Using GoPro As Dashcam: A Complete Guide 2024

(Last Updated On: December 6, 2023)

Can I use GoPro as dashcam? This question is asked quite often by customers. This means that GoPro is gaining popularity as a dashcam. It has all the fundamental features of a regular dashcam. On top of that it offers some unique qualities too.

The GoPro camera is designed carefully to capture high-quality action-adventure videos. It works under high-stress conditions quite smoothly. This and numerous other features make it a good choice for a dash cam.Using GoPro As Dashcam  

The GoPro dash cam comes in several models. The latest ones have more features that make them a viable option for a dashcam. GoPro cameras are robust, versatile, and compact: an advantageous combination for a dashcam user.

However, the final decision about which dashcam to buy falls on the person’s needs. You have to ask yourself what qualities and features you require in a dash cam. To make the decision process easier, we have created a complete guide on GoPro as a dashcam. We have also included its price, features, shortcomings, advantages, and more so that you can make an informed decision. 

Components Included in GoPro

The following are the components that are included in GoPro:

  • Black Camera
  • Transport Case
  • Adhesives or suction cup for attachment
  • Mounting Clip
  • Type C USB cable
  • Thumb Screw

Tech Specs of GoPro

Video Resolution 1080p HD
Effective Still Resolution 27 megapixels
Color Black
Waterproof Yes
Photo Sensor CMOS
Screen Size 1.4 inches
Type of Cam Recorder Action Camera
Wifi Connectivity Yes
Focal Length (max) 0.96 inches
Shuter Speed (max) 1/480 seconds
Lithium Battery power flow 5.79-watt hours
Memory MicroSD card
Mount Suction Cup/adhesive

Why Should You Buy a GoPro Dash Cam?

GoPro is famous for its high-definition lightweight cameras which are specially designed to work well under high action or stress conditions. The GoPro dashcam is created under the same principle. GoPro dashcam comes in many models and series like Hero9, Hero10, 11, and GoPro max. Every new model comes with better features. But older models are also completely functional.

Another selling point of the GoPro dashcam is its video stabilizers. GoPro dashcams are equipped with image stabilizers that make sure that the video remains steady. Even if the vehicle encounters bumps or an accident, the clear and steady video can be observed afterward. The night view is one of the top qualities demanded in the dashcam by customers. And the GoPro dashcam has a nighttime mode which allows the footage to be taken in low-lit scenarios.  

Older models of GoPro lacked motion sensors but the latest models include this feature. The new addition makes the GoPro camera a viable choice for a dash cam.

If you are looking forward to buying a dashcam but have no idea which one to get, here is how to choose the right dashcam for you: 

Dashcam comparison


How to Use GoPro as Dash Cam?

You do not have to do anything out of the ordinary to use GoPro cameras as dash cams. GoPro as a dashcam has to be attached firmly to the windshield so the video does not come out as blurry. Make sure to buy functional suction cups for this purpose. As we know that GoPro has a battery life of 4 hours. If you want to use it continuously, keep it attached to its charger. For this, you’ll need a type-c USB cable and an adapter. 

The loop video function should be turned on for a constant and undisturbed video recording. Video loop makes sure to remove older videos to add new ones without stopping. The latest versions of GoPro cameras have image sensors that are almost equivalent to a motion sensor. These sensors are triggered by sudden motion only and save battery life.

GoPro can be connected to other devices. You can easily upload older videos to a computer to make space in the camera.

Features of A GoPro Dash Cam

Small and Lightweight

The most prominent feature of GoPro cameras is their lightweight and compact design. It is the one feature that gives GoPro an edge over other dashcams. The small size makes it a strong candidate to be used as a dash cam.Features of A GoPro Dash Cam The compact design takes a limited space so you can have a clearer front view without obscurities. Size is a crucial factor that drivers need to consider before buying a dash cam.

The larger the dashcam the more space it will take on the windscreen. Anything that covers a large space on the windscreen can pose a serious safety hazard. In many states, you can only use dash cams of certain sizes because larger ones are banned.

Night View

As mentioned earlier, Go Pro has released many camera models. Every model comes with new and improved features. The Hero10 and later models promise clear video recording even in low light. This makes video recording equally easy at day or nighttime. 

Nightview is another crucial feature that is essential in a dash cam. This features only adds to GoPro’s value. With this quality feature, using a GoPro as a dash cam is no problem.


The GoPro camera is easily the most versatile camera. Apart from its obvious use in outdoor activities and watersports, it can be used effectively as a dash cam. Other dash cams may come with many features but they can’t beat GoPro when it comes to versatility.

With every new model, GoPro adds more features that make it suitable for dash cam usage. Attach it to the windshield during a travel ride and remove it effortlessly (as it requires no wires) and capture the adventurous moments of your trip. 

Video Stabilizers

This is an important feature that many dash cam companies fail to provide. GoPro dash cams are specially designed to capture highly active videos and motions. This is why they contain video stabilizers. This feature keeps the video stable even during turbulence. 

So do not worry about a bumpy ride as you will get a clear video with your GoPro camera.

Loop Recording

Another feature that is mostly not found in other dash cams is loop recording. Loop recording will make sure that footage is recorded even if the memory is full. This feature automatically removes older videos and adds new recordings to the memory.

Image Sensor

Another remarkable feature of the GoPro dashcam is its high-resolution image sensor. The image sensor remains active even if the recording is off. It observes different frames of video and figures out when to start and stop based on that. 

However, for the image sensor to work, the dash cam must be mounted firmly so that it remains still. Otherwise, the motion will not be detected properly by the camera. In some models of GoPro, the LCD has to remain on for this feature to work. If you want to use this image sensor for extended motion then keeping the brightness of the LCD low will be beneficial.


Currently, the GoPro dash cam costs up to $550. There are different GoPro dashcam models available and their prices can change depending on their type. Old models can be bought for as low as $300.

If you want to add essential accessories to the GoPro camera then the price will increase accordingly. Mostly the GoPro dashcam is bought together with a suction cup (for attachment), spare SD card, and remote control.

Recommended GoPro Devices

These are some recommended GoPro devices, we divided into three categories: budget-friendly, mid-range, and flagship.

Overall, the GoPro HERO9 Black, HERO10 Black, and HERO9 White are great options if you’re looking for a budget-friendly GoPro camera that still offers good quality footage.

Budget Friendly

gopro 9 black


gopro 10 black


Gopro 11 black

Advantages of Using Your GoPro As Dash Cam

High-Quality Videos

Most GoPro dashcams give a high-definition 4K resolution quality. However, this video standard may be too expensive for some people. Go Pro Hero7 and later models come with high-resolution results.

This is one of the major advantages of using a GoPro as dash cam. But if you want to make an economical choice you can buy older models which have reasonable video quality and budget-friendly prices. Here’s an example of a video captured by a GoPro dash cam:

Wide Angle Lens

GoPro cameras are specialized action-capturing cameras that cover a wider photo angle for broad panorama recording. In easy words, wide-angle video means more information will be recorded. Wide-angle cameras will have a high likelihood of recording an unfortunate event like a road accident or any other turbulence. 

This type of wide-angled lens is created carefully for the situation mentioned above. Also, this is why they are used in security cameras.

Other advantages include night view, compact camera size, image sensor, and loop video recording.

Disadvantages of Using GoPro As A DashCam

No dual CameraAdvantages of Using Your GoPro As Dash Cam

It is a high-in-demand feature, that is not available in GoPro cameras. GoPro is not specialized in dash cams, so a lack of this feature is expected. But because the GoPro camera is getting more popular as a dash cam, future models may include a dual cam as well.


GoPro is efficient and has numerous unique features but it is a pricey product. Even older models are more expensive than some regular dashcam brands. So GoPro dash cam may not be a practical choice for everyone due to its high price. 

Short Battery Life

Extra batteries are required because continuous use of GoPro as a dashcam will drain its power quickly. It can work for 4 hours straight and then needs recharging. Although the camera does not need wires for mounting purposes, it has to be connected to a USB charging wire the whole time it is used (especially during long travel hours).

Why you use Car Mount with GoPro cameras?

Using a car mount with your GoPro camera can provide a unique perspective for capturing footage while driving or riding in a vehicle. However, it’s crucial to use the mount safely and securely to avoid accidents or damage.

If you plan to use a car mount, ensure that you select a mount specifically designed for use in vehicles and that is compatible with your camera model. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully when installing and using the mount. It’s also important to exercise good judgment when using a car mount with your camera. Avoid using the mount in a way that could cause distraction or obstruction while driving, and always ensure that the mount is securely attached before filming.

Here are some recommended car mounts:

GoPro Suction Cup Mount

GoPro Suction Cup Mount

JOBY Suction Cup Mount

JOBY Suction Cup with GorillaPod Arm

Delkin Camera Mount

Delkin Devices Fat Gecko Triple Suction

Conclusion – We Recommend It!

All the major features of the GoPro camera like night view, image sensor, video stability, versatility, and more make it a strong candidate for a dash cam. That being said certain features are missing and will likely be added in future models. But we have to admit that a brand like GoPro which does not necessarily specializes in dash cams has made a camera that can just easily be used as a dash cam as any other normal one.

Lastly, the dash cam you choose for your vehicle depends on your needs. Some people are satisfied with the features provided by GoPro. However, others might need extra attributes more suitable to their dash cam requirements. If you’re still confused about making a decision regarding a dashcam, we can assist you in finding the perfect one.

Simply fill out our simple consultation form, and you’ll receive personalized estimates from a variety of reputable dashcam providers who can satisfy your company’s specific needs.

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Laraib Shah

With a keen interest in the trucking industry, Laraib has dedicated years to understanding and writing about fleet management solutions. As a freelance writer, her insights are backed by hands-on experiences and meticulous industry research. She loves sharing her knowledge with the readers of When she's not writing about trucking, she enjoys connecting with her fellow fleet managers and truckers.

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