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$200 ($20 per month) for 12 months

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  • Live Tracking
  • IFTA tracking
  • Live violation alerts
  • HOS submission made easier
  • Easy transferring of audit report during a roadside inspection


  • The app may crash at times
  • Driving info may appear incorrectly
(Last Updated On: December 27, 2023)


Simple Truck eldSimple Truck ELD, created by the innovators behind, represents a significant advancement in electronic logging technology for the trucking industry.

With its roots in developing solutions for efficient 2290 tax filing, the company has leveraged its extensive experience in technology platforms to bring forth an ELD solution that is not only affordable but also one of the easiest to use in the market.

Designed to streamline the process of tracking, managing, and exchanging on-duty status records (RODS) with enhanced accuracy, Simple Truck ELD offers a user-friendly experience on both Android and iOS devices.

In this article, I’ll share features, benefits, and user experiences associated with Simple Truck ELD, illustrating why it stands out as a reliable choice for both independent truckers and fleet industries nationwide.


Simple Truck ELD Overview

simple truck overviewThe simple truck ELD model is one in which motor carriers and drivers can effectively comply with HOS requirements. And also, fleet companies can make the best use of ELDs and related support services as their preferred method of capturing HOS data and ensuring compliance with HOS.

Engine data is collected and shared by integral synchronization with the ELD. And the Simple Truck ELD solution is tamper-resistant, and there’ll be no unauthorized modification of the data captured.

This ELD meets the performance standards and is also self-certified by the providers. Therefore, making possible the transfer of standardized ELD data to authorized law enforcement officials during a roadside inspection.

In addition to electronic logs and inspection reports, the simple truck ELD also outlined functionality in the following:

  • Load boards
  • Diagnostic data
  • App (Android, iOS)
  • Parking assistance
  • Roadside assistance
  • IFTA tracking capabilities

Another feature of simple truck ELD allows quick printing on the company’s website and logs from both the cloud server and an administrative account.

As said earlier, the Simple Truck ELD solution was created by the people who brought to drivers for filing Form 2290 Heavy Vehicle Use Tax (HVUT). The Simple Truck ELD solution is self-certified by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and therefore listed on the device registry of the FMCSA. The company reports it has been in the technology industry for decades and thus making software for the trucking industry for over three years.


Simple Truck ELD offers a range of flexible subscription plans to suit different needs. The latest pricing options include an INTRA STATE PLAN for $20/month or $200/year with a one-time hardware cost of $129.0.

The ELD BASIC plan is available at $25/month or $228/year, also with a one-time hardware cost of $129.0.

These plans cover Hours of Service, DVIR, Load Sheets, Self-Certification, Miles Report, FMCSA Log Submission, and more, with no hidden fees.

Additionally, Simple Truck ELD offers a 15% discount for veterans as a gesture of appreciation for their service

Electronic logging devices options

Other Simple Truck ELD Features

The ELD solution plugs into the truck’s ECM port, with no complicated or hard-wearing setup. And Simple Truck ELD solution seamlessly integrates on the tablet or smartphone of users.

It features;

  • DVIR
  • Engine hours
  • Vehicle miles
  • Trip selectionSimple Truck Eld
  • Location Tracking
  • Hours of Driving Proactive alerts and warnings etc.

Fleet managers and drivers can connect to a simple truck ELD inc website to set up drivers, and vehicles, view logs reports, and even more. The ELD solution provides end-to-end comprehensive data security and privacy. And all data is stored securely with only authorized access on the servers.

For owner-operators, individual drivers, and more extensive and smaller businesses, the ELD solution is one of the most affordable solutions on the market. And therefore, Simple Truck ELD is among the FMCSA mandate’s most affordable and compliant options.

Simple Truck ELD integrally synchronized with the vehicle to continuously record the power status of the engine, the motion status of the vehicle, and other information.

Eliminate Troublesome and Expensive Errors

We all know that the paper driver logs are the perfect setting to see our imperfections in reality. Drawing a line too long, recording the wrong time, or entering the wrong location is just too easy. And sadly, it can add up to those errors.

So, the result? Think about the rising scores and fines of CSA.

Since HOS reports, DVIRs and IFTA fuel tax reporting are handled by ELDs, proper usage guarantees that driver paperwork is form-free and error-free. And also, hours are accurately recorded, and driver logs are always signed. And this means less of those tedious home office calls for details the driver may no longer have.

User-Friendly Interface

The Simple Truck ELD has a very intuitive and user-friendly interface. Making it one of the best few ELD solutions that is easy to use and also go beyond compliance.

About 10% of drivers using ELDs are not successfully transferring ELD data to DOT inspectors, according to the FMCSA. Citations are issued to carriers and drivers whenever that occurs because they are unable to transfer HOS information.

Make no mistake; if your driver’s ELD is too difficult to understand, you may not have had one. When drivers are unable to navigate the system of their ELD, even compliant carriers would have to pay a massive fine for non-compliance.

The FMCSA as well claimed that, since back-office staff may well stop processing RODs, ELDs would save carriers $116 per driver per year in administrative costs. Therefore, employees will need to operate ELD systems, though.

Even if these ELD solutions are poorly made, almost all of the administrative costs saved by ELDs will waste hours trying to figure out a complicated platform. That’s why making sure an ELD is not just compliant but very well-designed for end-users is so essential. Whether drivers or managers navigate it, an ELD platform should be intuitive and user-friendly.

Review Unidentified Records

  • With the Simple Truck ELD solution, you can acknowledge logs records or indicate if they do not belonging to the driver.
  • The ELD solution can share all the necessary standard data on-demand to licensed officials.
  • Users can view the screen displays the Daily header, view duty status via Graph grid as well as daily log data.
  • Enables driver certification and written description before submitting to FMCSA for any editing of records created by the driver or any other ELD user.
  • The driver needs to submit the reports to FMCSA; they will NOT be sent automatically.

HoS and DVIR Reports

The simple truck ELD app can quickly generate DVIR reports via the app and can be submitted to FMCSA. And Notification to drivers for HOS violations is also highlighted.

Ease of Use

  • simple truck user friendlyVehicle drivers with no ELD experience can learn how the system works and master it within a few days. Likewise, dispatchers can quickly learn how to use it and adapt the framework to specific needs. As a result, the fleet manager will be capable of running a fleet efficiently and achieving higher performance with the aid of the Simple Truck ELD features.
  • And luckily, there is a simple truck ELD manual and guidance for learning to make it as easy as possible.
  • The simple truck ELD app design closely emulates the old paper process to facilitate the transition.
  • In tandem with online training, the online knowledge base ensures well-informed users and well-coordinated rollouts. There is also telephone support available.

Compliance with the ELD requirement

eld trucking fmcsaSimple Truck ELD is fully compliant with FMCSA regulations, ensuring that truck owners and operators can confidently meet duty status requirements. The ELD solution is designed with robust data integrity measures to prevent tampering and protect driver privacy.

Simple Truck ELD emphasizes not including any technology that could interfere with vehicle operation, such as blocking the vehicle’s starter or cutting off fuel lines.

The focus remains on providing a reliable, compliant ELD solution to enhance the driving experience

User Experiences

user reviewsEveryone who has ever driven on an open highway knows nothing is safe. The job of transportation is entirely unpredictable, from sudden highway closings to out-of-nowhere snowstorms. That’s why using Simple Truck ELD from a company where the customer service department picks up the phone is crucial.

As reported by some users who used the device, customer services pick up calls when they make calls to request assistance. If a driver meets with an inadequately trained DOT inspector, who writes an unjustified ticket for non-compliance, or a fleet manager needs to upgrade a new feature to their ELD package ASAP to attract new customers.

Whichever the possible explanation, at the moment, the users most need Simple Truck ELD provider, so they are not left in the cold. And, On the contrary, simple truck ELD reviews show that few users claimed that they couldn’t reach Simple Truck ELD support when they were needed.

Other users who gave negative reviews of Simple Truck ELD on the google play store report that the app does not function properly and crashes too often. And also, they complained that the App shows driving info incorrectly, and the customer support team would instead argue than listen.

Nevertheless, the Simple Truck ELD scores higher positives rating on AppGrooves and the majority of users were satisfied with the system.

Why Using Simple Truck ELD

The company sets itself apart from the competition due to the following advantages:

  • The simple truck ELD is moderately priced compared to many other ELD solution devices on the market.
  • As described above, this solution is marketed as a one-time purchase at an affordable monthly subscription price.
  • And also, Simple Truck ELD has no upselling or marketing methods. And there are no hidden charges.
  • The Simple Truck ELD solution’s usability reaches beyond compliance with FMCSA.
  • And this ELD solution features also include geo-based analysis, IFTA, DVIR, fleet carrier management, routing, dispatch, reporting, signature capture, customer portals, and multi-authority monitoring.
  • It is straightforward to use the Simple Truck ELD solution. And in reality, it’s about making the switch to ELD as seamless as possible.
  • The system is designed as a single ELD program, ensuring that the conflict management process does not involve multiple vendors.
  • With Android and Apple APP stores, Simple Truck ELD delivers feature updates to these platforms.

Intuitive Live Tracking Platform

simple truck appThe live management system is a technology feature that enables fleet managers and users to monitor their devices. Simple Truck ELD solution live tracking capability works from more than just a full-size desktop computer but from a smartphone, tablet, and other mobile devices.

For such cases, the Simple Truck ELD interface adapts. Also, an Android and iOS mobile application and even a web portal are available.

Live tracking features include;

  • Tracking possible on the computer screen
  • Track the location of the device and monitor its movements on a map
  • Interpreting derived information in different types of reports (tables, charts); and more
  • System management – sending orders and messages, appointing jobs and paths, changing alerts, etc.
  • Watching the dramatic change of various parameters like speed, fuel rate, temperature, voltage, etc.

Simple Truck ELD Apps

Why would you continue to use a paper logbook? Switching to ELD is high time. And with the simple truck ELD app, you can now do it quickly.

  • This electronic logging device allows you to create DVIRs and monitor your HOS. It also enables you to sign your DVIR and log in electronically.
  • The app will monitor the time and any precise location where the activity occurs. In addition, it is designed to connect to the web portal, thus backing up and saving all log entries.
  • For every one of your company assets, the simple truck ELD app will allow you to keep track of fuel usage and mileage.

Additionally, this all-inclusive, simple truck ELD app provides:

  • Visualization of the Location-Track in real-time
  • Get reliable activity or job location as well as time records
  • Feature-packed management – Use phones and tablets devices to get your staff to where you need them
  • Live Tracking
  • IFTA tracking
  • Live violation alerts
  • HOS submission made easier
  • Easy transferring of audit reports during a roadside inspection
  • The app may crash at times
  • Driving info may appear incorrectly


Simple Truck ELD is one of the leading ELD solutions for large fleet companies and owner-operators that integrates e-Log and Carrier Information System (CIS).

The ELD solution is compliant with FMCSA and is compounded to provide seamless functionality. This solution’s app runs on any mobile device from Apple or Android and can be used at any time with its user-friendly interface.

For drivers, it’s a perfect way to view their records, create routes, inspect faults, run IFTA reports, and more. And Also, fleet managers will benefit from the simple truck ELD app, such as multi-authority tracking geo-based analytics asset management. And this can make a big difference.

Moreover, if you find choosing a suitable ELD for your business challenging, kindly fill out our free consultation form, and we will get in touch with you shortly.

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Picture of Robert Rigman

Robert Rigman

Former independent OTR trucker that left the road to dedicate his time to research new technology for the transport industry. When the ELD Mandate was approved many questions and daily challenges came up and there was no answer to them. was born from the combination of my passion for trucking and my affinity for research and writing.

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About the author

Picture of Robert Rigman

Robert Rigman

Former independent OTR trucker that left the road to dedicate his time to research new technology for the transport industry. When the ELD Mandate was approved many questions and daily challenges came up and there was no answer to them. was born from the combination of my passion for trucking and my affinity for research and writing.

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