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  • Transparent company and publicly lists its pricing and contract details
  • It's effortless to navigate while on-site or in the app
  • Excellent integration, bug-free, and flawless
  • Suitable option for small businesses
  • User-friendly user interface


  • No profile with the Better Business Bureau
  • Lacks some advanced telematics features
  • Delivery processes not customizable
  • Slow speed once the volume is added
(Last Updated On: March 11, 2022)

onfleetOnfleet is a last-mile, cloud-based fleet management solution that provides route planning, auto-dispatching, monitoring of distribution, and customer engagement.

The onfleet app download is available for Android and iOS.

It offer real-time driver monitoring, delivery proof messaging, and even more.

In many countries all over the world, Onfleet continues to support deliveries across sectors. Ranging from the local supermarket, pharmacy, books, furniture, and many others.

The company offers users with filters and search capabilities. These enable them to navigate the platform using text, time, pick-up or delivery tasks, status-based queries to locate drivers, and customers.

The software also has an internal communication platform that allows fleet managers to interact with their workers and then get an update of specific onfleet tasks in real-time.

There is also custom reporting as well as for analytics system that allows the fleet manager to evaluate different metrics.

The company provides its services monthly. Every plan includes onfleet contact support via onfleet email support, FAQs, onfleet support number, and online knowledgebase.

Onfleet Features Overview

As a cloud-based solution, Onfleet analyzes and handles local delivery services and simplifies processes.

And, also, their fleet management solution streamlines processes, maximizes capacity, and makes dispatching easier and safer.

Thus helping businesses use online resources and intuitive functionality to make onfleet customers happy, engaged and, therefore, more informed.

Likewise, Onfleet software enables companies to make informed decisions with quantifiable metrics and rich data.

The cloud-based platform is flexible and suitable for companies of various sizes, particularly small and growing businesses.

As a result, companies can optimize business operations and enables tasks to be defined in all work units such as drop-off, pick-up, etc.

Efficient onfleet tracking systems and automated driver identification streamline dispatch, while job operations are further tracked in real-time to improve operations efficiency.

Basic, Minimalist Experience

Onfleet provides the fleet companies with a simple, streamlined experience instead of loading their apps with features.

This would be great for small fleet owners who want to keep track of their fleet in the neighborhood.

And this could involve checking in on a local driver, guaranteeing timely delivery, or tracking of assets as they move through the area.

Also, it is particularly useful for most of the last-mile distribution, the final stage of delivery to the consumers of your goods.

Onfleet provides technologies that make it suitable for small fleets operating on a local scale for distribution verification barcode scanning and route optimization.

What the onfleet features lacks are makes up for in its user-friendly functionality. And this solution does not have any hardware that requires complicated installation.

And Without the use of an expert, you can assign drivers to the Onfleet system

The onfleet fleet management solution uses the onfleet gps apps that are available on a smartphone so that they could be part of the Onfleet system as long as the driver has their phone with them.

Also, this ensures that certain driver ID features are built-in, making it much more comfortable than systems requiring smart keys or other authentication processes.

Although it is a bit pricier than most of the other services we reviewed, yet, it is a transparent company that states openly on its webpage all its pricing and contract details.

Onfleet Benefits Overview

Onfleet provides a comprehensive operations management platform that removes any need for multiple spreadsheets to be handled by consolidating operations into a single dashboard.

The Onfleet application’s convenient and straightforward layout makes it much easier for drivers to handle deliveries and also enabling drivers to focus on more important things like driving.

Real-time notification and reliable ETAs improve customer experience and engagement, allowing companies to remain proactive.

Likewise, the onfleet route optimization system is seamlessly integrated and also features an algorithm that takes into consideration all significant factors, including time constraints, traffic data, central hubs, team size, driver schedules, and vehicle efficiency.

The Onfleet platform supports personalized text messages and automatically sent updates to customers throughout the onfleet delivery process.

It also ensures that customers are kept up to date, and deliveries are done more efficiently without needing an update from the customers.

Upon product delivery, the customers can, however, approach the driver immediately and also provide instant feedback.

Onfleet integrations

The onfleet integration api is entirely for simplified operations with a range of other systems and supports out-of-the-box integration with Zapier.

The platform can also integrate with other platforms such as Google Sheets and Shopify, and also provides RESTful onfleet api when more custom integration is required.

Key performance measures monitoring enables companies to keep track of time, performance metrics, distance, and, therefore, allowing drivers to be compensated accurately.

Timely and reliable bottleneck detection and elimination improve performance, while detailed reports and input data can easily export to CSV for further evaluation.

Onfleet Pricing Plans

pricing onfleet 1Onfleet is among the few fleet management software providers that offer a free trial. If you are interested in testing the services, you could do this for 14 days before the onfleet trial period ends.

onfleet support the pricing plan on a monthly and annual basis, depends entirely according to your business needs.

It’s also a huge advantage for small fleet owners who have not previously used this kind of technology.

pricing onfleet 2

It is one of the most flexible models we’ve seen, as many businesses need a service commitment of 1-3 years.

Paying monthly means that if that’s something you can do, you can genuinely use the services of Onfleet on a short-term basis.

If you are interested in buying the services of Onfleet exclusively, this fleet management solution provider will split its product into four Onfleet plans, each of which has different price points and features: Starter, Standard, Premium, and Professional.

Onfleet packages include:

  • The Starter subscription plan of Onfleet cost $149 monthly and provides simple monitoring, management, and review features for your fleet.
  • The basic subscription plan requires $349 monthly and contains all other features of the Starter and also route planning, chat, and estimated arrival time.
  • The Premium subscription plan goes for $799 monthly and provides all the basic functionality while enabling age verification, barcode scanning, as well as phone numbers.
  • The Professional package, costing $1,999 monthly, and it provides all of the above features and onfleet white label, priority support, and support for a multi-brand account.

Add-ons Price tag includes:

  • Customizable auto SMS notifications: at pre-defined rates
  • Automatic route optimization: $0.09/task
  • Custom local phone number: $25/month

Electronic logging devices help

Real-Time Tracking and Compliance

Onfleet offers real-time gps fleet tracking technology.

And many of the onfleet competitors fleet management solution refreshes between 30 seconds to three minutes; however, Onfleet is among the few systems providing up-to-the-second tracking.

And also, there is no minimum vehicle required, so no matter how small your fleet may be, you can partner with Onfleet.

However, this is not an FMCSA approved ELD nor compliance with IFTA. It is a fleet management tool but it doesn’t provide any Electronic Logging Device.

Although the company may offer support for this, it probably may not help with this type of compliance based on the scope of its service.

Features and Services

Installation and Hardware

The Onfleet management solution needs no additional hardware or software. So simple that user don’t need to learn how to install onfleet.

It operates via mobile devices, so you don’t need to think about buying or leasing equipment to enjoy the services provided by Onfleet. It also means that with this service, you can get started right away.


The company does not offer advanced safety features like most of the other companies we checked because it focuses primarily on local delivery.

Therefore, the size of the fleet needing Onfleet solution services may not need the same robust safety features as a national or regional delivery trucking company.


Onfleet does not provide much preventive fleet maintenance or diagnostic features for vehicles either.

That, perhaps, is because of traditional telematics firms geared towards a different use case and business size.

ETA Alerts

onfleet eta alerts

ETA alerts delivery proof, and a variety of other triggers can be set up. Such messages could also go directly to customers, enabling them to monitor their delivery and also know how long they’ll need to wait.

That level of professionalism is perfect for small businesses that are likely to provide customized services successfully. In several other fleet trackers, this feature isn’t available.

Filter and Search

Focus on the team, filtering status, and what matters with time. These features are useful to identify drivers, customers or pickup/delivery activities quickly, using email, time or status-based queries.

Route optimization

The integrated route optimization engine of Onfleet takes into account time, location, power, and traffic to create the most effective routing solutions.

Need to re-optimize or make changes? Updates will be sent in real-time to drivers.

Auto-onfleet dispatch

Minimize service time and production costs. Breeze with Onfleet’s formidable auto-dispatch engine through on-demand and hot-shot assignment.

Onfleet driver app

onfleet appOnfleet provides a smooth, fast, and efficient way for you to complete deliveries. The onfleet driver app can be used on the last mile delivery platform of the company.

The trucking company needs to have an Onfleet account to use onfleet app, and the driver will be assigned tasks by the fleet manager of the delivery company.

On fleet Vehicle drivers can obtain up-to-the-second customer information, order details as well as navigation thereby avoiding traffic via Google Maps, Waze or Here We Go.

Thus, bringing about productive driving with comprehensive metrics and accurate task information.

Drivers can also contact with customers or dispatchers to make more efficient deliveries through text or telephone calls.

With this app, you get proof of delivery with onfleet barcode scanning method, ID verification, images uploading, and signature collection.

Driver App settings are accessible from the dashboard settings screen. This enables fleet managers to use the driver mobile app to implement the planned driver delivery workflow.

Check the “Warn driver when starting task out of order” checkbox to ensure drivers perform tasks in the good enough condition they are assigned.

If a driver decides to start a task out of order when this feature is available, it will be alerted and provided the reconsideration option.

You could also decide to warn a driver before the actual full time if they start a task.

Ease of Use

easy of useWith its stylish, intuitive applications, Onfleet tries to compensate for its lack of traditional telematics functionality.

There are also several dashboard screenshots on the webpage of the company, so it is clear that the interface of Onfleet is easy and simple to use.

It includes a simple map on the right rail listed with all your tasks. And this starts to break down fleet data into charts and graphs that are appealing and tells you how long a truck has been driving or idling.

You can also calculate how all those tasks have been accomplished and how long it takes to achieve the task.

The drivers grouped into simple profiles that enable messages and tasks easy to maintain. Thus making Onfleet dashboards login among the easiest and most accessible dashboards of all the systems we reviewed.

Consumer Reviews

user reviewsOnfleet has excellent customer reviews through numerous telematics online websites, although it doesn’t have a page with the Better Business Bureau at the time of publication of this onfleet reviews.

Although this is not suitable for the respectability of a company, it does not mean that Onfleet is not a reliable telematics service.

Users who gave the company positive reviews praise their transparency about pricing and contract.

They also commend the simplicity the solution provides in long term record storage, ease of access and customer records management. Also its simplicity of importing and exporting of tasks new and old.

Another user likewise commends its effortless tracking ability of drivers and also helps do provide their customers with the best service.

Users who gave this fleet management company negative review complaints about the speed is extremely slow once too many tasks come through.

Another user demonstrated dissatisfaction over the lack of a mobile app for the dispatchers or fleet manager. And also, lack of function to map out locations based on traffic, and not able to customize delivery processes.

However, Onfleet is an excellent reputable fleet management solution provider, and many users gave favorable reviews of their software.


  • Transparent company and publicly lists its pricing and contract details
  • It’s effortless to navigate while on-site or in the app
  • Excellent integration, bug-free, and flawless
  • Suitable option for small businesses
  • User-friendly user interface


  • No profile with the Better Business Bureau
  • Lacks some advanced telematics features
  • Delivery processes not customizable
  • Slow speed once the volume is added


Onfleet is a fleet management platform that is user-friendly and suitable for local fleets.

Customers of the company range from multi-national courier fleet companies, merchants, and suppliers to start-ups.

From food & drinks to packages & pharmaceuticals, the Onfleet customers offer everything. Although it is easy and simple to use, its technologies are unlikely to be expanded for big and regional trucking businesses.

The fleet management company is a modern telematics company that is best suited for small, hyperlocal fleets.

Most of the fleet management companies we reviewed have big features in this category – fuel efficiency software, maintenance apps, traffic data overlay, etc. However, Onfleet distinguished by its simplicity.

The integrated apps do not address the needs of a broader telematics tracking solution. However, Onfleet is a secure, intuitive platform to track vehicles for small businesses.

Moreover, if you need help in finding the best solution for your business needs, kindly fill our free consultation form, and we’ll help you to find the right fleet management solution for your business needs.

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