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  • Packed with Many Advanced Features
  • Outstanding customer service
  • User-friendly app
  • Simple to install
  • Inexpensive


  • There is no co-driver option
  • Submit IFTA reports manually
  • Connection issues
(Last Updated On: November 23, 2021)

Konexial is a Tennessee-based fleet management company and the provider of Konexial My20 ELD. The company was established in 2016. It now offers an ELD app and hardware that is adopted by over 10,000 truckers.

My20 ELD

Despite its compact design, Konexial has a lot to offer in terms of inexpensive, high-quality service, and features.

Konexial ELD was originally designed by drivers as well as fleet managers, which is likely why it has received positive feedback and has a large customer base.

The Konexial ELD device is also a low-cost solution and comes with a free app and low monthly subscription fees. As a result, it’s the best idea for fleet companies that simply need an ELD and app just to comply with the ELD mandate.

To log FMCSA compliance logs, drivers do not require the My20 TOWER. That means you can connect the device with the free ELD mobile application and have a completely compliant solution.

The My20 ELD GPS is also the same ELD as the My20 ELD, but it has a GPS unit as well as a Sim card slot for a data plan.

When a smartphone is not in the vehicle, you may utilize real-time GPS tracking.

In a nutshell, Konexial offered an edge computing ELD solution.

My20 Tower

My20 Tower packages are ideal for owner-operators and fleets of two or more vehicles. And driver subscriptions are necessary.

My20 Tower, when combined with My20 ELD hardware, provides a completely compliant electronic logging device solution for fleets of one to one hundred vehicles and more.

This is a simple, effective, and efficient approach that boosts fleet productivity and profitability potential. The Konexial ELD My20 Tower offers complete fleet management as well as a reporting solution.

TOWER My20 provides ELD compliance, Status Exceptions for Short-haul, Oil-field, AG Exemption, and much more.

The company also provide AG Exemption Webinar online that explain all its AG features. Other features are DVIR management, IFTA reporting, a Fleet Management Dashboard e.t.c.

Subscriptions are renewed automatically based on the terms of the contract.

My20 GoLoad

My20 ELD Fleet

The My20 ELD Fleet is designed for both small and larger fleets, and also has more capability than the TOWER.

Everything from TOWER is included, as well as diagnostics, fuel tracking, geofencing, data management, as well as driver safety reports, fuel management reporting, engine diagnostics, and Document Workflow.

Konexial ELD Fleet Management Features

Konexial ELD comes with a variety of fleet management solutions features.

These features include navigation and routing, as well as a smart lock system and other features. While they are not required for ELD, they provide significant benefits to small fleets.


GoLoad is a load-finding platform for owner-operators.

The software is free to use, and drivers who use it can receive better rewards.


GoMedRx is a medical referral service, and it connects drivers with local medical specialists for routine checkups on the road.

The app seeks to cut wait times, prevent drivers from becoming ill, and connect drivers with a virtual doctor for the most of issues.


Konexial ELD comes with an onboard app with navigation and directions.

And this implies that the application can restrict the rest of the mobile device from being used while driving but yet allowing the driver to utilize GPS.

Routing is integrated into GPS through vehicle tracking, load management, driving time management, as well as point-of-interest mapping.

In-App Messaging

My20 Tower

The app allows drivers to communicate with dispatch using the app.

Also, through the app’s two-way messaging abilities, fleet dispatch may safely pass out requests as well as share pickups through the app.

In a single environment, drivers may also scan and email proof of receipt/drop-off documents and bills.

Scanning of Documents

Drivers may scan and upload documents such as invoices, receipts, and bills of lading into the app.

Documents are synchronized to the cloud, allowing back-office personnel to access them in real-time and this helps to improve the IFTA fuel tax, speed up payments for owner-operators, and guarantee drivers always have valid licenses.

My20 Lock

The My20 lock is a smart lock that comes with both a padlock and a steel casing.

Both are integrated into a smart app, allowing fleet managers to see when the lock is opened, verify the lock functionality, and assure the asset is secure.

The My20 Lock costs $265 and available with TOWER or Fleet package subscriptions.

The My20 AppMy20 ELD

My20 is powered by GoLoad and makes use of GPS data and cloud technologies to help individuals make the most of their e-logs.

There is no need for any extra equipment. The app is free to download and use on any Android or Apple mobile device.

Users simply need to download the app and pair it with their phone using Bluetooth after the My20 ELD has been installed inside the truck diagnostic port.

First, ensure that your phone is compatible with the My20 ELD application. The app works only with Android 5.0 (and up) and iOS 10.0 (and up) smartphones.

It is advised that you use a Samsung Galaxy 6 (or higher) or an iPhone 6 (or higher) smartphone for optimum performance.

Many users may wonder how to know if their ELD device is connected to the MY20 app.

The ELD status is shown in the upper right corner of the main screen as “No ELD Connected” or “ELD Connected.”

If the ELD isn’t connected, push to check the power supply and see if the green LED light is on.

Note that you should enable the device location as well as Bluetooth service to establish a connection.

My20 ELD Features

My20 Tower

Konexial ELD is a driver-designed fleet management system, and the solution is easy and cheap to run.

Konexial ELD features are created with the drivers in mind, therefore their app is one of the best in the market.

ELD Compliance

The Konexial ELD device and software completely comply with the FMCSA’s ELD requirements.

To be compliant, you wouldn’t need any new equipment or software. However, to remain compliant, the driver’s smartphone must have the app installed and running.

Built-in GPS

The Konexial My20 ELD app uses the device’s built-in GPS to provide fleet routing and tracking.

This Konexial ELD GPS tracking comes with real-time vehicle position, ETAs, and vehicle management. As a result, dispatch could just know where the trucks are and their current course.


During startup, the My20 app asks drivers to fill out pre and post-trip forms.

And based on your subscription plan, logs are kept or synced with the app. As a result, Drivers can record inspection failures, which are flagged in the system if the TOWER or Fleet solutions are used.


As part of the application, Konexial ELD keeps a record of duty logs. Drivers can view these at any time to ensure full compliance.

Compliance with HOS

All service hours are tracked by the Konexial My20. Drivers can change their status to Yard Moves, Personal Conveyance, On Duty, Driving, Not Driving, Sleeper Birth, and so on.

Drivers can also make exceptions for oil fields and agricultural usage.

When the truck moves faster than 5 miles per hour or for more than 5 minutes, the system automatically marks it as moving.

And it enables truck drivers to establish their status on the app, select their driving hours, and amend and validate their logs.

The screen displays the number of hours till break and the number of hours in a shift.

In addition, Konexial ELD sends alerts notifications in the event of a violation and drivers can easily hand up their phones to a DOT inspector to ensure DOT compliance.

Tracking of IFTA Fuel Taxes

Konexial ELD tracks mileage by jurisdiction and evaluates IFTA fuel tax quarterly or monthly.

Receipt upload is supported by the My20 Fleet solution. IFTA Management is included in all of Konexial ELD subscriptions.

Managers will have to file and submit IFTA reports manually because the tool does not do so.

How Does Konexial My20 ELD Work?

My20 ELD is a very uncomplicated device to operate. There are simply four easy steps to follow:

  1. Download — To begin, go to Google Play Store or the Apple App Store and download the My20 app.
  2. Installation – The next step is to connect the My20 device to your truck’s diagnostic port (ECM).
  3. Connect – Then, use Bluetooth to connect the device with your smartphone device.
  4. Manage – Start tracking, transmit HOS data, keep track of your Hours of Service, audit logs, and report IFTA fuel taxes, among other things.

How Do I Setup My20?

Adapters for 6-pin ECM or OBD-II interfaces are available for the My20 ELD.

There is also a 9-pin ECM connector available which makes the unit compatible with any truck.

The ELD must be plugged into the diagnostic port of your truck after downloading the My20 mobile app.

Most folks should have no problem with this as the Konexial ELD device comes with installation instructions.My20 ELD

This electronic logging device is one of the smallest in the industry, measuring 1.5 x 1.7 x 1 inch.  it is barely seen in the vehicle.

Is My20 ELD the best solution for my fleet?

Konexial goal is to deliver the finest data to fleet dispatchers and drivers so that they can perform excellent work for shippers.

Millions of vehicles are updating their existing logging equipment. This product is compatible with both small and large fleets companies.

My20 is appropriate for fleet managers, independent operating companies, as well as drivers and carriers. It satisfies all fleet management needs.

The Benefits of Using My20 ELD

Why is My20 recommended over other ELD solutions?

The device provides many benefits which help to eventually make more profits and spend less.

The following are the most essential major benefits of the Konexial ELD solution:

No need for paper logs

This ELD solution saves a lot of time.

Once the drivers have been taught and step on the road, they will no longer use paper and pen.

This smart technology detects when a paired vehicle starts and stops, eliminating the need to manually modify its status.

Driver Reward Program

One of the features that attract a lot of users is the Fuel Reward Program

This reward program enables drivers to earn points and get rewarded.

The GoLoad programs, GoFuel purchases, and 5-star reviews may all earn you points. You receive around $0.01 for each point.

Ease of Use

My20 ELD is built exclusively for drivers to cater to their needs. It is simple to use and intuitive. In conclusion, it is a useful tool for all drivers. Almost everything becomes automated as you log in to the app.

You won’t be distracted by your smartphone while driving, allowing you to concentrate on the road.

Easily Modify Your Logbook

Another significant advantage is that it allows modifying the logbook. This comes in handy if you need to fill in some missing or repair an error.

When adding modifications to the ELD record, always sure to mention the purpose for these modifications.

Real-time Dynamic Load Balancing

Dynamic load balancing is made possible by the My20 ELD’s unique GoLoad function, which separates it from other models.

This allows the driver to make more money by lowering the number of empty kilometers driven.

Route and Navigation Mapping

My20 provides maps from Google Maps, Waze, and PC Miler.

Drivers may use this to find the most appropriate and efficient routes.

ELD Document Support

The application form includes all of the necessary paperwork. They can be found under the Help menu.

They are also available for download and printing from the support website.

Furthermore, customer care is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Also, Konexial provides My20 ELD Quick Start Tutorial Guide to get you started.

PricingMy20 ELD

Konexial provides flat-rate transparency price, making it simple to know what you’ll spend upfront.

The app is free to download to the driver’s phone.

For routes that do not necessitate ELD compliance, drivers may utilize this as an e-log solution instead of an ELD.

The My20ELD unit is initially priced at USD 129. A 6-pin or OBDII adaptor costs an extra $45 and is available for purchase.

Owner-operators who simply need an ELD and app will most likely be able to enjoy this device most.

To log FMCSA compliance logs, you do not require the My20 TOWER. This implies you can connect the device with the free ELD application and have a completely compliant system.

The My20 ELD GPS is the same ELD but comes with a GPS device and a Sim card slot for a data plan.

It costs $25 per month, payable annually. When a cell phone is not in the vehicle, you may utilize real-time GPS tracking. The MY20ELD Fleet is charged yearly and costs $40 per month.

How Konexial ELD is Compared to Others

Despite being among the inexpensive on the market, the app does indeed have a lot to offer, including ease of use, a general layout, and good connectivity.

One of the many features that distinguish it from other models is Dynamic Load Balancing and GoMedRx, showing that the company cares about truckers’ health and safety.

Konexial’s My20 ELD is a top-rated ELD on Amazon, with outstanding customer relations in the industry.

Except for your Apple or Android mobile device, and the free My20 app, which can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store, no extra hardware is necessary.My20 ELD

Konexial’s dedicated customer care staff is always available to assist you with setting up and using your My20 ELD.

My20 ELD is a robust and user-friendly logging system that covers all of the capabilities you want.

Konexial is a small ELD provider, yet it has received extremely excellent feedback.

The brand is acclaimed for its quality of service, convenience of use, and high-grade hardware.

Drivers and owner-operators are also pleased with the cost. Many people also mention Konexial being one of the few low-cost ELD solutions that allow for oil field exceptions.

Konexial also has an outstanding reputation for customer service, with so many customers ranking it as a 5-star service.

In general, Konexial has a great deal to offer small fleets.

Demo of Konexial ELD is available on youtube to show users how it works and how to use it.

The company provides more personalized service, greater support, and more tailored solutions.


  • Packed with Many Advanced Features
  • Outstanding customer service
  • User-friendly app
  • Simple to install
  • Inexpensive
  • Ease of use


  • There is no co-driver option
  • Submit IFTA reports manually
  • Connection issues

Truckers experience with My20 devices

HellDorado Owner: “I believe in your product. The help I have received from you and the rest of the staff at Konexial has been greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Charlie P: “The AG immunity is killer. No need to guess the radius or stop to annotate. Their system is automatic and easy to use. No one else likes it, trust me, I have been looking for it for many years.”

Emmit L: “I have been driving for 30 years. I’ve never been a fan of ELD rules, but I’m not ready to sit on the porch and retire. I don’t know what an iPhone is, but these people helped me quickly learn a new phone and ELD. I don’t know how they do it, but every time I call them, I find someone I can understand and sincerely want to help me. Do yourself a favor and give it a try. Their Ag exception is great.

Yippieka: “There are no good things to say about My20. Compared to the other ELDs on this list, this is a huge upgrade. Just like when you order Old Milwaukee, they tell you they are all sold out, but here is a bottle of Dom to solve your troubles.

Our Expert Verdict on Konexial ELD

Konexial has one of the world’s largest trucking networks, adopted by over 10,000. But why are Konexial ELD so popular? It all boils down to three major components.

To start with, both the hardware and software are quick and simple to install. This guarantees you’ll never have to take your foot off the throttle due to installation hiccups. The drivers will be able to stay focused on the road.

Second, Konexial ELD has plenty of other useful features that help you increase the efficiency of your fleet. GPS monitoring, HOS violation tracking, and many more functions will be available to you.

Finally, Konexial ELD is entirely ELD Mandate compliant, making audits simple and keeping your total expenditures low.

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