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transflo eld

Transflo, the maker of Transflo ELD T7, is a leading manufacturer to the trucking industry for telematics technology and mobile products solutions. Check this full review of Transflo HOS advantages, cost, features and everything you need to know about it.

With Transflo eld solution, the company supplies commercial truck drivers, and fleets real-time communication services with a comprehensive product line. 

Over 500 million shipping files are digitized annually by its web-based and mobile technological developments, adding up to about $54 billion in transportation bills.

Transflo ELD T7 is in our Top 25 ELD devices. Users use the solution package to cut costs, increase cash flow, and efficiency.

Transflo paired Mobile with Telematics through collaboration with Geotab, one of the world’s leading fleet management companies.

The Transflo eld is cost-effective, fast, easy to install, and use.

This solution typically involves telematics and Electronic Logbook Devices, mobile devices, content management, and scanning.


Several providers have seen a significant increase in ELD development since the FMCSA announcement.

Thus, fleet managers are now able to choose between a wide range of ELD solutions.

Although some of the best ELD solutions are a bit expensive for owner-operators in particular, the Transflo eld t7 is a good and effective low-cost alternative for drivers and fleet managers.

Transflo has offered everyone a quick and easy compliance solution for less than $100.

This eld solution is designed to continue making fleet management much better, also, to help in ensuring that you act under the ELD mandate.

Transflo formed a partnership with Geotab in making use of the renowned Transflo Telematics software to provide their customers with unique fleet management and tracking solution.

With this groundbreaking device and efficient hardware, fleet managers can easily do the following in their daily business activities while reducing costs.

  • Access their vehicle location,
  • Collect data on each load, and
  • Improve efficiency

Transflo eld has a lot more to offer drivers and fleet managers as you will learn in this review.

The Telematics and ELDs Solution

Transflo Telematics is an entirely integrated solution consisting of three components that instantaneously track duty status for drivers and fleets, extract reporting information for IFTA, DVIR, and more.

Vehicle drivers can use one mobile app to manage their entire working day!

These three components are:

  • Transflo ELD T7 – the eld device is easy to set up and compatible with all heavy duty vehicles
  • Transflo E-Logs – Transflo app makes it possible for drivers to access e-logs, inspection reports for driver vehicles (DVIR), and more. 
  • The Transflo Telematics Portal –This is where fleet managers and drivers extract IFTA and more reporting information.

Features and Benefits of the Transflo eld solution

transflo eld costSave Time and Money

Drivers need to fill and submit the logbooks regularly with paper logs.

And if you are already in business for a while, you know paper logbook can be expensive in terms of time and money for the fleet.

Therefore, the Transflo eld t7 can save you around $705 per driver each year.

Maximizes Generation of Revenue

This eld solution's time and cost-saving economic advantages will subsequently translate into improved performance in the company's revenue.

Fleet managers will eliminate paperwork and speed up inspections with this ELD installed in their vehicles.

As such, there will be more time for each driver in their fleet to function.

And this, therefore, improved performance in driver’s work time and ultimately generated significant revenue.

Reducing Cost of Maintenance

Fleet managers will automate electronic logging for drivers by putting in place the Transflo eld t7 solution in their fleet.

By using it, they will considerably improve the efficiency of driver logs.

And this results in fewer driver offenses, which guarantees that for this kind of violations, you don't have to pay penalties.

This eld solution will also provide you with the motor diagnostic report and alert you to important safety issues.

It shows further that it's quite helpful in reducing the cost of maintenance.

Also, the transflo eld t7 will curb extra costs of off-road miles and unauthorized use of vehicles in the fleet.

The fleet managers using Transflo eld solution have demonstrated their satisfaction with the amount of income they have saved so far.

Improve Business Reputation

In the trucking world, much like other businesses, credibility makes much difference.

In this case, though, the proper track record is a bit more complicated and rewarding than you'd ever understood.

The Transflo e-Log solution will enhance compliance and help prevent critical breaches.

Therefore, these crucial elements will make a significant contribution to an improved CSA score over time.

Likewise, this is especially valuable for trucking companies. A good CSA ranking will make a difference in obtaining more affordable insurance protection for your vehicle.

As a truck driver, through the years, the device will, therefore, report your success in compliance and safety.

And this will make you look better suited for good jobs.

Facilitates efficiency

To help truck drivers and fleet managers become even more productive in their jobs, the Transflo ELD has the right tools and functionalities.

And thus, putting the fleet manager in an excellent position to make the right decisions with this solution in your fleet.

For example, the driver may use the features of Alerts, GPS, and Service Hours to learn when and how to break.

Transflo eld solution will create insights from the engine running and speeding reports on an ongoing basis once installed.

This kind of insights can make a difference in helping drivers to become much more efficient on the fuel when used effectively.

Makes Things a Lot Easier

You're already busy as a fleet manager or driver, right?

But, you wouldn't want to makes your life more uncomfortable by using some complicated ELD solution.

You may just have started to realize that there is an intuitive interface for both the Mobile App and the Dashboard.

In fact, you may not even have to pay to get the drivers trained using the ELD as a matter of fact.

Transflo gives a detailed and elaborate PDF on using the ELD T7's different features.

also, you must also take a copy of the user guide on the official website and learn how to use the Transflo eld t7 in this regard.

However, this eld solution is primarily designed to make it relatively easier for drivers to use IFTA and DVIR report.

The device will, therefore, make logging much easier for you while drastically reducing the risks of IFTA auditing.

Improves Safety

With paper logs, keeping track of the driver's hours of service was quite hard.

And this saw a good number of drivers working harder and longer than they should, and most of the time, they were tired.

A considerable number of truck-related crimes are committed by sleepiness, based on the most recent statistical findings.

You will lessen the vehicle's odds of getting involved in an accident when the best eld device installed in your vehicle(s).

Telematics Benefits

Telematics assists fleets and drivers on the road by reducing the overall operating costs, improving efficiency and improving the customer experience while complying with the ELD mandate of FMCSA.

  • GPS fleet app automatically transmits data via a cellular connection
  • ELD device is easy to set up and compatible with all heavy duty vehicles
  • The portal shows keen insight and analysis for fleet managers, such as fuel and route efficiency
  • The mobile app is extremely convenient with electronic logging, duty status, inspection reports, and more
  • This device that works well with all heavy-duty trucks GPS fleet solution can be easily installed and communicates information automatically via a cellular connection.
  • With duty status, electronic log, inspection reports, and more, the mobile app provides convenience.
  • Portal displays fleet managers analyze and insights such as route and fuel consumption.

Benefits for Drivers

Through the Transflo hos, experienced drivers quickly access driver vehicle inspection reports (DVIR), electronic logs and meet the hours of service requirement.

Transflo ELD T7 Benefits for Fleet Managers

You would need sufficient information as the fleet company to make the best business choices in life for your fleet's different vehicles.

Which is why you're in control of everything with the Transflo ELD t7 solution.

First, the device enables you to easily access information and report on your fleet's different vehicles and drivers.

As a result, fleet managers quickly get access to the driver, vehicle, fleet data, and reporting.

Monitor driver actions and safety, diagnostics of ultra-accurate vehicles, real-time Location services tracking, and even more!

The device also helps to ensure that you would have the full back office tools to fulfil the ELD mandate and get user information-driven insights to enable you more effectively manage the fleet.

FMCSA-Certified Telematics Device

To enable truck fleets to acquire new telematics and mobile strategies, Transflo provides an FMCSA-certified telematics device.

The firm formed a partnership with Geotab to supply Transflo Telematics - leading software for fleet management and GPS fleet tracking.

This solution can be used by fleet managers to collect information on each load via the ELD, track truck locations, and reduce operating costs.

Truck drivers and owner-operators can use the e-logbook hosted in the mobile app to manage the electronic logs.

Single App operational mobility

The device is readily accessible on Google Android and Apple iOS platforms and includes a 6-pin, 9-pin, or 16-pin configuration installation harness at no extra expense.

The Transflo eld t7 also contains a cellular chip that sends a signal and transmits data automatically, eliminating the problem of "pairing" device or "bridging" Bluetooth, which could also drain your battery and make phone hot.

Transflo Mobile technology enables fleet administrators and truck drivers to define communications and operational efficiency clearly.

The app is easy to configure and supports high load workflow carriers.

User can use sophisticated protocols to snap and transmit images that compress size while maintaining quality.

In other words, Transflo Mobile continues to offer an easy way of improving the productive capacity of your drivers and the profitability of your business.

Benefits of Transflo HOS

Best of all, if you’re also using Transflo Mobile to organize loads, scan documents, and access payroll statements, after registration, you can simply add transflo hos functionality to your menu.

Up to 1 million drivers installed the mobile app from Transflo. And In one app installed on your smartphone, you can maintain your entire working day.

Integration with Top In-Cab and TMS Technologies

Transflo has developed its smartphone app with the sure knowledge of the techniques and technology popularly used in the trucking industry.

The expandable platform and open architecture of the app offer smooth integration of drivers and carriers with top technological developments in-cab and TMS.

Truck drivers get instant access to a load of information, while fleet managers get field updates in real time.

Transflo eld offers inexpensive configuration options for fleets of all sizes and continues to support the load production cycle in a centralized location from start to finish.

The application built directly with Transflo's ELD T7 allows truck drivers to react quickly and smoothly to the requirements of FMCSA compliance.


  • Compact design
  • Mobile Platform
  • Installs in minutes
  • Document Scanning
  • Telematics and ELDs
  • Professional services
  • Great Support center
  • Violation notifications
  • Document management
  • Accurate vehicle diagnosis
  • Features cellular capability
  • Backed by a 1-year warranty
  • Driver safety and behavior visibility
  • Route and fuel consumption analysis
  • Accident detection and reconstruction
  • Map-based, real-time GPS truck tracking
  • Integration with top in-cab and TMS technologies
  • Fitted with an inbuilt accelerometer and GPS sensor

Transflo cost

Transflo eld solution is available in monthly subscription plans.

The Transflo cost plan of $25 enables fleet managers and drivers to manage service hours (HOS), inspection reports for driver vehicles (DVIR), and reporting data for IFTA.

The Telematics plan subscription cost of $31 covers all the functionalities of the Standard ELD plan plus full fleet management abilities such as vehicle engine diagnostics, GPS mapping, reconstruction of accidents, notifications of violations, and more.

  • Up Front Cost -$99
  • Monthly Cost - $25
  • 3-year Total Cost - $999

Both plans cover the IFTA jurisdictions of the 48 continental U.S. states and all 10 Canadian provinces.

When using this low transflo cost, industry-leading electronic logging devices, you could save hundreds of dollars.

This transfro eld solution address compliance with the DOT rule that commercial vehicle drivers are required to track their service hours with ELDs.

Members of RTS Carrier Services can subscribe for a two-year ELD contract which waives Transflo ELD's equipment fees — a $99 savings per device.

Customer Support

Transflo eld t7 solution backed by support resource. In the mobile phone app, and on the Transflo support website, fleet managers and drivers can access self-service information.

In readiness for owner-operators and drivers changing from paper logs to electronic logs, transflo hired professional support members of the team.

User can, however, call or email the Transflo Customer service team, that provides vehicles on the road with support for mobile and document management.

You can get in touch with the support team via:

  • Phone Support
  • Live Support
  • Support Tickets

Conclusion Transflo ELD

The Transflo eld retail package contains an ELD, reference guides and instructions, as well as mobile access, service hours, and electronic logs via the Transflo hos app.

This Transflo eld t7 solution is designed to install within a few minutes and comes with such a heavy-duty truck Transflo installation harness.

As the crucial part of the Transflo eld retail offer, the Telematics portal allows drivers and owner-operators to discover new insights about their vehicles.

And small fleet owners can track a vehicle's fuel usage and receive warnings about maintenance and safety.

User can even get access to information to be used with global fuel tax reporting.

Not only are these features enable transport companies to comply with ELD rules, but they also help to increase operational efficiency.


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