with ELD technology. In this complete gorilla safety eld review, we will list all the pros, cons and costs.

Gorilla Safety ELD Review and Risk Management Services Overview

Gorilla Safety ELD review, the PRIME8 Mandate, is inarguably one of the best in the market. The device is built in compliance with the latest FMCSA regulations and employs the latest technology for advanced logging and tracking capabilities.

The PRIME8 ELD device by Gorilla Safety is designed as a small black box that is installed into the truck through the diagnostic port. It lacks some of the basic features of other ELD devices, but it still ranks among the best.

Features of the PRIME8 ELD device will be discussed in full later. Before that, it may help to familiarize yourself with the services of Gorilla Safety – remember, it is also a risk management company. Its services include:

Driver Training

The safety of your truck is just as good as the skills and competence of your driver. A skilled driver should be able to drive defensively and exhibit integrity in his/her work. Gorilla Safety has an entire department dedicated to training truck drivers to master the American roads and conform to the laws and regulations.

Trainees also enjoy complementary services such as licensing, documentation, and even employment opportunities through the company’s networks.

CSA Scores

The Compliance, Safety, and Accountability (CSA) score is used by the FMCSA to determine risk levels for vehicles and drivers.

A poor CSA score will get your trucks and drivers listed in the high-risk category, and this will open a flood of legal, ethical, and professional issues. It is also frowned upon by third parties such as insurers.

Gorilla Safety takes several measures to help its clients maintain good CSA scores. For starters, it offers educative materials about complying with road safety regulations. It also trains drivers to the highest standards to avoid petty issues in the future.

Accident Investigations

Accidents involving trucks are common on American roads. In most cases, the blame lies with the truck. Gorilla Safety does not take assumptions when its clients become involved in accidents – it dispatches a team of investigators to find out what transpired and determine the exact causes of the accident.

This goes a long way in helping with the legal and insurance paperwork, among other things.

Repair and Maintenance Programs

Trucks are prone to mechanical problems especially when transporting heavy loads. Breakdowns are liabilities as they cost money and lead to the loss of vital time.

As such, it pays to have a dedicated repair and maintenance team. Gorilla Safety has a team of mechanics and technicians who are always ready for deployment when any of their clients’ trucks breaks down.

Gorilla Safety ELD Device Features

Gorilla Safety’s ELD device packs a host of features in spite of its small size and plain design. It has several features that set it apart from the competition.

These features are designed for functionality, convenience, and comfort. Here are insights into some of its most notable features:

Vast Logging Capabilities

The services highlighted above should not be mistaken for Gorilla Safety ELD device features – they are complementary features from the company’s risk management department.

The devices themselves have a different set of capabilities that mostly have to do with tracking and logging. They include:

Document Management

Paperwork is one of the undesired tasks in many industries including transportation. It is, however, indispensable.

Documents management is one of the features of this ELD device. The program breaks down documents into four categories: truck files, driver qualification files, company files, and patent pending ELD supporting documents. It also offers simple solutions for transferring documents between drivers and management and obtaining digital signatures, among others.

eDVIR & Mechanic Inspections

Many of the common maintenance inspection violations are easily avoidable. However, you cannot fix what you cannot see. This is why Gorilla Safety includes the eDVIR and mechanic inspections option in the company’s app. This option is used to evaluate a truck’s fitness as well as maintaining records of emerging mechanical problems.

By keeping the driver and truck owner updated on the truck’s fitness, this app enables users to fix problems early and hence avoid tickets, fines, time wastage, and many other inconveniences.


There are many things to remember in the fleet transportation industry. One needs to keep track of inspection and maintenance schedules, collect driver signatures, and do so much more.

This can prove difficult without the proper organization measures. Gorilla Safety helps to bring some organization into the business using its “Alerts” functionality.

This feature automatically reminds users to get things done in a timely manner. All users have to do is schedule their tasks and specify the time – alerts are sent to their phones and computers when the time comes, hence avoiding the hassle of keeping up with scattered schedules.

Accident Investigation

Accidents are a transporter’s worst nightmare. They lead to hefty losses from mechanical damages, legal fines, and lawsuits in some cases. As such, it pays to have the upper hand on facts when an accident occurs.

Gorilla Safety helps shield its clients from these inconveniences by offering a comprehensive investigation tool. Using this tool, the driver can collect the other party’s statement, record witnesses’ testimonies, take pictures, and collect all the necessary information to establish the cause of accident.

This data comes in handy in cases of lawsuits and other legal measures.

Mobile Documents for ELD

This feature makes it easier for drivers to keep up with paperwork. It provides a consolidated space where drivers can document dispatch records, delivery receipts, and communication records, among other documents.

It helps drivers save time and avoid the hassle of paperwork, hence allowing them to concentrate more on driving and meeting deadlines to the benefit and convenience of your business.

Plug-and-Play Installation

Installing the Gorilla Safety ELD device is so easy that you do not need technical skills to do it. The devices are designed to connect to a truck’s diagnostic port using 6-pin and 9-pin adapters.

Installation takes minutes and registration and logging is almost instant thereafter thanks to its plug-and-play design.

Comprehensive GPS Tracking

Gorilla Safety uses advanced GPS technology to keep close track of clients’ tracks. These GPS systems collect vital data such as the amount spent on the road, number of inspection stops, speed, and so much more.

Clients use this data to streamline their services and avoid wastage of time and other valuable resources.

Mobile Application

The PRIME8 mobile app is designed to offer an easy-access portal to all the features and capabilities of the PRIME8 ELD device.
This Elog app is designed to be compatible with both Android and iOS mobile devices.

These apps have neat layout that are designed to offer easy access to diverse commands. They also have their shortcomings. For instance, it is faulted for not offering a messaging platform to keep drivers in touch with their managers and other third-parties.

Its scheduling capabilities are also wanting. However, the company says that it is always working to improve its mobile applications and other programs.

Web Access Portal

In addition to the mobile applications, Gorilla Safety also has an entire web portal dedicated to fleet management.

This portal for fleet managers contains vital databases that store and retrieve documents such as drivers’ qualifications, maintenance inspection dates, and so much more. It also enables managers and drivers to exchange documents and signatures digitally in real-time.

However, this portal features one major shortcoming – it does not have solutions for allocating unlogged driving tasks to individual drivers, thus making it difficult to maintain some records.


Gorilla Safety is popular for its affordable services. It charges lower fees compared to other fleet management service providers. What’s more, considering the quality of products and services offered, it can be argued that this company’s services are cost-efficient.

Pros and Cons of Gorilla Safety Fleet Management

Gorilla Safety has many advantages and, like every other company, some shortcomings.


gorilla eld price

Advantages of using Gorilla Safety’s services include:

  • Affordable

The Gorilla Safety ELD devices and services are more affordable and cost-effective. Their devices have cheaper price tags that others and yet offer the same quality of services. Taking into consideration the risk management services offered, these devices are worth every penny.

  • Durability

These devices are designed to last for years even under duress conditions. They are small and compact enough to withstand the adversities of trucking. What’s more, they come with warranties that guarantee replacements for sub-standard ELD devices.

  • Customer Support

Gorilla Safety scores better-than-average when it comes to customer support. The company’s customer care department is always open to cater to clients. Clients can voice their queries via several channels including telephone calls, instant messaging, and emailing, among others.

  • Ease-of-Use

Gorilla Safety’s products and services are easy to use for everyone including drivers and managers. For instance, installing the ELD device is quick and does not require any technical knowledge. The mobile apps and web platform are also easy to navigate, and any hitches can be addressed by the company’s customer care agents.

  • Risk Management Services

As mentioned, Gorilla Management is more than an ELD company – it also doubles up as a risk management service provider. It offers a wide range of risk management services including document management and accident investigation, among others. This helps to keep clients’ trucks and employees safe, thus safeguarding their businesses.

  • Saving Time

Transporters run on fixed schedules and are often pressed for time. Late deliveries come with many consequences including poor reputation, fines, and, in worst case scenarios, loss of clients. By offering complementary services and automatic some tasks through its mobile applications, Gorilla Safety saves its clients a lot of time that it allocated to other important tasks – this goes a long way in boosting their businesses’ performance.


Disadvantages of using Gorilla Safety’s services include:

  • Incomplete Applications and Web Portal

As highlighted earlier, Gorilla Safety’s mobile applications and web portal lack some functionality. The lacking features compromise the platforms’ entire functionality, and this compromises their quality and utility.

  • Lack of Basic Tracking and Logging Features

Gorilla Safety’s ELD devices may be sophisticated, but they are at fault for dismissing some basic yet important features and capabilities. For instance, these devices do not capture data about engine fault codes.


Gorilla Safety Fleet Management is undoubtedly one of the best companies in its niche. It is popular for its superior-quality products, risk management services, and affordability, among other factors.

Its benefits far outweigh any shortcomings, and it is worth every dime.

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