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$69 upfront + (from) $17 monthly fee

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Ease of Use




Suitable for fleets


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  • Reasonable price
  • Free ELD if you pay 1 year in advance
  • Easy to install
  • Good Customer Service


  • If you need more features the price increases
  • Some users report problems with the App


HOS247 eldHOS247 is an ELD company accredited by FMCSA that serves the United States, Mexico, and Canada.

The company’s all-in-one trucking technology platform provides e-log compliance features, GPS tracking, driver-vehicle inspection reports (DVIR), fleet management, vehicle diagnostics, reporting of IFTA miles, and fleet maintenance alert.

Also, the hos247 team offers the Trucking Dispatch system, which is operated by AI.

The hos247 apps include broker-connected load matching, automatic driver assignment capability, an automated confirmation of delivery, paperwork management, and simplified communications center logistics.

Overview of ELD HOS247 Review: Main Features

HOS247 ELD provides some additional optional functions such as GPS tracking as well as reporting of IFTA. The hos247 app can also be used with any Android tablet or smartphone connected to the web. The hos247 app for iPhone is also available on the app store.

The company also provides an all-in-one software option – the Dedicated ELD. And It takes just under a minute to install the device.

When the Dedicated ELD device plugged into the ECM port of a truck, it begins to automatically record driving hours, miles as well as other details.

Also, the hos247 logbook app communicates to the ELD via Bluetooth and shows a driver’s reported driving time.

Vehicle Diagnostics and Maintenance

The hos247 LLC solution helps to streamline vehicle diagnostics with its detection of fault code and Fleet maintenance real-time alerts. Thus help in Reducing vehicle breakdowns by scheduling preventive maintenance.

gps fleet trackingGPS Fleet Tracking

The hos247 also helps in Increasing fleet visibility through real-time GPS tracking.

This fleet management solution provides full fleet visibility and enhances productivity with advanced 4G LTE GPS tracking system and intuitive management portal to boost fleet operations.

Automatic HOS– Automatic hours of service calculation and violation alerts. Besides, the driver could get an Automatic recording of driving time, miles and locations.

DOT Inspection Mode– Simply show logs on your phone or tablet.
No printer needed.

Multiple HOS Rules– Compliant with multiple HOS rules including Property/Passenger 60-hour/7-day & 70-hour/8-day.

Electronic DVIR – Vehicle inspection reports are created and submitted in seconds.

Compliance Monitoring– Monitor your drivers’ hours of service logs and DVIRs. Receive alerts to prevent violations.

Fleet Tracking- Track your vehicles in real-time and view their location history.

IFTA reporting– Automatic IFTA state mileage reporting saves you time and money.

Access Permissions
– Manage permissions for fleet managers, compliance officers, drivers, accountants, brokers and customers

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The Components

Logging Device – Affordable and easy to install logging device. Simply plug ELD into a vehicle ECM port and start
recording driving hours and miles automatically.

Logbook App – Easy to use app for managing hours of service logs. It connects to ELD via Bluetooth and displays recorded driving time to a driver.

Tablet/ SmartPhone – OS 247 ELD & App work great with most Android 3G/4G tablets
and smartphones. Use your own or purchase devices and data plans from the company.

Installation of the Connect ELD

HOS 247 ELDs are installed within minutes. Follow the following steps to complete the installation process

1. Locate ECM (diagnostic) port- Simply plug the provided cable into a vehicle ECM (diagnostic) and attach the other
end to the ELD device. The dual fastener is provided for dash mounting.

2. Install ELD– Log in to HOS 247 Logbook App on your tablet/smartphone with a username and password created during a signup process or provided by a fleet manager.

3. Log into HOS 247 Logbook App – Select a vehicle from a list of available vehicles and your device will attempt to connect to ELD via Bluetooth. The green Bluetooth indicator at the top right corner means you are ready to start using ELD.

Driver Details

hos247 hours of serviceHours of Service – View current log graph grid and last 14 logs. Click on a log
to see log details. Click “More” to view historical logs.

Driver Logs – Monitor violations and errors in real-time. View past
violations and mitigate compliance risks.

Violations & Errors– View driver contact information, current or last known
vehicle and location

Location History

1. Breadcrumb Trails – View vehicle location history with breadcrumb trails

2. Route Points – Driving time and distance between stops is calculated automatically

3. Street View– View location surroundings via google map

IFTA Reporting

1. Vehicle Miles – Vehicle state miles are calculated automatically

2. Total Miles– Total miles per state are calculated automatically

3. Calendar – Run miles report for a specific time frame, quarter or entire year

HOS247 4G Fleet Service Management solution

HOS247 offers an inexpensive 4G fleet management solution platform, with a broad spectrum of other advantages.

Once you register with hos247 services, a special account manager usually assigned to you.

And this would be the individual you are going to approach with questions or complaints whenever you need guidance on how to run your system. And the hos247 manual is also available online for guidance.

The hos247 customer service department is multilingual, so they can better serve their clients in English, Spanish, Russian and Polish.

Advantages of the 4G Lite Fleet Tracking Solution

hos247 fleet managementThe hos247 4G Lite GPS Fleet Tracking Solution has some advance advantages for carriers.

Gain Better Control Over Your Fleet

To get better control of their fleet, and all other company assets, motor carriers need 4G technology.

The hos247 fleet management solution with built-in GPS tracking will do wonders for your fleet productivity.

You will dramatically improve the result for your company by reaching out to these solutions and improve business performance.

Fuel Costs Reduction

The hos247 fleet management solution’ GPS feature helps to boost the business bottom line by reducing the cost of fuel.

This solution will alert drivers and fleet managers when the driver is reaching the current speed limit.

The fleet managers would often note whenever the vehicle engine has been idling for too long, which is an indication that the driver uses the vehicle as an air-conditioned space for relaxation.

All of these factors could indicate huge fuel waste; however, these costs can be reduced by the proper vehicle service management system and GPS tracking.

Limit The Number of Unauthorized Uses of Company Vehicles

hos247 eld fleetMany truck drivers are bound, at a certain point, to push the limits of what they’re doing while being unsupervised.

However, with excellent tracking software, fleet managers can reduce the number of unauthorized uses of company vehicles using hos247 GPS tracking and 4G technology.

This vehicle tracking solution helps in eliminating things like running personal errands, speeding, idling, lunch’s long breaks, and much more.

Improved Security Against Vehicle theft

If the company vehicle is ever stolen, then hos247 GPS tracking software will alert you and also track the location of the truck.

Likewise, if a fleet truck is active during unauthorized hours, fleet managers can also be immediately notified so you can apprehend the crook quickly.

Helps to Facilitates Better Customer Experiences

Fleet managers can simplify company operations with advanced fleet management software and offer better customer experiences.

Your fleet office personnel and dispatchers can make accurate predictions of the arrival time more precisely.

In the meantime, the commercial fleet company benefits from having a variety of satisfied customers who would patronize the company over and over again.

Electronic logs for trucks

Core Features of HOS247 GPA Tracking and Fleet Management software

What features does your fleet company need to help maintain smooth operation all year round? There are many vital features to search for when selecting your fleet’s software.

Look at all you could benefit from choosing the right type fleet management software with those features available via HOS247.

The following are the core features of the HOS247 GPA Tracking and Fleet Management software.

Electronic Logging Device (ELD)

Every fleet company needs to meet the ELD mandate that most commercial trucking companies are required to comply with.

And the fleet management solution offered by HOS247 provides ELD to keep you DOT compliant. The platform keeps your CSA scores widely accessible, and you can also conduct any audits quickly.

It also alerts the fleet managers and drivers of breaches of coming hours of service (HOS) before they could even occur. And it is thus keeping vehicle drivers and roadways much safer.

GPS Fleet Tracking

gps tracking softwareOne of the main benefits of HOS247 software is real-time GPS tracking.

Therefore, fleet managers and workers at the office can track a company’s vehicles faster and more accurately using real-time information.

Also, fleet managers can monitor the vehicle’s history and see where time was wasted, helping them to increase efficiency, income, and also reduce operating costs.

The advantages of this are pretty straightforward: you will reduce fuel consumption while also extending the life of the vehicle’s engine.

Staying on top of your driver’s activities through the GPS fleet tracking system is a critical component to keeping compliance with HOS.

A fleet company can avoid hours of service violations by monitoring the drivers and their vehicles. The hos247 integrated ELD solution helps you to remain DOT compliant.

IFTA Mileage Reporting

Does recording the mileage data from your trucks and matching it with fuel receipts sound like a hassle?

Fleet managers would welcome the chance to simplify the recording of their IFTA fuel tax using suitable software.

The hos247 fleet management solution will run the statistics including distance covered by the state, total purchases of fuel for all vehicles and much more.

This FMS solution can even bulk upload receipts or have drivers submit their receipts via the mobile application.

There will be less potential for human error, with hos247 fleet management solution at hand, and one single click will create error-free reports.


Assigning drivers to a particular task, and customers may be a time-consuming undertaking. Dispatchers spend thousands of hours making phone calls to arrange pickups and drop-offs. However, the right tools will make that a thing of the past.

The hos247 dispatch solution that operates as part of a fleet management process provides dispatchers with direct access to real-time information about the location of their trucks compared to their customers.

This feature helps dispatchers to assign jobs more quickly and keep their customers happy.

Dispatchers may track such assigned jobs in progress from the comfort of their office, and mark them as accomplished one after the other.

All of these features are proven to boost customer satisfaction and keep the back-office staff in touch with the drivers of the vehicles.

Rescue One20 F-ELD and ZED Connect users

One20 company announced in June 2018 that it would end support for the F-ELD, not even six months after the enforcement deadline of December 1st with the ELD requirement of the FMCSA.

Then, hos247 came to the rescue of One20 F-ELD subscribers and offered them the ability to keep their current hardware and operate it on a hos247 platform with no additional hardware investment.

The company creates an account for One20 customers and update the old F-ELD firmware automatically.

Similarly, HOS247 offers help for tens of thousands of ZED Connect users who lose access to the ZED ELD Trucker Logbook system in March 2019.

As a result, the company witnessed a huge influx of users; after technical support for ELD devices was terminated by ZED Connect in January 2019.

And when the ZED ELD smartphone app ceases to function, more customers turn to HOS 247 platform. And the company also offers free FMCSA-approved logging hardware for ZED ELD customers with a 4-month logbook subscription.

Benefits of HOS 247 ELD System

Here are some of the considerations why carriers chose HOS247 when they need electronic logbooks.

No contracts

HOS247 was there for a fleet company when other ELD providers failed them. There is no need, therefore, to lock customers into contracts. You can opt-out any time you wish.

100% Moneyback

The company claim to provides hassle-free of refunds if customers are not 100 percent satisfied. Customers will return the ELD for reimbursement within two weeks.

Multilingual support System

The company claims to provide reliable, multilingual hos247 support in English, Spanish, Russian and Polish.

Help to Stay in compliant with FMCSA

Fleet management solution technologies such as GPS tracking, vehicle maintenance alerts, and dispatch technologies help a commercial fleet company run more efficiently so that they can focus on improving their business rather than administrative tasks.

Ease of Use

The HOS247 ELD app is easy to use, and drivers and owner-operators commend it on Google Play Store.


HOS247 provides robust fleet plans for all fleet sizes: whether one truck or 500 vehicles. The company offers two categories of pricing models.

The ELD Compliance plan comes at $17mo/vehicle, ELD Track Plan comes at $20 month/vehicle, and the ELD Plus plans at $23 month/vehicle.

These plans come with features such as Free Logging Device, Electronic Logbook, Electronic DVIR, Fleet Manager Portal, GPS Fleet Tracking, IFTA reporting.

The seconds pricing plan model is the all-In-One dedicated Unit ELD (D-ELD) pricing plans and this also includes three pricing plans.

The D-ELD Compliance plan comes at $31mo/vehicle, D-ELD Track comes at $34 month/vehicle, and D-ELD Plus costs $37month/vehicle.

This HOS247 D-ELDs pricing model includes logging devices, 4G/LTE-connected Android displays & 1GB data plans.

It also comes with advanced features Connected Display, Logging Device, Logbook App, Electronic DVIR, Fleet Manager hos247 portal, GPS Fleet Tracking and IFTA reporting.

User Review

The hos247 eld Logbook receiver a lot of positive hos 247 reviews from its user on Google play store. Back in 2017, some users dislike how the app function due to a connection issue. However, in recent years, the company has up its game and everything is back on track.

Some users commended the ease of use of the app and responsive customer support provided by the company through hos 247 phone number, and online.

The only downside is that the company didn’t have a profile on the Better business bureau and there are no hos247 eld reviews on any reputable online review sites except google play store.

However, the company maintain good relationship with their customers and provide quick reply to their inquiries.

  • No contracts
  • 100% MoneyBack
  • Easy to install
  • Reasonable price
  • Good Customer Service
  • Suitable for Fleet of all Sizes
  • If you need more features the price increases
  • Some users report problems with the App

fleet management systems


HOS247 ELD solution ensures compliance with FMCSA and guarantees outstanding safety and efficiency for any size of the commercial fleet.

HOS 247  offers a unique ELD system to ensure that your driver complies with FMCSA ruling. Also, it delivers superior safety and productivity for any size fleet.

ELD HOS 247 provides a complete system that includes a logbook app and a standalone logging device. Those components together with the driver’s smartphone provide a robust system.

The hos247 hours of service e-logs application and electronic logging device are the perfect choices for owner-operators and small to large fleets company.

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  1. Customer Support


    Ease of Use




    Suitable for fleets


    Features & Technology


    Thank you for the feedback. As we’ve discussed over the phone, it does seem the package has been lost by UPS. Unfortunately, we are unable to reship packages on weekends. The package will be shipped on Monday with ETA on Tuesday. The shipping charge has been already refunded. If you are not happy with a service for any reason, we would be happy to provide a full refund. We apologize for the inconvenience.

  2. Do not use them!!!
    Never answer phones for support, getting call back within hours!!
    Ordered some additional devices, was promised to get it overnight, at the worst scenario nex day, charged for expedited shipping, it hasn’t been shipped yet ordered on the 06/08/2020 today is 06/14/20, I am loosing drivers because of the company!!! Stay away from them!!!

  3. Customer Support


    Ease of Use




    Suitable for fleets


    Features & Technology


    Hos247 is a lot better ELD than our old one. The previous logbook system kept kicking the drivers out and devices lost connection which was frustrating. Now our drivers are finally happy with their logs and more comfortable during inspections. Right from the start, hos247 customer service team was helpful and the transition was easy. The other provider (old one) just didn’t seem as on top of things. We highly recommend hos247.

  4. Customer Support


    Ease of Use




    Suitable for fleets


    Features & Technology


    Worst support response ever.
    Call multiple times, no one returning my calls, never answer the phone right away.
    I needed to get my new driver on the roda and unable because cannot setup the device.

    1. Customer Support


      Ease of Use




      Suitable for fleets


      Features & Technology


      The customer has successfully added the driver and set up the device by the time the HOS247 support team called backed to assist. We sincerely apologize for the delay caused by the unusually high call volume regarding AOBRD to ELD transition. We appreciate the feedback as we see it as an opportunity to improve our service and to provide more value to our customers. Please let us know if you have any questions or require assistance: call 415-839-9977

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