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  • Reasonable price
  • Free ELD if you pay 1 year in advance
  • Easy to install
  • Good Customer Service


  • If you need more features the price increases
  • Some users report problems with the App



HOS 247  offers a unique ELD system  to ensure that your driver is in compliance with FMCSA ruling. In addition, it delivers a superior safety and productivity for any size fleet.

ELD HOS 247 provides a complete system that includes a logbook app and standalone logging device. Those components together with the driver’s smart phone provide a robust system.

This system is ideal for small to medium fleets as well as owner-operators. 

ELD HOS247 Review: Main Features

Automatic HOS– Automatic hours of service calculation and violation alerts. In addition, the driver could get an Automatic recording of driving time, miles and locations.

DOT Inspection Mode– Simply show logs on your phone or tablet.
No printer needed.

Multiple HOS Rules– Compliant with multiple HOS rules including Property/Passenger 60-hour/7-day & 70-hour/8-day.

Electronic DVIR – Vehicle inspection reports are created and submitted in seconds.

Compliance Monitoring– Monitor your drivers’ hours of service logs and DVIRs. Receive alerts to prevent violations.

Fleet Tracking- Track your vehicles in real time and view their location history.

IFTA reporting– Automatic IFTA state mileage reporting saves you time and money.

Access Permissions
– Manage permissions for fleet managers, compliance officers, drivers, accountants, brokers and customers

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The Components

Logging Device - Affordable and easy to install logging device. Simply plug ELD into a vehicle ECM port and start
recording driving hours and miles automatically.

Logbook App - Easy to use app for managing hours of service logs. It connects to ELD via bluetooth and displays recorded driving time to a driver.

Tablet/ SmartPhone - OS 247 ELD & App work great with most Android 3G/4G tablets
and smartphones. Use your own or purchase devices and data plans from the company.

Install & Connect ELD

HOS 247 ELDs are installed within minutes. Follow the following steps to complete the installation process

1. Locate ECM (diagnostic) port- Simply plug the provided cable into a vehicle ECM (diagnostic) and attach the other
end to the ELD device. The dual fastener is provided for dash mounting.

2. Install ELD- Log in to HOS 247 Logbook App on your tablet/smartphone with a username and password created during a sign up process or provided by a fleet manager.

3. Log into HOS 247 Logbook App - Select a vehicle from a list of available vehicles and your device will attempt to
connect to ELD via Bluetooth. Green Bluetooth indicator at the top right corner means you are ready to start using ELD.

Driver Details

Hours of Service - View current log graph grid and last 14 logs. Click on a log
to see log details. Click “More” to view historical logs.

Driver Logs - Monitor violations and errors in real time. View past
violations and mitigate compliance risks.

Violations & Errors- View driver contact information, current or last known
vehicle and location

Location History

1. Breadcrumb Trails - View vehicle location history with breadcrumb trails

2. Route Points - Driving time and distance between stops is calculated automatically

3. Street View- View location surroundings via google map

IFTA Reporting

1. Vehicle Miles - Vehicle state miles are calculated automatically

2. Total Miles- Total miles per state are calculated automatically

3. Calendar - Run miles report for a specific time frame, quarter or entire year

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  1. Customer Support


    Ease of Use




    Suitable for fleets


    Features & Technology


    Worst support response ever.
    Call multiple times, no one returning my calls, never answer the phone right away.
    I needed to get my new driver on the roda and unable because cannot setup the device.

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