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JJ. Keller is one of the most respected names in the trucking compliance. J.J. Keller invented the paper logbook back in the 1950s; therefore, it makes sense that they actually have the jj keller e logs product in market. JJ KELLER eld devices

There E-log product has an additional add-on, which is bigger than their compliance system Encompass but it is optional.

Encompass is a compliance management tool, it handles basically everything; from the logs, to preventive maintenance to a drivers qualification.

Encompass system is an online dashboard or file cabinets, that helps fleets to manage their complex state and federal regulatory requirements.

All data are stored in the cloud for an instant accessibility when required by an organization.

The ELD delivers compliance and engine data to Encompass, the management can then use the information to make improvements on operations and safety;

For instance, drivers’ performance coaching so as to reduce speeding and idle time, improvements on operations such as automation of the IFTA plus record keeping and reporting.

For customers who use  jj keller e logs system, they automatically become Encompass users with a compliance of all the great tools that come along with it.

The E-log device looks like a black box, which is to be plugged into a truck’s diagnostic port.

It communicates using a display device through the Bluetooth; an Android, tablet or smartphone can be used as a display. The J.J. Keller E-log is able to provide a fleet that wants an all-in-one solution with its own tablet.

eld compliance

jj keller Eld Cost

When purchasing this device, the upfront price for a black box which plugs into the truck is $199. In the event where you provide the device or the driver uses his own, then it will likely be free or cheaper to get the hardware for a 2 year contract. The J.J. Keller’s official tablet goes for $349; there is a one-time implementation and training fee.

This will cost thousands of dollars although; it is dependent to the size of the fleet.
For the monthly charges, it is $25.50 per month per vehicle if you have your own device for display. You pay a rough estimate of $15 per month for the cell data plan, if you provide your own device.

In case you use the official J.J. Keller tablet, you will be paying $59 per month per vehicle, this will include the additional $33.50 per month that is for the Verizon data plan.

Additional Drivers Costs

If you have more drivers than the number of vehicles that you have, then you will have extra drives of $3.50 per month. Tracking of the DVIR records and the compliance information of trailers will cost you $3.50 per month for individual trailer. The ALK Co-Pilot GPS for drivers’ navigation is $10 per month.

When it come s to J.J. Keller E-log the cheapest amount you can incur would be, through your drivers using their own smartphones. This will make you pay an upfront of $ 199 for the E-log box and a monthly amount of $25.50. In three years this will give you a total cost of $1,117 per device.

On the more expensive side of J.J. Keller E-log would be; in using their own J.J. Keller tablet plus the Co-Pilot navigation. You will end up paying an upfront of $548 and a monthly cost of $59. When you sum this up for three years it gives you a cost of $3,032.

The E-log provides a device that has a data plan, with an upfront of $199, $25.50 per month and a $15 for the data plan. Your total cost for 3 years would be$ 1,657; this is very affordable as compared to other device. The actual cost of the J.J. Keller E-log can be rather high, therefore, ensure that you do your numbers carefully.

Features of Jj keller e logs

  • The device is very simple and it focuses on compliance
  • The Encompass back office system is excellent in compliance tools
  • It has the logs and the DVIR
  • It has a navigation add-on and a GPS tracking in the back office

Pros of Jj keller e logs

  1. It does not have a contract as you are required to pay as you go.
  2. Jj Keller is an industry leader when it comes to DOT compliance
  3. Part of the Encompass back office system is for compliance management
  4. It’s able to integrate with a lot of the mobile devices to automate electronic logging, in-cab performance, electronic DVIRs reporting with the EOBRs.
  5. With J.J. Keller E-log you are assured of being on the right side of the DOT requirements

Cons of jj keller e logs


  1. It has limited telematics features
  2. J. Keller has a very complicated pricing
  3. Users are reporting off usability plus hardware issues.
  4. Drivers are not able to email logs from the device

Reasons for Choosing J.J. Keller E-Log


  • With this device you are able to maximize your strength and be able to address risks before they become a liability.
  • Regardless of the fleet’s size or its make-up, jj Keller e logs are highly adaptable and very easy to implement solutions, which are able to improve performance management, fleet profitability and regulatory compliance.
  • Uses both ELDs and paper logs, gradual implementation is allowed.
  • It offers a fully mixed view of performance and compliance.
  • It is sponsored by JJ. Keller; this is a company that for over 60 years, it has been focusing on helping fleets to improve on their compliance plus safety.
  • It’s compatible with all classes of vehicle in order to allow management of mixed fleets.
  • It’s able to manage compliance with or without Electronic Logging Device or Electronic Onboard Recorder hardware.

When you are getting started with JJ. Keller all you need is J.J. Keller’s EOBR plus a windows Mobile phone. The JJ. Keller EOBR is available at an upfront cost of $199.

Installation of the EOBR

The EOBRs plus the appropriate cables will be shipped to your location. The installation guide plus video will be included. The installation process takes about 10 to 30 minutes averagely. Ensure to plug in the 6 or 9-pin deutsch connector then mount it anywhere in the cab.

Your PDA or phone must be a windows mobile device of 5.0 and above, with a data plan or Wi-Fi connectivity. You can confirm your driver’s mobile device compatibility with your JJ, Keller representative. In case your driver’s mobile devices is incompatible, upgrade the device to the recommended device.

If your driver does not have a phone, PDAs or a laptop, you will need to purchase one. Purchasing such a device that does not have a data plan is very costly. Therefore, it is recommended that you purchase a Wi-Fi enabled phones, laptops or PDAs.

Installation of the Software

You will have a hyperlink sent to you in order to install the J.J. Keller Mobile software on the driver’s PDA, laptop or phone. When the software is installed, each of the drivers will have their own unique username plus password that they can use in order to access the system. The password and the username are setup and configured on the J.J. Keller E-Logs application web.

Components of the J.J. KELLER E-LOG


  • The electronic logging device has the following:
  • A quick start guide for the drivers
  • Technical support guide
  • A warranty card
  • A two door sticker that reads “Electronic Logs( e logs) Powered by JJ. Keller”
  • Back-up paper log book
  • Roadside Inspection Guide
  • An adapter for connecting the ELD to a vehicle. Ensure that you specify which kind of an adapter that you require.
  • E-log welcome kit, which guides new users about the set-up of the Encompass, installation of the J.J. Keller ELD unit to the truck. The installation of the Keller Mobile on your device. It also includes addition of resources plus tips that will make your E-log run successfully.
  • ELD cable for connection
  • A Keller Mobile device app for your mobile device
  • A dedicated 24/7 hours of a technical support for the driver
  • M-F Technical support for the Encompass users
  • An Encompass E-log Edition that is a monthly service with the Driver Vehicle Inspection Reporting (DVIR) management. After placing your ELD order, you will then receive an email that has your login information.
  • Standard implementation package, 8 webcasts will be delivered to you by the J.J. Keller subject matter expert. Each of the webcast will have an unlimited use so as to accommodate the entire team. You can be able to explore all the Encompass feature system at a time that is convenient to you.

Final Review of jj keller e logs

E-logs that have Encompass are from the industry leader. J.J Keller has a solid regulatory compliance; plus a reputation which they were able to earn after decades of paper logs. For fleets that are looking to improve their compliance plus to go beyond the logs, Encompass would be what you are looking for.

The J.J. Keller Encompass including E-logs is a complete organizational, compliance and safety system; that is available to train you for a more interaction, plus an oversight from the state and federal governments. Depending on the J.J. Keller E-log edition you choose, the system is able to standardize functions that are critical in your business such as; driver qualification, Hours of Service, licensing, hiring, tracking driver performance and maintenance and so much more.



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